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TriNeaX 02-25-12 08:53 PM

Deliverance Lost - by Gav Thorpe.
Note: This review may contain slight spoilers
So, as my first review I've chosen Deliverance Lost, the 18th book in the Horus Heresy series.

The book mainly takes place on the planet Kiavahr's moon, Deliverance (Originally named Lycaeus), homeworld of the Raven Guard legion.

The book has some fabulous characters, and, as any astartes book, gives us a wonderful insight to the legion persona's & doctrines.
Of note are
  • Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard
  • Commander Branne Nev
  • Raven Guard Novitiate Navar Hef
  • 'Alpharius' Alpha Legion Legionaire
  • Marcus Valerius, Commander of the Therion Cohort

First of all I'd like to point out, how this book shows the similarities and contrasts between the Raven Guard and the Night Lords legions.
It shows how Corax could have ended up like Curze, and his true feelings for his 'brother'.

The book starts us off with a flashback from Corax's past, and then leaves us in the end fighting of Isstvan, with the Raven Guard fighting for surivival when they are unexpectedly rescued by Branne Nev, commander in the Raven Guard legion.
After the escape from Isstvan, the ship, Avenger, escapes via stealth, but not before assaulting a Word Bearer ship with a warp rift opened up just beyond escape range.
They then make for Terra, as Coarax seeks audience with his father, and is granted access to the laboratories used during the Primarch Project.
Corax and his Honor Guard, a long with a squad of Legio Custodes seek to uncover access to these labs and are faced with a severe challenge.

After uncovering the labs & primarch genetic material, they return to Deliverance to begin work on creating the future of the Raven Guard, and rebuild the legion.

Without spoiling to much, they then strive to perfect the gene strain needed, and end up apparently successful, until being sabotaged by the Alpha Legion, and they're allies, the old tech-guild's of Kiavahr, eventually leading to the crippling of the Raven Guard.

This book is action packed, full of subterfuge, heated debates and mistrust.
It offers wonderful insight via. Corax's flashbacks to before the coming of The Emperor.
Gav Thorpe has once again written a masterpiece, even if he's more comfortable in his realm of the elves with "The Sundering" trilogy.

Deliverance Lost is nowhere near Gav's best work,
but I'd rate this book a solid 8/10,
Nor the best book in the series (because, comeon, we all know that's Prospero Burns)the book shows Gav's amazing ability to capture the moment make you cry or make you feel Corax's anger as he vents his hatred.

Should you buy this book?
YES, if not just to continue reading the Horus Heresy series, buy it for the amazing composition and portrayal of a legion dedicated to never being backed into a corner.

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