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Default Divided we stand, United we fall

Prologue: A Choice Union?

The halls of the Mavaris Basilica were filled to the brim that day. Local officials, Mechanicus adepts and Mavarians seeking audiences with their magistrates; perhaps to discuss matters that were to be sorted now that the campaign was completed two days ago. Among this kaleidoscope of Imperial life stood two figures who stood out noticeably. Both were clad in ornate carapace armour, indicating them to be of high rank. Both men had light olive skin, long black hair that was held back in ornate bindings and beards that were heavily stylised and adorned with dazzling gold rings. They were both of the same height, but one had dark brown eyes whilst the other had light green, both with a noticeable amount of eyeliner. The other difference between the bizarre looking men was that the brown eyed one looked much older than his companion.

"Well here we are once more Colonel." Spoke the younger of the two men; some of the locals turned around when they noticed the two men weren't speaking Gothic.

The older one chuckled lightly. "So it is Arshiphorus, though it seems now that these halls flow with more civilian life now that this world has been returned to the fold of the Imperium." He then sighed. "At great cost for us however, may Hormuzd Shahanshah watch over them."

"And may he do so with us Colonel Darayavus, those men died for him and honoured the IVX Parsisyan Anousiya." Intoned the Captain. The campaign for Mavaris had reaped a heavy toll on the regiment, the rebels had taken many good men. Cursed suicide bombers that they were, striking when one would least expect.

Darayavus shook his head. "Indeed dear Captain, this war has left us with a little less than half a regiment to operate ... With Hormuzd Shahanshah's blessing hopefully we shall continue with reinforcements from precious Parsisya."

"Aye sir, let us hope these Munitorum adepts get the job done right. I sure as He'll hope we don't end up with another shipment of laxatives ... The fear does a good job of that already.

Amused, the Colonel spoke again. "Then again, we could have stunk them out. Indeed it would have been disgusting, but alas war is dirty business."

"Meaning no disrespect Colonel, but I'd happily stick to blood and dirt than the inside of a latrine any day." Said Arshiphorus through a mischievous grin.

"Don't we all Captain?" The two Parsisyans carried on down the hallway, their gaudy appearance earning them more stares from the locals. Then again Darayavus was used to it; weren't all Imperial citizens servants of Hormuzd Shahanshah in the end? Alas, they were still only human. It was a few footsteps later brought the Colonel and his aide into the view of two other figures. Their peaked caps, dark green uniforms and barely sunkissed skin conveyed one word to the Parsisyan Colonel's mind but vocalised by Arshiphorus:

Major Asturias fiddled lightly with his gauntlets; they had been waiting here for a long time...too long it seemed. "Tell me Sergeant, how long have we been waiting here?"

The other Brythain spoke, boredom clearly laced his voice. "Feels like a lifetime don't it sir? But I'm afraid it's been at least an hour."

The Major cursed under his breath. Emperor knows what he has done to deserve this wait. "It doesn't bloody help if that other blighted regiment is late either. Who are these men anyway Malachi?"

The subordinate stroked his chin. "I think sir it is the Parsisyan IVX. You know the ones that look ... odd to say the least."

Astorias shrugged. "Indeed Sergeant, they certainly do stand out like an Ork at a dress ball. Isn't their commander called Dara..yavowhatsy?"
"Darayavus." A strangely accented voice made the Major turn. Two men, darker in complexion and gaudy in style were now in front of him. The eldest looking of the two chuckled. "You need not worry, most non-Parsisyans fail to get it correct on the first attempt." Out of courtesy, Asturias saluted the Colonel and extended his hand.

"Major Eothric Asturias."

"Khuj Amazdad" said Darayavus has he took the Major's hand. Then he felt the Parsisyan pulled him in and locked his lips around the Brythain's. Embarrassment and outrage swirled in Asturias' as he broke from the Colonel's grip; he swore he could hear Sergeant Malachi snickering lightly.

