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Meldon 02-03-12 09:25 PM

Meldons Ratty Horde
Ive been thinking on getting a new plogg up for a while now but was to lazy to do anything about it. Well, time to change that! :)

I have started to rebuild my skaven Horde, Skaven was my 2:d army ever and for a long period it was the only thing I played with. But after I changed to 40K and my Ultramarines they have pretty much been forgotten. After last years painting challange I feel that I need a change though, I need to paint something diffrent from black bolters and blue power armour.

Therefore I`m restarting my Skavens. I have tried other armies but always find my self drawn back to the rats.. Strange..

Very well, On to some starter pictures :)
I bought me a box of Plague Monks to start with since I never used them in great numbers before, I plan on getting around 40 of them, so far I have painted 20..

What you see here is parts of the command squad, The rest of the rats looks like them, mostly yellow... :P

I then bought a box of clanrats that Im working on right now and I love the little dudes! Its basiclly 20 diffrent rats (all have uniqe bodies) so I never get the feeling of painting the same mini over and over again as I have gotten with other WFB races..

I dont have any good pictures for them though as all that I took came out way to dark, I will have to see if I can do something about that tomorrow. :)

Midge913 02-03-12 09:34 PM

Sweet! Love the yellow look on the Plague rats mate. I will be following along with interest as I too have a Skaven army growing mold in the basement in a box.

Meldon 02-05-12 05:03 PM

I have taken and uploaded a few new photos (at last) that I think came out way better then the last ones, altough I think I can still improve alot. I even got some help from my girlfirend to fix them up a bit in photoshop, fixing the backgroung and stuff like that :)

First up is a closer look at two plague monks, you could not really see them any good in the last picture.


And heres some of the clanrats I promised, I think they came out really well :so_happy:
Seems like I forgot to take a picture from the fron of them though... :angry:



Thats as far as Ive gotten for now, More clanrats is on the painting line though, so I will try to get a few more pics of them up here.

Please C&C as I wanna know what I can do better :)

lord marcus 02-06-12 05:01 AM

Wonderful color scheme!

Meldon 02-06-12 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by Midge913 (Post 1154457)
Sweet! Love the yellow look on the Plague rats mate. I will be following along with interest as I too have a Skaven army growing mold in the basement in a box.


Originally Posted by lord marcus (Post 1155677)
Wonderful color scheme!

Thanks both of you, I was looking for something a bit diffrent from what I have painted before when I choose the colours, And since Ive never painted Yellow before I went for that. Im currently painting the banner for the clan rat unit, I will try to get some pics of it up when its finished :)

CLT40k 02-06-12 07:12 PM

+ rep - great shading on the metal bits...

Meldon 03-05-12 06:42 PM

I have been painting ALOT lately, just hope I can keep it up too :)

Well, heres some pics of my new Rat Ogres, Enjoy :)


The flash took away some of the highlights but that was the only way I could take pics that did not go dark..
More pics will come tomorrow probably when Im done with the clanrats :)

C&C are welcome :)

Midge913 03-05-12 06:44 PM

I like the yellow, but the flesh is just a bit flat. You have some shading in there, maybe deepening that and adding some highlights would sort that out. All in all some solid pieces.

Disciple_of_Ezekiel 03-05-12 07:10 PM

Absolutley wonderful Meldon, I didnt know you had an inner rat...HEHEHEH! The colors are very neautral, yet sorta pop out at ya. Good job buddy, this deserves some Rep from me.


Moriouce 03-07-12 08:57 PM

Realy nice as always :) Looking forward to our next painting night :)

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