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Heh. It's a bit hard to tell who's talking when you continually string together speaking lines, but I could still understand it. It was funny, I like it. Hope you go and write something again sometime.
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The first chap of the sequel is already written... should I upload it here?
And I will try to work on the dialogues in the future.

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Go ahead and put it on this thread.

Anyways, I was a bit irked with the very, very OOC personalities you gave some of the characters and races, but since it's a fanfic geared towards comedy, it was okay with me. Made me laugh because of how unrealistic it was.
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Oh, that was the point! OOC makes everything quite more lulzy, in my opinion.

Okie dokie... first chapter for the sequel, *Da green cruseid*!

Sequul chapta' 1 - Dis ain't ova' yet!

It was a sunny day at the ork fort... camp... thing.
Don't you just love that line?

The orks had been quite the helping hands in the past month, helping restore the planet and all. The guardies and the civilians grew accustomed to having orks as friendly neighbours. And the ork numbers increased, thanks to the spores and whatnot.

One nob, Mogosh, was playing a game of orkjack with some of the newer boys. One of the slugga boys showed his cards. A warboss, a mek and an A-Bom'.
“Yayz! Dat'z twenny-free pointz! I'z win!”
Mogosh looked at the ork.
“Oh, I'z beg to diffa'. I'z win!”
“But...” a massive choppa landed dangerously close to the slugga's right hand, “but ofcourze! You'z win! I'z musta' made sum mistakey bit.”
“Damn right! Bah! Sporlingz dese dayz! No respect fer deir eldurz!”

A quite known slugga boy ran past them, a black squig close behind.
“'Ey, Muskit!”
“'Ey, Mogosh!”

The well-known duo then continued to the 'Kommunikasunz roomzy fing'. Gobroz was already there. The two walked over to him.
“'Ullo, Muskit! Good fing you'z 'ere!”
“Yeh. But, where'z da boss?”
“Right 'ere!”
Nagosh into the room.
“Where were youz?”
“Well, flashgit Gobroz, I just went ta see da old chaosy fortrezz, iz all.”
Gobroz sighed. Nagosh had been going to that fortress for some time now. Why did the boss like it so much?
“Oh, well. At leest you'z 'ere. Guardiez been callin' whole mornin'! Somefin' seriuz.”
“Call dem, flashgit Gobroz!”
“Yeh, boss!” the flashgit turned a questionable device and kicked it. A screen above them flashed, “callin' guardiez! Callin' guardiez!”
A bald head appeared. Alix Mossiv had his favourite green tea.
“Good morning, gentlemen.”
“Oy, Alix! 'ow ya doin'?”
“Well, to tell you the truth, my good warboss, I was doing just fine, until I received a message from a Imperial Guard base on the planet of Carridia, not too far from here.”
“Wot'z wrong?”
“Well, they'd had problems with the Tau there, but that conflict was already resolved and the planet was kinda split in half. Half for us, half for them. But recently, our experts there have been picking up... tremors under the ground. Something is not right.”
Gobroz knew what that meant.
“So, to get da plot goin', you'z want us ta go dere and see wot'z wrong. Amiright?”
“Quite right, mate! The only problem now is... will you take one of our ships, or...?”
“Nah! Darug sed he had sum prototypey fingy fer flyin'! We'z gonna use dat.”
“Well... if you think that is the right decision. I have sent a message towards the guardsmen on the planet. They shall be expecting you.”
“Gud. Come on, boyz! Let'z have sum fun!”
Nagosh left in a hurry, Muskit and Ugu behind. Gobroz kicked the 'device' again to turn it off and then ran after them.


“Darug... ya sure dis fing can fly?”
“Well... no. But it'z betta' den nofin', eh Gobroz?”
“Gork and Mork save uz...”

He looked behind. He and Darug were at the very front of the rocket. Nagosh had two seats for himself and Muskit and Ugu had their own. They also brought Drakk along. Nagosh thought the grot needed to see new places. Drakk was strapped to his seat by over thirty seatbelts, to ensure his safety. Scared little grot.

The rocket itself was quite a sight. It looked like random pieces of junk and weapons welded together. But then, most orky vehicles looked like that.

“You boys redy fer liftoff?” asked the mek.
“NO!” screamed all of them.
“Gud! Startin' engine in free, two, one.”
A single click of a button fired up the engines.They blasted off into the sky with the speed of gods.
Drakk's chair snapped off and the poor grot hit a wall. The land beneath them became smaller and smaller. The ship then left the planet's atmosphere and they were in the vastness of space.

Drakk floated here and there on his chair, hitting walls and sharp objects.
“Ooops! I'z forgot to put in dem grevitey stabilizor bitz.”
“Dat can't be gud...”
“Don't worry, flashgit Gobroz! All'z fine... fer now. Wot now, Darug?”
“I'z shud click dis 'ere button...”
Darug typed some coordinates into the ship's 'computer'. Gobroz closed his eyes. The ship entered warpal travel-mode...


“You'z forgot sum oda' fings, too, Darug.”
“Oh, shaddap.”
Indeed, for the orks now had some daemonic passengers on board. Two Horrors were playing pong with Drakk's chair, a group of Bloodletters was trying to beat Nagosh in arm-wrestling, to no avail, and a group of Daemonettes was... you guessed it... squeezing the living daylights outta' Ugu.
“Oh, he's so cute and squishy!”
“Yeah! Why aren't there daemons this cute!”
“He licked me, the cutie!”
Muskit just stared at the she-daemons.
And last, but not least, a two-headed chaos spawn was liking Gobroz and Darug.
“Dis is getting' annuyin'.”
“I'z know, Gobroz. But look! We'z almost outta' 'ere!”
As soon as they exited warp-space, the daemons disappeared.


