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Default Lone dreadnought

my stroy has no name as such explaing the inaccurate name. i could use a hand with I am take sugestions. and now with out farther adue,,

The air was heavy, wet with rain yet to come. It was silent not a noise filled the air save the wind and the rhythmic thumping of Dreadnought Elliot Vander legs. He stopped, sawed off Autocannons scanning for targets, with none are range he moved on though the thick jungle.

As he moved though the jungle a new noise filled the, a rustling of life moving though thick undergrowth. With out a thought Elliot turned and fire his search light up with a clank of high voltage come to life.

Nothing still he searched, then the light traversed a being, it was a 3 foot tall on two legs with 4 arms. A Hormagaunt and were there was one, the Autocannon roared to life killing the Gaunt and traversing it though the jungle for 10 feet to each side. As it fell Silent Elliot hyper sensitive microphone ears found no new noise. Turning slowly he kept moving pounding foreword in his slow way.

Suddenly he heard foot steps behind him. He turned just in time to see a Warrior to leap on him with a brood of Hormragaunts behind it. Smashing the warrior out of mid air with his fist he fire his heavy flamer into the gaunts, a few got to closer and he smashed one he turned for another (stepping on the Warrior that was just getting up) and hammered the last one one with his fist.

Turning again he heard nothing new. Turning he walked on, toward were he knew his brothers had set up defensive works. Darn that gargoyle that flew into his Thunder Hawks engine knocking it down. They had been on a seek and destroy mission, split the hoard keep less of it from attacking the defenses before ready and now he was all that was left.

He reached a log that blocked his path, if he destroyed it with his fist or cannons it might gather more of them toward him. The mark II dreadnought pattern was significantly more agile then latter marks, infinity more complex to be sure and parts were a night mare but even he could not climb this log.

Reaching down he tried to picked it up. His servos in his army wined, and he gave up out of fear of damage. Sighing inside his armor he decided to risk the attention and with his power fist glowing smashed it apart with 2 blows.
Whirling around he watched for any new Tyranids,,, nothing. He turned a kept moving a little while longer while shouldering his way though a mass of vines his foot hit something, metallic.

Kneeling down he looked to see what it was, brushing some of the vines and ferns that coated it. He found a water pipe. Turning one way he saw it run into the ground. The other end ran into the jungle. What kind of building was here in the wilds of Kelof IV? No habitation was listed as here. The chance to find civilians was great, his brothers could wait. One less Dreadnought was not going to make a huge difference.

He plowed into the jungle his ears always open for more Tyranids. He kept following for 6 yards and then got into a clearing, though it to was chocked with plants, just not trees. It was ringed with chain linked fencing backed with barbed wire, or it used to be in many places it was knocked down trampled by Tyranids most likely. In the center was a chapel some,7 story's tall, surrounding it were 9 some odd barracks. Elliot walked foreword toward the nearest barrack. Kneeing down he yanked the door off its hinge looking in he saw rows of bunks each with a rack next to it similar to the ones used to hold power armor back on Casandra. Standing up he kept looking, opening each one in turn until he had looked in all 9, nothing.

He approached the Chapel. It was a huge object made of a sort of local black stone lovingly crafted so each stone was indistinguishable from the next one solid efface of rock engraved with symbols of the Emperor. The doors then selfs would have been 12 feet high and likely a foot thick. No way he could break that, if there were not already broken.

Or rather melted they wood laced with Adamantium had a hole in just large enough for a dreadnought. It edges shined with acid that had not yet been dissipated due to weather.

He walked into the and found the floor coated with dead Tyranids and a rough barricade at the far end of the floor. He walking down the length of the hall toward the Barricade. At the end he found the men, in a manner of speaking. The floor around them coated in bolter shell cases were 50 some odd sisters of battle. Each one had died not from the Tyranids but from a single bolter round to the chest. They had rather die by human hand the by the inhuman monsters that were the Hormragaunts.

He imaged the last moments, bark of bolter, screech of Hormaguant, the howl of heavy bolter the screech of a Gaunts in there death throws. He raised his arm and gave them the only thing he could, he fired his heavy flamer cremating them prevention them form being consumed by the hive and walked on, he ran into 4 more such barricades and in turn he torched the dead behind them. As he kept exploring he heard a noise in front of him, as quietly (as a 8 ton dreadnought) could he saw a brood of some 48 Hormaguant scrapping and gnawing on a door. Aiming his left arm he fired his autocannons there roar filled the silent chapel echoing, reverberating though out. The Gaunts upon seeing him charged only to be cut down to the last before they got near. Walking foreword he reach the door, already heavily pitted with marks of acid from there maws.

