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Default Shadow of Dawn


Since I left the ending of Unending ambiguous, (hence the name, folks), I've decided to start completely anew, with a host of new characters, though as all my stories are connected, there will be references to old ones. The Shadow of Dawn will feature prominently, as will her crew, whom I've always pictured as a bit shabby and disheveled. Note the year is still 230.M42, about a thousand four hundred years before the Altair stories end, and about six hundred before they begin. That clearing up any confusion, hopefully, although you can still PM me with any questions pertaining to the Shadow, her crew, or anything else that seems a

Well, now that the BORING reading is over with, onto the first chapter of what I hope will be a well-recieved story!


1. New Fenix
2. Salvage
3. Deus Ex Machina
5. E.R.I.N.
5. Zero to Sixty
6. Three to One
7. Discoveries
8. The First Horseman
9. Discoveries Two
10. Arc
11.The Second Horseman



James Marr, Imperial Navy pilot, was drunk.

He reached for a small bowl of nuts, but only managed to knock the dish over.

The bartender watched in horrified fascination as Marr pointed at his empty glass with a pleading look on his face. The man shook his head quickly.

"No way, man. You're already stone-drunk. I'm not givin' you nothin' til' you pay for the drinks, man."

Marr fished a handful of credits out of his pocket and dumped them on the table.

The bartender looked at him, then took two of the higher value chips and pushed the rest back toward James. Marr blinked a few times, then placed the chips into his coat.

"Hey, man. You don't look too good.."

Marr was passed out before he hit the ground.

Valin Redic was a man of ships.

His father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather, had all been captain of the Ever Watchful, a Dauntless frigate that had served in the Gothic War.

So, with his disgust, he had jumped ship as soon as he turned 25.

He had wandered around the Western Fringe until he had found New Fenix.

New Fenix was not new, despite the name. It was a drifter colony, one of many massive space stations that populated the Fringe. It was almost like a city, albeit one totally enclosed, and made of ship hulks. New Fenix was large enough to not seem so opressive and locked, however. He didn't like the drifter's life. He didn't like it a bit too much, it would seem.

And that was how Valin Redic had come to be in a small cell with an unconcious man who smelled strongly of liquor.

An enforcer had called the man Marr. Redic's eyes began to water from the smell of booze and bac-sticks.


Redic was dumped with the now-sober James Marr on the deck outside the Enforcer's office.

"Damn it all, man. What the hell did you do? Bathe in cheap drinks?"

Marr snorted. "Pretty much. I've been trying to get off this station for weeks."

Valin cocked an eyebrow. "Why haven't you?"

"Because I'm not technically resident, so I don't get a pick in the lottery."

Redic nodded. The Lottery was held every six weeks or so, depending on what New Fenix picked up from the scrap fields and hulks found throughout the Fringe. Sometimes something incredibly valuable or rare would turn up, and it would be sold to the Fringe Worlds at a ridiculous price. The less valuable things were given in the lottery. It was a simple plan, really. Each citizen had one chit. Each chit could be used to "buy" one thing at the Lottery drawing. If more then one citizen wanted the same thing, they would raffle it among the conflicted.

Redic pointed at a faded poster. Resources such as paper were hard to come by on Fenix, so most of the announcements were made on sheet metal and riveted to the walls.

"Lottery's tomorrow, mate. We got a good haul from the Perseus Veil last week. You can come with me. Sometimes they find a shuttle or something. We can use it to get off of this floating scrapheap."

Marr grinned. "Thank you. I suppose we haven't been properly introduced. Name's Marr. James Marr. My friends call me Joker."

Redic shook his hand. "Valin Redic. Haven't got any friends to call me anything."


The Lottery was a madhouse. Located in one of the central plazas on New Fenix, most of the city-ship's vendors were paid by the government to sell the drift junk they picked up for a day. Mostly just to get rid of the trash.

Marr and Redic walked through the Lottery's many booths and stalls, looking for a shuttle's starter card, or even a ship itself. New Fenix's vendors usually squeezed the smaller ones between the shops.

Redic was looking through a pile of broken electronics when Marr inhaled sharply.

He looked over to find Marr biting his fist, with a large metal box in one hand. The Imperial Aquilla was stamped on the side.

Redic cocked his head. "What's that?"

