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Default II: Darius

Ok, so this is my first crack at a serious epic. This is a story about the primarch of the second legion, and his legion as well. I promise that future parts will be written so that it flows with the rest of the well know 40k history. Any how, hope you enjoy. Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed.

The Rise and Fall of an Angel

Part One

“Lord Hector; for your personal safety and also for ours as well, I suggest we return back to camp, the sun is supposed to be gone around seven tonight. It is already six thirty. We can continue this hunt tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.”

“Don’t be so foolish Hadrian! There is plenty of light left for more hunting! In fact, I think I can see a prized gazelle in the distance! Sirius! Head over to that hill so that I can get a better shot at it.” Hector laughed.

“Yes my Lord.”

Sirius turned the truck to the left, leaving the beaten path and plowing through the dry grass and brush. The truck rocked up and down as it made its way towards the hill that Hector pointed out. But even with all of the moving and shaking of the vehicle, Hector did not lose sight on the gazelle.

“Stop!” Hector ordered.

Sirius slammed the brakes as the truck stopped on the crest of the hill. Everyone was silent as Hector raised his rifle, carefully aiming at the gazelle’s head. He held his breath as he made the final tweaks to his sight and pulled the trigger. The shifting grass was all that was left in his sights after he took the shot. Hector threw his rifle on the back seat, eager to see if his hit was true. He whipped out a pair of binoculars and looked at the spot of which the gazelle once stood and ordered Sirius to take them there. Sirius started the truck and began to head out to the kill. Hadrian on the other hand, was worried about the safety of his lord, keeping a close eye out, checking to see if there was any form of danger if they leave the truck.

“Right here! Stop right here!” Hector said with excitement.

Hector and Hadrian jumped off the truck, wading through the tall grass to their prize. There they found the gazelle, dead, with a bullet through the heart. Hector slapped the back of Hadrian, proud at their great find of a game animal. Hadrian, however, did not show the same level of enthusiasm; for he was much too busy keeping watch for his lord.

“By god this is an excellent find! It looked like an impossible shot, but I have proven the odds wrong! This prize is definitely worthy of celebration! Come Hadrian; let us head back to camp and drink to this!” Hector rejoiced.

“Well, to be honest; you were quite lucky to find such a beast before the sun finally set. But no matter, let us head back now.” Hadrian said, keeping a watchful eye out.

The two lugged the massive gazelle back to the truck, strapping it to the back panel. Eager to head back and celebrate, Hector called main camp and ordered them to set up some refreshments upon their arrival. With constant joking and questions, Hector finally convinced Hadrian to loosen up a bit. The two sat in the back, chatting away on various subjects before Sirius interrupted them. He pointed out that the road ahead of them was completely destroyed. Burn marks and heavy cracks were strewn across the small piece of road. But the damage did not stop there. Similar marks were seen to be in the grass and plains, so much as there wasn’t any grass at all, just burnt ground. Hadrian asked Hector to stay seated, but Hector’s curiosity got the better of him.

“My lord, I believe that it will be safer for us to stay here instead of exploring this massive trail of destruction. I can send some troops tomorrow to explore it if you wish, but now we need to head back.” Hadrian highly suggested. Hector ignored him.

“I think I see something at the end of this trail. Sirius! Can you take us to the end of this trail?” Hector said, squinting his eyes to see if there really was something at the end.

Sirius shifted gears as they went off road, driving down the burnt trail. The farther they went down, the damage appeared to get wider and more devastated. Eventually they reached a point where they could not drive any farther. The ground was distorted and charred, as if something had fallen from the sky. Hector jumped out of the truck, holding his rifle in his hands as he slowly made his way down the road of destruction. Hadrian immediately followed, worried for his lord’s life. They continued until they reached a massive crater. They looked in awe to see the size of the damage that this crater has caused to the land around it. Rocks and boulders were strewn all over the place as if a warhead had gone off.

“Hadrian, why wasn’t I informed of such a ‘change in the landscape’? Surely this was known before we left. I mean, how can anyone not notice a meteor hitting the earth… Or… An explosion of such power so close to our city?” Hector asked slowly.

“My lord, I am just as surprised and curious as you. I think-“

“What is that over there in the center? It looks like some sort of a metal container…” Hector said, cutting off Hadrian in mid sentence.

Hector quickly walked over to object. He looked at it, confused at the concept of a random metal object found at the center of a devastated site. Hadrian followed, suggesting that the crater and the trail of destruction were caused by this container, maybe as a piece of space craft that finally descended from the sky or a part of an airplane. Hector disagreed, pointing out to the fact that the container was in great shape, a state that is almost impossible to happen if it crashed into solid dirty ground. But more importantly, some else caught his eye on the metal container. With the help of Hadrian, they pushed it over to the side and revealed what appeared to be a glass door. Surprised that this fragile door was intact, he opened it, unprepared for what he was about to see. In the metal container was a baby, asleep and dreaming as if it never felt the crash.