Reaching down he grabbed the door and ripped it off its hinges. A scream filled the air followed by the chatter of a bolter. He let them ping of his armour “at ease sister, I am no monster.” when she walked out he got his first look at her. She was young no more then 19, he thought sadly, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was trying hard to look stern but relief was was oozing into her very form

“thank you for the rescue.” she took a deep breath “what happened to my sisters?”
Elliot responded “dead I did what I could which was preventing the swarm from there body's, but why are you here? And who are you?”
the sister "I am sister Gawain of the Order of Metal Martyrs, and was I defending,” she shrugged “something I don't know, never told me the real reason. You?”
Elliot spoke his low synthesized voice rumbling “I am Elliot Vander, former Captain of the 3erd company entombed upon single handed defeat of a Avatar, attached to task force Arctic Thunder for operation armored spider.” he wondered how she would react.
“I asked for a name not a title.” well that much as clear, she had spunk.

“fair point. Let us leave we need to get to the rest of my chapter from the,” she interrupted
“not with out Saint Barbaros Bullets.”
Elliot questioned “who?”
she waved her arm “follow me.” she walked down the hall way with Elliot following. “Saint Barbaros was a holy Ecclsarch who's home word was invaded by Chaos he single handedly save his word rallying defenders in a firestorm of faith and led them to battle. He lead the attack against the Chaos and in the Final battle he defeated the Chaos Lord in single combat. During 4 year long war that started with the heretics landing and ended with the death of the lord he used ever weapon the Imperium arsenal, Autogun, Bolter, lasgun Heavy Stubber, every thing. This shrine to ,insure it purity, has a bag of casings from his Bolter, Canticles of Purgation, which he used to defend a shrine from a heavy push of chaos the Canticles killed thousands of mutants, traitors and heretics that day the shells from that battle were gathered by the Pure and were carried as a standard of purity. How they got here is, fuzzy you know the state of Imperial records.”

Elliot would have nodded if he could but he was a dreadnought. He though was eying her. She had wound hidden under her robe, though a bolter was hung at her hip she wore no armor. The pain had to be intense from his memory he know only the sheer adrenaline was keeping her up.
“your wounded.” it was a matter of fact.
“a Tyranid got me before I manged to get into the shrine.” he was confused
“why does a chapel need shrines?”
“solitary mediation and prayer.”
“oh” when we got to the back of the chapel we got to a door to small for the Elliot “go sister I will defend the door.” she nodded and entered,

she walked down the hall way she then ran into a solid Adamantium door reaching into her dull red robe and pulled out a cylindric piece of steel the size of her fist engraved with a cog with the Imperial eagle in side the hollow gear on one side the other a simple device of praying hands. Fitting it into a slot she turned to the right, left right then she pulled it flipped it round and push it into the same slot. The door gave a hiss and opened sliding into the wall gently. The walls of the chamber were lined with suits of power armor, bolt guns, frag grenades, melt guns, flamers every thing a Commandery of sister has want of on the field of battle.

Approaching a suit of armor the pain of her arm hit her hard, her legs trembled and gave way she fell against a wall and turned it into sitting down. Wrapping the blood soaked bandage tighter she fumbled in her robe for another pain killer/adrenal shot. Feeling better she stood back up and approached a suit of armor she took off her robe and put each piece of armor on in turn, chanting quietly under her breath. Once the armor was on she put the robe on top. Reach into her pocket she slipped the shots into the suits internal drug dispenser.

Moving on she grabbed 8 more clips of bolt gun ammo, and 4 frag grenades. Slinging a Melta gun over her shoulder she moved deeper into the shrine. At the rear of the armory/shrine were 4 plain pillars. Each tipped with 10 round of bolter ammunition. The round them selfs were lovingly crafted a simple brass casing refitted with a primer, powder and bullet. Holy rounds of ammunition the bane of chaos each bullet forged by a true Martyr a living saint. A intricate clip engraved in gold with the life of saint Barbaros sat in the center piller. She took the clip carefully with great deference and careful not to so much as scratch the bullets filled the clip and hung it on her belt.

She walked out to meet with Elliot once there she looked up and told him
“we can leave.” as they both began to walk out of the chapel. “ok Elliot were are your brothers?” she asked looking around the jungle
“to the north. Follow me.” the walked on the sister just ahead of Elliot, who had noticed the Melta gun. “I see you brought a melta gun, for me?”she turned and looked sharply at him.
"Its for Carnifexs and Hive Tyrants. You impute my honor of a sister of battle in suggestion I would attack my rescuer.” Elliot spoke up trying to put as much apology in his artificial voice as he could
“you are right I am, sorry forgive me please.” she stopped thinking how many marines had she met that were so prompt to beg forgiveness.
“Apology accepted, lets move out its not safe here.” the walked on to word the base, a moment faint, so faint only Elliot artificial ears could hear it, gun fire opened up ahead of them.

note: if you see me giving tactical advice: just assume i have a internet tab open to 1d4 chan and I'm summarizing off of that.

