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Default From the Ashes

A little something I came up with during the flight home. If it's responded too well I'll continue it.


SHIPCOM Signature- ADY-243
Message Transmitting
All Ship+ in R+nge thi+ is Royal Sovereign ma+day, rep+at mayday. Some+ne, an+one, please res+ond. Out.

Captain Justin "Jay" Archer looked up from the console.

"Hit it." he said simply. The NAVCOM officer nodded and tapped a button. Sixteen hundred feet to stern, the Navigator closed her eyes, and the ship tore it's way into the warp.

"ETA sixteen seconds." said the NAVCOM. "Short jump."

Archer nodded. "Gun crews to stations, damage crews to braces. All hands to repel boarders, rig for close-in fighting."

"Aye, sir."

The Pheonix exited the warp at a slow burn, pulling it's massive bulk from the Warp.

"Sir, I've isolated approach vectors, four Ork Kroozer-class groups, make it one capital ship per group. We've got about twenty seconds."

"Ready Accelerator." ordered Archer.

"One's at 97%, the other got EMP'd by the jump. It's down and charging."


A single slug, the size of a small frieghter, impacted the leading vessel, a crude approximation of a cruiser. The ship imploded, vomiting debris into the void. The other vessels turned from the burning Royal Sovereign, taking up positions to fire.

"Bring us in close. Alert condition one, ready triage stations. Arm all broadside cannon and close-in defense. Prep to launch fighters."

"Aye aye, sir."

A klaxxon sounded. The Phoenix turned, no mean feat for a ship it's size. The vessel was nearly twice the size of even the largest Kill Kroozer or even the Imperator-class battleships, built for massive recolonization in the wake of the Heresy.

One hundred and twenty broadside guns fired from it's starboard side, raking the ships still firing. A dozen small shells impacted the Phoenix, sending blue flashes across it's hull as the shields held.

"Bring us around, get me Engineering."

The overhead whined.

"Captain, Engineering here."

"Howie, give me 150% please." said Archer.

"Aye, captain." replied the Chief Engineer.

The ship lurched forward, sending two dozen more shots far to her rear as the Orks missed.

"Hail the Royal Sovereign. Get me her captain."

The ship's comms crackled.

"This is Welard Knight, of the Royal Sovereign. Who am I speaking to?"

"Justin Archer, Phoenix. Get your shit together. I'm taking fire."

The Royal Sovereign crept forward, it's engines fluctuating. Another Ork ship detonated as the Phoenix's gunners found their mark.

"Accelerator Two ready, sir." said the GUNCOM officer.

"Fire." ordered Archer.

The shell passed through the first ship and struck the Ork Kill Kroozer in the stern, detonating it's fusion coil. Immolated pieces shredded the rest of the Ork ships, sending them tumbling away.

"Confirm, all contacts splashed." said the modar officer.

"Bring us to condition 5. Gun crews stand down. Bring us to 75% ahead, please."

The comms crackled, and Knight appeared on the screen in front of Archer.

"Thanks for the assist, Phoenix. I thought I'd toasted my last victory. What FLEETCOM are you with?"

"Segmentum Obscurus Auxiliary." replied Archer. "And you're welcome."

The comm went dead.

"How'd we do?" Archer asked his XO. The man, Daniel Presly, was as much the commander of the massive vessel as Archer was. Presly smiled and held up a dataslate.

"Only two casualties, neither serious. One misfire on gun 27, the other was caught in a shield flare. Minor damage to the starboard gun decks from shield fluctuations."

Archer nodded.

"Captain!" yelled the comms officer. "We've got a distress call coming in! The fleet's been hit en route to Cadia! One transport's already gone up!"

"Alright." said Archer. "Seal her up and prepare to jump."

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring
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excellent work as normal Dirge, cant wait to see more!

on a side note, is that some Mando I spot in your sig?

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
My fluff so far, plz read and give feed back

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It's true, at'ika. I had lots of time over in the Sandbox, so I brushed up on my Mando'a.

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring
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welcome back Dirge... Nice work!...
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jebus this is good!!!!...... your descriptions of space battles are like none other, not even in published works! continue this or ill suffer a mental breakdown....
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Thanks everybody. It's nice to be back.