“By god! A new born child! Tell me, am I dreaming or is this real?!” Hector said baffled.

Hadrian steped in to take a closer look. He too was astonished about this discovery.

“I am afraid that your eyes are not lying. That is a new born child!”

“What is a child doing in a container in the middle of nowhere? Especially when it’s in the center of a crater?” Hector continued to ponder.

“I don’t know my lord. I can’t think of anything that could explain this… But we can figure this out later. The sun is gone and it is getting cold out. Lets us leave and take the child with us, for we could find it some foster parents back in the city.” Harridan said, prompting Hector to move along.

Hector and Hadrian headed back to the truck, Hector holding the small child in his arms. He kept looking at the babe, gazing at its closed eyes, as if nothing was going on. He marveled at the beauty of the child as they drove, mesmerized by the babe’s perfection. No child he has seen has been neither this perfect nor this peaceful. He paid close attention to the child, keeping him still while the traversed the rough road back to camp, trying to keep him asleep. As soon as they stepped out, they were greeted by their servants. Some of them brought some water for them while others marveled at the new found child. Hector took the babe to his tent and laid him on his bed, watching the child sleep peacefully. He walked outside to Hadrian, confused at this entire situation.

“Hadrian… Since we have found this child, I have kind of felt… felt a small attachment to him.”

“What do you mean my lord?” Hadrian looked at him, confused by his statement.

“I mean… I feel like he is my own son… to put it at simpler terms. Sure we have only found this child a half hour ago, but I feel like there is some sort of connection between me and him.” Hector said honestly.

“Well… I don’t know what to say. I’ve never had children, so I do not know what to make of this situation.”

“Well… I feel it would be best that I should adopt him to the family. I mean… me and Isabel… We don’t have a child of our own! She can’t bere any either! Not only we get a son, but we also get an heir to Valencia!” Hector said, sounding like he was a genius.

“I don’t think Isabel would appreciate this move without her consent. I’m just pointing out that we found him in a metal container in the middle of nowhere and honestly I am suspicious about this child.” Hadrian admitted.
“Well, tomorrow we shall take him back to the manor and ask Isabel.” Hector smiled.

The next day Hector and his party returned back to Valencia, the city state of the region. Hector took the small child, who was awake yet calm, and walked proudly up to the manor. He found Isabel, sitting in the commons with some of her servants, weaving another custom garment.

“I see that you are back from your hunting- What is that?!” Isabel screamed in surprise.

“I found him in the plains, left to die by some unknown careless parents.” Hector lied.

Isabel rushed over and grabbed the child, holding him in her arms like a natural mother.

“Oh this poor child! Why would his parents do such a horrible thing?! Just look at him, he is a beautiful babe… and they left him to die!” Isabel said astonished by the dishonorable parents.

“Now Isabel… This may sound like a lot to take at once, but as the ruler of Valencia and the man of the household, I say we should adopt this child into our family!” Hector said, trying pull of the idea as a wonderful thing.
Isabel looked at him for a bit, contemplating about this wild decision. But she looked at the child again, and knew it in her heart that he was theirs.

“Absolutely dear… He shall make a wonderful son and heir.” She softly said, blessed by a chance to have a child. “Does he have a name?”

“Um, I don’t think so.”

“Well… I have the perfect name for him… His name… shall be Darius…” She said, smiling at the child as it giggled with joy of his new family.

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Absolutely brilliant story! Keep up the good work! I love the fact that they found the child, so you started his story right from the beginning, not from the far end... This was just brilliant, and I hope you keep writing this! As a reward of good work, I gave you some rep!

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It had been fifteen years since the day that Hector has brought Darius into the family. Darius grew up to be a child of rare perfection, excelling at the art of rhetoric, literature, humanities, mathematics and philosophy. Such feats in the academics have surprised the professors and scholars of the city of Valencia, praising the child as a perfect heir to the governor. But even with this blessed intellect, Darius was still young, waiting for his father’s approval in helping run the city, something that he felt would prove himself as a man. But that time was almost here, for on Darius’s sixteenth birthday, he was allowed into the governor’s council, taking the part of helping out the senators who counseled his father. At first he was elated by this promotion, finally thinking that he reached manhood. But over the weeks, he felt that this did not do justice in proving his transition from being a child. But after much pondering and thinking, he realized that being of service to the council was not the way to prove his adulthood, but going on those grand hunting trips with his father was. If he could get a prized animal, it would show that he was truly an adult. He needed to go on one he concluded.

It was a summer night during dinner that Darius finally asked his farther that they could go on a hunting trip. Hector, surprised at this suggestion, returned Darius’s question with a smile.

“You know, I do believe it would be the perfect time that I should take Darius on a hunting trip Isabel. I can tell that he has waited patiently for this, and now I think it would be the perfect time to do so. But these trips are not to be taken lightly. Though the game out on the plains are beyond perfect, the beasts of the wild are also incredibly dangerous.” Hector said.

