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D-A-C 10-25-11 01:31 AM

Units You Just Take Anyway
Hey guys.

I'm just curious if anyone has a Unit that they take regardless of how un-competitive, ill priced or generally crappy it may be.


1. What is the Unit?

2. How many points are invested in it in and typically in what size games.

3 Why do you insist on taking it?

At the moment, I don't have such a unit (cheater!!!) as I play Chaos Deamons and I kind of just play different units with 3-4 permanant cores.

BUT in teaming with my nephew for his Tau army I was glad to see he has inherited my sense of uncompetitivity (is that a word?) as for his final 1500pt army he intends to use a 6 Drone Stealth Suit Markerlight Team AND an Etheral. Using up about 450pts out of 1500 on ... well ... crap.
I'm so proud of him :cray:

SavageConvoy 10-25-11 01:56 AM

That's not just non-competitive, that's just nuts. I applaud his determination to try it on his own and doing what he wants.

But seriously, has he read the ethereal's entry? He does realize it also has a point cost right? As in they expect you to pay points to put him in your army.

equitypetey 10-25-11 01:59 AM

grandmaster and 3 riffleman dreads with psybolts, having way to much fun with them at the mo. can't remember the points but it's a fair few and i've even used them in 1000pt games, the bigger the game the more are ven

Anfo 10-25-11 02:22 AM

1. Possessed Chaos Marines

2. 9 of them in a Rhino MoT. 350 points about. 2000 point game or bigger.

3. People may say that they are over priced, but they have kicked ass in the games I've used them in.

CattleBruiser 10-25-11 02:29 AM

Eldar Dark Reapers, people say they're too expensive and die too easily but I love em. Also when I play tau i never ever ever ever use fireknifes

Moonschwine 10-25-11 02:44 AM

Currently I use a Chaos Lord and 2x5 Squads of Terminators. Usually at the 1500 points bracket.

The Lord has various load-outs, most recently I'm using him with Terminator Armour and Twin-Lightning Claws and a Mark of Khorne.

One unit is an Oversized Termicide with all combi-meltas and Two Chainfists.

The other Is a Mark of Slaneesh unit armed with combi-meltas and power weapons. The lord deploys and fights with these.

It's not competitive at all, but I take them because I love the Idea of a Chaos lord (King of Badassery) and a retinue of madmen in terminator armour (his Squires of Ass-Kickery) chopping stuff up. Hitting with so many power-weapon attacks really does munch through opposition units. However at the moment they tactically suffer, as they either deepstrike (and are usually charged) or footslog and get shot to death. I'm currently working a list at 1500pts to bring a Land-Raider, and it's been so difficult to play with that I've even had the lord get one-shotted by a Las Cannon.

Another solid reason to use them means that I basically play with the idea in my head I don't have any Daemon Princes. The one I do field is almost 90% bluff to get shot at to allow Rhino's containing Zerkers and Plagues to move up to positions. I almost play every game thinking "I'm 175 or so points down, how do I use tactics to win this." It really has helped develop my game and it makes me smile when the Daemon prince actually does something.

Dawnstar 10-25-11 02:55 AM

1. 9x 1k Sons and the Aspiring Sorcerer (10 models total), who has Doombolt, in a Rhino.
2. 312 points all up. I normally use them in either 1750 or 1850 pt games
3. People underestimate Thousand Sons, both in the codex and on the table. Somewhat hard to kill as well thanks to the 3+/4++ they get :)

The models I use for 1k Sons I spent longer than normal making sure the Blue armour turned out right, plus they almost always end up performing well in the game

daxxglax 10-25-11 03:10 AM


Originally Posted by Moonschwine (Post 1092968)
It's not competitive at all, but I take them because I love the Idea of a Chaos lord (King of Badassery) and a retinue of madmen in terminator armour (his Squires of Ass-Kickery) chopping stuff up.

hahaha, ^^this. My favorite Lord is a Terminator w/ combi-melta and Daemon Weapon. Why? Because I grew up with the Chaos Dream, where a Lord could make his own way, make is own warband, and not be stepped on by Daemon Princes (who are part of the SYSTEM, MAAAAN)

JAMOB 10-25-11 03:26 AM

BA with 25 scouts in 3 squads: 5 w/ snipers + camo cloaks, 2 10X w/ 4 bolters 5 cc 1 heavy (1 missile, 1 HB)
Then I play them with a reclusiarch and... wait for it... termis. Yes I did. A scout Termi list. It doesnt work... at all. No it does not...

SavageConvoy 10-25-11 03:30 AM

Tau Gun Drones. I love those little bastards. And I think they have a higher vehicle kill rate than my broadsides.

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