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imm0rtal reaper 12-13-11 07:02 PM

Things You Can Do in 3 Minutes or Less
As the title says, I'm looking for a list of Things you can do in 3 minutes or less.

So far I have:

Boil the kettle
Make toast
Listen to a song.

I need lots more, so . . . Go!

Old Man78 12-13-11 07:29 PM

Make love to the wife, with three minutes I can even fit in foreplay!!

Samules 12-13-11 07:34 PM

Pet the cat.
Draw a circle.
Read a comic.

spanner94ezekiel 12-13-11 07:38 PM

Eat 9 chocolate bars...

MidnightSun 12-13-11 08:08 PM

317 Attachment(s)
A piss? Yes. A shit? Probably not.

Okay, serious list:

1. Put a basecoat on a Word Bearer
2. Put a wash on a Word Bearer
3. Plant a plant
4. Tie my shoelaces
5. Read a double page
6. Switch on the lights.


Doelago 12-13-11 08:08 PM

Win a game of Slayer in Halo 3/Reach?

Make myself some bread?

Drink a cup (or five) of coffee.

Karnax 12-13-11 08:22 PM

Play a classical guitar piece.
Get distracted by something else whilst doing homework.

Unforgiven302 12-14-11 01:46 AM

Get the mail.
Drink a beer.
Watch a clock for 3 minutes.
Microwave a burrito.
Eat said burrito.
Get dressed.
Get undressed.
Win a game of tic-tac-toe.
Send a text message.
Brush my teeth.
Install an air filter in your average car or truck.
Read a menu and make up my mind on what I will order.
Fold a paper airplane and fly it.
Tie my shoes.
Peal an orange.
Lose interest in a conversation.
Lose interest in this thr...

Dicrel Seijin 12-14-11 07:17 AM

Here you go.

-Boot up a laptop/desktop computer.
-Read and solve a 30-second mystery short story.
-Complete the movement phase in a 1500pt or below game.
-Crop and resize a photo for upload to the sprue database.
-Clip all the parts of a single finecast mini out of its sprues.
-Remove all mold lines on said finecast mini (maybe).
-Watch a YouTube clip (most anyway).
-Listen to a song.
-Ring up and pay for your purchase at a shop.
-Fill a water bottle from a fountain.
-Bait a fishing hook.
-Write a check.
-Dial a phone number and leave a voicemail.
-Floss your teeth.
-Gargle with mouthwash.
-Brush your teeth.

It would actually be easier if there were a theme.

misinformed 12-14-11 07:28 AM

-Count to 180.
-Listen to some songs.
-Hand write 93 words. (Average person hand writes 31 words per minute)
-Have an advanced typist type 360 words. (Advanced level is considered at 120 words per minute)
-Download a 21.6 MB file at an average 120k speed.
-Flee from a burning building.
-Find Waldo.

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