Darius looked at Hector with interest “So what kind of animals and beasts are there?”

“I will give you a few for starters, for there is too much to say in one sitting.” Hector laughed. “Anyhow, there are gazelles, appalas, the rare hyrax cat, and the prized herrus bird.”

“How rare?” Darius said, even more captivated.

“See this scarf?” Isabel pointed out on the shelf of the fire place, locked in a glass box. “That thing is about three year’s salary for the common citizen.”

Darius stared at the scarf, marveling at the textures and incredible colors that it had. He now knew what he was going to hunt on the trip: a herrus bird.

“What happens if I catch one… alive?” Darius asked with a grin on his face, expecting his parents to say it was impossible.

“Well, if you do, then I would suppose that you could keep it for yourself.” Isabel chuckled.

“If you catch on alive, then pigs can fly… Anyways, as I said before, there are some creatures that are incredibly dangerous that I should warn you about.” Said Hector, clearing his throat to tell more. “There are lions, wild wolves, and the most terrifying creature of them all… A kalaptas.”

“What is a kalaptas?” Darius asked curiously.

“It is a large reptilian creature, about as long and as wide as this table. It has claws that can render through the steel plates of the trucks and has the strength to crush a man like a twig. It is also incredibly smart for a reptile and very clever… especially at ambush.” Hector explained seriously.

Darius realized that the reason why he was never invited was that it was quite dangerous. But this made it all the more exciting and important to go.

“So when do we leave?”

“Well… We could leave by the end of this weekend… I need to tell Hadrian and the council of this short trip.”

“Do we have to bring Hadrian? I mean, he is so stern and boring.” Darius joked.

“Son… He may be boring, but he has the best shot that anyone has in this galaxy. Now then, go off to finish your studies.” Hector said, waving Darius off to his room.

Darius mumbled about his forced leave, but that did not matter. He was too excited for this trip. A chance of a life time. A chance to prove himself.

“Come on Darius! We need to leave soon if we want to catch the sun at the right time! Most of the game is around in the early morning!” Hector yelled.

Darius lugged the last of the supplies in the truck, throwing them in the back on top of the other massive bags. They loaded in and waved good bye to Isabel, standing out on the front. They drove through the city, passing through roads and traffic. Finally, they arrived outside of the walls. Darius has never been outside the city before, and he stared at awe, looking across the endless sea of grass and brush. The farther they drove away from the city, the more the landscape changed. Rivers, rolling hills, tall grass and the occasional boulder painted the landscape. In Darius’s eyes, it was beautiful. The sun began to shine a bit brighter as early morning was arriving. There he could finally see the wild life. Various birds soared through the sky as buffalo and gazelles drank from the rivers in the distance. It was a paradise to him.

The truck stopped at a top of a hill. Darius asked his father why they stopped, but was immediately hushed. Hector pointed out in the distance a large gazelle, one that boasted beautiful horns and vivid patterns on the skin. Hector pulled out his rifle, loading it with a slugger. He handed it to Darius and whispered quietly.

“Here is a perfect shot! Now then, aim for the heart which is located in the front of the chest.”

Darius held up the rifle, aiming at what his father told him. But something else caught his eye in the distance. A black little object sitting on top of a boulder, much farther away than the gazelle. He knew what it was, and he knew he had to get it. Immediately Darius unloaded the gun, replacing the slugger with a tranquilizer shot. Hector was confused about this, telling him that he should take the shot at the gazelle. But it was too late. Darius aimed at the black object and fired, hearing the whistle of the dart fly through the air. He kept his sight in the scope, watching the black little object fall over on the ground.

“What was that for!? You had a perfectly good shot! What were you thinking?!” Hector roared with anger.

“Watch” Darius said with a smile.

He grabbed a small cage from the back and jumped out of the safety of the truck. He waded through the grass at unnatural speed, running towards the boulder. Hector called out for his safety while Hadrian followed him with a rifle and blade in hand. But Darius was too far ahead. He reached the base of the boulder and found the object he shot at: a herrus bird. He scooped up the creature and placed it in the cage, unconscious from the tranquilizer. He walked back with a care-free look, holding his prized possession in one hand. Hadrian caught up and grabbed his arm, dragging him back to the truck.

“What were you think you were doing?!” Yelled Hector, angry at Darius’s foolishness for his own safety.

Darius smiled as held up his cage. The crew gasped with awe at the feat that Darius accomplished. The herrus bird sat there, slowly waking up from the drug, chirping as it moved. Hector, while still mad at him, was astonished by this feat. Hadrian too was impressed by not the find, but the shot Darius made.

“I can’t believe it with my own eyes…” Gasped one of the crew members.

“Well… Shall we continue hunting?” Darius asked with an innocent smile.

