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Default Who has the best ork army list for Nid bashing?

I've done largest army, but now who has the best list. I continually search for inspiration to continue orks. I'm being called to Nids because they seem to be a very tough army, and a cool one too. However I do have 8,000 points of orks, and it might be nice to bring that up to 10,000 or maybe 12,000 this year. Any suggestions?
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Heya Marremony,

Hmm, I play both Nids and Orks... (I'm trying to resist the Hive Mind!) Well depending on what they bring there are a whole bunch of Nid stomping list opportunities (obviously) but when your playing an 8,000 point game there isn't much you can do to "prepare".

When your facing almost every unit in the Tyranid army you can't really counter his unit choices; you need to counter his game plan...

When I assemble Apocalypse lists (with my orks anyway) I divide how-many ever points I'm playing with into 2 separate lists; two different "task forces". Each list would have a different objective in mind, so would generally vary in styles (ie. #1 Heavy Support, #2 Objectives) Or whatever role I needed them to play once I saw the battle field, and the scenario.

Tyranids can be truly frightening when play Apocalypse games. In fact the manager of my local store absolutely crushed an SM list by completely outflanking em' (if you want to see the battle report pictures go to (*http://www.heroicrealms.com*) and look for them on the galleries (if you have troubles finding them just let me know) Nids can really take advantage of Apocalypse abilities and tactics, along with their own; and can really overwhelm your opponent .
__________________________________________________ _________

Ok now for the list:

Hmm... I'm wondering how this is gonna happen... I'm used to playing smaller Apocalypse games, so I'll either add to some of my 4,000 or 6,000 lists, but they're sort of made in my style, which is a little subtle to operate. Just post back the style of list you were sort of leaning towards and I could come up with some concepts (or if I ignore the rest of today) I possible could have it done by tonight.

So stick around,


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I run a speed freek army and my mate has nids who i play fairly regularly and at the moment im coming out onto most of the time ill give u a quick run down of my list see what u think.

warboss eavy, eavy armour, cyborg body, powercalw boss pole, twinlinked shoota
retinue of 8 nobs,1 is a painboy and 1 has a powerclaw and waagh banner then 3 with big choppas and 2 with sluggas and choppas all have eavy armour and cyborg bodies.
All this stuck in a Battlewagon wiv deth rolla and kannon

2 mobs of 12 boyz in trukks nobs have boss pole powerclaw.
trukks have red paint and reinforced rams

5 bikers 1 is a nob with a powerclaw and boss pole

battlewagon with deff rolla and big shoota packed with 8 burnas one is a mek with KMB

2 rockitt buggys( ran as taking a fast attack slot each)

Mek with shock attack gun and boss pole

12 gretchin one runtherd with shok prod

the bikes are really good for taking out the nids and the genestealers because of there low armour value and the bikes have assault 3 strength 5 ap 5 dakka guns

The burna boyz also do a great great job at thining out the nid numbers

however if i dont get the charge with the warboss or the boyz then that can leave me in trouble which is where the deffrollas come in

the meks shock attack gun tho unreliable is good for taking out the bigger monsters as it is ap 2

hope this was helpfull

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thanks for the lists. Actually I was looking for a small scale game 1,500 to 1,750 points.
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the list i have posted is dead on 1500 points if u add a deff dredd and 3 killa kans thsat will take you 2 1750 and add 1 heavy support and 1 troop choice because of the mek.

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I probably shouldn't be saying this, but you should take a good amount of deffkoptas to kill the doom of Malan' tai and bring lootas for the mid-sized stuff, such as warriors, raveners, hive guard, shrikes and things like that (since those guns are ap4 and most mid-sized nid stuff has a 4+ or 5+ save). Burnas in a trukk for the termagaunts, hormagaunts and genestealers. (I'm terrified of burnas >.<) Bring any high AP stuff for the Monstrous Creatures, but to be honest all you have to look out for is trygons and tervigons and possibly hive tyrants. They're basically the only Monstrous Creatures that are ever used now. Tervigons have a 3+ save, so deffkoptas will do nicely against them. The shokk attack gun sounded like a good thing to have aswell. Mostly because it's a long range large blast weapon. Taking it because if its AP isn't a very good idea, since it will be knocking a single wound off a Monstrous creature per shooting phase.

I would not recommend bringing lots of boyz. tyranids are the kings of anti-infantry, so an ork mob would be a feeding frenzy waiting to happen.

Use my Advice if you want, but that's the simple overview of nids.

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I hate playing Nids with my Orks!!!
Orks are a mass numbers CC army buts so are nids and they can do it better. Now knowing that you can't take nids in CC we need to look at (1) what we can do better than nids and (2) what there weakness are and the answer is the same for both questions Mech and shooting.

Lootas lootas lootas!!! they will help with MCs and large units of bugs. Rokkites are also needed so I would suggest some koptas, they can tie up shootie bugs and ID any T4 2W bugs. Let’s not forget about the burna boyz! sure they have to get close but anything you touch with 15 flames will disappear. Now that leaver us core of any Ork army the Boyz, shoota boyz in a wagon can really do some damage, keep moving and shooting (19 boyz will have 38 shots up to 18 inchs out) and don't get out unless your wagon is wrecked.

This part is easy, Wagons. Trukks don’t carry enough boyz to do any damage and burnas can't take them. Looted wagons suck (but the template could help) so I would just stay away from them.

The game plan is simple, Mech up and keep moving and shooting.
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*traitor mode on*
As another tyranid player, I agree with Midnight.
Tyranids have basically three categories of units : small (mainly CC) creatures, AP5-6 ; medium creatures, E4, several wounds ; and monstrous creatures, E6, AP3.
Considering this, any S8 weapons are welcome, as it will decimate the medium units. For the small creaturse, burnas and shootas. For the MC, they go fairly well with saturation, and there's no invulnerable saves.
Also, one big weakness of the bugs is they don't have any grenades. If you're in a cover, you're pretty sure to kill them fast if they charge you.
*traitor mode off*

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Thanks for the help Nid traitors...just kidding, but really thanks a ton.
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