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Blackadder 03-10-12 03:56 PM

Blackadders Warlord Work in Progress
Okay so here's the deal, I photo-shopped the image and made a static front view that prints out a model exactly 24 inches tall (On my printer using my editor's print graph I hasten to add). I'm satisfied that this is viable height for a Warlord towering almost 2.5 times the height of a Warhound.

Now that I have the overall height I'll remove the armour and draw in the structural detail.

BTW that's 24 inches to the lower margin of the image because we mustn't forget the foot pads.


I calculate the center disk of the foot to be about 3.625 inches in diameter.

Blackadder 03-10-12 03:58 PM

Here comes the weekend and I'll be playing to an empty room. I did manage to cut out most of the basic components of both feet and hope to have them glued together this weekend. I used 2.0 mm for the tread base and the rest is 1.0 mm styrene. This beastie is going to consume a lot of plastic but the fabrication will be a lot easier as all the material will be the same so no problem with glue compatibility which is a big plus.

I'll just add this on:

The octagons are the center of the foot pads and are 2.0 mm thick and about 5.0 x 4.5 inches the larger boxes to the right are the front and back toes and the smaller boxes at the extreme left are the side toes. Both sets of these toes will be movable with hinges. The truncated toe pieces to the far right may or mayn't be movable as I haven't planned that far as yet but the disc will tilt side to side and the top surface will house a semicircular gear shape which will allow the entire foot to tilt forward and aft. This should afford a full range of motion to the feet. The semicircle will have a countersunk screw for the axis and a pal nut on the other side to provide the tension to maintain the various poses.




Ambitious? yes;

Possible? most probably,

Crazy? almost certainly.

Ah but if it works Priceless!

Blackadder 03-10-12 05:12 PM

I'm trying a different approach and actually planning my work before hand. That in mind I am not the neatest mechanical drawer but it is as true to scale as I need for gov'ment work.

These images should print out 1:1 on 8.5 X 11 paper

Automatically Appended Next Post:
This is the size I can up with for a 24 inch Warlord titan. The entire foot will cover a Baneblade tank front tread to exhaust stacks and sponson to sponson which I believe is quite awesome enough considering a Baneblade is as large as my entire house i.e. 30 X 40 feet.



khrone forever 03-10-12 05:29 PM

this is very ambitious but fucking awsome

DecrepitDragon 03-10-12 06:54 PM

You sir, are mad. :shok:

However, madness is but a fine line away from genius, and I was never sure what side of the line I was looking from, so my perspective may be skewed a little. :biggrin:

I shall be watching from my suitably padded room (in case I get over excited), and will be interested to see just how bloody brilliant it turns out, as its already seeming to be. :victory:

Blackadder 03-11-12 05:55 PM

I finished all the basic toes and suspended my printout above the feet and Damn me it looks right. The Greaves still have the side frames armour to be added and once the body is bulked up I think you would want a good solid base to stand on.



shaantitus 03-11-12 11:03 PM

Oh dear. Blackadder is at it again. Is this a diversion from finishing the thunderhawk? If so it will be a very impressive diversion. One question though, are you planning to do this one to the same standard as lucie? If so it will be rather spectacular.Rep for the ambitious project and being one of the few people who can reliably pull this off.

Blackadder 03-12-12 12:38 AM

4 Attachment(s)
My goal is to duplicate the Dave Smith Warlord but with pose-able legs and feet. I am torn between the Dave Smith camo or an olive green. I really can't imagine War Griffon colours on this model but at least to the standard of Lucie but with an interior.

I needed a break from the T'hawk after I built the engines. They were very time consuming and it got so I was thinking good enough. When that happens I have to stop working on the model because good enough is never good enough.

Blackadder 03-13-12 09:16 PM

I know I'm gonna reap a lot of flack for ignoring the T'hawk but I'm on a roll with this project and will ride it for all it's worth.

This new enthusiasm is refreshing as working on the T'hawk was becoming tedious but already I'm looking at it with fresh ideas

The toes of Chrysagon coming along nicely an if I have to make the body a few inches taller so be it.




shaantitus 03-13-12 09:42 PM

The dave smith warlors is an impressive piece of work. I saw that a while ago and would have to say it is the best warlord i have seen to date. Although that may be changing.......

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