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Default Classic Battletech

Oh Yeah! This is a game I got into right before I started Warhammer Fantasy (and way way before I started 40K). Necromunda and Battletech were my first tabletop miniatures games and quickly forced such nonsense as Magic: The Gathering from my mind. As it turns out, FASA no longer controls the copyright, but rather Wizkids and Wizards of the Coast do, though they have split into the 'Battletech' and 'Mechwarrior' divisions. Wizkids now owns the tabletop game and has the game company 'Catalyst Game Labs' running the show. Here is the link...

I imagine that I will be diving into this pretty deeply, along with 6 or so of the locals. Are there any fans here? I'd love to hear your impressions and plans for the new 'Classic Battletech'.
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I havent played it for years Hespithe.

I actually got into this game online with

It was fun for a few months but trying to learn the rules online against the experts was really difficult. I don't think I ever won a game...

I'll definately be keeping an eye out for the new version.

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Classic Battletech was actually the first game that I ever played (in the gamer sense, at least). I'll always have a soft spot for it, and I really dig the new stuff that they've been bringing out lately. The Introductory Starter Box they came out with about a year ago now is particularly good-- for your $45 USD you get all the iconic Inner Sphere 'mechs, some nice background pamphlets that let you know what's been going on since 3065 when FASA left off, and decent quick-start rules. It also comes with a couple maps, although I've always prefered to play 2''=1 Hex and just use regular terrain and miniatures.


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I've played CBT since FASA owned it. Fanpro used to have the license and now they have become Catalyst Labs. I know all the Catalyst guys as I used to do illustration and convention support for the Shadowrun side of things as well as doing some art for the CBT side last year at GenCon. Ironically Jordan Weisman is Wizkids, and Randall Bills is Catalyst...both are former FASA guys and writers for the CBT world.

I still love my CBT!
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I played Battletech before I ever heard of Warhammer. My dad had a kickass board set he made himself with 3-d terrain and the like. It was a lot of fun, and I was good enough at it to play with the grown ups, which at the time was awesome.

By the way, saying 'I love CBT' can get some interesting reactions on a different kind of internet forum...wear a cup ;-)

Battletech is a blast though. Imagine a Warhammer sized board dedicated to a handful of giant robots hunting each other down and blowing the everloving shit out of one another.

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I ve have not played in 2 years no players around but I have been playing since the early 90s. I have 600 game pieces for the game. I used to commision painting for people. Does anybody have a Favorite mech. What Faction did you play?

I sure loved the Urbanmech it was just so cute. I played as The Free worlds Leagues. Marik Milita all the way.

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Battletech was my first minis game. It was great fun. I still play battletech once and a while. Although not as much as I would like too. I remember in the good ol days when you have to fill out every record sheet by hand. Talk about a pain. Literally. I was very happy when fasa started publishing record sheets that were ready to go.

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I really enjoy the game, only recently got back into it though with the new starter set, but I've had a couple of games with a victory under my belt, so a bad start.

plus it means I finally get to use my (Unseen) Archer and (unseen) Longbows, YAY

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The new-ish starter box is such an awesome deal... even though there are some pretty terrible mold lines and whatnot on the models... it's awfully hard to argue with 24 of the most classic Inner Sphere 'mechs out there. I'm a Clanner, to boot... *waves the little Ghost Bear flag* and I still picked it up and painted 'em up, in the hope that someone would want to return to the 31st Century. No such luck, however.


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I always wanted to play, so I printed off the quick start rules when they were available on the site, but noone else ever liked it. I played megamek for a bit, but it was way too hard. By the way, "classic battletech" is actually used to describe the version with paper counters, whereas the model version you are referring to is called "Battletech Miniatures". Just an interesting tidbit. I love the Battletech novels specifically. Does this mean that my Compendium, and my two record sheet books are out of date? I also have citytech. One of the things I didn't enjoy about Battletech was the complexity of the rules. Have they simplified them a bit? You could argue 40k has complex rules, but nowhere near as complex as CBT.

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