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Default Raising the Primarchs

Chapter one

"Im hoooooome!" shouted the Immortal God Emperor of Mankind, as he opened the door to the imperial palace, then mentally kicked himself for his stupidity. The mental kick sent ripples through the warp and chaotic galactic storms destroyed some planet nobody cared about on the edge of the universe.

SWOOOSH! and there was the first one, a red-clad blur with silvery-white wings rushing toward him. Grabbing the doorhandle, the emperor braced himself for an impact stronger than planetary bombardment, an uncontrollable force with boundless energy that he knew was headed straight for him because of the thunder of its tread.

His Children.

Plz read and review!!!!!!
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Moved to 40K Fiction

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This is meant to be non-serious because it's funny
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er thats it .... um more?!?
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sorry i didnt have much time to type and i cant get on at home. thats why you never see me post on the weekends. but im back now and there will be much more coming, most likely by 12:00 today. sorry for the inconvienience (did i spell that right?).
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The furious ball of flying feathers reached him first, smashing into his most sacred of all faces and latching onto his head with all four limbs.

“Snguniuff geroff m’phace!” the Emperor tried to shout, voice muffled by the clinging body of a small child.

“Sorry ‘bout that daddy.” The boy apologized letting go and hovering in midair. “I just wanted to see you!”

“So do about a million pilgrims a day, plus the council of terra, the remembrancers guild and every myself-damn neophyte in the galaxy!” the holy one responded, spitting out a clump of white feathers. “Excuse me if I don’t have time to play ‘ring around the rosey’ with Mortarion, help Vulkan with his blacksmithing classes, bandage Ferrus’s hands, and put a parental block on the TV to keep Fulgrim from watching porn! I’m a busy God! I-"

And just then the others were upon Him. Lionel, Fulgrim, Perterabo, Jaghatai, Russ, Dorn, Konrad, Sanguinius, Ferrus, Angron, Roboute, Mortarion and Magnus, Horus, Vulkan, Lorgar, Corax, Alpharious and those two whose names he couldn’t remember, all pulling at his hands, leaping at Him, climbing on Him, and creating a cacophony of such volume that it brought him to his knees.

“Yay! Piggy back ride!” squealed Alpharious mounting the Imperator’s shoulders.

And the Emperor wondered. He wondered how he’d gone all these years, raising a literal score of children on his own. He wondered if it was too late to jettison them all into space and find them later as adults. He wondered how it was possible that a Warrior-God sccustomed to lifting and throwing Greater Daemons could suffer back problems from small children bouncing on his back. He wondered if he would end up like the aged men of Old Earth, a comatose vegetable hooked up to a life-support machine. He shuddered at his secret fear. And then He Decided. He was going to hire a nanny.

Coming up: Meet the Primarchs… And the Nanny of Doom!
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Ehm It is Lion El'Johnson. So his first name is actually Lion.
And it is very funny.

Originally Posted by Grik View Post
Does his pompous ass Lordship even remember how to close his fist? I mean other than around a haunch of meat. You have taxed me for the last time sire!
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As sy'shin looked upon the glorious imperial palace she felt... unimpressed. Which was not to say she wasnt excited. and amused. Imagine the Emperor of mankind hiring a Slaanesh daemonette to babysit his children! It had been too easy to decieve him! He had seemed..,. distracted by something. anyway she was a little anoyed that she was required to wear clothes for once. and restrain herself from running naked through the place, slaughtering every living being in sight while shreiking praise to her god and rejoicing in the delicious crimson flow of their blood... Aw well, we all must make sacrifices for the Great Powers she thought ruefully. And reached to ring the Holy Door-bell.

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Teehee, Slaanashi women running about naked.
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Originally Posted by angels of fire View Post
Teehee, Slaanashi women running about naked.
Well the models are as close to it as GW dares make them aren't they?

the next installment should be done by later today. was at a friends over the weekend so didnt add anything last few days. srry.
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