"What in the Emperor's name was that?" The Major almost spat out.

The Parsisyan commander smiled slightly. "Apologies dear Major, but on our homeworlds we kiss fellow warriors as a sign of respect. I hope I did not offend you..." He paused, his smile grew wider through that beard. "...Or challenge your preference for women."

Asturias seethed slightly, this man made him a little uneasy. Still he supposed that he should be flattered that he was considered an equal. He returned the Parsisyan's smile. "You needn't worry about any offense being taken on my behalf. I still think of my mistress as a pearl.

"Good to hear Major, I wouldn't have let my rank of Colonel keep your lips sealed had it been otherwise. By the way, this is my aide Captain Arshiphorus." The other Parsisyan bowed, his fist pounded against his breastplate in salute.

Chuckling nervously, the Major replied. "This is my aide, Sergeant Zechus Malachi." The Brythain simply saluted. As Asturias tried move the awkward conversation along, an electronic voice circulated throughout the hallway.

"May the commanding officers of the Parsisyan IXV and Brythain XV please enter the Munitorum chamber."

Darayavus responded first. "This is it Major, may Hormuzd Shahanshah bless us both." He strode into the chamber first. One thought crossed Asturias' mind: Thank the Emperor, I'll never have to deal with that one again!

Any questions? I bet there will be plenty ;)

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"

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The badinage about kissing men is a nice touch.
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Hm I assume you read lots of Conan the Barbarian. Seems like half the names are nicked from that. Fun with male kissing haha. What's next a female couple as well? Hehe. Maybe you should have some scradrawl names, mix it up a bit with the names and not plainly name something after something. F.ex. Charlie Chaplin named some dictator Hister, you can change the names slightly to become shout-outs, not mere copies.
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The funny thing is I've never read any Conan the Barbarian

I based the Parsisyans on Achaemenid/Sassanid Persia, Khuj Amazdad is a adapted version of a modern greeting. Ooopsie

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"

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Okay, I'm mistaken then. Guess you just were another man to copy a good idea, but I strongly recommend Conan the Barbarian for fluff-studies as that's both graphic and striking.

I was just trying to be helpful, nothing else.
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No worries man, apologies if I seem like a drama queen

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"
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Rather like it, however awkward one of those scenes were. Just joking, looking forward to more.

“Evil is relative…You can’t hang a sign on it. You can’t touch it or taste it or cut it with a sword. Evil depends on where you are standing, pointing your indicting finger.”
-Glen Cook, The Black Company

Tales of Heroism and Bravery, in the 41st Millennium and the Old World. Perhaps some Realm Gate Wars in the future .

Gods' Hall (Completed)

The New Word (Completed)
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Here it is people, the next chapter to this humorously awkward tale.
Chapter 1: A Match made in Hell

The room was grandiose, even by Parsisyan standards; what once held the audiences of the ruling family. It is convenient that the place where the fate of the Mavarian people is decide, the fate of the Parsisyan IVX would be decided. Theirs, along with the Brythains. To Darayavus, their Major seemed relatively....pleasant. The Colonel chuckled quietly, Asturias looked set to knock his teeth out, after his proskinetic kiss, only to learn that his target was superior in rank. A voice broke Darayavus' train of thought.

"How long must they take sir? Surely, the Munitorum and Segmentum command must have come to a decision."

Darayavus shrugged. "Perhaps they derive some sort of perverse pleasure in watching us wait dear Arshiphorus." The Colonel looked across the room towards the Brythain officer. Despite his stoic demeanour, the Parsisyan could tell he was anxious. Major Asturias returned Darayavus' glance; discomfort laced his gaze. Was it this current situation? Did he think..? No, that will be resolved after this meeting. Suddenly, a dull and lifeless voice echoed throughout the chamber, a servitor no doubt.

"May the commanding officers of the Parsisyan IVX and the Brythain XV rise."