In orbit above Carridia, a Chaos fleet of many colours flew.
Four lords stood on the flagship's bridge, along with a Bloodletter champion.
“I still can't believe we actually got another mission after that fiasco...”
“Yesssss. Quite an unexpected turn of eventssss, eh?”
“Unexpected, but delicious!”
“Whatever... can we start burning stuff?”
“Sangus, we are here to uncover what is causing the strange tremors on the planet. If it's an artifact...”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”
“Ummm... my lords?”
Rakul turned.
“What is it, Nebulon?”
The daemon pointed with his finger. In the distance something, which looked like a flying piece of debris, was heading for the planet.
“What in the name of Tzeentch... give me a closer view!”
A screen appeared before them. The 'rocket' could clearly be seen.
“Lookssss like ssssomething... orky.”
Rakul started panicing. Then, a black squig moved to one of the windows.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's them! It's Nagsosh Ubzug and his accursed orks!!!”
“Uh oh... screw pillaging and looting! Let's just go home!”
“I agree with Sangus! This is NOT DELICIOUS!!!”
“Not even papa Nurgle can protect us now!”
“Yes, master. Please!”
Rakul's eyes were full of rage.
“We're not going back, idiots! Hehehehhe. This is a chance to exact our revenge! Blast them outta the sky! All batteries, FIIIIIREEEEEE!!!”

The flagship's guns charged up and unleashed their wrath upon the ork craft.


“Well... dat can't be gud...” said Nagosh.
“Thakya, boss obviuz!”
“Sorry, flashgit Gobroz...”
The beams and rounds hit the small ship and it plummeted towards Carridia's surface.
Not gud.

Sequul Chapta' 2 - Goody-boyz... an' den sum!

He saw an endless blackness. Well, he didn't know if it was endless, but he sure knew it was black. He also felt as if something was pushing him downwards with quite some force.
Suddenly, faint sounds reached his ears. They seemed like... voices.

Then, part of the blackness disappeared and blinding light filled the area. It took his eyes a bit to adjust and when they did, he saw a familiar warboss.
“Oy! Flashgit Gobroz! You'z okay!”
A large green hand was stretched out to him and Gobroz caught it. Nagosh then pulled him out of a pile of metallic rubble.
The surroundings were... barren, to say the least. A seemingly endless rocky desert surrounded the crashed craft from all sides.
“Yeh, boss, I'z okay.”
“Gud ta hear! Darug wosn't sure if we'z cud find ya... in one peece.”
“Rig't... oy! Were's me shoota?”
After that, Darug and Muskit came into view... the mek was carrying two pieces of metal. Darug spoke:
“I'z sorry, Gobroz. It must'a happened durin' da crashy stuff.”
Gobroz looked at what was left of his favourite weapon... and remembered all that time he spent with it... tuning it... polishing its features... testing it on live targets, preferably humies... sitting next to it in the cinema. And he raised his arms to the sky and screamed:

Then there was absolute silence, save for a few hand-sized bugs, but even those were eaten by Ugu moments later. Only Darug really broke the silence:
“Don'tcha worry, Gobroz! I'z gunna fix it! I'z promize!”
“Yeh! An' it'z gunna be betta' den eva'!”
Gobroz already looked better.
“Okey! Let'z go find sumw'ere, where we can fix it, yeh?”
“YEH!” shouted the other orks.

And so, the group of weird orks set off on yet another journey.


They walked for what seemed to be uneventful hours. In reality, it was a mere ten minutes. And then, a strange cylindrical object landed next to them. Gobroz picked it up.
“Wot is it, flashgit Gobroz?”
“I'z dunno, boss. But it'z awfelly fumiliar.”
The mek spoke, a hint of nervosity in his voice:
“Uhhhh... I'z fink dat'z a bom'.”
“Uh oh...”

Light consumed the area.
No too far from the orks a group of humanoids clad in light brown armour, which almost made them blend in with their surroundings. They carried large rifles and their helmets had strange, red optical aids on them.
“Photon grenade hit its mark, sir.”
One of them, who wore a white helmet instead of a brown one, nodded.
“Good. Orks are the last things we need on this planet. Back to base.”
They rose and wanted to leave, but a terrible roar made them stop.

From the smoke left after the grenade, came the biggest ork from Akhalam IV, a few scratches on his hide. The others were close behind.
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!! You'z fought, dat a little bom', cud stop orkz?! Oy!” Nagosh looked at the aggressors, “flashgit Gobroz! Ain't dose dem Goody-boyz?”
“Uhhh... dey'z from da Tau emparezez. Or sumfin' like dat.”
“Like I'z sed! Goody-boyz! Let'z show teech 'em not ta mess wif da ORKS!!!”

“What now, sir?!”
“Calm down! They're just orks! Fire at will! Turn them into piles of smoking flesh!”
The Fire warriors listened and aimed with their rifles.

“Uuuuuh... boss? We'z shud get outta' da wey...”
“You'z right, flashgit Gobroz! Looky! Dere's a biiiig rok!”
The group hid behind the large, improvised piece of cover. Pulse shots landed all around them.
“Oy! Dese arez Goody-boyz! Dey'z week 'gainst choppaz and fistz and stuffz, right?”
One of the shots utterly annihilated a plant near them. Which had been an ork-sized cactus. Gobroz spoke:
“Yeh, boss! Too bad we'z ain't gunna get dat close!”
“Dere'z gotta be sumfin' we'z can do!”
At that moment, Muskit got an idea. An insane, ridiculous and lulzy idea, but an idea nonetheless.
“I'z got it! Ugu! Ugu'z tiny, he'z can sneek up on da Tauzerz!”
Nagosh grinned as much as orkily possible.
“Dat soundz like sum fun! And when he haz dem distocteed, we'll crush sum skullz! Go, Ugu!”
The little squig looked at all of them and then exited their cover. The commies didn't notice the little guy and he was soon next to them.

