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*Chaos_Ate_My_Fingers* 10-26-11 04:37 AM

Warhammer Cash Prize Club England
I've been playing warhammer 40k on and off for around three years now and I hate to say I'm dissapointed of the current state of the clubs I've been to. Most of them were just rented large spaces such as halls, churchs and rooms in public building and I never got that much needed vibe from any of them. The people were great apart from the one flawless Necron player ... hate his Destroyer army! :blackeye: Anyway I recently held my own Warhammer 40k tournement on a sunday on 23rd October and it was a massive success, I'd been planning this since November 2010.

I rented a nightclub room out in the day for the hours between the hours of 5:00pm to 7:30pm for 65 per hour, so 165 in total. It was legally aloud to fit 90 people at any given time but at that there was still plenty of space and it also came with a staffed bar. Drinks that to be bought from the club, drinks had nothing to do with me, that was all arranged though the nightclub. (Extra money for them and a good atmosphere for the gamers)

In all I managed to fit 6 game tables in, 4 tables of 30"x60" and two tables of 40x40". I managed to get all the tables looking the part too with sweet painted terrain I collected over the years and a few ebay purchases. Four of them where covered in trees, wreckage and one building each and the other two were all Tau terrain.

I managed to advertise in 3 Gamesworkshops and created an event for it on facebook and I paid for an advert in my local newspaper for five days one week prior to the event taking place.

What I worked out was to sell 64 tickets (I did'nt want to fill the full 90 as there was room taken for the tables and for other reasons) Anyway ... 65 tickets to sell, each one at 8 per person. May sound a lot but that included:

> The fee for the tournement as there were cash prized to be won, see below:
1st: 60
2nd: 30
3rd: 20
4th: 10

> Parking via nightclub car park

And with it being a tournement I had three referees oversee the games, one per two tablesarmed readt with a rulebook and templates. These are my friends, gave them a tenner each for the support.

The rules and requirements for for the tournement where simple:

> 400pts army (At least one HQ and one TROOP choice, no special characters)
> Have own measering tape, dice and codex
> Games of annihilation on Pitched Battle deployment
> Have valid I.D (For the bar)

Had to pay a 3 deposit to book a ticket ... after just over a week of advertising I'd booked up all the 64 places :ok:

The event went great, I started of the evening with an interduction, the mood was relaxed, bit of music in the background, some good competative gaming, when people were waiting there turn they were at bar ... could not have gone any better!

Only downside was two people has to forfeit as they had to leave nad one guy got too drunk to continue to play, shame as he was at 14th - 16th place.

In money terms because I had sold all 64 tickets that was a cash take of 512, minis all the deductions I managed a tidy profit of 227 :biggrin:


I'm thinking about opening a proper gaming club, same setup as above but on a permentemt basis. Maybe have the above tournement once / twice a month in Rotherham / Sheffied / Leeds city centre and have a website made for it too along with a like page on facebook.

The question I'm asking you all is:

> If your near this area would this be something that would appeal to you?

> Do you like the idea of having a more grown up 40k gamers club1?

> If the was no tournement with cash prizes would you still come to the club?


Please give your feedback along with any other comments you see fit oh and if your interesed the armies that won were:

1st: Blood Angels
2nd: Necrons
3rd: Blood Angels
4th: Dark Eldar

Peace :victory:

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