"So it begins." Whispered the Colonel, his heart pounding as he rose up.
Asturias rose up with his aide, as the Servitor spoke. He felt breathless, he normally considered himself a man with little to fear; however he hated it when his and his men's fates were in the hands of others. Many possible futures danced in Asturias' mind; perhaps his regiment will get the reinforcements they sorely needed, or perhaps the regiment will be disbanded. Either to remain on Mavaris or to be divided among freshly raised regiments, to train the green recruits. Both fates terrified the Major, he preferred to remain with his kinsmen in both war and whatever scant moments of peace appear in between engagements rather then end up babysitting an entire regiment of war-virgins or rotting on this planet. The Major's train of thought was broken as the balcony doors opened. Three figures, clad in ornate robes walked into the chamber. Their bald heads bristled with implants, no doubt these were Munitorum adepts; solemnly they entered like harbingers of doom, making Asturias feel even more uneasy than before. The Parsisyan Colonel did not help one bit, those aged, brown eyes pierced deep. Was he... Interested in him? The Major quickly put those thoughts out of his head. 'Course not Eothric, don't be ridiculous. You're just paranoid is all. One of the adepts began to speak.

"We have convened here in the Mavaris Basilica to settle the issue of manpower that has fallen upon your respective regiments. From our reports, it would seem both have sustained heavy casualties from the war on this world. We have sent Astrotelepathic messages to your respective recruiting worlds .... Neither have enough fresh men to spare."

Asturias' heart froze.

The adept then continued. "We then consulted with Segmentum command about your respective predicaments. We recommended that the regiment be disbanded so as not to waste resources on two below-strength regiments...."

The Major's fist coiled and began to tremble.

"Instead they proposed another solution. Since your regiments have amassed several honours from several campaigns, it would be a considerable waste of skilled manpower ..... So it has been decided to merge the Parsisyan IVX and Brythain XV into one regiment, it is by the Emperor's divine will that you continue to defend his realms. You are now dismissed." The adept then made the symbol of the Aquila. "The Emperor protects."

Ooooo what will happen now that these regiments from two radically different worlds?

BTW Neither of the commanding officers are gay; Asturias was just befuddled at being kissed by a man...and wound up a little paranoid as. With Darayavus, the Parsisyans are just a very touchy-feely people. Though there may be a bit of bromance between two other characters later on.

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"
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Started well and the next chapter did not disappoint, keep up the good work. Have some rep cookies.

And in terms of names, to work out mine I just headbutt the keyboard a few times and see what i get

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


Give a man a match and he will be warm for a day.
Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.
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Well it has certainly been a while, alas we all know what life is like.
Chapter 2: Understatement of the 41st Millennium

2 hours later

"Well sir that was an intriguing turn of events." Came the sing-song voice of Arshiphorus, surprise was clearly etching his voice. Darayavus chuckled in response.

"Indeed, Hormuzd Shahanshah certainly works in very mysterious ways. Alas we should be thankful that we have been given the chance to carry on the defense of his Divine Majesty's realms."

"Did you see the Brythain Major's face Colonel? It seemed he was the most shocked out of all of us."

"I can not blame him Captain, no doubt it is unsettling to suddenly have your fate thrust into the hands of another man."

Arshiphorus shook his head.

"Should we be wary of any ... trouble from him?"

The Colonel smiled.

"Asturias will find it difficult to be under my command; this I do not doubt..."

Darayavus paused and looked into his aide's eyes.

"However I am unwilling to risk a mutiny of the new men just because I will not allow their commander to adapt to my authority. The way of Parsisya after all, is to understand all of the men of Hormuzd Shahanshah's realm; if we don't, what becomes of us?"

Arshiphorus sighed.

"Probably like the more ... forsaken parts of the Imperium no doubt sir."

"Indeed Captain, though I doubt the transition in this case will have no problems. We will have to discuss this with Major Asturias when his men meet us at our temporary headquarters ... I hear theirs got hit by the enemy too badly to be made use of.
"The Emperor really must hate me Malachi."