One of the warriors spotted the squig.
They all stopped firing. The Shas'ui looked at the black critter and commanded:
“Shoot it, damnit!”
“We can't!”
“Why not?”
“He's less than two metres away from us. We have to go into... close combat.”
“WHAT?! WHY?!”
“Sir... the rulebook says so.”
Under their helmets, the aliens had faces of pure terror.
“We're all gonna die...”
“Calm down, idiots! It's just one frikin' squig. How bad could it be?”
“It's base attack is higher than our whole unit combined.”
“Okay... panic.”
A massive ork landed next to them. Naosh looked quite amused.
“Yeh, you'z all gunna meet yuurz ded boyz soon.”
One of the warriors asked the rules expert:
“What does the codex say about his close combat level?!”
“It's... over NIIIIIIINE....”
The Shas'ui knocked the expert on the head with his rifle.
“For Ethereal's sake! That joke was overused thirty-eight millenia ago! And it was already done in this fic! Seriously...” he then turned to the ork, “will it hurt?”
“Hmmm... nah! I'z not gunna fight ya.”
“Boss!” it was Darug, “we'z still needz ta find dem guardiez! Dat'z why we'z came 'ere, no?”
“Darug'z right, boss. C'mere, Ugu!”
The little squig sat on Muskit's shoulder. Gobroz was silent, the two pieces of his old kustom shoota in his hands.
“You're looking for the Imperial Guard?”
“Yeh, deyz called us ta help with sum erf-shaky bitz.”
“The tremors?”
“Well... the empire is also interested in them... perhaps we could negotiate a temporary truce between the guard and us?”
“Works fer me. You'z just have ta get us to da guardiez.”
“Of course. Follow me.”

Reluctantly, the other warriors walked after their leader, leading the orks towards their goal.
Much lulz is to be had.


“What do you mean, they're not at the crash site?!”
Nebulon looked at his master through the screen of his portable com-link. The rubrics and berserkers behind him were busy moving bits of junk.
“We have found nothing but rubble, master. They must have left swiftly.”
“Well, then... track them down!”
“As you wish. Nebulon out.”

The screen faded into darkness. Rakul was mildly irritated. The only one with him was his second best servant... which said nothing about the sorcerer's skills.
“Yes, sir?”
“Go find Sangus and the other two. I want their forces ready for assault in two hours.”
“Yes, anything else?”
“Hmmm... get me some Horror-flavoured tea and a Daemonette.”
“Got it.”
Akitol left and he was alone.
He couldn't shake that strange feeling... as if something bad was about to happen.
“Hmmmm... I'm getting paranoid... I'll get a sammich with some Flamer parts. Always makes it hot. Pun intended, heheheh.”


“So, wot'z your namez?”
The Shas-ui spoke:
“I am Eimmoc. The smartest of thism bunch, therefore a commander.”
“Hey!” said all the other warriors.
“Okay! Rule-expert Wal is co-commander.”
“Anyway, you are?”
“I'z Nagosh Ubzug, boss of da Skull Smashaz!”
“I'z Gobroz. Flashgit and smartboy.”
“Yeh, he iz! Darug'z da neim. I'z da Smashaz' mek, I'z fix brokun bitz.”
“And I'z Muskit! And dis is little Ugu!”
Eimmoc looked at each member.
“My... you sure are a strange group.”
“You'z cud say dat.”

The canyon around them was wide, so they thankfully didn't have to move in a line.
But an ambush could be easily created.
The Bloodletter champion watched the whole group from above. He grinned and pointed at the canyon walls behind them with his left hand.
“Feel the Warp!”
A beam of pure Chaos energy hit its target and the canyon collapsed behind the group. Nebulon then jumped from his position and impacted the ground like a bomb, sending dirt everywhere. He looked at the group, his axe ready.
“We meet again, Nagosh Ubzug. And his foolish allies.”
“Oy! Dynomic entry, much?”
“I suppose, warboss. Master Rakul sent me to prevent you from pestering us on Carridia.”
“You an' wot army?”
“Heheheheheh. Come here, boys!”
From the now-only canyon entrance/exit came two units of Chaos marines. Rubrics and berserkers.
“Let us at 'em! Skulls for the skull throne!”
“Have fun!” he turned to Nagosh, “shall we, for old time's sake?”
“You'z bet! Let'z staaart da FIGHTIIIIN'!!!!”
Nagosh charged, along with Nebulon. Chain choppa' met rune-axe.

The Fire warriors shot and killed some of the approaching berserkers, but the marines were too many to simply get gunned down. That's where the remaining orks came in handy. While the green ones fought the close range berserkers, the Tau blasted rubrics to tiny bits.

Gobroz held his shoota's remains tightly and bashed the servants of Chaos with them. His attacks were fueled by a mixture of fury and sorrow. None stood in his way.

Darug literally snapped the marines to bits thanks to his powah klaw. His blasta' came in handy, too.

And then there was the duo, Muskit and Ugu. Muskit did his best to keep the berserkers occupied while Ugu bit them at different spots of their armour, eventually found weak spots in their knee joints. Loud screams filled with agony were loud.

“Damnit, he's too strong!” thought the daemon as he was smashed against the rock wall.
“Oy, daemun! You'z ain't so tuf as before! Wot'z da matta'?”
Was it those goodies Mithara made for him? Was he getting out of shape?
Nebulon's gaze trailed to the right, where he saw a few Tau aiming at him, waiting for a clear shot.
“Damn you all! We will meet again, Ubzug!”
Without another word on either side, Nebulon disappeared in that well-known cloud of smoke.

Nagosh turned to the remaining ones.
“All'z okey, flashgit Gobroz?”
“Yeh, boss!”
Muskit seemed happier for some reason.
“Yeh! And Ugu found a wittle toy, too!”
All of them looked at the little squig, who was using a berserker's boot as an improvised chew-toy.
Eimmoc commented:
“Most interesting... we should get going before the marines return again.”
“Da Tauzy boy'z right, boss.”
“I'z know, Darug! Let'z get runnin'!”
And so the group set off yet again, olivious to the small spider-like machine which followed them, sending information.


“Does it hurt, Neby?”
“I'll live.”
Mithara was treating “Neby's” wounds with some unknown liquid. Nebulon learned, that asking some questions could give unwanted answers.

“Damnit! This is the same thing all over again! All's going fine, then comes a bunch of orks and ruins EVERYTHING!!!”
“Calm down, Rakul! I am sure, that this will end in a far more delicious way than our prievious quest.”
“I certainly hope so. Are your forces ready?”
“Yeah, we're ready to check out some crap and then start pillaging big time.”
“Prepared with lots of noisy ordnance.”
“Good. This battle is not over yet!”


Deep under Carridia's surface, two green eyes watched a monitor. Humans, orks, commies and... they.
“This shaaaall be a moooost interesting development.”

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really funny man , keep it up

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Woo! Now my favorite Fan Fic!

