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Default Listen up you lot or I'll give ya a thump! 500pts

"Na you boyz listen up good"

I got myself 20 ork Boyz two with big shootas from ebay, so that's 130pts so far and I'm wanting to build up a decent 500pts army.

Looking though the codex I like the Lootas weapons and I would'nt mind fielding 3 Runetherd and 30 Gretchin or are they not worth the points?

All comments welcome views on a WeirdBoy HQ choice prehaps?
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Well you've got a good start with the ork boyz, as no matter what style play you want with the orks you will need them. Gretchin are good meat shields and good at tying up enemy units while you move up your heavy hitters. I have 28 gretchin with 2 runtherders. What are you taking for your HQ? Weirdboyz are fun and I thought about heading up my army with one, but took two Big Meks instead as I have a walker heavy army. If you only have 500 points you're looking to work with I wouldn't take the gretchin. If you're looking for a horde army, get more boyz and a squad of lootas for heavy.

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I know it's been while but my 20 ork boys have now grown to 40 orks boys with 4 shootas so that's now at 260pts!

I'm thinking about getting a big mek with custom force field and maybe a truckk but what would the best heavy choice to use in a 500pts game be now we're entering into 6th edition?
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I think the Green tide works best at 1k points.
Warboss with a PK
3 units of 30 boys, Nob with a PK and BP. (shoota boys if you have them)
1 unit of 15 lootas
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in a 500 point army you won't face many if at all any heavy vehicles or vehicles that will be that scary. you really need to get some nobz with PK's and boss poles to run with your boyz. working with what you already have i would look at possibly something like this it worked really well for me at 500 points

bigmek KFF and BP(goes with one mob)

20 boyz

20 boyz + nob with a PK and BP (these guys would be better as shootas if you have them if not they will be fine)

3x kannons (set up to cover as much of the board as possible)

2 x lobbas (these guys hide behind something and just throw pie plates and hopefully get some pinning in)

hope this helps to get you started
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I've not tried out the Kan wall myself in 6th but does not look as good as it did in 5th. Not saying it still not a viable list but I would just stick to collecting boyz for now.

The Big gunz got better in 6th but I still think Lootas are better buy.

Lobbas and Kans are easy to scratch build!
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I generally agree with the posts above. I just won a qualifying tournament with a Kan Wall/Green tide 2k point list. Kans are great. They are, however, like all things orky sometimes less than reliable. If you go with Kans, my advice is, as suggested above, get creative convert, scratch build or kit bash a bunch of them. You'll need at least six, ideally nine later on if you continue down this army build. Some basics to keep in mind while collecting a proper Waaagh! Decide early on if your going with speed freaks, something different or a mixture. As mentioned a safe purchase is always more boyz. If you go with speed freaks you will paint less boyz, but will make up for those purchases in vehicles. In general, orks are hard hitting and rely greatly on numbers. Which is statistically a very effective way to play this game. What orks do not do well is act the same every game. Some games they will kick your opponents kans. Some games they just decide that they would rather do things their own ways which lands in utter defeat. If you are primarily a collector then you can certainly acquire enough models to build any kind of list. If you are budgeting your first task will be to do some research and decide what "type" of army you are working towards. I hope this helps a bit. But, until you put four corners around what type of list you are playing solid advice is difficult because it depends. Keep it up and we need new younger greenskin players if we are going to take over the galaxy. Start with something that you dig. Your playing style and advanced strategies will emerge after you get some games in and develop more experience. The most important advice is to first enjoy the hobby/game. Tendencies and well-founded strategies will develop.

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