They continued on their road, driving farther and farther into the wilderness. The landscape began to look a little more arid but still alive with life. Darius sat in the back with Hadrian, looking at the bird in the cage. He wondered why would a creature like this would not fight to get out, or even at least retaliate with chirping and screaming. Instead, it just sat there, with a look of defeat and peace, an odd combination. He set the cage down on the bottom of the floor to make room on his lap. Just as he looked out the truck, a large object in the distance caught his eye. He pulled out his binoculars and zoomed in on what caught his attention. There stood in the distance a large grey structure. A very large structure. It was a ruined step pyramid, layering up ten levels before it flatten out. In the front was a large stair case, worn and beaten from the weather. Lastly, he could see several columns on the top, barely holding their own against the powers of nature.

“Father, do you know what that is in the distance?” Darius asked, pointing to the ziggurat.

Hector turned his attention to what Darius was pointing at. Immediately he turned his head back, ignoring the structure.

“We don’t talk about that structure Darius. It’s a part of the landscape that you should forget and ignore.” Hector scorned.

“Why?” Darius asked.

“It is a cursed place. A bloody place. A mad place.”

“Is there something that plagues the site? A bad history of some sort?” Darius now intrigued by the nature of the structure.

Hector sighed. “It belonged to a mad group of people who raided the country side thousands of years ago. They would slaughter and burn the fields where ever they went, causing havoc among the land. The old culture that was here before us finally eradicated them, chasing them back to the temple. They made their last stand there, but in the end they were hewed down. It was what they discovered that was the reason they shunned that place. Mass orgies of necrophilia, cannibalism, blood sacrifices and insanity were found. They burned the place to the ground. Ever since then, anyone who has a brain cell avoids that place.”

“If they’re gone, than why do we still avoid it?” Darius asked with even more interest.

“Well, in rational forms, it’s a dead place; no reception and electronics fail there. It’s also dangerous to venture around it. Finally, it just gives me the creeps going by… so okay, I exaggerated the spiritual curse of the area, but the history is still true. It’s just better to avoid it.”

Darius took heed of his father’s words, but something in his soul desired so much to go see the ancient place. The curiosity burned in his bosom to the point that he finally vowed to himself that he will go see it. Though he won’t be able to see it now, he will sometime soon, and he will climb those stairs and stand at the top. But for now he will play along the role of not caring for it. He sat there quietly, waiting to reach the camp.

“Ah, you should have seen Darius today! He caught a herrus bird alive, right here in this cage! At first I was scared for my life when he left the truck, but when he came back with it, it was just too amazing for words!” Hector told everyone in the camp proudly.

Darius listened on as his father praised his accomplishments of the day, including killing a prized gazelle and another game creature. He sat behind the tent door, listening with pleasure from the praises of the other people. But it has been a long day for Darius, and instead of continuing to listen he moved off into bed, sleeping for the first time in about a week. He snuggled into a comfortable position, dreaming that this night will be peaceful. But this sleep was not peaceful.

He woke up and found himself sleeping on a carpet on a stone floor. He looked around to see that he was inside of some sort of palace, with massive stone columns lining the hall way down. Though the braziers attached to the columns provided the only source of light, he could see everything. He looked on the walls to see large frescos of warriors hunting animals and religious rituals. Rather than sitting around, he got up and walked down the hall. At the very end were two massive doors, each decorated with intricate and beautiful metal work. With all of his might, he pushed the two doors open, and saw that it lead to a royal chamber of some sort. There he saw dancers dressed in elaborate clothing and jewelry, dancing around in the middle. On the sides were men and women of nobility, watching the exotic dancers for entertainment. But at the very end of the room were the king and queen, talking with other princes and princesses. But what surprised him the most was that he was invisible to these people. He would walk up to them and touch them, but they wouldn’t do a thing, in fact, they probably didn’t feel anything! It was a dream, a very beautiful dream… for the moment.

He continued to walk around, looking at the dresses of the people and the art of the room, enjoying this fabulous vision. But when he was familiar with the area, a flash came across his eyes. Next thing he knew it was the same room and people, but it had changed. The dancers were naked and scarred and the people wore fewer clothes. The art and decorations looked worn out and beaten as well as the architecture. The nobility were indulging themselves in acts of semi-hedonism, such as taking drugs and public pleasuring, but yet were not totally submerged in such self indulgence. The king and queen too changed. The king sat on his throne, now moved to the center, while the queen was tied to a chain, naked and arousing the man. When Darius thought that it couldn’t get any more degrading. Another flash crossed his vision, and the room was different again… Drastically different. This time the art was worn out to an almost unrecognizable state. The metal works were gone and the walls were covered in blood. The nobility were engaged in acts of carnal pleasure that were the most abominable. Necrophilia and rape he witnessed, while others were pleasuring themselves through self mutilation and pain. The king in the middle, now looking like a mad man, was sodomizing the queen in a disgusting manner. Darius couldn’t stand this sight, it was too horrendous. He closed his eyes, trying to wake himself up, tearing up by such debauchery that frightened him. But he opened them again against his will, to see the entire room frozen as if time itself stopped.

