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Skari 12-21-11 01:35 AM

Dark Eldar - PICS and log - Kabal of The Deadly Mist
Hello fellow night watchers. I shall post pictures of my Dark Eldar Kabal as I work on it and get it to completion, so there will be a showcase of both WIP and finished models (but truly when is any model really ever finished?). So to start off:
A bad pic of my original DE army early 2009:
Aww, memories.
Wip Warrior Raider:
Heamy Wip:
Razorwing WIP:
Hellion WIP:
Grotesque WIP:

I also just purchased the 250dl megabox. So I have a lot of stuff to work on for a long time. Sweet. Anyhow thanks for stickin in till the end of the post.

Insanity 12-21-11 02:20 AM

Woah, that Haemoculies (spelling?) is amazing! As well as all that free hand work on the vehicles!

Red Corsairs 12-21-11 07:48 AM

I agree. Great painting on everything so far in this thread. I don't have a Dark Eldar army but I am sorely tempted to buy a Razorwing Jetfighter just because it's so nice. It's slightly annoying you can buy that for 25 whilst for me to get a Nightwing or Phoenix it'll cost me 67 from Forge World :P

I really like the skin tones on the Grotesque!

Skari 12-21-11 11:48 AM

Thanks for the comments. I shall continue to post for all.

Skari 12-21-11 01:52 PM

Here is a closeup of some of the detail for that raider:


Khorne's Fist 12-21-11 09:15 PM

A lot of good stuff going on here. I agree the Haemonculis looks excellent, and I love the detail on the raider.

What have you done with the older models? I think a combined force of both types would look good. I have to say I can't say which version I prefer. Both are excellent, but I think the sail on the new one looks crap and the bat wing tail on the old one is also terrible.

Cadian81st 12-21-11 10:14 PM

Can you take a close up on the sail of than new raider, it looks like you clipped out the material and just left the rigging, which I find very interesting.

Skari 12-22-11 01:12 AM

It does continue! I have continued work and now this warrior raider is finally at a tabletop standard, details later, now to bring their squad up to standard as well:
I did indeed carve the canvas out of the sails. Therefore I have the spine that makes the raider look whole and I keep it wysiwyg when not purchasing the sails upgrade. Because there are so many sails in the various kits I can easily mix and match, being able to run them all with sails if I wish or all with "undeployed" sails.

Hellados 12-22-11 04:09 PM

looking very good! not as dark as some of the armies I have seen which I like, are the DE still as Dark and Evil as they used to be or have they toned them down? (sorry I have never really looked into DE, when I started the codex was out of date and now I have 3 armies and no time or money for a third :) )

Medic Marine 12-24-11 12:33 AM

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The detail and free hand is the envy of the non eldar wrold, I love it. Very intrested to thee the Grotesk (spell) completed.

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