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Red Corsairs 02-21-12 09:39 AM

Anyone seen this game. It's a relatively newly released game. It plays similar to Malifaux but uses dice instead of the cards. Character cards and some quick-start rules are available to download online too.


Anybody playing this? It's been popping up quite a lot recently during my browsing of TGN and it seems to be quite a cheap game to pick up, in which case I may well think about getting into it.

Ultra1 02-22-12 05:41 PM

it's pretty fun. a guy from my FLGS has been coversing with the designer and helping do play testing and things like that. he's had the minis for a while and will be demoing the game in pheonix USA this weekend. The starter box is fairly cheap for a faction ~50 USD if i remember right, but i believe they've already released 3 rounds of suplemental figures. while not nearly as much as GW it starts to get upwards of ~100 USD to get the starter and new figs. but it is a very fun game. i love the samurai and the monks. they have some pretty kick ass models.

Red Corsairs 02-22-12 05:48 PM

It's the models that always draw my attention to a new game and I have to say the Bushido ones look good, very unique.

Ultra1 02-22-12 06:58 PM

most definitely. i'm not sure how well painted the ones you saw were, but the guy i know has been painting all of them and he's crazy good. The undead geisha has a flower pattern on her dress and a vine pattern on the umbrella. it's rediculous. we all just look at his paint jobs and say DAMN. it is a fun game though. i believe it's supposed to be more objective based versus i try to kill all your guys. From conversations with my friend the scenarios still need a little work, but they're coming along nicely. are you interested in a specific faction? i could tell you what i know about each one.

Red Corsairs 02-22-12 07:22 PM

My favourite faction just from looking at the miniatures available is The Cult of Yurei.

Ultra1 02-22-12 08:39 PM

crap, one of the 2 i'm less familiar with. is that the undead one, or the one with the little gremlin looking guys?

Red Corsairs 02-22-12 08:45 PM

Ultra1 02-22-12 08:48 PM

well it seems as if the cult are the ones i know the least about playstyle wise. not too many of the people in my store play them. so since i can't be any help i'll tell you what i know (which may not be much)

Monks: VERY synergistic, lots of buffs and chi manipulations

Samurai: Very combat oriented, armor on most, leader can decapitate pretty much anyone

Savage wave: usually a single almost impossible to kill beatstick, but a lot of little crappy gremlins. however, the gremlins can activate simultaneously which makes them much better than they would be individually. not to mention the gremlins can teleport around the board.

Red Corsairs 02-22-12 09:00 PM

The Savage Wave are probably my second favourites model wise and their rules sound good. I think I'll download the rules at some point so I can get to know the different mechanics in the game before looking at the different factions' profile cards.

Still, I don't like playing any game with models I don't like the look of. So even if they have really crap rules, I'll probably still go for the Cult of Yurei :P

Red Corsairs 02-23-12 08:54 PM

I've bitten the bullet and ordered the Cult of Yurei starter set along with the Gengo mini (because it's my favourite from the whole range). I doubt I'll get a chance to paint them for a while, but it'll be nice to actually have them and add them to the massive backlog :laugh:

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