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Default new to flames of war

ok me and a friend have just started flames of war. im going late brittish and he is going late germans. so far i have 5 cromwells, 2 m10's, 1 challanger and a box of riflemen.
i was wondering, if i wanted to play mid or early, how much of the models i have now could i use??
we arent going to be strict wysiwyg but i would like the models to look close if replacement of models is needed.

my only idea is to use markings and give the opponent a list of what everything is and the markings it has (essentially the key or legend on a map) this would be to dea, with the proxy tanks.
would this be allright? if not what can i do?

go gary and zalas

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On friendly games it won't be that big of a deal to proxy stuff. But if you start playing in a club or tournies, then it is more of a problem. When I play I want to know what I am shooting at, even if there is a key, it is a pain to try and remember or check every time I want to do something.

As for what models you can use in earlier eras, the M10s are out. Brits didn't get them until Italy IIRC. Cromwells as well. And there really isn't anything the Cromwells resemble. The riflemen should be ok unless they are the late war scuplts. Or 8th Army scuplts. There were fairly distinct unis for the Brits in the war, but I believe the organization didn't change much. The bigger deal is that early and mid they had ant-tank rifle teams, which in Late War gave way to PIATs. You could proxy the models, I think, unless the PIAT teams are on other bases instead of on seperate bases like the Boys AT rifles are.

Not what you really want to hear, I supposed, but the quickly changing unis and vehicles of the war mean that what was around early, wasn't by late. Very little in fact. That is why in FoW people build forces around a specific time and place of a very specific unit more than they do in other games. To much changes organization-wise and equipment-wise, and even paint schemes changed. YMMV
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It looks great, but it's too damn expensive!

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Hey G-K,
Not to be mean, but Cromwells were the worst pick for a generic British tank. The good old Sherman tank can be used for Late War Brits, Mid War Brits, Late War Americans, Mid War Americans, and Soviet Emchas.
When we first started FOW, my buddies and I just used appropriately sized pieces of cardboard with the unit description written on the front. It was great for getting a few test games in before committing to purchasing the miniatures.
As to Emund’s comment, I have to point something out. Yes, compared to Familia Gladiatoria, FOW is expensive. But compared to 40k, FOW is about the same. Finding a place to get cheap 15mm vehicles (like trucks and jeeps) helps a lot. I have had good success with Old Glory Miniatures.
Good luck!

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25 pounders are universal from Africa to the end of the War for British. Get some of those towed artillery! And Shermans. As was said above, Shermans are good from Tunisia all the way through.
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The riflemen and the M10.Cromwells came out at Normandy.The Challenger even later.In mid war you have shermans,M-10 STUarts,valentines,churchills,Matildas in africa,Riflemen all the time.25 pounders for support.The Cromwells got pasted pretty badly at villers bocage.Rob
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i have just started americans i have played a few demo games and its pretty good

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To be honest, FoW is even less expensive than alot of GW stuff.

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The big difference between FOW and GW is that Battlefront (the FOW parent company) doesn't demand that you use their minis in official tournaments, They realize that there are perfectly good (and cheaper) 15mm WWII miniatures put out by other companies.
So building a FOW army can be done at a fraction of the cost of a GW army. And they don't re-write the armies every few years just so you have to buy more stuff.

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Default cna training

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