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Serpion5 02-07-12 06:05 AM

Need some Lizardmen Player Opinions
Or anyone else knowledgeable on the Lore of the scaly aztec dinosaurs. I am not a strong WHF player, and my knowledge of the lore is not as extensive as that of 40k.

In short, I am rebuilding my list for 8e and every source I've consulted (numerous other players and whatnot) have told me I will need a slaan for the sake of some magic versatility.

I don't take Slaan. I think they look horrible and I don't want some fatass toad in the middle of my sleek saurus and skinks. After some thought, I happened upon an idea, but i would like the opinions of some WHF lore veterans on just how feasible it is.

Essentially, I would use two stegadon howdahs to customise a palanquin, and rather than use a slaan I would use a trinity of Skink Priests instead.

My question is, do you find this within acceptable boundaries of established lore? I was going to use extensive extras from the Engines of The Gods to complete the effect, reasoning that a customized engine powered by three skinks would be an acceptable substitute.

What do you think?

Ratvan 02-07-12 07:08 AM

Well to be honest having a coven of skink priests sounds like an acceptable idea to me, IIRC there is a skink citadel in the southlands which does not have much else apart from skinks.

If it is a suitable model that represents a Slaan (base size ect) then I would not have an issue with you fielding it. Maybe try and include some slaan relics that would hold an esance of its power, skulls, finger bones ect.

Basically make yourself a Lizzie Grail Relique

Serpion5 02-07-12 07:12 AM

I was going to use the arcs from the engine of the gods in a symmetrical pattern and have the main priest suspended between them and the other two channeling energy.

Some kind of relic would also be a good idea, I will take that on board. :)

Ratvan 02-07-12 07:25 AM

That sounds pretty cool, I'd love to see it once complete

Serpion5 02-07-12 08:06 AM

For the sake of keeping it fluffy, I will probably keep the Lore of heavens as well.

I do love the comet spell. :biggrin:

Arli 02-07-12 11:19 AM

If you keep the lore of Heavens, I cannot see anyone having a problem with it. If you run it in a tournament, you could run into some problems, but if the model looks cool enough, it may mitigate that.

Serpion5 02-08-12 04:56 AM

Given the stand in models and rank fillers I've seen in some local tournaments around here, it would be odd if I was called out for this.

Worst case scenario, I could say he was the vassal for a slaan watching from somewhere absent the battlefield? Do you think that would work?

revan4559 02-08-12 04:57 PM

Slann are basically the be all and end all of magical lords as for around 500 points they can:

Get 2 free power dice when casting a spell.
Become Etheral.
Make a single enemy wizard within 24" discard all 6's when casting spells.
Know all spells from any of the 8 warhammer lords.
All enemies attacking them are at -1 to hit in combat.
Have a 2+ Ward save vs all ranged attacks.

Thats my favorite build for Slann using their current book.

aboytervigon 02-08-12 06:26 PM

How do they get 2 free PD? I know they can get 1 free but 2?

Arli 02-09-12 11:47 PM

The slann can only get one extra casting die per spell cast. And then, it is only if there is at least one die left to use.

The only way to make an enemy -1 to hit in combat is through items or spells. There is no discipline that will do that to my knowledge. Myself, I will not use an item that gives the slann the -1 to hit. I would rather bunker him into some TG.

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