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Chimaera 11-01-11 12:20 AM

Fortress of Redemption
I have a lot of mixed feelings on this scenery piece and ultimately I haven't purchased it mainly because I feel it is too Dark Angels branded and would have liked a more generic Space Marine/Imperial aesthetic.

I was just wondering what others thought of the FoR on here and indeed others thoughts on it's overall design.


And some DA iconography for comparison.


chromedog 11-01-11 03:26 AM

The great big Dark black space blood wolf angel templar marine bas relief spoiled it for me.

I'd rather a more plain and utilitarian one, than the be-blinged-to-hell thing they brought out. I borrowed a mate's one and turned it into card templates though and it works fine that way.

Nicholas Hadrian 11-01-11 03:47 AM

I still like it being DA because it IS established that fortresses and bastions and such are old and have a LOOOONG history, so I think it works fine.

Pssyche 11-01-11 04:57 AM

It's a lively looking model but you've hit the nail on the head. It's much too Chapter specific.
Especially seeing as my second army is Space Wolves.

Samules 11-01-11 05:18 AM

Well if you want a generic fortress there's the imperial strongpoint. If they made another generic fortress then it would be kinda redundant.

chromedog 11-01-11 06:27 AM

It's kinda why I still have my old cardboard and plastic bastion and bunker stuff from 2nd edition.
Still has way more character than the chapter specific stuff.

jaysen 11-01-11 07:14 AM

I've got two of the FOR kits, because it is an awesome model. But, it really would be better if the main tower had a more imperial look to it and less of a huge DA symbol. The problem is that most of the imperial symbols are wide and short, so don't fit the shape of the tower sides. If they came up with some replacement sides with specific chapter iconography or generic ones, I think I'd buy it.

Fallen 11-01-11 07:51 AM

i like the DA look, dont know why i just do.

Serpion5 11-01-11 09:54 AM

I built and painted one of these for a gaming club commission. As I worked, I began to see less and less of the DA aspect and it slowly started to look like a generic Angels of the Emperor fortress.

For one thing, I didn`t paint it in DA colours. Maybe that`s the solution?

bitsandkits 11-01-11 10:29 AM

I think the poll is missing that all important third option "dont care, its scenery"

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