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viking blood 11-10-11 06:38 PM

Aspiring Champion of Khorn
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Attachment 959931608I was thinking what a aspiring champion would look like to diferentiate it from lords and exhalted heroes the other day. I pictured it as a Maurader slowly being granted more strength and better equipment as he gains more and more of the dark gods favor. I used parts from chaos knights and maurauder sprues. Im not a pro painter or modeler by any means, but this is my best work so far. Any constructive critisism is welcome. I know that Tamyia isn't the highest quality paint out there but I have got used to it and it's the most easily availible paint to me. Also, I'm not sure if this counts as a conversion or not, but I like how the end result looks as this is the first time I have done anything like this.

viking blood 11-10-11 06:45 PM

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I attached it to a 25x50 base just because I could. I haven't based it yet either. If anyone has any good or different ways to base it, your opinions and ideas are welcome

Dave T Hobbit 11-11-11 01:14 PM

A very dynamic conversion; I am not fond of the huge horns but that is personal taste.

The flesh tones and reds look good.

It might just be the lighting, however the bone looks much too flat and white; possibly a brown or sepia wash would make them pop.

viking blood 11-11-11 03:18 PM

Oh wow! I am honored by this, I've read your thread on you chaos army and its phenomenal! Yeah, I'm still struggling with bone colors, but will Deffinatly have to try that.

troybuckle 11-11-11 07:45 PM

Looking good so far, will be nice to see it finished.

viking blood 11-12-11 12:25 AM

gnonna try a brown wash on the bone then finish my base. Used plastic styrene to form a couple of rocks and its just finishing after that. hopefully finish this week ansd get some pictures up

Alexious 11-12-11 06:49 AM

I would suggest the same on the gold too or move to a burnished gold rather than the shiny type. It will dull them a little. As others have said. Sepia wash is your best friend.

Disciple_of_Ezekiel 11-12-11 08:43 AM

Looks good Viking Blood, however, I would disable the flash on the camera. The flash is bleeding out the color on the model making it hard to see the work you have done.

viking blood 11-13-11 06:43 PM

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Okay, so I am now smarter than my camera, so the picture quality seems a lil better. Also I didn't have any sepia wash, but got creative and made one out of onion skins. Ummm.....yeah, onion skins. Might sound odd, but seems to look good. Also got started on basing it, the rocks are made from plastic styrene and the stump is, well, a plastic tree base. So a stump.

Attachment 959931664

Attachment 959931665

Attachment 959931666

Hope it looks better now, as always any questions or comments or critisism is welcome

Doelago 11-13-11 06:46 PM

Looks good. :)

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