Archer stepped down the short staircase leading to The Corridor, a massive maintenance shaft that ran the length of Pheonix. Most of the auxiliary crew and arms men lived in the spaces around it, and had set up shantytowns along the sides. A well-ordered pile of metal sheeting stood near the entrance, a sign reading Eddie's over the door. Archer walked inside, pleased at their latest victory. He had the ship's corps of painters and repairmen add another four kill marks to Phoenix's roll of honor.

"Cap'n." said Eddie, leaning heavily on the bar. He had an augmetic arm that hissed and whirred as it cleaned a glass. Eddie had been a gunner until the day the gun took his arm off at the elbow during a misfire. He had taken the shell casing from the shot that injured him and hung it above the bar. He slid an ale across the bar.

"I heard the engines. Where're we off to now?"

Archer sipped the drink. "Cadia, apparently. Seems Abbadon's finally tired of waiting around. They're already calling it the 13th Black Crusade."

Eddie laughed. "I can't see it, sir. Abbadon got his arse handed to him durin' the Gothic War. No way'n the warp he's comin' back for more."

Archer shrugged. "Well, if he is, this old girl can take whatever he'll throw out from the Gate."

He patted the wall, feeling the reassuring thrum of Phoenix's engines. Eddie nodded.

"That she will." he said.

A dozen crewmen walked into Eddie's, in various uniforms. The leading man sat next to Archer.

"Captain, my wings are a little miffed we didn't get a piece of those greenies." said Sam Dawson, the leader of the Thunderbolt wings.

Archer smiled. "Blame the gun crews, Sam."

The flight leader chuckled and accepted the ale Eddie handed him. The bartender didn't actually charge anything for his ales, at least not to the crew. At one point Phoenix had evacuated the colony world of Saskatch, and the colonists had complained to Archer about the exorbitant prices.

Dawson yawned widely, showing the dozen patches on the back of his coat. Eleven were theaters of battle, from the Cadian Gate to Armageddon. The last one was a single round patch that read ADY-243 Pheonix, the ship's patch.

"I know the feeling." said Archer, nodding at the yawn. "Might want to get some sleep. We'll be in-system in twelve hours."

"I hate sleepin' in the warp." remarked Eddie. "Gives me nightmares."

Dawson nodded gravely.

"Well, I better get down to R&D before we get into Cadia. Make sure Zeltis hasn't managed to summon a demon or something."

Archer set the empty mug down and left Eddie's Pub, walking down The Corridor to a freight elevator. He nudged past a pallet of shells and nodded to the loadmaster.

"Bottom floor, my good man." he said.

The elevator deposited Archer at the very bottom of Phoenix's hull, onto a glass-floored observation deck laden with technologies and random bits of flotsam. The glass floor was covered in heavy metal blast shields for the trip through the warp, and Doctor Andrew Zeltis sat fast asleep in a desk chair in the center of the room, next to a massive toolbench.

"Doctor." said Archer lightly. Zeltis woke with a start and grabbed Archer by the collar.

"Don't wake me up!" he said in a high-pitched voice, almost a whistle.

Archer smiled and pried the man's hand from his uniform. "Just came down to make sure you're not blowing us all up."

Zeltis thought about it for a moment, and then pulled a heavy set of magnifying goggles from the table and grabbed a pyramid-shaped object with a fat red button on the side.

"I made this last night, in my sleep." he said, cackling. "I put a button on it. I wish to press it, but I'm not sure what will happen if I do, no. I used Quadrium, very unstable!"

Archer flinched. "Well, try to resist the urge."

"Erica!" yelled Zeltis, tossing the device into a metal wastebasket.

A young woman exited the room leading into the lab, carrying a stack of papers.

"Yes, Dr. Zeltis?" she asked.

"Did you find the report on Quantum science yet?" he asked.

"No, Doctor. But I did get your lunch." she said. She handed Zeltis a sandwich.

"Peanut butter, anchovies and marinara, sir?" asked the doctor, holding the food out to Archer.

"Um. I couldn't." said Archer. "Well, if you're good down here, I'll take my leave."

He took the pyramid shaped device from the trash, and walked back to the elevator.

"Toss this out the airlock." he said the arms man guarding the door. The man nodded and set it in the heavy room.

Unknown to all, as the device flew out of the Phoenix in a hiss of compressed air, the button struck a spar on the ship's hull. A ghastly charge built around the device, and it vanished in an explosion of warp energy.

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring

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It's actually starting to get kind of boring here at home. I don't have anything to do! Maybe paint the kitchen or something tomorrow. I'm serious. I'm about to go out and split some wigs.