Darius started to breath heavily all of a sudden. The air felt so thick and dense, that his breathing caused him to break into a heavy sweat. He fell to his knees gasping for air, his lungs exhausted from working so much. He looked in front of him to see a dead deteriorated body of a defiled child, causing his stomach to revolt against his body. Just when he was about to pass out, a voice, a voice of such insanity and hate, spoke softly to him:

“The king was a weak man…”

Darius woke up and found himself in his bed. He threw off the covers, and found himself sweating profusely from that horrible nightmare. He looked around to see that it was the crack of dawn, the sun shining dimly through the cut out windows. He got up, and walked outside, letting the cold morning dew cool him down. While he remembered the dream perfectly, the thing that he would never forget was the voice before he woke.

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Absolutely brilliant ending on this one, leaves you to wait for the second part! I am waiting for the third part with high hopes, and I am sure that it will be as good as these two! Good job, would have given you rep, but I cant, as I gave you to recently... Hmm... Guess I will have to find some people loyal to the Emperor and rep them, and then rep you again!

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Making Vidya Games
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(Sorry Doelago, but this post is not part of the story )

This in all honesty is probably my most ambitious work. I have spent so much time on each chapter, so I promise that each chapter/part will be of best qualities according to my skill. Thank you for your support and enjoyment,

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Making Vidya Games
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“Oh it’s so great to see you two back alive and well! How was the trip?” Isabel said, embracing Darius as he walked up the stairs into the common room.

“Oh you won’t believe what our son here caught! Not only killed a rare prized gazelle, but he caught a herrus bird!” Hector said proudly.

“No, you didn’t!” Isabel said in disbelief.

“Oh yes I did!” Darius said, pulling out the little cage with the bird in it. “And you know what?.. It’s for you mom!”

Isabel gasped in surprise. “How… How… How did you get it?”

“A good shot?” Darius chuckled.

Isabel held up the cage and looked at the beautiful little bird. It chirped in a strange manner, sounding like it was singing rather than chirping.

“It’s so beautiful! Oh thank you sweetie!” Isabel said, hugging Darius.

The three of them continued talking about the hunting trip, most of the time spent with Hector praising Darius’s amazing natural skills with a rifle. This ended only when servant called them for dinner. They continued their talk about the hunt during dinner, but rather than participate in the conversation, Darius remained quiet. He could not get his mind off of the dream the night before and the building. He personally knew that he should stay away from that building, but deep inside he knew he must see it! When dinner was over he headed to his room. But little did his parents know that he was not planning to spend the night at home. He made the decision: he will see that ziggurat. Quickly, he tied together a long rope made from his bed sheets and cloths, long enough to scale down the building. When the clock struck two, Darius made his way down from his room. The darkness of night gave him cover from the guards and the common people. He snuck out the manor and over the wall that separated their property from the city. He crept through the streets, laying low in alleys and the shadows of the night. He finally came across a large sewer hole. This lead outside the city through the waste tunnels, unwatched by the guards. Darius moved the large lead lid, just enough for him to squeeze through.

He fell a short distance till he landed in the moving waste. The smell was horrible, beyond comprehension, but his desire to see the ziggurat for himself was stronger. He waded through the filth and waste for some time before he arrived at the end. But a problem occurred: a massive grate was sealed at the end of the sewer, with holes only large enough for the effluence to move through. He feared that his journey had come to an end, for the grate was bolted in shut, making it impossible to move by mortal hands. But yet, he did not give up hope. In a fit of determination and frustration, he grabbed two of the steel rods in front of him and tried to pull them apart. At first there was little movement, but after a second time he was able to bend them enough to slide through, surprised at this last minute strength. He jumped off the exposed pipe and landed in a murky lake of waste and filth. Still determined, he pushed his way forward, finally moving into cleaner waters.

It was the darkest part of the night before the city escaped his view. He was alone now in the wilderness, with nothing but himself and a sea of endless terrain. If one man would be in his position, they would be hopelessly lost, but Darius somehow knew the way. He trudged through grass and brush, shoving away thorny plants and climbing over rocks. Nothing could stop him from his desire to reach the ziggurat, like it was calling to him, to his destiny. It was hours before he saw the ziggurat in the distance, just a small peak on the horizon. Darius thought that he would be able to reach it by mid day if he kept going. But before he even lifted his foot, a heavy thick breath ran down his back. He could hear the snorting of a creature of mammoth proportions behind him, causing a sense of dread to overcome him. Darius once again let his curiosity get the better of him and slowly turned around. There right behind him was a large reptilian monster, glaring down at him like he was a treat. It hissed at him, slowly circling him as if it was preparing for a strike. Darius knew that he was doomed if he made a move… a wrong move. He looked at the massive creature, staring at its yellow eyes, and glared back at it with unnatural intimidation.

