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Blackadder 06-11-12 09:05 PM

Each greave has two large search lights on the flying portion both on the DS model and the Invictus rendering. I thought it would be nice to have them light up. I plan to do a lot of wiring on this model because I feel it will be worth it.



Blackadder 06-16-12 05:06 PM

Hmmm, have posted for a week this will never do.

I got caught up in building the greaves and rather than post a half a--ed response I waited until I actually had something to show.

First the diagonal toes, I was wondering how I would mount them that they could be movable. They needed to twist when the front and back toes were flexed so they could maintain contact with the ground as the foot lifts during the step.

I woke up Wednesday with an epiphany* the solution was simplicity in itself; no wonder I couldn't think of it (I never do anything the easy way.) Anyway drilling 7/16 holes in the diagonal toe mounts and drilling 3/8 holes in the toes themselves, gluing in the respective tubes and letting the dry overnight I trimmed and sanded them today and walla the toes ar mounted. Now for the kick in the a-- from the great equalizer in the sky, they can only twist a couple of degrees! HA!

Oh well it's the exercise that counts.


On to the greaves:

As they were when last presented they were too boxy looking IMHO and I thought the DS model looked a bit overly large and clumsy with those wide straight sided panels. I still will make the panels but slightly smaller and the flying portion is at a tighter angle to the leg.


The greave base section is what is pictured today and I built battery boxes into them for 9 volt batteries. I'm not sure a switch will be necessary as the whole greave is easily removable and uncapping the battery requires but a few seconds. I can still install a switch if I find one small enough.



The greave on the left is clamped because the battery compartment is glued in place and drying. Once assembled the box will slide on rails into the compartment and help center the leg to the greave along with rare earth magnets to hold the greave in place.

*Is that what they're calling it nowadays?

KjellThorngaard 06-17-12 04:11 AM


I can still install a switch if I find one small enough.
Have you checked places like Micro-Mark or model railroad suppliers? I have seen really small micro-switches and reed switches (magnetic) used in model trains and train layouts.

Blackadder 06-17-12 12:46 PM

Ah summer when young men's thoughts turn to something other than tiny anthropomorphic figurines...................

meanwhile the Blackadder blunders on. This has been a very productive weekend having come close to completing the detail on the inner surface of the greaves replicating as closely as I could (because I changed the shape of the greaves a bit to suit my aesthetic sensibilities) the DS model.

First the DS model for reference:




I have a feeling I won't be seeing any more critiques on the legs being too thin; quite the reverse in fact considering that the hydraulics haven't been installed yet.

I don't have any idea why so much electric conduit is needed for such basic structures; there must be a lot more than just armour plating going on in these greaves. Considering that these titans are millennia old I guess a lot of additional retrofitting has taken place as technology changes. Finding space for wiring and the like inside the structure isn't always practicable so running it outside may be the expedient way to go.

Anyway the detail on the toes is next because if I don't do it now I may not after the superstructure is completed.

Warlord_Winters 06-17-12 01:06 PM

heck you could proabably make this thing move on its own

elmir 06-17-12 01:07 PM

Oh god yes, this instantly adds so much more bulk to the model... Superb eye for detail as I've come to expect from your exelent plogs. Enjoy a swing of the rep-bat!

Blackadder 06-21-12 09:27 PM

The bloom is off the Tudor rose it would appear. The Blackadder has lost a lot of momentum judging by a cursory glance at the last few days effort but a closer examination will reveal a plethora of tiny detail on the toes all of which is time consuming.

On the basic structure front I began the upper leg armour and was very surprised how small the actual size was. Granted they represent armour on the order of more than a meter thick and twelve th fifteen feet long but they do look small even to me. I was use to looking at the top image on my screen which made the part look huge. I was actually concerned I had enough plastic to construct them. As it turned out I constructed them out of the scrap box.



Blackadder 06-24-12 03:43 PM

Once again the devil is in the details. I spent this weekend producing what amounts to about twelve square inches of armour for a model that will have I figure about 500 to 600 square inches of highly detailed surface. And thats not counting the framework or interior detail plus the lighting and the fiber optics.

It is highly satisfying to work on a model in this manner though. Were I to complete the basic structure and then attempt the intricate work I might be tempted to skimp on the finishing up; this way if I get lazy toward the end the huge blank surfaces will be readily apparent and that will never do so I shall be committed to keeping up the intensity of the intricacies.

Perhaps "committed" applies in more ways than one.

Anyway the thigh armour is more or less complete except for the bitz and the moss-like fuzzy that abounds on the DS model. I cannot figure out what that material is.


I it has a nurgle like quality to it that conveys great age and decay; could it be dryer lint? I must remember to save the lint the next time I do my underwear.





This is my favorite picture so far, It really conveys the scale of this thing.


"Aye lads there's majesty for you." Ahab to his boat crew in pursuit of the white whale.

Warlord_Winters 06-24-12 04:03 PM

i've been meaning to ask, are you going to put this in games or is this just there to look AMAZING

Blackadder 06-24-12 04:27 PM

My son plays the games I just like building the models. The problem is as I understand it it's hard to come up with an army to compete with a piece of this point value.

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