Grumbled Asturias, clearly frustrated at this most unexpected turn of events. The Brythain Major pinched the bridge of his nose; that early retirement doesn't look so bad anymore he thought.

The Sergeant chimed in.

"I hear its not so bad under Darayavus sir. I hear he is reasonable to the men and they adore him. From what I have heard he does not expend his men like a heavy bolter."

"HIS men Sergeant, we can't say the same of what he will do with ours. Emperor knows Gothic is not even their first language, what will his men say of us?!"

Growled Asturias. Malachi spoke next, albeit hesitantly.

"Errrmm with respect sir, are you still ... uncomfortable with the incident in the Basilica?"

The Major's mouth dropped wide open. Then again, Malachi was made his aide for a good reason. However, sometimes his observant nature became somewhat annoying, and now was a pretty bad time for it.

"Emperor no Sergeant! Its about being forced to fight alongside complete strangers. Neither of us have any common ground but service to the Imperium. Too many cultural differences that's the problem."

"Its a bloody joke, that's what it is!"

Bawled Roldo, outrage ever present within his words; a sentiment shared echoed by most of the Brythains in the room. As if on cue a meek, nervous voice joined the bawdy choir.

"I don't see what the problem is guys, so what if we are merged with another regiment?"

Silence descended on the assembled men; they glared bolt rounds at the source of the voice. A young Brythain, no older than 17 had earned the ire of his kin

"Shut up Thedras, don't you even frakking know what that means?"

Said Roldo breaking the silence. Thedras replied naively.

"That we will be serving with other Imperial citizens from elsewhere?"

The older Guardsman pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Typical new-blood, always not understanding the meaning of a frak-up from up high..."

Another Brythain cut Roldo short.

"Leave it be, don't take your frustrations out on the lad, this was the popping of his war-cherry."

He turned to lay his eyes on another squad member. He towered over irked Private, but Roldo was more bulky. Roldo sneered.

"Well then Sathric, perhaps you would care to explain to the new peace of meat that not only does Major Asturias no longer has overall command over us and since we lost many of squadmates, we are likely to be melded with some non-Brythains who don't speak Gothic as a first language. I've even heard rumours that some of these Parsisyans don't even know a word of it."

The taller squadmate simply shook his head.

"I understand that you are vexed with a matter that is beyond your control. Railing about it, now matter how much it displeases you, will not change the decisions of the powers that be."

A slight glint then entered Sathric's eyes. Was it humour? Or revelation?

"Is this because of the fact their men kiss each other?"
Parsisyad Barracks

"So fate has rolled its dice then?"

Asked Imravashd, stroking his beard in befuddlement.

"I guess so... Still, its a better option then being divided all together."

Replied another Parsisyan, as he polished his akinakes. Imravashd chuckled in response.

"Let us hope they live up to the more positive side of their reputation. If they ever go on a long moan about how much the Divine hates them; I just might be obliged to take Hormuzd Shahanshah's mercy. At least the Bright-Silvers who can't speak Gothic have it easy eh Ashuri?"

The other Private shrugged.

"I doubt it, at least we can understand what they are saying; it has to be worse for those who hear a whining tone yet they can't make any sense of it."

Another voice chimed in, exasperation dripped from his voice.

"Speak for yourself, at least you don't have to get in the habit of speaking the tongue of the wider Imperium on a regular basis."

Ashuri raised her eyebrow.

"Then you should not have volunteered for vox training when we were conscripted dear Haphezdiin. Still I suppose command had to find some use for your big mouth."

The three Parsisyans burst into laughter.

"Someone should put you on another diet, I hear whetstone isn't too good for you."

While the other two were still laughing, a thought crossed Imravashd's mind.

"Divine! I hope their warmer than those Krieg-folk we fought alongside."

"Dear Imravashd, everyone is warmer than the Death Korps. By the Divine, even Valhallens are warmer than them and their world is practically a ball of ice!"

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"

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