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for any one who reading this chapter 2, Fortess

“are we close?” Gawain asked Elliot. She was walking behind him in the path his massive dread body made though the flora. He did not say how close also he was worried by the lack of shooting it had stopped 4 minutes ago, Gawain huffed “you have a better poker face then sister Veronica.” a Tyranid hive should take more then 32 minutes of sho, wait a minute “you played poker in the shrines?”
“No the barracks, you can't pray all the time.”
Ok, thats a interesting factoid.
“we should be close now.” he shouldered his way past a last tree to find a wide clearing in the center was a small star fort. The ground was choked with Trynids going all the way up to the wall, 18 thick in some places

“so, did we win?” Elliot turned to look at Gawain,
“lets find out.” they started walking to word the walls. As they got closer nothing gave any indication that the walls were in Imperial hands.
“I have a bad feeling.” Gawain said.
“you to?” Elliot rumbled. When they got to the walls they started to walk counter clock wise around it searching for the door.

“your brothers built this?” Elliot tried to sound smug, hard when your voice is artificial generated
“yes we are the modern masters of siege warfare and defense, we drunk to the dregs the teachings of Rogal Dorn and Perturabo we know how to break and build.” Gawain thought about that and then spoke up
“I thought Perturabo was a traitor?”
“he was, knowledge is knowledge regardless of source its all useful.”
“even Chaos?” Gawain probed he chuckled
“if you looking for heresy, we have weathered such claims before and we will shall weather them again. But to answer your question, some knowledge is useful if you meet a Illuminater you would know how useful some knowledge is, but most Chaos knowledge is not worth the price.”

Gawain thought about it, she decided she was not in a position to judge a chapter that was saving her, though a Inquisitor would likely hear of that when she next saw one. “aw here it is.” Elliot stopped before a plain piece of wall.
“I don't see it.” Elliot walked up to it.
“the door is set into the wall out lined with UV paint, with out a filter you can't see anything.” he then emitted a pattern of tones of different noise levels and frequency. The door hissed and swung into the fort on hidden hinges. They walked in “still don't see anyth--” he stopped his retort mid delivery when he saw inside.

The ground was coated in dead Tyranids studded here and were fall space marines there once resplendent purple and silver armour now scared with claw wounds, and blood. “BROTHERS!!” he ran to the nearest marine, a kneed before him. “brother,,” he reached down and pushed a dead Tyranid off him Gawain walked up to him.
“come lets find a radio.” they started walking toward the center bunk houses. Suddenly he stopped as he saw a form near by, his armour was bone white, trimmed with red around him lay 3 warriors each bearing marks from his blade and he walked over to him, Gawain followed him and looked down at the form Elliot was staring at, she thought he was staring at it was hard to tell with out a face
“Gawain this is, was apothecary Allen Mechanicus.” Gawain frowned
“isn't you chapter Mechanicus?”
“it is, but since apothecary's creates are neophyte they are the fathers of are chapter and share there family name with it.” he sighed “he was my friend, my comrade and I can't even save his geneseed.” he fell to his knees with a crash before him “Gawain, leave,I must say my good byes, alone.” she understood and left. She walked away toward the bunk house from they made for earlier bolter leading the way with out the comforting bulk of Elliot's dread body defending her.

As she approached the bunker she heard a noise, a sort of wet ripping frowning she moved a little faster, then she found the source of the noise a pair of Hormagaunt, ahead of her were feeding deeply on a fallen space marine. She set her bolter to semi auto, took aim and fired the first Gaunt crumpled the second though turned and charged her, she fire once more crumpling it too. But the gun fire had been noticed from around the side of the bunker crawled, something, it was largish walked on 4 legs and its arms were fused to a massive weapon of some kind.

Gawain dropped as soon as she saw it, good thing to as a massive projectile flew a inch over her head. She wondered what she could do, was it still there, she did not dare look for fear of still be there. Luckily she dropped near a space marine, taking his helmet off, she held it up over her by handing on to the side. Another roar and a shot hammered the helmet out of her hands. It was still there that she did know, what now?

Turns out that job was made easy “TASTE STEEL!!” a pair of Autocannon roared to life. It seemed Elliot was coming the beast had massive holes blown into it gave a last roar of pain and rage and died
“Gawain you may stand up its dead.” she did
“what was that thing.” Elliot looked at it more closely “Hive Guard,, odd they defend, what is it doing here?” she shrugged “forgive me if I ask you to lead.” he walked foreword accepting the point this his heavy armour was better then her armour. Elliot walked foreword around the same corner the Guard had emerged from and saw nothing. Gawain followed “whats in this bunker house?” she asked.

Elliot still looking for targets replied “the radio room.” she thought about it
“keep a eye open I go in and call for help.” he kept scanning “very well the code for radio use is Star light.” she nodded again and walked toward the door and opened it training meant her bolter led the way, and that saved her inside were 10 Termagaunts feeding on something, a guardsmen? With out thoughts she flipped her bolter to full auto and held the trigger down for a good 6 seconds spraying the Gaunts before there devourers could shoot she stopped only when her clip ran out.

