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It really does depend on how you want your ork army to be. I go with a shooty ork army that has a mek with a shokk attack gun, 2-15 man loota squads, big gun kannons at least 3 of them. A battle wagon loaded with tank bustas to fire missles everywhere all shoota boy squads unless I run my two trucks then I fill them with slugga boyz or Nobs.
THis is more what I put in my 1500 point list but it should give you an idea.

So it really depends on what you want your army to be.

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First of all you can't give a trukk to a burna squad as an upgrade, they can be put in a looted tank or battlewagon.
Secondly i think the list needs some more anti armour, if you come up against some tanks at long range you will get flogged the nobs would be lucky to make it up there.
Maybe a battery of kannons, 3 kannons = 60pnts, you may want some extra crew at 2pnts extra each they are worth it. IF the kannons get shot at and 2 or 3 crew die generally they break and don't stop running.
But the kannnons can make 1 S8 shot each or S4, small template blast each. At B3 that's nothing to sneeze at.
Even if they aren't shooting anything you can use them for area denial.
I love lootas, only thing is if they do not get a good starting position and they have to move for 3 turns you have wasted a lot of shooting time.
But when you have 10 and roll a 5 or 6 and pump out 30 S7 shots you can kill a lot of stuff, even at B2 that's still going to be around 10 hits.
There's my 2 cents woth, do with it what you want.
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The 'Eavy armor on the Warboss isn't going to do a lot of good for what you pay. The best armor for a 'Boss is a mob to hang out with until it's time to assault something.

Or a bike.

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my warboss on a bike romps, give him an attack squiq, on the charge i think he has 7 pc attacks, i have him with 4 other bikes, in my 1000pnt list. People are scared of him, its great.
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I personally believe in making the Mobs larger! if 6 20 boyz squads go to 4 30 man squads so be it! With the change left over from dropping some nobz mix in Big shootas and Rokkit Launchas that will give ya some punch.
You for sure should check out snikrot and put some burna boyz in with him!

You'll be amazed how your oppenet reacts during setup if he even thinks you have him!!!!
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Anti tank is where?
any Chaos player worth their possesing daemon will tank shock the living ba-jee-zuz outta you, and with rhino's being so cheap nowadays you'll wanna watch out for the potential rush.
A dreadie, or a couple of killer cans might do well and can advance along with the rest of the mob, whilst putting off a few rockets.

peace out

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why the bugger is there no trukks they are a must with more than 30 boyz to get them into battle as quick as possiable and with the kareen! rule its also a good way to piss off the enimy when they get that double six in the shooting phase it will really give alot of laughs on any one on ur side
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I would personally add a looted wagon with a boomgun, not only will that annoy anybody you are playing, you do not need to roll to hit, and that gives them a tough decision when trying to decide what to shoot at.

When I bring trukk boyz, I bring all shootaz. Instead of the +1A for close combat, I drive around the field and blast 10 shootaz, 1 big shoota and the trukk Big shoota at anything in my way. Since the shootaz are Assault 2 18" I can stay far away from the enemy and blast. With those many shots, several are bound to get in, and tht type of shooty can even drive space marines crazy. Also, with ramshackle, who cares if your trukk blows up, chances are the boyz will be a'ight anyway.

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