It was an eat or be eaten situation. Without thought, Darius lunged at the massive reptile. His action caught the creature off guard and it stepped back a few spaces. Darius punched the creature in the throat, causing it to fall to the earth, gasping for air. But that was not enough to stop the scaly juggernaught. The reptile lunged at him, pinning him down with its claws. It tried to bite off Darius’s face, but he fought back by kicking it in the throat. The more he fought back, the more frantic the reptile’s attacks became. Finally, with his last burst of energy and will, he shoved the massive creature off of him and curb stomped its throat. His leg sunk into the creature’s throat, gushing out blood and vomit. The thing whipped around in pain, slowly bleeding to death. It roared and screamed until it was no more. Darius pulled his foot out and as a testament of this victory, ripped out the largest tooth of the creature, holding it like a dagger. He continued to head to the forgotten temple, ignoring the massive amounts of blood on his leg from the fight.

The morning dawn broke through, letting the sun shine dimly across the landscape. It gave enough light over the horizon to illuminate the ziggurat, the place that Darius tried to reach for so long. He stood at the base of the monument, staring at the top. He began his ascent, climbing over each rocky step without a break. The stairs soon become incredibly steep, forcing him to use his hands to hold on. It seemed like an eternity before he reached the top, whipping the sweat from his forehead. He surveyed the top of the structure, surprised on how large it was. The top was big enough to easily hold his manor, with extra room left over. As he walked towards the center, Darius noticed marks and indents on the surface. He dropped to his knees to get a better look. From what he could tell is these were foundations for a building that was there long ago. He continued to analyze the top and realized something horrible: This was the spot that his dream occurred. He looked at the ruined columns and saw that this was the hall his dream began in, and the large foundation at the end was the royal chamber!

He walked towards the center of the remains of the royal court, moving slowly in fear. As soon as Darius reached the middle, a sense of unholy fatigue over came him and he fell on the floor. He woke up again and he was in the court room. But this time there were no prices, dancers and royalty. This time there was a man in armor standing before the king and queen. The room looked spectacular and modest, just like the beginning of his last dream. He saw the man in armor talk to the king and queen about something important, something about of military matters. The king was hesitant about a decision that the man offered, but in the end he agreed to the terms. The man in armor walked out of the chambers, grinning suspiciously. Darius followed the man to the outside of the palace, but stopped when he reached the top of the stairs. He looked out in awe to see that the surrounding land was a large marvelous white city, gleaming with gold and glory. The man in armor too stopped at where Darius was, but turned to another man, a younger one, and began conversation.

The two talked about luring the king in a political trap, stating that the king gave the man in armor all of the military power of the kingdom. The younger man was concerned for this decision, but he was assured that this was for the good. Darius ran back into the palace, trying to warn the king about this, but realized that he had no power in these dreams. Another flash and he was back in the court, this time watching the man in armor bringing in beautiful women and gold to the king. The man in armor talked about the various treasures they got in their conquests and these were the best of the best for the king. Darius guessed that this was the cause of the hedonism in his prior dreams. Another flash and he saw the deterioration of the room again from before. The naked slaves and the self pleasures, but this time the man in armor was talking to the deranged king and queen. He talked about that everything was going fine and that he needed not to worry.

Another flash, but this time he was outside of the palace again. He heard the man in armor talk about the house arrest of the royal family and the sexual drug intake they were forced to have. He continued that with the framed corruption of the royal family, he would take the title of king, being supported by the people and military. A final flash and Darius saw the royal court again in its worse state like the last vision. This time the man in armor told him that the king was not needed anymore, lying that the people have declared him useless. The man in armor ordered the guards to kill everyone in the room. All of the sick and twisted people were put to death by the sword in the most merciless way. Before anything else continued, Darius woke up from the vision. He stood up and looked at the long shadows that the column casted in the morning sun, sighing in relief that it was all a dream. When he thought he was at peace, that insane voice of hell spoke again, sending nerves of fear down his spine:

“But his general was strong…”

Darius screamed in pain when he heard that voice. It rang in his ears like a thousand screams going off at the same time next to him. He fell to his knees in pain, clenching his hair hoping that it would take his mind away from the torture. But the pain of slowly pulling his hair was not enough to take him mind away. It felt like every time the voice spoke, it would cut his brain. But as usual, the pain slowly faded away. After he recovered, his curiosity concerning the ziggurat was over. His father was right; this place was a mad, insane, cursed hell spot that needed to be forgotten. He slowly descended the stairs, weary of this long journey. Once he made it onto solid ground, the unknown subliminal taint of the ziggurat slowly dissipated from him, giving back his energy that he lost on the top. Darius trekked back to Valencia, slowly dragging himself across the sea of grass. Miraculously, he stumbled upon the road that they drove on for the hunting trip. This relief and sense of direction invigorated him to keep moving.