Marr looked around, then whispered, "It's the survivor's box for a Pheonix! A frakking ship! A real ship!"

Redic suddenly realized the gravity of the situation. The survivor's box was usually jettisoned by a ship when the ship's drives were disabled. It contained a starter card, the codes for the ship, a locator beacon, and the AI interface, if the ship had one. Most were stolen from the Tau, or the more...technologically sound races.

Marr and Redic turned their backs on the crowds, so no one else would see the box. Marr unlocked it with a hiss of escaping air, and the locater activated. A small green blip appeared on the screen, maybe two parsecs from New Fenix.

"Emperor above." hissed Redic. "We can get a commercial shuttle to there."

"And then we can claim Salvage! Damnit! We might even get it to go!"

Redic flashed the box at the vendor, and threw the metal chit onto the table. The vendor nodded his thanks and the two retreated to Redic's grubby apartment to call a shuttle.

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring

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Nice start! Good to see more stories of yours, they're always good. Can't wait for the next part.
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Thanks! Unfortunately, they usually don't get the traffic I'd like, but whatever. I already am in the planning stages for yet another stand-alone, Those once Loyal


The commercial pilot cost a fortune. The fat, surly man squeezed into the front seat of the very small four-seater industrial shuttle and they eased out of New Fenix's docks. The city-ship was so vast that most Imperial ships could fit into the drydocks. Larger ones, such as Retribution and Emperor class dreadnoughts, were linked by boarding tubes to the city. Redic looked out the windows at the massive ships floating by the tiny shuttle.

"Wow..that's the Ascension! The flagship of the Pacificus fleet!"

Marr leaned over to look at the white and green leviathan.

"It's big."

The shuttle got them out to the scrap fields. The survivor's box in Marr's hands started to chirp.

"Got it, I think. It's about 700 meters off the bow and closing."

The pilot tapped his own auspex.

"I don't see anything. Just a hulk off a ways to port."

"Is the hulk our ship?"

Marr dropped his head. Things never worked out.

"No...200 meters ahead. Still closing. You can't see it still?"

The pilot shook his head. "No."

Redic's voice took on a frightened tone. "100 meters."

"Where the hell is she?"

"50 meters"

"I'm pulling up! I'm not dyin' out here!"

"Wait!" yelled Marr. The cockpit went dead silent.

Marr leaned forward. "Is that it?"

A massive asteroid slowly rolled aside, revealing a large, pig-iron grey cruiser.

"That's her. Ha! It worked! Take us into her port hangers and let's get her going back to Fenix!"


A gaggle of tenders moved aside as Redic and Marr strode up the port Promenade deck, looking over the repairs. The ship had taken a hell of a beating. Her shields weren't functioning, the Geller field was fluctuating wildly, the hull was open to the void on six of the eight decks, and the fusion bottle in the core was cracked so badly the pair had to replace it.

"How in hell are you paying for all of this?" asked Marr, moving to let a tech-priest and his escort pass. "I only gave you five hundred creds. That won't even pay for the frakking paint."

Redic smiled. "Before I left the Ever Watchful, I stole a bottle of cognac from my father's celler in the captain's quarters. I sold it to the mayor for well over the scrap value of this ship, so he's repairing it."

"Must've been good cognac."

"It was a 634. Very good year, so I'm told. Had my father known, he would've stated, totally deadpan, "Son, that is the only successful thing you have ever done."

Marr nodded and turned to look just as a team of fitters in void suits blew the dust and debris from the front of the ship.

Shadow of Dawn

"It's a good name."

"This entire frakking ship is a good omen. It's a Pheonix class. Rising from the ash and all that."

Redic smiled and handed Marr a glass filled with much, much cheaper cognac.

"This isn't a 634 is it?"

"Nah. Plasti-bottle variety, I'm afraid."

The two toasted the reborn ship from the bridge windows as repair crews worked around them.

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring

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Deus Ex Machina

Marr winced and covered his face as the brightness of the Shadow Of Dawn's hallways exploded into his cabin through the opened hatch. The brightness faded slowly, and a fitter wearing a heavy flash mask nodded a greeting. The man turned to continue his welding and Marr began the walk to the bridge.