She backed out rapidly
“there in here!” she yelled to Elliot who turned to her
“Gaunts! They were here,” she calmed down a little taking deep breaths “only a few though,” she rapidly reloaded her bolter “I'm going back.” she went back though the door. The first thing she noticed the radio equipment was trashed, bitten though, it seemed the hive mind knew about radios and how they worked. She cursed a few times. And yelled back “radios trashed.”

Elliot was silent, she walked back and hung out the door, “now what?”
“the command bunker has its own internal radio room, some what less powerful, can't talk to star ships, but it can definitely get us in touch with Commander Logan, failing that it has maps and can definitely led us to the main force.” he trudged off in a general direction.

She followed, after giving another painkiller injection, her arm was feeling numb, and not from the pain killers. As they walked back there Elliot felt great sadness, each bother he saw dead stabbed twice as deep then if he was there, first he they had died a great loss as it was, but second they had died with out him.

The sooner he left this realm of death the better. When the got to the command bunker he gave another set of tones like what he did to open the wall door opening it up the whole wall slid up like a garage, Gawain eyed the wide opening
“why is it so big? You could drive a Rhino in there.” Elliot walked in
“or a Dreadnought, veteran of a thousand wars and a million battles, a better adviser can't be found.” she nodded her agreement.

As soon Elliot and Gawain walked in a noise fill there ears, battle. Elliot went nut's
“MY BROTHERS! I COME ERRAGGH! TASTE STEEL!!” and he Thundered down a passage that slopped down, toward the fighting with Gawain in close pursuit, though Elliot was rapidly out pacing her. He rounded a corner and suddenly the sound of stopping feet was replaced with break bone, or carapace she round the corner just to be splattered with blood from a blood lord he had just throttled.

He had bowled though a gene platoon worth of Genestealers, a few began to lap around him to try and pry his plating apart from behind she fixed her bolter on 3 round burst and fired on them Elliot did not care that some round hit him he just kept bellowing his war car of Taste steel as loud as he could and with a built in mega phone that very loud indeed.

After the last Genestealer died he went to follow the trail of corpse he had not killed toward a barricade,
“brothers.” he said the joy in his voice from finding a living being leaked into the artificial tone of his voice. Instead a head that was defiantly not a space marine poked up,
“sorry gov, only us guardsmen, or rather guardsman as theres only me left.” to say Elliot was disappointed was a understatement, he was crushed. The Guardsman hoped the wall
“names Philip, Philip Lester, you have any food I am starveling.”

note: if you see me giving tactical advice: just assume i have a internet tab open to 1d4 chan and I'm summarizing off of that.

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Default griping

Warning complaing:alert
i have another chapter ready to post, but i add no more unless i know people are even bothering to read this. so add a comment say you like it, say what i could do better what ever.

note: if you see me giving tactical advice: just assume i have a internet tab open to 1d4 chan and I'm summarizing off of that.

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Ok here, looks cool, but there are two things that bug me about this. Some of your paragraphs have fallen victim to the "Wall of Text" desiese. Some paragraphs could be spaced out.

Also, for if you are planning for tons of dialog, the format should look something like this:

Helps the reader to distinguish the dialog apart from each other, also its easier to follow through. In the end, it looks good and keep up the work.

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post the god dam next chapter now i wanna know if phil hets his food grrr

Originally Posted by Minizke1 View Post
Fluff is written by Matt Ward, and thusly, your point is immediately withdrawn.
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
post the god dam next chapter now i wanna know if phil hets his food grrr
ask and yoyu shall recave, i present Chapter 3 campfire, by the way my internets is meetered and i seemed to be on the low end so it as slow as dail up half the time, the other half it does not conect at all so the updates to this stroy will be much slower then i can write them, sorry this is as irrtateing to me as it is to as you, when this sort of thing ahppens i feel like that

They did have food. Some field ration were being cooked over a open fire of burning Tyranids, the few cans of soup being warmed along with some native fruit they had found. They sat around the glowing flames just out side the fortress as night fell the 3 forms around it cast long shadows though out the night. Gawain and Elliot listened to Philip tell what happened

“they dug up, while we were focused on the Gaunts those SOB,” he nodded a apology to the one sister of battle there “Trygons dug up and under us and behind them the swarm. We fought back, like hell we did, we collapsed the 3 tunnels by shooting Vindicator shells down them, you can't tell were the holes are due to the sheer amount of dead Nids on them. But while we were dealing with the Trygons the Xenos smashed the walls with there Carnifexs.” Gawain nodded they had noticed the hole after looking around in the fortress for some extra field rations. “after that we were flooded. The Marines fought long and hard and I am proud to say us humans did to but with out the walls,” Elliot interrupted
“they drowned in blood.”

