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Default Veteran Ork player, 1850 list seeking feedback.

Right, here goes. I've been putting some thought into this and I believe the list comes off a little too "deff star" for me, as I usually field hordes of boyz. You'll notice the way I set my units is is very min/max. I don't play for fluff (often anyways) I play to win.
Anyways, there isn't too much on field, which is my only real concern.

Cybork Body

Nob bikers x7
Powerklaw x1
Waaagh! Banner

x2 Units- Lootas x12

Burna boyz x13
Big shoota (I'll get to this in a moment)

Slugga Choppa Boyz x20

Gretchin x10

x2 Units- Dakkajet
Supa Shoota
Ace Fighta

x2 Units- Battle wagon

Aegis Defense line (can't wait to build an orky counts as)
Quad Gun

Alright, the breakdown on the boyz. I used Shoota boyz traditionally in 5th Ed. I liked them in wagons because you could troll around 12 inches and crap on things (I always put big shootas in my shoota boyz mobz). I've decided to drop them in favor of slugga choppa boyz because now I can move 18 inches first turn, which is huge for them. I dropped the shoota boyz mostly because the loss of wagon efficiency. Moving more than 6 inches causes you to snapshot those masses of shots from the boyz. It's good for overwatch undeniably so I'm putting it up to play testing.

Ok, the Mek in the Burna boyz mob. I know it sounds silly at first, but because of the sheer amount of ouch that burna wagons put on infantry I ALWAYS expect people to turn their guns on my burna wagon (though it's a tossup with those nobz buzzing all over. I expect the wagons to go first because they are easier to halt). Every turn on a 4+ I can restore a hullpoint or other whatnots. One free upgrade to help my burnas do their do? May as well playtest it.

So the gretchin go in the defense line. This is neat because they are a whopping 40 points, and the line 100, AND they are ballistic skill 3! Why would I stuff some dumb ass ork boyz who couldn't hit a boulder with a rock behind that gun? Lol alright, I'll plop an objective behind that bad mamajamma and hold it down all day for 140 points.

People sometimes question me not putting a painboy or more poweklawz in my nobs units. I mean, 30 points for a painboy is a big deal when you consider that the unit is very difficult to eradicate to begin with. Though I approve, I believe it unnecessary. And with how easy it is to smash vehicles now, both in actually hitting them and also glancing them to death, I really don't need more klawz with the warboss leading these guys all over. the 4 STR 9 and 5 STR 10 attacks I get should, luck be with me, smash anything with relative ease.

Alright, have at me. I need some advice. I really wanted to make room for another wagon of choppa boyz, but that shit is points expensive so I'm going to make due for now and try her out.

Also, primaris psyker squads and vindicators stick it in nob bikers asses with that pie plate they drop. STR 10 AP 1? Sure you get cover, but about half of your nobs that get hit are going to DIE
(Orks hate pie). Deal with them ASAP if you want to continue to dominate everything on field with those bad boyz.

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well I can tell you design list similar to me. I also love the burna wagon. I like to have my mek with the burna boys with a kustom mega blasta for a nice nasty punch. About the only suggestions that I can make might be to drop the klaw in the nob unit and give more nobs big choppas. SInce the boss will be smashing the big stuff the big choppas will add extra punch to any big unit nasties you run across.

For more room to get another wagon. I would suggest drop one unit of lootas and split the other unit into two units of 6.

other than that your reasoning for each unit makes sense to me but play testing will definately prove if it is good. let me know how it goes I will be curious to see how your list does because I was going to use a list very similar.

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Looks like a solid list! Any CC I would give you have already covered in your comments, you should do well with it.
But I would still urge you to find the points of the Pain boy! Lol
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