Redic was already on the bridge, tapping controls on the captain's chair experimentally. He tapped a green button with his forefinger, and the bridge lit up, each station in turn flicking on. The last thing to appear was a massive screen that appeared before a second seat, this one right in front of and below the captain's chair.

Redic gestured to Marr. "Pilot's chair. Apparently the Dawn isn't like most Navy ships. So far, there's only five stations. Pilot, Gunnery, Engineering, Comms, and Ops.

Marr was impressed by the ship's construction. If five people could use the Dawn, fifty could press it to it's limits.

The doors to the bridge opened, and the chief fitter walked in, with a dozen of his men.

"Sirs, I'm pleased to report that this ship is fully operational. We got that last of the repairs done a few moments ago. I just need two things."

Marr looked up from the pilot's chair. "Go on."

The fitter twisted his cap in his hands. "First, we made this."

He handed Redic a heavy, brass-edged plaque. The words Shadow of Dawn, New Fenix, 230.M42 were picked out in brass against a black backround.

Redic smiled. He took the plaque and looked around the bridge. On the wall behind the captain's chair, in full view of all, there was a rectangular mark, terminated at the corners by naked bolts. He noticed matching holes on the plaque's sides. Lining it up, he placed the Dawn's new service plaque onto the bridge.

Redic turned. The chief fitter smiled. "And then there's the matter of the second thing, sir. This ship is incredible. All my boys have worked on Navy ships, hell, some of em' worked on that xenotech thing the Imperials dragged out here. But I gotta tell you. The Shadow of Dawn is something special. The core's twice as big as any other ship this size! And the bridge, there's only five stations. Most navy cruisers have more then thirty! This ship was made for something. But for the life of me, I can't figure out what. That's what I askin', sirs. A couple of my boys and I, well, we want to stay and crew the Dawn."

The fitters behind him nodded. Redic looked at Marr, who shrugged. The chief's face fell.

Marr's face broke into a smile. Redic chuckled. "We're glad to have you, chief. Divide the lads into teams, and get a few specialties from them. We're going to need at leat twenty to sail out of here on the Dawn's own power."

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

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-Wire schematic taken at ISNF Drive Yards, New Fenix, 230.M42 [Sanctioned by the Inquisition in regards to Anomoly 0(S)-184732]

The Shadow of Dawn knifed away from New Fenix at a low burn, cruising past the massive Imperial battleships and frigates. James Marr sat comfortably in the pilot's seat, hands on the controls and a smirk on his face. Valin Redic sat behind him in the Captain's chair, watching the Ops map check off each ship as they left New Fenix's artificial orbit.

There was only about thirty crew aboard the Dawn. They'd have to find more. The ship carried berths and cryo cells for fifty-seven people. Marr had counted.

The young man at the Comms station leaned back in his seat. "Sir, I've got an incoming message from Tower. Want me to patch it through?"

Redic nodded.

The man flicked a switch, and the speakers suddenly blared with voices.

[Unidentified ship, this is Tower New Fenix. Report intentions and codes, aknowledge.]

Redic nodded to the Comm Op. He leaned back and spoke into the vox.

[Tower New Fenix this is armed frigate Shadow of Dawn breaking orbit at vector two-five-seven at angle fifty-seven degrees. Crew is thirty-three souls, repeat thirty-three. Cargo is nil, repeat, nil. Destination is Hrolmgang Up to resupply and take on crew.]

[Shadow of Dawn this is Tower New Fenix, aknowledged. Continue on current vector or weapons will begin to track. Repeat, continue on vector two-five-seven out of the Yards.]

Redic breathed a sigh of relief as New Fenix dwindled behind the ship.

"Sir, we're leaving the no wake zone. Shutting down maneuvering thrusters in three."

He felt the Dawn shudder as the ship came to a halt.

"Engaging primary engines in"

The frigate lurched ahead, scattering the ring of debris around New Fenix.

A large blue light lit up the bridge, and a holo of a globe appeared. Lines of what looked like buttons flashed around the sphere. A feminine, metallic voice echoed from the holo.

"Registering main systems as online. AI interface powering up. Hello, I am the ISNF Shadow of Dawn's Electrical Robotic Interface Network. You may call me ERIN."

Redic's mouth dropped open. Marr strained to look. The ship lurched to the side as his hands slipped off the controls. He jumped back to looking out the viewport.

