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Default Suggestions for 1k list

Hello all,
I normally play IG or Daemons for 40k. These Orks came from the Assault on Black Reach box and my son picked a couple models he liked. Since he is getting into the game I was curious on how I could "help" him pick better for a coherent game list. Nothing competitive but something that makes sense.

Models he owns:

20 boyz (2 big shootas)
5 Nobz (all with the choppas and sluggas)
1 Warboss with a PK and boss pole
3 Deff koptas with TL rokkits
5 Stormboyz
3 Killa Kans (one has a rokkit and the other two weapon arms have not been assembled yet)
1 Trukk

Most every model has that choppa and slugga as the models came from that box set. Any suggestions?

Also any tips to mod those Koptas back have TL Big Shootas?

Thank you much!
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Ok so this is not a competitive list, like not even slightly, but it was something I used a good while back before I understood how to make competitive list and it performed ok(maybe slightly better than 1:1 win:loss ratio). With the exception of the stormboyz it has all the models you have and then some. This list should be 1499 points…

Warboss: PK, Boss Pole, Cybork
Big Mek: KFF, Boss Pole,
4 Nobz + Pain Boy: Cybork (Warboss Goes here)
2x Trukks Boyz: 11 boyz + Nob PK Boss Pole in Trukk(no upgrades)
20 Shoota boyz
3x 2 Deffkopter squad: Both have TL-Rokkits, one has buzz saw.
3x Killer Kans: Rokkits
2x 8 Lootas

You can do two things with this list:
1) Place your kan formation(with mek and shoota boy directly behind them) in the middle and then place a trukk on both flanks. This allows the kans to push up the middle thus dividing your opponents forces so the trukks can flank in.
2) Place your kan formation to one side and the trukks to the other. This puts you in a position to do a modified hammer and anvil tactic.

Either way keep the nobz behind you main line of advance and use them as a counter assault unit, do not use them as an all out smashy unit. And use the kopters for armor poping, if you get first turn scout turbo boost them so you can attack rear armor and assault in turn 1, and if you get second turn hold them in reserve to do the same thing just at a later date, the kopters are suicide units so plan for them to get creamed as they take some of your opponets with them.

This list does has some glaring issues when it comes to competitive play: Nobz are not cost effective and thus not competitive, it mixes slow moving elements with fast ones, it mixes tactical ideas so more of a jack of all trades list then a specalizer hammer list, there are not enough boyz, two trukks in never enough, a lot of points spent on the kopters(which are suicide units).

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@ArchangelPaladin: I was thinking of starting with Orks too, so thanks for the pointers about a starting list.

@Tim Schmidt:
You'll need 2 sizes of plastictube for this conversion (the smaller should fit inside the larger snugly), apologies if it seems a bit simplistically-explained:

The Rokkits on the front of the Kopta have a vertical groove just before you get to the warhead/nosecone (should be just where the front mudguard-type-thing ends).
Saw off all 4 of the rokkits along this groove, leaving the stub/base of the rokkit still attached to the kopta.
Keep the warhead/nosecone bits, because you can use them for other projects.

Depending on how big you want the guns, the larger diameter tube should be either the same diameter as the base of each rokkit (which is still attached to the kopta), or big enough to slot over it.

Cut the larger tubing to the desired length.
Using a pin vice/hobby drill, drill various holes in the larger tube so it looks a bit more like an old machine gun/big shoota (leave a little unholed space at one end).
Cut a short length of the smaller tube and fit into the unholed end of the gun for the muzzle so that it sticks out from the larger tube (experiment with sizes to see which works the best), then attach the other end to the rokkit bases on the kopta.

If you are only wanting 2 guns, you could either:
Fill the gap between the gun and the bottom rokkit base with Green Stuff to make it look like a drum magazine.

Or, cut 2 lengths of the larger tubing the same length as the rokkit bases and attach them horizontally between the rokkit bases (so they're off-set, like the ones on the infantry big shoota's).
Then cover the hole at the tube end with flat plasticard (or just cereal box card).

Alternatively, you could repeat this and make the gun have 4 barrels to make it look more intimidating (although it doesn't change the rules, Orks are notorious for putting more gun barrels on things).

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