Hours later, Darius could see Valencia, hiding behind the waves of heat from the high noon sun. He did not know what to say to his father or mother about this, but as of right now, he did not care. In the distance though, he could see an army cameo green square, kicking up dust as it headed towards him. He threw his arms up in the air and waved to catch the attention of the driver.

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Darius watched in joy as the jeep in the distance rattled closer. He could finally see the figures driving the car waving back at him, understanding his gestures. The car pulled to the side of the road, kicking up dust as the massive jeep halted. The two men looked at Darius with suspicion, guessing that he was just a hitch hiker trying to take advantage of them. But when they saw a good look at him, they gasped in surprised.

“Are you… Darius?!” The driver said, dropping his jaw to the lowest level of surprise.

“Why yes I am.” Darius laughed.

“May I be so curious to ask… What the hell happened to you?” The man in the passenger seat asked.

“Well… I wanted to have a little adventure, so I crept out the window, escaped through the sewers and marched through the brush to a little spot I wanted to get a better look at.” Darius smiled.

“But what is with the blood all over your leg and arms?! Are you wounded my lord?! We do have medical supplies in the back if you need it!” The driver said, concerned for his life.

“Oh, the blood? Let’s say I ran into a kalaptas and showed him who’s boss.” Darius laughed as he pulled out the large tooth to show proof. “Now then, could you be so kind and give me a lift back to the palace? I believe that some people miss me.”

The man in the passenger seat jumped out and offered him is spot. Darius walked over, whistling to himself like nothing bad has happened, finding their astonishment to be amusing. They turned around and drove back to Valencia, driving carefully to make sure Darius had a comfortable ride. It was an hour later that they arrived at the gates. They drove him after words up to the small gates of the governor’s palace, dropping him off at the front. He got out of the car and thanked the drivers for the ride. He walked over to the intercom on that was on the left post and pressed the call button, waiting for the other end to pick up.

“Please state your name and business.” The woman said on the other end.

“Yes… I am Darius and my business is to come home.”

“Oh my goodness! Yes, come in! Come in!” The woman said surprised.

Darius mosied on in to the court yard, walking by the flowers and fountains as if he had all of the time in the world. The two main doors of the manor swung open. Darius watched Hector and Isabel running towards him followed by some guards. Isabel rushed upon him, embracing him like a worried mother. His father, however, didn’t show any sign of sympathy.

“Oh we were so worried! We thought that some criminal came and stole you away from us! We spent the last day and a half searching for you across town! Please don’t do something like this ever again! I almost died of a broken heart because of you!” Isabel wept.

“What you did was not stupid, but completely insane! This city was on full alert after you left, searching for you in every corner and shadow! You complete fool! If you ever do this again, I swear your punishment will almost be on par with a criminal sentance! And look at you! You smell like shit and look like hell! What did you do!” Hector roared.

Darius, now for the first time intimidated by his father answered quietly “I went to that building.”

Hector sighed. “I shouldn’t have told you about that place… Well, I can’t be angry at you forever for your young stupidity. Just go get yourself cleaned up and get into something nice. We’re having ambassadors from other city states coming over to fix certain trading problems here. Jeez… for such a proper young man you should of learned by now not to be so stupid. Now get on!”

Darius walked back into the manor and headed straight to his room, getting himself cleaned up and ready for company. It was about sun set when the men arrived with their guards. In their hands were papers and documents of various types, Darius guessing that they were of economic and trading policies. He listened carefully to their conversations and arguments about certain current events, such as the unstable trading rights with another city state.

“Hector, I highly suggest that you should put a heavy tax on steel exports to Lombard. I fear that all of this metal has given them an opportunity to mass produce artillery and tanks. As we all remember, Lombard is a very aggressive and powerful city state,” pointed out one ambassador.

“I understand what you are getting at, but I’ve yet to see any signs of military mobilization. And for them to build massive quantities of tanks and artillery requires factories and foundries, something that they lack!”

“Even with the lack of production, I still say that we should keep an eye out. We may not be the best of allies, but I assure you that we shall keep you informed of their activity.” Said another ambassador.

“Remember the Punic Wars thrity years ago, when you were like Darius, a young man?” Reminded another ambassador.

“Yes, I do remember that. What does this have to do with Lombard?”

“It was Lombard that started the war and crippled everyone’s economy for ten years after. Why? Because we didn’t keep track of their steel and metal imports! Again, why does this contribute to this example? Because that was enough for them to build weapons that out stripped ours! We were lucky that we won!”

“You do have a point…” Hector admitted.

“That is why we should keep an eye out and that’s why you should place a heavy tax. You control most of the steel foundries and mines, so we are counting on you to do so.” Concluded another ambassador.

“I see... Well then, for starters this is what we currently know of their land and territory. They have expanded all the way to the Agmar sea, but still they are retained behind the Ephrius river and Tigerous river.” Hector said, showing them a digital map of the land.