Redic leaned forward to let his fingers touch the globe. The buttons snapped into place, and lines of text appeared on them.





Redic's hand lingered on SHIP INFORMATION. He touched the cube. ERIN turned red and a different voice came through the speakers.

"The Shadow of Dawn is a heavily converted Pheonix-class frigate and heavy destroyer. Built in 248.M30, it served as an escort during the Horus Heresy. It was converted to a refugee ship during the Gothic War, until it was purchased in 008.M42 by the [expunged] for the purpose of [expunged]. It's current status is five klicks from New Fenix drifter colony."

Redic pressed SHIP LOG

A line of text flashed onto ERIN's form.

[Data corruption-247.M30-010.M42]
[Weapons fired-011.M42]
[Self-destruct sequence initiated. Launching survivor's box-012.M42]
[Self-Destruct sequence halted-012.M42]
[Last Will-Captain Valente-012.M42]
[Audio File recorded-Unknown user-014.M42]

He clicked the audio recording. The bridge crew turned as a voice cut through static, gunfire, and an odd, wailing noise.

"Wh-whoever finds this, this is the INS Shadow of Dawn! We're cut off from the fleet! Something went-uh-wrong! We can't get anything! We have to purge the core! Daniels! Cut ERIN's hard lines! We're abondoning ship! We can't stay at the apex! The Dawn's coming apart! We've lost the Geller field, and the hull is losing integrity!"

It cut out in a roar of escaping air.

The crew looked around, suddenly more concious of the creaks and groans as the Dawn hurtled to the jump point outside New Fenix.

Redic clicked off the file. "Well, at least we know what happened."

Marr gulped. "Do we know how it happened?"

"I can check the main logs. They wouldn't have been purged."

Marr nodded. The crew turned back to their work.

Redic slumped into the chair. Maybe the Dawn wasn't such a good omen.

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring
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Keep it going, it's really good!
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Great so far Dirge, nice schematics, correct me if I'm wrong but u dont usually make those for your stories do u?, anyway interesting story so far.


Rambling since ...... hmmm now you see I cant remember but when i was a little ripper.......

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No, usually I don't include pics, but the Shadow of Dawn is meant to be weird and different then most Imperial ships, so I figured that it warranted a wire schematic.


You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

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Zero to Sixty

Redic woke the next day refreshed. The crew had dismissed the frantic transmission as the Dawn's last fight, instead of a terrifying and quick death.

Redic strode onto the bridge in a grey robe he had found in the captain's locker. The Inquisitorial "I" symbol was embroidered onto the collar. He found that quite interesting.

Marr was sitting comfortably in the pilot's chair, drinking caf out of a paper cup. He looked up as Redic sat down.

"Durant wants me to tell you that we're nearing the jump point for Hrolmgang Up."

Redic nodded. Durant was the eager young Operations officer, the former Repair Coordinator for Vanhal's crews. Vanhal himself had chosen to remain an Engineer, so Redic and Marr had given him the Engineering deck.

ERIN flashed into existance on the deck.

"Captain. We are nearing the warp point for your chosen destination. Navigational relays are activated."

Marr turned. "This ship doesn't have a 'clops?"

Redic shrugged. "They didn't find a Navigator's shrine when they did repairs. I don't think so. It also doesn't have an Astropath."

Marr sipped his caf. "This ship is weird, man. And I don't say that about everything."

The comms officer sat upright. He flipped a switch.

[Tower New Fenix to Shadow of Dawn, we register you as a half-parsec from Jump Point One. Relay ident and engage warp engines.]

[Shadow of Dawn to Tower New Fenix, ident serial 00-893-6245-ISNF, warp engines coming on line.]

Redic felt a shudder run through the deck as the Dawn responded to Marr's control.

[Tower New Fenix to Shadow of Dawn, Hrolmgang Up is expecting you. May He guide your journey. New Fenix out.]

ERIN's voice echoed across the decking again.

"Sixty seconds to jump. Warp engines engaging."

The ship shook slighty.

"Fifty seconds to jump. Arc Generator sealed."

Redic frowned. Arc Generator?

"Thirty seconds to jump. Ship sealing."