Philip nodded as he took one of the fruit he had on a stick off the fire,
“thats about the size of it. My Platoon survived by falling back to the command bunker with a couple squads of Space Marines, and we kept up a strong resistance. But bolters can run out of ammo and lasgun can't,” he took a bite of the fruit and spoke around it, “those nid were bottling us in there, waiting for us to starve, the Space Marines would not stand for that, they pushed out along with the guardsmen as soon as we got out side we were pounced upon by thousand of Hormagaunts, the marine died rather then be trapped again, us Guardsmen had less conviction and fell back to are dead end, guarded by a heavy bolter that heavy bolter was likely what you heard and drew you in.” Gawain nodded
“what about the rest of your platoon?” she asked he swallowed the fruit.
“when he got back after the afore mentioned push only 10 of us were left, and well, us Yothens are trained from birth better to die then be taken.” he sounded sad about it. “we had some Incendiary grenades to burn are body's to keep the bio mass out of hive hands, or claws. I drew short straw to be burnt alive, to set the grenades off.” Elliot spoke up
“would you?” Philip sighed,
“I don't know come down to it, I just don't know.”

silence rung around the campfire. Then Philip perked up
“so two ton titan how you get that way?”
Gawain shared Philip gaze at Elliot
“yes how were you entombed? And what is the mark I don't remember seeing such a pattern?”

Elliot drew his fist in front of him remembering long lost days.
“I told you Gawain I fell to my wounded after slaying a Avatar, scorched alive by heat I fought that thing to a stand still, thrust, parry, attack, I held it off. Just when I could not fight any longer I saw a opening and I made a impression with my bolt pistol not even an Avatar can ignore.”
“what kind of Impression?” Philip asked.
“where one leg meets the other.” Philip winced at the thought. “ouch.” Elliot began again
“as it was distracted,” Philip muttered
“if you can call it that.”
“it left its self open, using my sword I cut its Achilles tendon as it fell I turned and hopped on its back.” he took a moment to gather his thoughts, “it was like standing in iron forge the heat melted my armored graves to its back forcing me to walk the last few steps bare foot. My last thing I remember is stabbing my sword though its held then falling off in its dead throes. I woke up in hole of the Frozen Glory entombed in this body.”

he looking to Gawain
“the Dreadnought is a Mark II a early mark, it was found in a tar pit, from this world in fact 100 years ago, it original occupant, a Ultramarine, was dead.”

Gawain frowned
“why not give it back to the Ultramarine.” the bitterness leaked into the artificial voice
“we will return nothing to those glorified smurfs until they recognize us as worthy of the title chapter and return the Aegis stolen from us during there attempted to turn us into Codex zombies.”

he thumped the ground to give emphasis. Silence rang out. Philip took another bite of fruit while he reach for a field ration that sat in the smoldering coals at the edge of the fire. “all well and good, but what about you before you were entombed, your life story?” Elliot was surprised
“few ask about the life of a Marine, most of its spent in eons of war. I could tell you how to kill a ork with you bare hands, I could teach you to be a master of blade and bullet, but I can not squeeze three thousand years of war into one night around a camp fire.”

Philip tried to open one of the field rations his hands just not finding the 'tear here'
“all well and good but I have never meet a member of the Adeptus Astartes, back on Yothen they teach that members of the Astartes are extensions of the Emperor will, what they say is the law, his flesh reborn, his,,” he got no farther before Elliot broke into laughter, a odd grating noise
“his flesh reborn? Says something heretical in the face of a chaos space marine, nay we are only slightly less mortal then you. Once upon a time I was human, when I passed the test of mind, flesh and genes I was inducted into the Mechanicus Marines.”

“Life in the 3erd company strong hold were I lived was, interesting. We did a lot of training to be sure but out side of that it, laid back, calm.” that surprised Gawain and Philip, Gawain more as she had some knowledge on the subject. “calm, poor word choice, the marines loved playing practical jokes on each other, once we had doge ball tournament between us and the second company, all 400 of us, it was interrupted mid way though by a emergence call from Glenic.”

Gawain decided to over look the 400 marine from 2 company for now.
“not what I expected.” Elliot shrugged, that much his dread body could do,
“we must sacrifice are body for humanity fighting till we die, why must we make what little time we have not fighting a echo ,in way or another, of the battle field.” silence

Elliot turned to Gawain and put the light on her
“your turn we have shared are storys, whats yours?” she was calmly munching on a fruit
“my story is that of the any sister, I grew up in chapels, my whole life was spent in contemplation of the Emperor in one form or another. Only in my last 4 years was I turn to the Metal Martyrs.”