Many thanks to for the Avatar!
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Sorry fer destroyin' konteenuitey, but dis 'ere iz now a sequul chapta'!

Sequul Chapta' 3 - Moar ol' friendz!

“We'z dere yet?”
“Boss! Dis a'redy happn'd last time! And no! We'z ain't dere yet!”
“Okay, flashgit Gobroz.”
The orks and (commies) warriors walked through the never-ending desert. Gobroz knew, that without the goody-boyz' little holomap, they would be totally lost. Suddenly, he remembered something... or more precisely, someone.
“Oy! We'z forgot Drakk!”
Eimmoc turned.
“Oy! Dat'z our grot! Don't worry, flashgit Gobroz! He'z seif wif Darug, right?”
“Yeh, boss! Right 'ere!”
Darug opened a small compartment on his huge backpack, which could perhaps fit a 'umie laspistol with some effort, and the grot's head popped out, gasping for air.
Gobroz wanted to say something, but words eluded him. So, he simply facepalmed.

After that, Drakk sat ON the mek's backpack. And they continued with their journey. After about half an hour, they spotted the first bits of a Tau installation.


The communications centre they were in looked much more... polished and tidy than the Imperial ones. But the human general on the screen was only too familiar.
“So, I see my brother FINALLY sent you boys to help.”
“Yeh, dat'z right.” said Nagosh.
Nagosh and Gobroz were the only orks in the room, the others were down in the armoury.
Gobroz saw only one difference between Alix back on Akhalam and Ulix, who was here on Carridia. Ulix liked liked black tea, not green. Otherwise, the two were identical.
“And they proved some tactical skill when they defeated my men, along with some Chaos troops.”
The Tau commander Teivos,who spoke was a rather imposing sight. Fully clad in one of those commander-class battle-armours, he was a walking weapons platform. Before he left his weapons at the armoury, they had been quite a sight.
A shoulder-mounted railgun on the left shoulder and a flamethrower on the other. The final weapon was a massive, infantry-annihilating pulse chaingun, which was so HUEG, that the commander had to hold it with both hands.
“Yeh! You'z don't mess wif orkz!”
“Yeh, boss. But we'z shud start wif da truce an' everyfin'.”
“You'z right! Now, den...”


Down in the armory, the boys were doing... stuff.
Darug was looking at all of the weaponry the Tau had there. From pulse rifles to railguns, these guys had it covered. Then, an idea appeared in his mind. And he started workin', to the confusion of many around him.
But Muskit was not one of them, for he was playing fetch with Ugu and the... chew-toy.

And Drakk... was also looking at weapons. Weapons located in the 'flamer' category, to be precise. And his finger drifted close to a button.
Muskit watched, shocked, as a small running fireball darted between him and Ugu, heading for a small fountain.
“Deze Tauzy boyz've gotz weerd stuff 'ere.”
Ugu just nodded and threw the foot back.

Drakk jumped into the fopuntain and all the water in it was vaporised, before it was replaced by more of the liquid. The grot just watched his surroundings, knowing he was an unlucky [s]guy[/s] [s]ork[/s] gretchin.


Negotiations were going quite well. If all went well, they could send a joint search team under the surface.
But suddenly... two other transmissions were patched through by operators. A guardsman and a fire warrior. Both looked terrified.
“Sir! Our defensive positions around the location with the strongest tremors have been taken! Chaos marauders attacked us without warning! We barely had any time to mobilise, let alone defe..”
“Commander! Our forward outposts have been all but obliterated by Chaos assailants! Our Shas'la units are dead and...”
Both speakers were then killed. The guardsman by a sickly green cloud of smoke and the fire warrior a bit more directly, ie. a hammer to the head.
A sorcerer of the big papa and a Chaos lord of Khorne appeared, respectively. Two figures the orks knew only too well. Both camera views went all fuzzy and stuff.
“Connection lost, commander.”
“Damnit! General Ulix, we must strike against these invaders!”
“Quite right! I will send my men immediately! Take our green friends with you. They shall be invaluable, I bet.”
“Understood. Teivos, out.” the Tau commander then turned to the rest, “grab your friends and let's get going.”
“Yeh! Com' on, flashgit Gobroz!”

The two orks ran to the armoury Gobroz went for Muskit and Ugu and Nagosh took Drakk out of the fountain... forcefully.
Gobroz then approached Darug.
“Oy, you'z comin'?”
The mek turned, obviously annoyed by the interruption.
“Nah! I'z got sum work ta do.”
“YA RLY! Now, off ya go!”
Gobroz just shrugged and went after Nagosh.


“Nebulon, stop being such a sissy!”
“No, master! I AM NOT going down there again! I've had enough of getting beaten by a band of orks!!”
“I'm warning you, old friend...”
“NO, Rakul! Nothing can make me go down there! Not this time!”
“Oh?” Mithara appeared from seemingly nowhere, “come on, Neby! I know you can take on some stupid ork! Show me how strong you are!”
She kissed him on the cheek.
Nebulon just stood there for a LOOONG moment. Then he grinned like a madman and disappeared in a cloud of smoke, along with Rakul.
“Boys... all they need is some motivation.”


The Chaos boyz were just minding their business, playing cards, spreading disease, just standing idly and mutilating corpses. But then came the two attacking forces.
The guardsmen provided irritation with their flashlights and a meat shield in one, while mighty Leman Russ battle tanks blasted their enemies into tiny bits. Nothing stood in their way.
The Tau had the aid of a few orks and a squig, who just charged against enemy lines. Even Rubrics remembered the previous battles and recognized these orks. Then came 'support' fire from the Tau forces, which annihilated entire buildings. Even the aforementioned automatons considered retreat.

The four Chaos lords and their personal retinues watched the approaching forces.
“It ssseemssss the only entrancesss and exitsss have been taken.”
“Deliciously obvious observation, not so delicious situation.”
“Oh, come on! More heads to split in half!”
Rakul watched the Tau side and the approaching orks and commanded.
“Boys, we're going after the Tau, with Nebulon. Retinues will hold the guardsmen.”
“Yes, lord Rakul!” shouted the devoted of all four Chaos gods. The fact they considered the sorcerer a leader was... an honour.
The warriors, automatons and whatnot charged at the guardsmen, axes in the air, souls in their armour, noise in their weapons and plague in their flesh. Even the tanks would be in trouble this time.

