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SolidusPRime 10-25-11 05:06 AM


Originally Posted by daxxglax (Post 1092982)
hahaha, ^^this. My favorite Lord is a Terminator w/ combi-melta and Daemon Weapon. Why? Because I grew up with the Chaos Dream, where a Lord could make his own way, make is own warband, and not be stepped on by Daemon Princes (who are part of the SYSTEM, MAAAAN)

Pretty much the same thing I take every game I can:

Lord with MoK, and Bloodfeeder and combi-melta
x3 5 man terminator squads:
  • x1 Khorne - All lightning claws (spent a long time getting all chaos lord claws :)) That are the lord's bodyguard
  • x2 Tzeentch - Reaper, 2 combi-meltas, 2 combi-flamers, 1 chainfist
I have a custom chapter and the Lord was the first guy I ever bought, assembled, and painted, and the idea of the chapter kind of started with him and the terminators.

willydstyle 10-25-11 05:41 AM

Basically anything in the Codex when I play Chaos.

Dawnstar 10-25-11 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by willydstyle (Post 1093035)
Basically anything in the Codex when I play Chaos.


Seriosuly, if you think the codex is THAT BAD then don't play it and spare us another "Teh Chaos Sux! Take Daemon Princez!!! Etc Etc" rant

'Nother one for Eldar

1. Somewhere between 7-9 Howling Banshee's in a Wave Serpent, armed with an EML
2. Usually somewhere around 250+ points, tend to use them at 1850+ point games
3. Awesome warrior chicks with power weapons, I10 and fleet? :shok: Me gusta

jaysen 10-25-11 06:45 AM

I take my company bannerman, although the banner is pretty much useless. I just love having the well painted banner out there in front of the company, representing. This is only in large games or apoc.

Pretty much everything else in my beloved Blood Angels army list is points well spent. I can use anything in the book to good effect. They are all Marines and awesome.

LukeValantine 10-25-11 07:15 AM

.... Just about anything I field would always be competitive, The closest I have ever been to fielding a unit for the hell of it in the last 7 years is my 4 man slaanesh termacide with 1 PF and 4 plasma guns.

Even then I only take them at 1500+ pt games.

Stephen_Newman 10-25-11 08:57 AM

In my Eldar force I don't use Fire Prisms, have only 1 unit of Fire Dragons and don't use a Farseer as a HQ in 1500 points.

Instead I use:

Wraithlord-invested with Bright Lance an Wraithblade-cost 150 points and I use him because even though he has aquired the moniker of either "faillord" or "wraithlol" I love the model

Dark Reapers-I have a full squad and the Exarch has a Tempest Launcher and Crack Shot-cost 217 points and I use them because I think they are the coolest aspect and not to mention that there is nothing better than sayin I KILL your SM's on 4+. With a re-roll. Plus they can fire indirectly and I roll enough hits on the Scatter dice to make it worthwhile.

Autarch-yes I have one. I give it a jetbike, laser lance, mandilblasters and a fusion gun-costs about 130 points. I use it because he makes a great support by darting out and dealing half a dozen S6 power weapon attacks at any one time. Great sniper weapon since his speed means I can choose which targets to engage with him and his expendable meatshield (I mean invaluable comrades) of Shining Spears protect him from S6 weapons or higher.

Shining Spears-I use 5 with Exarch with Star Lance (no point in exarch powers because Autarch negates them)-costs a lot but I use them because I like the idea of knights and are quite decent at times. I just wish they had pistols so they cold gain an extra attack.

In case it is not clearly obvious I play casually rather than competitive and weirdly enough ometimes I actually win with this list. However when the new Eldar codex comes out I intend to remodel my army to use Wood Elf models for most of it.

Wolfbane 10-25-11 10:16 AM

Shock attack gun. Some may say its brilliant, but tactically I find it nigh on useless. But it is just such unbelievably good fun. I dont think I have played a game yet, where it hasnt done something totally impressive, or hilariously stupid. Or both.
I put it in every list 750pts or more. Though I have even used it in a 500 a few times. I just love it!

Serpion5 10-25-11 10:22 AM

I use a tyranid harpy.

It sucks balls, but I busted my ass converting the bitch as close to the artwork as I could manage so she will serve.

Breeze 10-25-11 11:04 AM

Penal Legions. I know I could spend the points more effectively elsewhere. But they go with my fluff, and I enjoy the random element they bring to a game.

Vaz 10-25-11 11:47 AM

Scourge with Dark Lances.

Many people say that Blasters are preferable as yu can move and fire with Jump infantry, but due to the Dark Lances extra range, you often won't need to move and fire. They have very low hitting power considering, but they are often ignored, allowing for Jump Infantry + Run to contest an enemy objective late game, while my venom based infantry hold the home and centre objectives.

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