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Jerek Carstien 02-20-12 04:06 AM

The Endless Darkness
Almost no one remembers what actually happened on the day the earth turned itself into an inferno. Some say it was a war over oil that caused the skies to fall. Others say it was a natural disaster. Some even say that an experimental weapon was released, and spread across the entire planet. All that is known is that the surface is covered in radiation, snow, and mutant creatures that look half human. The only safe place for human population is the metro system, a metro designed to withstand nuclear explosions. But if what the insane say is true, it wasn't nukes that destroyed the earth, but something even worse...

Free Station West; a station at the far north of the metro system, where almost no one travels. Sometimes, a scavenger would appear from the south looking to trade, very rarely did someone come from further north, and when they did, they would go on about the darkness blotting out the lights, how fires that should be burning bright would hardly be visible. This was all random banter, these men were obviously suffering from Mal-nutrition and had probably eaten some hallucinogenic mushrooms on the way towards Free Station West, and could hardly tell which was down. But the guards at the northern gate would always keep extra lights on, and have a brighter fire then the guards of the south, even if all these did was calm the guards nerves. One day a man came from the northern tunnels cradling a package, he stumbled past the guards and pulled himself into the market area of the station.

The man has a very large, and very dirty beard. His eyes are always open, he very seldom blinks, and is always turning his head to look behind him. He's bending over a package the size of a large book, struggling to hold onto it. It's obvious that he's gone mad, but strangely he doesn't start blabbering about the dark, instead he sits at the stations market, along the long thin line of stalls selling mostly scrap metal or mushrooms. He manages to yell one of the owners of a butcher shop over to him, asking for anything edible, he pulls out a handful of bullets and the butcher runs to grab something from his stall. While the butcher is gone, the man yells out "I need couriers for hire! Payment is in standard grade bullets!" The man is hard to hear over the large crowd of people in the market, but thankfully he repeats his message.

A courier job would get you off the station, and he said he would need more then one, and in the metro, security comes in numbers.

There is a verity of items available at the market, such as:

Medium sized battery - 5 degraded bullets
Small sized battery - 2 degraded bullets
Functional light bulb - 6 degraded bullets
Extra wiring - 2 degraded bullets

Scrap metal (enough for one creation) - 8 degraded bullets
Engine parts (requires four to make one creation, or one to repair broken engine) - 17 degraded bullets
Large lead pipe - 4 degraded bullets

Tape (enough for one creation) - 1 degraded bullet
Belt - 1 degraded bullet
Leather pouch - 3 degraded bullets
Medium sized metal box - 1 degraded bullet

Dried mushrooms - 1 degraded bullet
Large mushroom - 2 degraded bullets
Addictive hallucinogenic mushrooms - 7 degraded bullets (sold by a strange fellow hiding in a corner)
Soup - 3 degraded bullets (not easily portable without proper storage)

Grey jacket - 4 degraded bullets
Black pants - 2 degraded bullets
White stained shirt - 1 degraded bullet
Thin blanket - 5 degraded bullets

Ammo Exchange:
Degraded bullets to standard bullets - 10:1
Standard bullets to degraded bullets - 1:6

Write a list of what you buy (if you buy), and I will edit my chart of your equipment. I will then PM it to you, for your convenience. Or if you wish, me and you can keep track of it separately.
Enjoy the market section of the metro.

EDIT: For Android, Rusty Nails are worth 1 degraded bullets.

Android089 02-20-12 04:42 AM

Draval flicked his lighter, not surprisingly it didn't light up. He found it in the metro tunnels last night. There was defiantly lighter fluid in it but it never got any flame. Tucking it back into his greatcoat Draval approached a vender selling batteries.
"I'll take the small one if you will, all I got to pay with are these..." Draval said, as he flicked two nails onto the table.

yoyoyo12365 02-20-12 05:01 AM

Jack walked into the market, looking for the man he knew to be selling wires. He approached and made his small purchase, setting the precious ammunition into the vendor's hand, barely speaking more than a word.

Then, just as he was beginning to head back to his small shack, he heard a man's voice. The man was looking for a set of couriers.

This could easily be the opportunity that Jack had been waiting for. The chance to go out, and possibly find the station that killed his father.

Jack turned toward the man's voice, and started walking.

Jerek Carstien 02-20-12 05:24 AM

Dravel: The vender looks at the rusty nails, picks them up, and says "These make strange currency. But..." He pauses and thinks to himself for a second. "My shack is falling apart. So you know what? I'll take these instead of bullets" The man puts the two nails in a combination safe, which he locks immediately after depositing his payment. "Here's your battery, thank you for your business and blah blah blah, now I've got another customers lined up, please leave." He hands you the battery and waves you away.

Jack: "Wires? Okay, two bullets." The vender takes a handful of tangled wires off the messy desk and pulls out four of them. "Here's the wires, thank you and all that." The man puts the bullets into the safe with the rest of his bullets.

MaxDemone 02-20-12 05:43 AM

Max walked into the market and leaned up against the wall. He began to examine the 2 empty magazines he had for his aging sub machine gun. He then sat down and used the last of his tape to attach the 2 mags into a jungle warfare setup so reloading would only require a quick switch around to reload.

Can I use the degraded bullets to load my magazines?

Jerek Carstien 02-20-12 05:45 AM

Yup, they just aren't as valuable and don't do as much damage compared to the standard rounds. Also, they make the gun jam, and can cause more damage to the gun.

MaxDemone 02-20-12 05:50 AM

Max then loaded up each of the magazines with 15 rounds, the maximum, and slammed one of them into the weapon.

Jerek Carstien 02-20-12 06:05 AM


Originally Posted by MaxDemone (Post 1164567)
Max then loaded up each of the magazines with 15 rounds, the maximum, and slammed one of them into the weapon.

Just for the future, you might want to use edit instead of making an entire new post. It's technically against the rules to do a one sentence post. (the favored minimal sentences is [EDIT] four, but you should also try to make it as long as you can without making it boring.

Anyhow, just so you know.

Android089 02-20-12 06:07 AM

Draval looked around for somewhere to sit. Finding a filthy but unoccupied bench he sat down, only after brushing the dirt away with his hand. Taking out the lighter once more and fiddling around with it, trying to find what was wrong. Again getting frustrated at being beaten by a simple machine, he reached into his lunch box which as hanging from his belt, and began connecting the light bulb to the newly bought battery. (Essentially making it a portable light bulb)

-Market list of bought items
-Small battery (cost: 2 nails)

MaxDemone 02-20-12 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by Jerek Carstien (Post 1164575)
Just for the future, you might want to use edit instead of making an entire new post. It's technically against the rules to do a one sentence post. (the favored minimal sentences is three, but you should also try to make it as long as you can without making it boring.

Anyhow, just so you know.

Sorry bout that. I forgot.

Max saw the old man who had yelled something about a courier job on the other side of the market and walked over to him.

"Hello. What was that about a courier job?" Max asked quietly.

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