Rakul watched the force on the other side. The orks were far ahead of the rest. Excellent. His arms went into the air.
“Forces of Change... of Chaos... bend to my will!!!”
His hands pointed to the canyon walls. Several orbs of Chaos energy shot and hit their mark. The walls collapsed, leaving the orks alone.
“Oy... dis ain't gud.”
“You bet, Nagosh Ubzug!”
Nebulon appered above them and dived straight at the warboss, axe first. Nagosh blocked the attack wit his own chain choppa' and the two were at it, yet again. Nagosh seemed to have the upper hand, but then Sangus joined in on the fun. Even the mighty ork's power was put to the test.

Muskit and Gobroz were fighting... well, dodging attacks from Rakul and Morbus, respectively. They just couldn't close the gap between them and the two sorcerers.

And Ugu? Ugu was chasing Carito, who didn't want his delicious beauty to get defiled by some black ball with teeth.


Khorne's warpal fortress was mostly quiet, except for the ever-present wails of those killed in his name. But you got used to such sound effects.
He sat upon his throne and watched the mountain of skulls below. It was always such a chore to get down... maybe he should install an elevator or something.
He suddenly felt a psychic wave. One of the others wanted to talk. He made some blood appear in his hand and he then threw it into the space in front of him. It formed a sort-of screen and he could see Slaanesh.
“Khorne, Khorne, Khorne!!!”
“Calm down, geez! Now, what's up?”
“Tzeentchey has something to show us! Nurgley is already there! Could you pick me up?”
“Uhhhh.... sure. See ya soon.”
“Okay, teehee.”
The screen disappeared and he mumbled:
“Why does she need picking up? I know I have to go through her territory to get to Tzeentch, but she has her own ride. Wait, that's right... she's weird.”
Khorne stood up, started walking downwards... and tripped.
He rolled down the mountain of skulls and other kinds of bones, which were obviously misplaced, but removing them would cause the whole thing to collapse. And that would not be cool. After ten minutes, he reached the bottom. His back hurt. A LOT.
He slowly made his way to the bowels of his fortress, where his steed was. By species, it was a Juggernaut. But it was nearly ten times as big, dwarfing even Bloodthirsters. Even Khorne himself sometimes had difficulty getting on the stupid thing. But damn, it was badass. It also had space for two.
He sat upon it and commanded:
The beast listened to its master and ran at full speed, ignoring the closed gate in front of it. Doolb, the gate master of a Bloodthirster, muttered in sorrow:
“That's the fifth time in two days.”


The mighty beast traversed the land with its godly rider. Flames ignited beneath its feet and any daemons who did not step out of its path were mercilessly crushed. Badass to the max, just how Khorne liked it.
Then, a high wall came into view. The warpal walls were the things which kept the different realms of the goods apart, along with the gods' respective daemons. Between these walls... well, no one knew what was between them, except the gods themselves and they didn't like talking about it. And they were different, depending on whose side they were. Khorne's walls, for example, were painted bright red, if it was blood or paint, no one knew, and lined with gold, along with the random spray-paints like 'Blood for the blood god!' and 'Khorne rules!'.
He reached a gatehouse, which was half khornate, half slaaneshi. A Bloodthirster and a Keeper of Secrets were playing a game of Warpal battle cards.
Khorne shouted:
“Hey! Let me through!”
The two looked at him and immediately went to work. The gate of warpal metal soon opened and he entered the realm of Slaanesh. Her walls were purple, with hints of black here and there and... interesting markings on them.
The Juggernaut sped up and they were in front of her citadel in no time.
Khorne pushed a button and an impulse was sent to the steed's brain. The Juggernaut roared.


Slaanesh was in her quarters, brushing her hair. Then came a mighty roar. And she knew such roars could only be made by Khorne's little beasties. She swiftly walked to her window and looked outside. Way below, she saw the Blood God, I all of his glory. And she waved at him.
“Hey Khorne!”
He yelled back:
“Hi! Are you coming or what?”
“Okay! Catch!”
“What... ARE YOU DOING?!”
She leaned out of the window and then jumped out. Khorne acted by instinct. He first jumped onto a wall nearby and then as high as he could and caught her in mid-air. He then landed on the ground, goddess in his arms.
“You're insane.”
“Yeah... but I've got a knight in bloody armour!”
Then, with uncanny speed, she lifted his helmet, gave him a kiss on the cheek, put the helmet back on and jumped out of his arms.
Khorne just stood there for a moment, shocked. He then shook his head and watched a scene he never even imagined.
“What a cute little puppy!!”
How did she know the Juggernaut was just two months old?
She raised a hand and something appeared in it. The Juggernaut sniffed and then seemed intrigued.
“Oh, you want the Scooby snack? Well, then, sit!” the beast sat so vehemently, that the ground shook and Khorne almost fell, “good boy! Here ya go!”
She threw the snack to the beasty and it nommed the cookie mercilessly.
“I'm seeing things, this is a dream.”
“Can I call him Fluffy? PLEASE!!!”
Fluffy looked pleased with the new name. Somehow, he just couldn't say no
“Okay, okay! He's Fluffy!”
“Thanks! You're the best!”
He didn't know what to say to that, so he got on Fluffy and helped Slaanesh up. She caught him around the waist and he simply screamed.
“GO... Fluffy!”
The puppy roared again and they were off.

From somewhere above, two Daemonettes watched.
“They look so cute together!”


Tzeentch and Nurgle were watching the spectacle through the Changer's orb. Suddenly, the door was torn out of its hinges. Khorne let Slaanesh go in first and then entered himself.
“Hey, Tzeentchey!”
“Yeah, hi, feather brain.”
One of his avian heads looked at them.
“Ah, you're here! Excellent! Our boys are fighting the very orks who humiliated us before! And they're winning! LOOK!!!”
He pointed with five of his hands and their gazes were fixed on the orb.


The orks were outnumbered and losing. But one Tau wasn't gonna let that happen.
“Throw me that missile launcher!”
The other one listened and threw it to Eimmoc, who then climbed onto the rocks, aimed and shot.