Elliot interjected
“if I was to judge by me finding you with out your power armor on your a non militant Ordo.” Gawain nodded
“the Metal Martyrs job is to support the Militant Ordo, we repair and maintain the equipment.” Philip frowned
“this much I know don't screw with machines with out a Enginseers or your become a servitor.” Gawain snorted
“you think we would let those machine worshiper touch are holy armor and arms? I have meet a few tech priest, some of them not bad, but from a purity standpoint I would not let them work on it.” Elliot spoke up
“you said you were defending something.” she shrugged
“yes we were, but are official reason for being there was a hidden location to repair are equipment away form prying eyes. But are real reason was kept hidden from us.”

silence then Philip spoke up
“so who takes first watch?” Elliot chuckled
“I don't need to sleep I will watch.” Philip stretched and layed down “good I need to get some sleep, good night.” in a few moments he was snoring louder then a Valkyrie on take off. Elliot Chuckled again,
“will you need ear plugs?” Gawain smiled
“no I think not.” she went to lay down and put weight on her left arm and winced
“your arm is not going to get better, you should tell Philip perhaps he can treat it.” Gawain sighed
“maybe,” Elliot
“if you don't I will,, good night Gawain.” Gawain turned over to look at the sky and fell asleep with a dead Gaunt for a pillow.

note: if you see me giving tactical advice: just assume i have a internet tab open to 1d4 chan and I'm summarizing off of that.

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Hey i got a question what chapter does this dreadnought elliot hail form and why was he incased in Dreadnought armor pm or post niether matter in the eternal service of the Emperor and remember unless a venrable dread he has no helmet but is behind case if ven has helmet k and if not he has raspy voice form vox. POST next Chapter i want to read it more

I Vote Bring Back the Rainbow Warriors

Okay have a nice day and hit me up for Kf anytime okay btw if you dont know what kf is it's KillingFloor

“Do not ask which creature screams in the night. Do not question who waits for you in the shadow. It is my cry that wakes you in the night, and my body that crouches in the shadow. I am Tzeentch and you are the puppet that dances to my tune...”

- The Book of Tzeentch - Codex: Chaos Space Marines

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lookin good ill be back in a week so keep posting
have some rep

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Fluff is written by Matt Ward, and thusly, your point is immediately withdrawn.
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Default Chapter 4, battle

A map found from the command bunker showed a nearby town that had been evacuated. It had a road that lead toward the secondary line of defense Fort Lieiger. The problem was all the bush they had to cut through to get there so taking a pair of flamers loaded with high strength herbicidal (brought to control the wild plant growth) they melted they way though the thick parts and had Elliot shove his way though the lighter bits. Philip was uneasy
“were the swarm? After a victory you think they be siting around eating the dead, but I see nothing.” Elliot nodded
“it is odd, but this is call Hive fleet Sphinx for reasons, its own are as misty as a gas giant.” he said pushing though a thick bit.

Gawain spoke up
"personally I don't care as long the hive ignores us. Do we have a plan if it doesn't ignore us?” Elliot grumbled
"we take as many with us as possable.” Philip too was in a Grumbling mood,
“thats comforting.”

Elliot then pushed into a slightly over grown farm field Philip walked out a head of him
“so were are we?” Elliot took a second to gather his thoughts “I seem to remember a stupid farmer saying we built the fort on his grazing land, if he got eaten no great loss.” Philip replied
“I asked where we were, not what this is.”
“about 10 miles from the town, if the map and my GPS is right.”

they then heard a sort of screeching noise above them. Looking up they saw a small speck Gawain squinted
“what is that?” Elliot zoomed in with his built in telescope “trouble, its a Predator.” Philip too looked up at the high flying screamer
“doesn't look all that tough.” Elliot began scanning the farm land for a hill
“a Predator is basically a winged Zonathrope, but its not built to kill, but find.” pointing up
“it vast brain is used to contact the rest of the swarm to tell it,” Philip figured it out then
“wheres dinner.” Elliot rumbled agreement.

Gawain then looked around
“so were do we make are stand?” Elliot had found a hill when he looked and pointed to it
“there a high enough hill we can guard easily.” Philip for lack of a better word whined
“it to far we won't get there in time.” Elliot knew that too.
“hang on.” he then grabbed Philip with his power fist and put him in a sort of cloth bag they had made and loaded before leavening the fortress. Then gabbing Gawain in a similar manner started running at his max 20 miles a hour.

Bouncing along in the back along with cans of food, ammo and one Heavy Stubber they brought just in case they had to hold off the hive. Philip noticed how Gawain was cradling her arm
“he grab you to hard?” Gawain growled
“its fine.” Philip said nothing but after they survived he would look at it.

When they got to the hill they Elliot just ripped the bag off and started scanning the ground around the hill. As Philip managed to push the Stubber off himself he yelled at him
“why don't you drop kick me off the hill.” Elliot chuckled
“don't tempt me, Gawain man that Heavy Stubber, Philip use her bolter.” with the stubber unpacked and its stand unfurled they waited, and waited and waited.

