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1500 pt ork army

Hi everyone, i'm starting an ork army and i need some advice.
i have read some information on the site and done my best to some up with a good list but i need your opinions on what i should do.
So this is it.

-Warboos with PK, 'eavy armor, cybork body, attack squig, boss Pole 125
-Big Mek with KFF, cybork body 'eavy armor, grot oilers 95

-5 Nobz - painboy, 'eavy armor and cybork body on all, 2 PK, 2 'uge choppa 240
-5 Kommandos+Snikrot - Big shoota 140

-30 slugga boyz - Nob, 'eavy armor, PK 220
-30 shoota boyz - Nob, 'eavy armor, PK 220

Fast Attack
-3 Deffkoptas - all with KMB 120

Heavy Support
-Battlewagon - killalkannon, deff rolla, grot riggers, armor plates, 2 big shoota 195
-3 Killa Kans - all have grot riggers, 2 grotzooka, 1 big shoota 145


K so the plan is to put the Warboss with the BP in the unit of nobz and put them in the Battlewagon. For my mek i don't know if i should put him with the kans so he can fix them or put him with the boyz. Also i have a weirdboy and he is an option too. The Deffkoptas will go tank hunting and hopefully do well. boyz will slog forward and i will se waaagh on turn 2. Snikrot and his boys will get anything hiding at the back of the board. kans will advance and their roll depends on what else happens.

So let me know what you guys think and give me some advice. Fell free to make major changes too. I am open to anything any of you have to say since i don't really have any experience.

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Looks pretty good, except that imo, the nobz and kommando squads are too small. Might be better to take one or the other. Also, heavy armor for nobz is a bit of a waste. Against normal attacks you've already got 5+ inv and FNP, plus T4 and 2 wounds each. Shelling out good teef for -1 Armor against the people that don't stand much of a chance against your big bad boss. Anything that's really a threat is probably going to ignore armor saves. Might be a good way to free up points!

Other then that, seems good! Haven't tried the grotzookas yet, but they look like fun!

Also, with the battlewagon, the regular Kannon goes well with a killkannon. The frag rounds count as a defensive weapon.

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thanks very much.i'll take the armor off the nobz, i kinda forgot about FNP. I think the elite squads are a bit too small to but i already bought the kommandos and i'll get the nobz with AoBR. I could drop the nobz but it would probably better to drop the kommandos. and i'll get the kannon with the 25 extra points i have from dropping the armor. that leaves 15, maybe i'll get 1 more PK in my nobz mob or 3 big shoota's in my shoota boyz.
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Nice list, pretty solid overall. I recommend mega armour nobs over regular nobs to get more bang for your buck in the battlewagon, but you're OK as is. Your nob squad won't be able to take on the really effective CC units you'll find out there but they can charge a full assault squad with reasonable expectations for victory.

Grot riggers are a waste on the kans because immobilized results are counted as destroyed against vehicle squadrons. That upgrade will quite literally do nothing until you get down to 1 kan.

I also recommend against the kustom mega blastas for the deffkoptas since they aren't twin-linked and more expensive to boot. Unless you're facing deathwing for some reason (almost all terminator army.)

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I would dumpt the nobz and battlewagon... by the time you add the warboss into the unit that's 560pts; more then a third of your army. Yes its a nasty unit but it isnt that good.

Instead I would add in another 30 boyz and either 30 boyz, lootas or burnas in a truck. Increasing the number of Boyz from 60 to 90 or 120 could well push them out of most people's ability to deal with them- killing 60 boyz is hard... 120 is near impossible.
Lootas and burnas would give you something to use against hard enemy units that you dont want to have to assault.

If you can find the points I suggest a small unit of grots.. they are invaluable in objective games- you can just leave them on an objective the send your whole army at the enemy.. you then dont have to worry about sending orcs back to claim your own objectives.

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k thanks, i might drop the nobz so i could get more boys or lootas/burnas or kommandos.
And i will defenitely take off the grot riggers from the kans. I'll change to kmb's to rokkit's or big shootas on the deff koptas. should i put the warboss on a bike and not have him in the battlewagon?

thanks again everyone
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HQs look good. I'd drop the oilers though, waste of points. I'd also drop the bosspole, I don't think they're worth it, although others will disagree.

Elites are iffy. For one, the nobs should be troops! What's better than a nob? A scoring nob! Yay! *ahem*. Your kommandos are way to small. Bump to 15+Snikkers and give the unit 2 Burnas. Burnas = power weapons, and power weapons are nasty in the hands of orks. I'd drop the nobs entirely if I were you. I started out with a very similar list and soon realized nobs aren't as good as their smaller cousins, unless they're on a bike.

Troops: With the points you saved on the nobs, add in 30 shoota boyz, nob + klaw. This unit not only gives you another big boyz mob, it gives you close range fire support, another killy CC unit, and a mob you don't mind hanging back with on kapture and kontrol missions.

Deff koptas are really hit or miss. They really only work with rokkits, however. If you're like most ork players, you'll love and hate your koptas, and only use them in half your games (you'll be too pissed off about them running off the table to use them every game).

Heavies. I'd drop the wagon if you're dropping the nobs. Alternately you could fill it with 'ard boyz or burna boyz, both are dead killy. Or you could go for more kans. Kans are great. Kans are wonderful. I'd only take grotzookas though. A killa kan with grotzooka fills in every roll: anti infantry (6 S6 blasts), anti tank (9 S10 attacks on charge)and anti MEQ (klaws). They're also cheap as chips.

One thing you may want to include is a mob of lootas. They're actually one of the most consistent units in the codex, and pop rhinos, dreads and serpents with ease, the latter being one of their most important function.
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k so i will drop the nobz. so should i get more boys or more kommandos? keep in mind i'm trying to stay under 1500. if i did substitute the deffkoptas i would get lootas, i could switch depending on who i'm fighting. i already bought the battlewagon but i could put lootas or burnas in it. i hear burna wagon's are very effective.
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