The bulkheads slammed down. Blast doors closed over the bridge's entrance, and shields settled over the viewport.

"Twenty seconds to jump. Navigation on-line."

Marr looked in confusion as the ship's controls deactivated.

"Ten seconds to jump. Warp engines primed."

"Five seconds to jump. Reactor stopped."

"Warp engines firing."

Redic was slammed back into the captain's chair as the ship knifed into the Warp, blazing a trail towards Hrolmgang. Marr's caf flew past his head.

His body slowly adjusted to the speed and he leaned forward. The bridge crew started to clap, and he felt himself join in.

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring

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Three to One

Shadow of Dawn exited the warp at Relay Five, six parsecs from Hrolmgang Up Orbital, into hell.

The ship's klaxons wailed. ERIN flashed into a tactical map showing a mass of red and blue icons.

"Captain! I've got sixteen-plus contacts, unknown class. System defenses are engaging, but are outnumbered."

"How outnumbered?" asked Redic, hand hovering above the call-to-arms klaxon.

"Three to one, sir."

Marr grinned evily at the pilot's chair. The comm officer pressed a finger to his headset.

"Sir, the Dawn's main weapon is reading as operational. Broadside batteries are at 50% due to insufficient crew."

Redic pressed the klaxon button. All through the Shadow of Dawn, crews rushed to gun decks and damage control stations.

"I've got a targeting confirmation for the Accelerator." said the Ops officer. A blip on the tactical map turned red.

"Fire." said Redic.

The Shadow of Dawn's main weapon was a massive linear accelerator built into the ship's hull, stretching from the fusion bottle to a long barrel the extended from the ship's prow.

At Redic's command, a shell the size of a small shuttle exited the barrel moving at over one hundred klicks per second. It smashed a hole into the first enemy contact, a crude, rusted, hulk of iron plates and gun barrels. Glyphs glared from it's surfaces.

The ship disintigrated, to the cheers of the Dawn's gunnery officers.

"Sir, torpedo tubes have a firing solution."

"Fire at will, all hands."

"Aye aye, sir."

The Ops officer tracked the torpedoes across the tactical map. "Fire two....torpedoes away."

A second hulk, this one with a tremendous gun barrel protruding from it's bow, tried to turn into the two projectiles, too late. The first torpedo smashed into the starboard side, blowing a hole in the ship and venting most of it's atmosphere. The second had a direct hit on the bridge as the ship spun wildly from the first impact. The hulk leaned to port, and fell burning into Hrolmgang's atmosphere.

"Status." said Redic, as Marr flew the Dawn expertly past the wreckage of the first crude ship.

"Nine contacts still on-screen, reading seven as destroyed. Imperial craft number at two system defense frigates, one orbital defense platform."

"We're the heavyweight in this fight, then. Bring us alongside the closest contact, reload torpedo tubes and Accelerator gun. I want it firing yesterday."

"Aye, sir."

The Dawn cruised in alongside the closest ship, broadside guns firing. The rivited hull of the xenos frigate was blasted into slag by the savage tide of munitions. The ship began to vent smoke and fire into the void. A few poorly aimed shots smacked into the Shadow of Dawn's adamantium sides, but even fewer penetrated her armor.

A last vengeful slavo blew most of the ship's interior out the side facing away from the Dawn, just as the Accelerator took the life of another ship, this one menacing the orbital platform.

"Sir, reading all enemy contacts as splashed. Friendlies at one operational frigate, one badly damaged. Frigate one is towing frigate two back to the orbital station."

"We're being hailed by Hrolmgang Up, sir. Patching it through."

[Hrolmgang Up to unidentified craft, hell of a piece of gunnery right there, thanks for the assist. Am I speaking to the Shadow of Dawn? We were told you'd be in-system shortly. Didn't expect you'd be packing the guns, though.]

[Shadow of Dawn to Hrolmgang Up, we're happy to help. Who were they?]

[Ork raiders. They broke off from the Octavius fleet, we've been trying to get them in a stand-up fight for weeks.]

[Didn't look like it worked very well.]

[We had a Retribution. It's out on patrol. ETA two minutes.]

[About refitting?]

[Of course. Shadow of Dawn, divert to bay sixty-two, Hrolmgang Orbital Docks.]

[Much obliged.]

You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

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