The rocket flew towards its target, a large ork assaulted from two directions. Nebulon noticed it and his eyes grew wide. Nagosh used the oportunity and threw m and then jumped away. Sangus just watched the approaching missile.
“Juuust great.”
It exploded near him and the explosion sent him straight at Morbus and the two collided. Muskit had the time of his life laughing.

And Nebulon now looked at a charging Nagosh.
“Uh oh.”
He too was sent flying. But towards Rakul.
“Uh oh.”
When Rakul got Nebulon off him, two orks were in his view. A warboss and a flashgit. They was ready to battle again, as were he and Nebulon. But suddenly, he heard a crack. He was sure the others did, too. It came from below.
“Wot wos dat, flashgit Gobroz?”
“I'z dun't know...”
Cracks appeared beneath their feet and the ground itself soon broke into pieces and they fell into darkness.
“Boss, Gobroz!”
“Not delicious!”

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Chapta' 4 - Unda'groundzez

The hole was deep. Very deep. So deep, in fact, that its epic deepness made the entry hole seem like a mere blip.
First to hit the ground was Drakk. Thanks to the grot's flexible bones, he only had bruises. Gobroz landed next to him... and Nagosh landed on both with a deafening crash.
“Sorry, flashgit Gobroz.”
“My... brainzez are comin' outta' my noze.”
“Oh... sorry, Drakk.”
The last to fall was an armoured sorcerer. Rakul shook his head, stood up, dusted off his armour, did a victory pose on the 'hill' and commented:
“Thank you for cusioning my fall, ork.”
“Uhhh... don't mentian it.”

Nebulon came soon after, using his axe to slow down his fall. He landed gently on the ground and looked at the rest.
The orks got up and looked around. They stood in some sore of corridor. One path had been blocked by a rock slide and the other led into darkness.
“Well, it seems you're going to have a lot of fun down here. Nebulon, would you be so kind?”
“Of course, master. See ya, boys!”
Nebulon raised his arm and... nothing happened. No purple cloud or disappearing, no nothing. The two stood there awkwardly.

Nagosh grinned.
“Oy, dat didn't work, eh?”
Rakul was annoyed.
“Grrrrrr. Something down here is blocking Warp energies. And that cannot be good.”
Gobroz' voice brought wisdom again, even if it was brought along with incorrect grammar:
“Oy, we'z shud work togeda'. Well, atleest 'till we'z get outta' 'ere.”
“An ork that shows intelligence. Interesting. What do you think, master?”
“Hmph. It doesn't look like we have a choice in this matter. Lead the way.”
And the group started moving, orks first.


They walked through the, at best, dimly lit corridors, silent. There wasn't really much to chat about and if they spoke... who knows what horrors they could attract.
After a while, they entered what seemed seemed to be a massive cave. Green orbs lit a path and they followed it, still in silence. It soon led them to a wide chasm, It was incredibly long, continuing far into the darkness.
Gobroz broke the silence:
“Now wot?”
“If I still had my teleporting powers, it would be easy. But...”
“Hmmm... Maybe there is some sort of switch or button on the other side?”
“Cud be. But how are we'z gunna get thar an' press it, flashgit Gobroz?”
Why did the boss always expect him to have an answer? Oh, right... smartboy.
“Dunno, boss.”

The group stood there for a while... and Rakul then looked at Drakk. The sorcerer then nudged Nagosh.
“Wot?” Rakul pointed at the grot, ”oooooh! But who?”
This time, Nebulon was the one who grinned.
“I'll do it.”
Before Drakk knew what was happening, Nebulon caught him and held the grot like a javelin. The daemon then threw Drakk with all his might.

The gretchin flew through the air, limbs firmly together. He neatly passed over the chasm and then hit the ground, long nose first. He got up and looked around.
“Drakk! Find sum buttuny bit an' klik it!”
“Got it, boss!”
He spotted something akin to a small pedestal and walked over to it. A big green 'buttuny bit' was in front of him. He pressed it.

With a terrible racket, a bridge made out of a strange black metal appeared. The orcs and two chaos boys crossed over it.
“Gud job, Drakk.”
“Fankz, Gobroz.”
Another passageway was in sight, so they followed it.


On the surface, a peculiar case of organised chaos was going on. Fire warriors, guardsmen, heretical marines all kept running here and there, carrying supplies. It was strange what a crisis could do to enemies.

Carito was talking to a group of possessed:
“Whaddaya mean, your tentacle-arms ain't long enough to reach the bottom! I want you to make a rope!”
“Graaaaaarrggh! Hragaraaaaa!”
“Oh... not delicious.”

Not too far:
“Maybe we could use sssssome crane from you guardiessssss.”
“I'm afraid no crane has a long-enough reach for a hole of this epic deepness.”

“Can't we just dig our way down there? That would be smashing fun.”
“That would take weeks, even with the most advanced of the earth caste's technologies. The minerals in the mountains here are extremely durable.”
“Damnit! We have to get Rakul, Nebulon and the stupid orks outta' there somehow!”

At the very edge of the hole sat Mithara. Her gaze was fixed downwards.


The corridor yet again passed into a cave. But in this one, only the path could be seen, so they followed it still.
But soon, the sound of rapid footsteps reached their ears. They looked around, expecting something to come out of the darkness. But instead, a small spider sneaked beneath their legs. Only Drakk noticed it.
“Boss, look!”
All of them did. The small machine had several pieces of gadgetry, all resembling eyes. A spy. It wandered off into the dark.
“I see you haaaave arrived.”
On the path ahead of them, two glowing green eyes appeared. The creature then stepped into the light.
Skeletal and awe-inspiring, to say the least. It was almost fully golden, save for the green mini-reactor in its chest, even though the metal it was made of was obviously something far more alien, since green energy coursed through it. A blue cape was on its back The scepter it held was adorned with glowing razor-sharp blades and part of it was a tube with gren energy flickering here and there.