Philip was got bored in a minute or two
“so were the hive?” Elliot was going to deliver a retort when suddenly the swarm showed up, almost 160 Gaunts with a smattering of warriors
“there.” as the Gaunts appeared Elliot eyed the distance until the were close enough
“Gawain open fire.” the Heavy Stubber pounding kicked up the dirt in front of it due to the shock wave. Lancing though the swarm it seemed every Gaunt it hit died from magic no way of telling form whence the killing blow came from. As Gaunts got closer the Elliot autocannons focused on the warriors and Philips bolter roared to life on full auto. When the Gaunts got to close Elliot roared his battle cry echoing though out the hill
“TASTE STEEL!!” and charged into them like a bowling ball and the noise of it hitting the pins the sound of crushing chitin.

After that wave Elliot walked back up the hill
“So can we go now.” Philip asked him Elliot looked up
“no the Predators still there until it leaves or we can shoot it down we can't go as it could just lead the swarm to as again.” Gawain looked up at it
“it pretty high, can we bring it down?” Elliot looked up
“of course it lowered it self down when we took on the nids to see what killed them, think of it as a report if the hive made a genetic mistake it need to learn what it was and then how to fix it.”
“Philip eyed the thing “so how long until you can hit it?” Elliot eyed it again
“hard to say.” Philip sighed
“figures,” turning to Gawain
“your suppose to be some kind of Uber holy warrior can't you pray to the Emperor and tell him to bring it lower.” Gawain looked stern at him
“it does not,,”

Elliot interrupted the coming rant
“here they come again.” Gawain went back to the Stubber and once more the Stubber opened fire raking the front row. This time though at the back swarm “Carnifex, two of them!” Gawain bellowed over the Stubber's roar Elliot groaned he knew he did not have he fire power to bring it down at range. Yelling to Philip “grab Gawain's Melta gun!” he fired his heavy flamer into the hoard, the rounds riping though Gaunts, dented the warriors, and pinging off the Carnifex. Philip fumbled with the melta gun pointing at the Carnifexs he made a quick estimate, and pull the trigger while the gun charged up the Carnifexs was not in range yet, but closing fast. When the gun did discharged it hit the Carnifex in the leg toppling it over and making it, comically roll down the hill bellowing pain and, hate? It was hard to tell as rolled down the hill crushing lesser beings as it went down. If if could feel emotion it would be embarrassed though.

The Gaunts sensing the weakness clustered around the seconds legs but Elliot noticed the Predator was much lower raising his autocannons he fired upon it. The first salvo whizzed by it upon finding itself under fire it flapped it wings rapidly to get out of range, the second though found home punching though its thin wing membrane knocking it down a dozen feet could not afford to lose. The third one got it, a round hit it in the chest exploded killing it.
“GOT IT.” Elliot yelled followed by being bowled into by the Carnifex he had ignored in favor of the Predator. The Carnifex roared as Elliot stumbled back word he saw Gawain and Philip hard pressed by Hormagaunts, Elliot set his shoulder down and rammed into it as it was the Carnifexs turn to stumble, gabbing a talon he twisted and ripped it off like he would a crab. He then sent a power fist impact to its face. Making it to roll of the hill.

Philip and Gawain were surrounded by a hoard of Hormagaunts they were barely managing to hold off with a bolter on full auto and a expert chain swordsmanship. Philip already had a couple deep gash and Gawain's left arm hung uselessly. Then the warcry they already loved so much rang out
“TASTE STEEL!” and he ran into the hive, grabbed Gawain then Philip in his fist and ran though the swarm and down the hill with as many Gaunts and a few Warriors following. Philip wiggled around to face Elliot face
“what now?” yelling to be heard over the noise of his Elliot's legs and the hoard behind them. Elliot did not answer as he did not have a good one. And he did not mention a growing problem.

As he got over the farm land he started running along side it along a gravel road. The nids though caught up a few of the faster Hormagaunt running along side, and jumping on to him Philip working his hand and a Las pistol free started shooting at them scoring hits more often then not. Elliot saw something a head, a home built covered bridge.

A idea came to him as he started to cross he lowed his Autocannon and fired into the bridge as he crossed bring it down behind him. But the bridge collapsed faster then he could run the cracks racing ahead of him as ran, forcing him to jump the last few feet to escape the collapse. After the jump he turned to see what happened Gaunts tried to leap the gap, but it was a good 10 feet, over a fast flowing stream. The many Hormagaunts charged over the edge like a water fall of flesh the warriors that had them fired there bioweapons at them. He turned and kept running down the road until he found a place to stop safely a house on the edge of the town they had aimed for. After running into the garage, putting his companions down, slamming the door down he spoke
“that was fun.” he turned to face Philip who promptly hurled a pipe at him that dinged off with a clatter
“if that was fun, remind me to never have you make a children play ground! Your likely put a bear pit in!”

