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dutchy1982 11-25-11 11:14 AM

Knights Valiant
Okay this is going to be a proper go at a project log. All critique is welcomed and will be taken on board. I would especially love some suggestions on the fluff of the Chapter to pad it out a bit. That being said the basics I've come up with are below.

The Knights Valiant

The Knights Valiant’s history begins in the 39th Millenium during the Black Templars Donian Crusade. The Orks were swelling in the Donian Sector and the Black Templars were deployed in response to the growing treat.

A great Waaaaagh was gathering under a local Warboss known as Badgutz. Under his Leadership the Orks seemed particularly effective and Badgutz was single handedly responsible for slaying the Terminator Squad Gaius. The Emperor’s Champion Brother Tomas upon seeing this, fell into a deadly rage and beset upon Badgutz, the duel lasted several hours with neither combatant able to make an attack through the other’s defences. Eventually through tiredness Badutz slipped and let his guard down long enough for Brother Tomas to deliver a killing blow.

During the inspection of Badgutz’ body by the chapters Apothercaries, they found a strange technology inside the Orks’ vast skull. The technology was of non Ork origins and was disturbing for the Black Templars. The Data was sent back to Terra for further investigation along with an account of the Campaign.

The High Lords of Terra were extremely concerned by the data they received and sent word to create a new Chapter which would be responsible for hunting down and eliminating this threat. As a reward for his service during the Donian Campaign, Brother Tomas was given leadership of the new Chapter designated “Knights Valiant” and the Black Templars’ Gene stock was used for their creation.

Brother Tomas, now High Marshal Tomas took to the new Fortress-Monastery “The Emperor’s Sword” and following a residual signal which had been communicating with the device in the Orks skull started his and his Chapters long travel to the planet of Velbas IV.

Upon making planet fall the Marines were instantly set upon by Orks from all directions. After fierce fighting the Marines broke the back of the opposing force and advanced upon the greenskins stronghold. After days of fighting the Knights Valiant destroyed what remained of the Ork horde. The Apothecaries found yet more strange devices implanted inside the Orks bodies, the only clue being the residual signal transmitting from somewhere on the planet.

The Chapters Thunderhawks scoured the planet before they were attacked in lightning quick hit and runs by what appeared to be Dark Eldar void fighters. The Thunderhawks were outmanuevered and had to fall back to the Emperor’s Sword before taking further loses.

As the Chapter gathered for a retaliatory attack the signal they had been following disappeared long with any trace of the Dark Eldar.


Right here are below is a test shot of the livery and an idea as to how I'm going to make the Chapter appear.


dutchy1982 11-25-11 11:26 AM

I have decided that a good way of showing the company designation without detracting from the livery would be using the chest Eagle. For example the 2nd Company is Gold etc.

I also have one other model finished:

Meet Sergeant Calthor of the 2nd Squad Knights Valiant.




As always comments are most welcome. I have hard skin!

Dave T Hobbit 11-25-11 11:34 AM

The livery looks good; the bone tone is very aesthetically pleasing.

As it is not finished I was not certain about the loin cloth; at the moment the white is too close to the armour and purity scroll. If you do not have plan already I suggest green or blue would look good.

The transitions between bone and red are quite ragged; they might look tidier if you painted over the line with the red then tided up the trim with a fine brush. If you do want a hard line between the two then a wash would probably look tidier than trying to leave a small line of undercoat.

dutchy1982 11-25-11 11:41 AM

Thanks, yes you are completely right about the loincloth and the shoulder trims. I tried to negate both those on the Sergeant in the next post. I'm going to try and keep away from loincloths in the lower companies. However was thinking about robes for the first company (much like the Black Templars). Was also thinking the first Company may have Red Armour??

dutchy1982 11-26-11 02:12 PM

Okay so their first "proper" battle over and what can I say.... a resounding defeat. Utterly crushed by the flipping Necrons. A lot of it my own fault. I didn't take anywhere near enough heavy support. Two Tactical squads got owned by Guass wepaonry and the Land Speeders where quickly targeted before their Melta's took anything worth while down. Vanguard Vets got dropped in and mashed up by Wraiths, Scarabs and some other choppy thing. Dreadnought was left to a pair of legs all I had left was my Captain and Assault Squad who were still in reserve by the end of turn four, when I had nothing on the field.

As for the project itself

I have a set of the Marines from the Black Reach boxed set which will be used to expand the force. Though I doubt the termies will be used much more than an experiment in how to paint my veterans. I need to finish off the first Tactical Squad which is currently consisting of the Sergeant I painted above. He has had some touch-ups since, just some extra highlighting on the Mechrite Rec and Bleached Bone Armour. I've also touched the shoulder Pauldrons with Dave T Hobbit' painting suggestion. So I should post some new images for this in the morning.

In the meantime I need to come up with an effective list against Necrons. I'm also considering a Techmarine with CB for funsies, as well as a few attack bikes with Meltas (possibly instead of land speeders) but will need a distration to stop them getting shot to bits.

Minizke1 11-27-11 01:28 AM

The small scriptures on the flag and left pauldron look great, though I would recommend putting some on the small bit of parchment on his back.

troybuckle 11-27-11 03:09 AM

The base looks nice, its a good addition to the mini

dutchy1982 11-27-11 09:51 AM

Thanks for the comments, I've tried implementing the suggestions people have made and the results are as follows:


I'm not too good at the freehand work. If anyone has tips I would love to hear them.

dutchy1982 11-27-11 11:28 AM

Dave T Hobbit 11-27-11 11:35 AM

Very tidy work; the folds on the cloth look particularly smooth.


Originally Posted by dutchy1982 (Post 1114586)
I'm not too good at the freehand work. If anyone has tips I would love to hear them.

My tow suggestions would be (i) to practice several times on a piece of paper first so you can get a feel for how the brush moves through the shapes and (ii) to water the paint down to the consistency of milk so it flows but does not puddle.

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