Nagosh knew what that was, as did the rest.
“Necron... I should have known.”
“Perhaaaps you should haaave, Rakul Manek. But now, it is too late to withdraaaw. Now... would you like to look around?”
Rakul seemed kinda uneasy about it knowing its name.
The question caught all of them off-guard. Gobroz spoke:
“Waddaya meen?”
“I aaaasked if you waaaanted to look around, ork flaaashgit Gobroz. I think this plaaaace is quite nice, but I need another oppinion.”
“What kind of trick is this?!”
“No trick, Nebulon, bloodletter of Khorne. My eyes and eaaaars are everywhere,” seemingly to illustrate its point, several of the spider-spies appeared, “I know aaaall.”
“I'z still dun't know why you'z wud want us ta check out dis place.”
“Well... I aaaaam lonely down here, waaarboss Nagosh Ubzug.”
“Yes, lonely! I woke up from my imprisoning slumber two centuries ago... and none of my brethren did the same.”
The Necron lord raised his staff and green orbs appeared all around them... showing sarcophagi-like objects.
“Okay... we'z outnumba'd.”
“Boss obviuz strikez back. Wait, how comez you'z can talk? And who are ya?”
“Well... I caaall myself Tartaro. I never was a very obedient lord, you see.”
Rakul raised an eyebrow under his helmet. How come he could say the 'A' in names normally?
“What do you mean? You killed too much?”
“That doesn't make sense, master.”
“No, no, no! My kill-count waaaas fine. At first, anyway. But I started thinking... which should haaave been impossible.” without warning, the lord started moving along the path and they followed, “I staaarted doubting my purpose... and the purpose of my brethren. After aaall, the living weren't all baaad. Like butterflies for exaaample. Butterflies aaare cute... aaanyway, I started slaaacking off, you could say. Stopped killing everything. I alwaaaays left a few living beings after my purificaaaations. Especially butterflies and some plaaaants.”
“And your Stargods got angry, I presume?”
“Well, yes. Aaand they then locked me, along with the rest of my brethren, down here. We were the first to be sealed, in faaact.”
“An' ya woke up?”
“Yes. Aaand I have been waaalking here and there for centuries, waiting for the rest.”
“Dat'z not cul.”

During this conversation, Drakk spotted another pedestal, with a red 'buttuny bit' this time.
“Uhhh, wot'z dis do?”
Tartaro turned his mechanical head to the grot.
“Hmmm... I never noticed thaaat one.”
Gobroz was amused:
“You'z didn't noteic it... in centureez?”
“My opticaaal receptors aaare not aaas good aaas they used to be. Click it.”
And Drakk did so.
The panel flashed and ancient machinery started working. Raw energy was directed into the sarcophagi and their inhabitants started waking up. Their double-lids shot open and Necrons like no others emerged.
By looks, the automatons were like armoured humans. Helmet like heads, resembling those found on Imperial Stormtroopers, with a green line of an eye. Their feet resembled boots, their body had decorations on it. And their gauss flayers were compressed to the size of a large lasrifle.
“They live! THEY LIIIIIVE! My brethren! I'll haave to thank you more properly laaater.”

The group was surprised, to say the least.
“Oy, deze ain't skeletun boyz!”
“Not aaanymore, waaarboss. I... upgraaaded them, you could saaay.”
“The C'Tan I served was the master of technology. The Void Dragon.”
“Which is rumoured to be on Mars...” muttered Rakul to himself.
“Since I knew how to reshaaape them, I did. Took me a century, but the results are worth it. And these are my new Shockwarriors.”
“What an original name...”
“Ummm... I wouldn't mock them right now, master.”
Nebulon already counted a hundred at least. And more were coming to life by the minute.
“Wait... why didn't ya upgreid yerself.”
“Well, Nagosh... I did not haaave the testicles for it... literaaally.”

Gobroz was getting nervous.
“Okay... so, you'z got yourz frendz bak... can we'z go now?”
“Go? Where would you waaant to go?”
“To the surface. By the fastest route.”
“I aaam afraaaid thaaat won't be possible. You see, while I have my brethren... I aaam not much of an AI prograaammer... they aaare still stupid.”
“And what does that have to do with us?”
“You aaare going to keep me compaaany.”

Rakul wanted to protest... but the warriors readied their gauss flayers, so he stayed silent.
Nagosh, however, did protest:
“Oy! I'z ain't gunna stay 'ere an' make companey fer sum bag o' irony bonez!”
“Aaand whaat caan you do about it?”
The big ork grinned.
“We'z challinge ya to a battle!”
The others replied with a 'What?!' or 'Wot?!'.
“Yeh. Youz and four of yer boyz, agenzt us. You'z can pick da eventy bit. If we'z win, you'z gunna show us a wey outta 'ere. If youz win, we'll stay 'ere.”

Tartaro was silent for a second, but then his eyes flashed.
“So be it. Follow me.”
They followed Tartaro and four of his warriors, which the lord had somehow picked.

After a minute or two, they reached a small round room. Nagosh looked around. There wasn't much in there.
“Oy, dere ain't much roomzez fer fightin' 'ere.”
“Who said we were gonna fight?”
“I choose the event... and today... we're going to boogy!”
The floor started flashing in random colours and a disco ball appeared above them. The Necrons seemed ready.
The heroes seemed utterly confused.
“You've got to be kidding me...”
“He looks serious, master.”
“I aaam. Three rounds.”
“I am not going to do nonsense like this!” Rakul sat down on the cold ground.
“But master...”
“No, Nebulon. Not today.”

Tartaro's voice hinted amusement:
“In thaaat caaase, let me intrpoduce you to the judges. Do not worry, they will judge faaairly.”
Four spy-spiders crawled upon soledges above them, watching.
“Yeeeeeeeh, right...”
“Foolish waaarboss. We Necrons haaave our pride! In aaany caaase, let's get this staaarted!”

Tartaro was always the first to move and the others mimicked him.
The lord first made motions with his metallic fingers, resembling circles. He then rotated his upper half and then shot a ray of green lightning into the ceiling, the warriors shot their flayers instead. And he finished the whole debacle with another spin of the torso, this time the other way. The lord then pointed at them, as if challenging them.

“Dis ain't gunna end well...”
“Jus' try, boss. Youz too, Drakk.”
“Right.” said both.
Nagosh started flailing his arms around randomly. Drakk did the same. Gobroz facepalmed.