Elliot chuckled
“nope not a bear pit, tigers are more fun.” the humor drained form him as he looked at Gawain, no human face should be that pale, and she was unconscious
“Philip check Gawain.” Philip noticed too and ran over to her, putting her hand over her forehead he jerked it back
“she feels like a Melta gun.” Elliot knew what it was
“the stress of the fighting and a second dose of Tyranid bacterium must have accelerated the infection, its on her left arm take the armor off.” as Philip search for the strap he tried some hang mans humor,
“take the armor off, do I have to pay her?” Gawain groaned to life
“if you do I will have to kill you.” Elliot would have smiled
“welcome to the land off the living Gawain I had hopes you would not leave us.” as Philip found it the strap she chuckled
“the Emperor not quite ready for me yet, I have never been happier about rejection.”

Philip slipped the armor off and they got a good look at the wound Philip gagged and Elliot winced sliding his left foot back a inch.
“I have seen Nurglings that color.” her arm was swollen and a disgusting brown color infected with purple fungus and bacteria stains covered in yellow pus leaking from every pit, and creases that must have begun life as for sweat glandes Gawain stared at her own arm like it was a daemon glued to her body. She pronounced judgment
“cut it off.” Philip looked at Elliot,
“do it,” Elliot voice rumbled. Philip shook his head
“I lost my bayonet, and my one knife is to short. Plus when I do what then? How will we stop the bleeding?” Elliot almost yelled
“search the house, I can stop the bleeding.” Philip ran though a door on the side, as Elliot stared helplessly at Gawain as she died, slowly from her wound.

The door led to a living room with a couch a couple big chairs. Running past them he went into the kitchen ripping open cabinets, pulling out drawers and checking in side, nothing. Standing up he saw a med kit hanging on the side of the wall. Gabbing it he ran to the living room to check a hall way he saw when he got in, stopping when he noticed something hanging from the wall.

Gawain took a deep labored breath,
“how many Inquisitors dose it take to change a light bulb?” while Elliot told her bad jokes to keep her awake, and over a dreadnought life span they hear many, many bad jokes, “Gawain,” Elliot said a little louder “how many Inquisitors does it take to change a light bulb?” Gawain growled out
“how many?” Elliot chuckled at the punch line
“4, one to change the bulb, one to deny the existence of light bulbs, one to investigate light bulb for possible heresy, one to lunch a hidden conspiracy to do it for him and then a week latter destroy it for dealing in corruption, and one to say 'its not my ordo'.” Gawain groaned not form pain.
“ya thats good one how many Techpriest does it take to change a light bulb?”
“how many?”
“depend, are talking the T-51B? Or the 88-DT4?”

Gawain was debating if it would be the ear ache should would get by saying something good about the Ultramarine, (while he was ranting he would stop telling jokes) when Philip ran in with a power sword
“I have a blade, do your have a way to stop the bleeding?” Elliot started revving his engine as the waves of heat radiating out of his exhaust pipes. Elliot explained
“the heat from my pipes can cauterize the wound.” Philip nodded and looked at her arm and chose his place to cut about 3 inches down form the shoulder. Raising the sword and thumbing the activation stud he dropped it slicing the flesh like paper.

After made the cut Elliot spun 360 degrees around at the hip and fell to his knees Philip picking up Gawain up and half dragging her, half carrying her over to the red hot pipe and pushed the stump of her arm upto it touching the fresh cut to the hot pipe. Gawain grimaced at the intense pain and chanted prayers till she blacked out....

when she came to she found hovering over, out side behind the house her with a sofa cushion for a pillow,
“you awaken,” Elliot said “I am glad, I've buried, to many, friends.” Gawain spoke softly
“wheres Philip?”
“inside scrounging useful items.”

Philip was right now searching a bed room. Not much there though a look in the attached bath rooms medical compartment brought more antibiotics and painkillers for Gawain. When he pulled open a drawer he found a number of gold necklaces Philip lifted one out of the drawler and licked his lips. Guardsmen from Yothen were drawn from the gangsters, him self included though he was not too good at it. But the first thing the had said in the guard was told to you by a scary looking commissar
“you are Guardsmen now, not gangsters. There different due to more then just the spelling. You are to be held to higher standers then what you scum are used to any who return to there old ways will be shot. No questions.”

not to say looting was discouraged, far from it, it was seen as more incentive to take a city but it was tolerated to a point, the problem was that line was not defined. Still that applied only to spoils of war from traitor, which the people who lived here were not. He was going to put it back, was only because something interrupted him, namely a 15 gage shot gun to the back, and some very familiar words.
“in the name of the immortal Emperor of man I find you guilty of breaking imperial law section 1 sub section 5 paragraph B on Guardsmen theft, Quto “thy shall not take from those thy guard,” as acting Arbiter of precinct 8-11-12 of Kelof IV I pronounce you guilty and sentence you to death, do you have a last plead?”

note: if you see me giving tactical advice: just assume i have a internet tab open to 1d4 chan and I'm summarizing off of that.

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so he's dead! no not philip could he survive? like elliot ocmes in or something please not philip ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Fluff is written by Matt Ward, and thusly, your point is immediately withdrawn.
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