[Unknown contact, jumped in just outside the killbox.]

[Get me name and designation, ASAP.]

[Uhh...Defender-class, sir. Colony ship.]


[Coming to bear, I see an Imperial FOF tag, sir. ADY-243, out of Amialdis.]

[Thank the Emperor! Hail them, get them onto the far port side, the Cobras are taking a hammering.]

[Aye aye, sir.]

Captain Archer put the SHIPCOM headset down, stepping back to his command chair.

Ten thousand souls. That was his crew. Lived or died, by HIS choices. He took a deep breath, and sat down, bringing up the TACNAV display. Dozens of red and green contacts swarmed above Cadia, a single yellow NAV marker showing a massive orbital defense platform in the center of the melee.

"We're being hailed. Patching it through."

Archer leaned forward as a grizzled man appeared on screen.

"ADY-243, this is Cadia Up. You're just in time."

Archer nodded. "Our pleasure. Orders?"

"Take the port side of the station, Captain."

Archer nodded to the helmsman, who swung Phoenix around the orbital dock.

"Bring us to alert one, flood the gun decks, and give me all ahead full. Link up with the Cobras."

"Aye, Captain."

Six Cobra-class Destroyers fought bitterly against two Despoiler battleships guarding a single Murder-class cruiser in low orbit. As Archer watched, one of the Cobras lit up and detonated, debris raining into the atmosphere.

"Come to new heading, two-zero-four, all ahead full. Ready Accelerator."

"Two-zero-four, aye sir."

The Mass Driver shell impacted the first Despoiler in the far stern, coming up underneath and gutting the Engineering section of the ship. The Cobras saw the weakness and fired their engines, cutting into the ship with well-aimed volleys. A second Destroyer was obliterated as the Despoiler's gunners tore it open, and the Phoenix's lances detonated it's ammo magazines and blew it into spinning fragments.

"Brace for debris." said the modar op. Archer felt small thumps as massive chunks of armor pinged off Phoenix's forward shields.

"What's that cruiser doing?" he asked. The op shook her head.

"I don't know sir."

"Captain! Torpedo teams reporting readiness."

"Fire all tubes, spread at fifty meters, long fuses."


Sixteen massive anti-ship missiles speared from Phoenix's bow. The Despoiler turned into the missiles and opened fire with it's lances, destroying eight of them. The close-in defenses killed another two, but the remainder smashed into it's prow and detonated, turning the front of the ship to flaming wreckage. It spun wildly, thrusters trying to correct the spin, and a Mass Driver slug blew it apart.

The Murder-class fired, turning a Cobra to slag in an instant.

"Holy Imperator." said Archer. "What in the name of god was that?"

"Unknown, sir. Energy weapon of some kind."


Torpedoes and smart slugs flew towards the ship, and suddenly as they neared their target, the rockets spun off course.

"Damn. They've got countermeasures, sir."

"Are they engaged in ground activity, lieutenant?"

"Looks like, sir. I'm picking up a signal from the ground."

Archer bit his lip.

Ten thousand souls.

"Howie, give me 175% on the engines." he said into the SHIPCOM.

"Sir, that'll only give us twenty seconds." said the Engineer.

"I know. 175, please."

"Your funeral, sir."

The COM went dead. Archer turned to the weapons con.

"What're the Drivers doing?"

"Down and charging. Those counters are messing with the magnets."

Archer felt the ship begin to lurch forward as the engines shifted into overdrive.

"Run them over, lieutenant."

The helmsman made the sign of the Aquila, and steered directly toward the Murder-class. Slugs and rockets impacted the forward shields, making Archer grip the armrests of his chair.

Phoenix hit the Murder-class at high burn, smashing into the port side. The ship was pulped, crushed, and shredded by Phoenix's blunt nose. The two shorn halves of the chaos cruiser fell into the atmosphere.

"We've got a transmission, sir." said the COMM op.


"The planet. It's a Chaos code, sir."

"Hold steady, fire holding thrusters."

The ship soaked up the Chaos transmission, feeding it into a single dataspike built into Andrew Zeltis' dataslate deep in the ship's hull. The doctor looked in barely suppressed glee as he began to decipher the code, humming a cheery tune under his breath.

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring
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awesome work dirge, more!
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i like the doctor just the right kind of crazy
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