“Heheheheheh. Let us look aaat the results. First, us.”
The spiders lifted these numbers: nine, nine, nine and... six? Nope, that was just turned upside down.
“And now uz...” the orks got: three, two, one and one.
“First round is ours! One more to go!”
Tartaro's confidence was starting to annoy Nebulon.
“No, Nebulon.”
“Fine, if ya want to rot here, I don't care. I'm helping the orks.”
The daemon stood up and was now with Nagosh and the rest.


“Reaaady for round two, fools?”
“Bring it.”
“K-k-k-kombo breaka'!”
“Fine! Just waaatch this!”

And the 'Crons were at it again. Tartaro this time made slow, jerky movements with his body parts. To the left, to the right, to the ground. He was like some sorta' bugged machine. And since the five behind him copied, it was quite impressive. This time, he finished it with a lightning blast. And again pointed.

“Okay, no silly random stuff this time. Try to have a system!”

Nagosh made slashed with his choppa in all directions and then screamed:
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!!!” the caverns shook a bit.
Drakk stood on one of his handsk stood on one of his hands and did all sorts of moves with his legs and other arm.
Gobroz kept turning right round, baby, round, round, round, round
And then came Nebulon. The daemon rotated his axe in every direction and in every position.

But even these efforts combined could not bring victory... and he knew it.
“Make way for a sorcerer!”
Rakul stood up and ran next to Nebulon.
“Thank you, master.”
“I just couldn't let you have all the fun!”

Small warpal flames appeared in his hands and he moved them in a circle, like Tartaro in round one. But after that, he added another small circle and a few movements... and in the air, a flaming mark of Tzeentch floated and then disappeared.

“Hmph! Not baaad. Let's see whaaat the judges thought. Necrons.” the spiders again raised their pieces of paper. Nine, nine, nine and... eight. With a sign of 'Robot dance joke was not funny'. Tartaro wanted to frown.

“And now the winning side!”
When the first spider showed a nine, they rejoiced. A second and third nine brought them utter joy. And the last one made them just scream 'W00T!'.
The lord was just mad now.
“Grrrr.... do not gloaaat yet! One more round!”
“Winna' teiks all!”
“Yeh, boss.”
Somehow, Drakk was already afraid.
“Bring it!”
“What Nebulon said!”

Tartaro said nothing more and merely started.
This time, the warriors did their own little robotic choreography, while their lord clasped his metallic hands together. An orb of energy appeared in them and a green mist soon filled the room. Tartaro then powered up the disco ball above and it sparkled all around. The lord then did an improvised moonwalk, followed a twenty second long spin. And this time, he finished it epicly. By somehow throwing away his cape and letting green lightnin g fill the room in a display of utter epicness and awesomesauce.

The heroes were amazed, but not discouraged. Nebulon called everyone closer and then whispered his 'battle plan' to them.
“I'z like dat!”
“Yeh, wot da boss sed!”
“Won't it be dangeruz?”
“No, Nebulon knows what he's doing... right?”
“Of course! Let's get luggin'!”
“My wordz exaktly! Let'z show 'em!”

They stood again next to each other. All were grinning, even though Rakul's grin was hidden by the sorcerer's helmet.
“Thaaat can't be good.”

Nagosh started yet again:
“Ya bet it can't! Cuz da orkz is comin'!” he stomped his feet in a rhytm, “cuz we'z gunna shoot, stomp, chomp and smash! We'z da new WAAAAAAAGHHHHHH!!!!!”
He also slashed with his choppa and released a hailstorm of bullets from his arm-shoota.
Drakk did some mad break dancing... somehow.
Gobroz... pointed to the left... then to the right and finally to the sky, Elvis style. Epicness.
Rakul and Nebulon had a sorcerous show of flame and doombolts. Coolsville.
And then came the grand finale!
Nebulon leapt on top of Nagosh's shoulders. Rakul wall-jumped on top of Nebulon's. Gobroz jumped and was pulled up with Nebulon's help and Drakk... was thrown upward by Nagosh, hitting his head on the ceiling in the process. And so they stood, a tower of heroes.
And then they jumped down, one by one.

“Hmmm... I aaadmit, thaat waaas not haaalf baaad. But you shaaall still lose.”
“We will see.”
“Indeed, sorcerer. Results, pronto!”
Necrons got... ten, ten, ten and ten.
Tartaro already saw their defeat. He could feel it in the necromantel of his body... and then came their points. Four of the same number. Higher than nine. All four were... elevens.

Tartaro's jaw would have fallen to the floor, if it wasn't firmly attached. The five started jumping in victory. When their little celebration ended, Nagosh spoke:
“Hahahahaaaah! We'z win! Now, youz gunna teik us to da surfeic!”
“Ohhhhh.... fine... and I'll stay here for eternity... alone.“
They all suddenly felt sad about the skeleton's situation... the poor guy only wanted friends. And Rakul spoke, wisdom with him:
“Well, there isn't reallky anything, that would keep you from emerging on the surface, is there?”
After this, the lord's eyes flashed.


The (inevitably failing) rescue plans were still under way, when part of the mountain near them collapsed. And from it, a metallic force before unseen rushed forward, seemingly ready to destroy all in their path.
The forces outside readied their minimal forces... when there came the roar of a certain ork. And out from the entrance came Three orks, a Necron lord a sorcerer and a Bloodletter champion could be seen among the supposed Necrons.
Nagosh waved over to a certain command post, along with Rakul. Three Chaos lords, a Tau commander and a bald human were more than surprised.

But one creature of the whole lot didn't give a damn about the whole Necron army. That creature, was a daemonette by the name of Mithara.
She ran straight for him, knocking away any warrior slow enough to not dodge in time. Unfortunately... warboss Nagosh Ubzug was also in her way. And somehow, she effortlessly picked the ork up and threw him in a certain direction, where he impacted a Tau battlesuit.

She then threw her arms around her knight in black fur. He looked downwards, she looked upwards. A tear was in her eye.
“Don't you ever... EVER... scare me like that again, Nebyyyy!”
“I won't, my little cutie, I won't.”
The rest watched the romantic scene. Gobroz and Rakul let out tears of manliness.

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