The ambassadors talked and conversed about the slight expansion of the Lombard territory. They began to form a plan in case Lombard tried to pull off any form on invasion. This hidden alliance will help them prosper and retain balance in the land they predicted. After some arguing and debating, they came up with a treaty for all of them to sign. Hector was the first to put his name under the approval of governors, while the ambassadors signed another column. Darius watched them escorted out with their guards back to their private shuttle, taking off out of the city walls.

Hector walked up behind Darius, putting his arm on his shoulder.

“What was all of that?” Darius asked.

“Politics is a very odd subject and phenomenon… but a necessary one. Don’t worry; you won’t have to deal with any of this until you’re older.” Hector joked.

Darius had a long week without any sleep and his bed was a warm welcome. For some stranger reason he felt that his body did not require much sleep unlike the others, but, never the less, he did enjoy a good night’s sleep. He crawled under the covers, ready to enjoy a long night of sleep and rest. But something wasn’t right; he woke up and found himself on the hard cold stone floor of the palace once more. It was another dream, another horrible dream. He looked around the royal chambers, and saw that the place was completely empty. No dancers, no princes, no nobility and no king and queen; just empty. The throne at the end was now one piece, capable of seating one man only. The frescos on the walls were not of celebration and royalty, but of war and conquest, with scenes depicting bloodshed and annihilation. All of the metal work around the room was replaced with skulls and weapons, obvious signs of a tyrant. Darius knew that something radically changed. He walked out of the chamber and moved down the hall, to see that this too, was not what it was before. All of the pillars had swords and axes hanging down, with skulls and spoils of war around the base of each of the columns. The light, instead of burning with a welcoming warmth, glowed with a fervor of hate and dominance. Darius continued down the hall, heading outside the doors at the end to the top of the stairs.

He stepped outside and witnessed a horrible sight. The man in armor was looking down at the city, laughing as he watched his soldiers slaughter and kill their own people. They burned down everything and leveled homes, heedless of the structure of the city. The troops attacked with a bloodlust beyond human understanding; they slaughtered men, disemboweled women, and burned children. Darius pleaded for the man in armor to stop this, but he remembered that he could not do a thing in these visions, only watch in horror. A flash again, and this time he watched the man in armor and his army attack a army of green skinned ogres. They slaughtered and crushed their green foe with an unnatural ferocity, burning their remains as they went. Another flash and he watched them besiege cities, leaving no man, animal, and building standing, wiping them off from the face of the earth. Another flash and he watched the army again attack another strange and odd race. A race of people who were slender and tall, with armor and weapons not of this world. The race seemed to hold back the army, displaying weapons of vast superiority, but with a counter attack and fanaticism, the army over ran them and killed every single one of the elf-like people. Darius realized that his father’s description of this ancient civilization was nothing more than a sugar coated lie. This man was no ordinary man, but a living incarnation of everything that sanity stand against.

Another flash showed the man in armor, standing above a mountain of the dead elf like people, laughing at their attempt to stop him. He had one foot on top of a giant stone head, which adorned a face of war and power. He talked about how he had killed their god in combat and how his army shall burn existence to make way for a new age of peace. The men raised their weapons in support of their leader, shouting insane war cries and battle chants. The final flash, Darius saw the army faced with a final resistance, making up with soldiers and peasants. The two engaged in combat, clashing with ferocity and hate. The final resistance at first looked like they were finished, fighting in vain against their unstoppable foe. But something was different. The man in armor engaged in combat with their leader, a man wearing chain mail and wielding a short sword. The two fought fanatically, both of them desperate to win. Finally, destiny made its decision. The man of the resistance threw a knife at the man in armor, forcing him to pay attention to the projectile. The man in armor dodged it with ease, but was unaware how close the other man was to him. In a split second, the man of the resistance plunged his blade into the heart of the man in armor. He fell down, screaming in pain at his defeat. The death of the evil warlord caused panic and chaos among the ranks of the army, as they dissolved and were finally defeated by the resistance. As the nightmare closed, Darius woke up, glad that the dream passed, sighing relief as he thought the story ended. But again, the voice of a million deaths spoke to him, this time softer and more charismatic.

“Follow me, and I shall grant you power… Disobey me, and I shall destroy you… Just like I did to him…”

It would be years before that unnatural voice was heard again…

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Nice work on these two! His visions were well made, and it made me hunger for even more information about it!

And on a side note: When I saw this:

"Part two will be up when it is ready... please be patient"

I was like: ... Noooooooo! I want it now!

Keep up the good work and dont let my need for the next part make you rush it or something... lol

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Hey, fantastic stuff. I kinda want to do my own version of a Primarch because of you .
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Well, expect part two to have some interesting key moments.

Wow, I actually inspired someone? Holy crap I didn't think that was possible for me

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