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Default The Emperor's Blood Chapter I-III.

Just my fiction about the Warhammer 40.000 universe taking place on the death-world of Freudakia, a place once of lush jungles and such, but now increasingly under the thumb of the industrial planet Ciralix and the Adeptus Mechanicus due to the planet's riches in mineral wealth. Freudakia is a Deathworld were camouflage is everything while visibility means exposure and plain death even the commissars have learned that lesson and embraced it with camo-cloaks and other items of misdirection.

The Emperor's Blood.

Chapter I

The Catachans were stealthily taking up positions in the Freudakian jungle. The hunt for the dreaded Warboss Draznob had gone on for quite a while. The losses had been astonishing on both sides, yet they knew even as they sat up their position they were likely doing their last ambush as they were low on anything. Many of the heavy weapons were without ammunition or had simply been overused and had malfunctioned. Even their simple lasguns was starting to show an immense wear and tear.

Even so the battle in the jungle was imminent, a huge horde of Orks were swarming in on their position. Colonel James Stremm gave his last commands. The Ogryn-sized big-jawed fellow with greyish crew-cut and huge muscles even for a Catachan retrieved his Heavy-Bolter Big Bertha for the final time loading it with the run-strap magazines and exited the camouflaged tent.

The Orks came swarming at the thin Imperial line, booby-traps and precise lasgun-fire leveled the first wave. The second wave was of tougher more heavily armed Orks. They shrugged off any but the best placed lasgun-shots. Even Big Bertha had problems whittling down the members of the Warboss’ retinue that slowly was charging towards his squad, having already cut a platoon to ribbons.

Two of the creatures were remaining charging towards Stremm and his bodyguards. He resigned himself to his fate looking at the immense mega-armoured Warboss and the almost as large Ork Nob just a few meters infront of the hulking creature in clanky black armour, yet a shadow intervened planting itself a few meters infront of the command-squad. The head of the Ork Nob came flying off, the body just ran off in a random direction with arms flailing to the sides dropping the crude yet highly advanced Ork weaponry, before it stumbled at some sandbags having no virtual control of how it ran around anymore just like chickens getting beheaded. While the head continued to insult Stremm who merely stomped on it to shut it up.

The shadow revealed itself. From his commissar-cap jutted golden hair, he was of average height for a human, though the Catachans would be much taller than him, as he turned they saw the well-known facial features of the Primarch Sanguinius while he span around making the mud splatter around him. Yet the way he carried himself, dignified, yet no way he was the beloved Primarch the Catachans had filed past so many times watching golden statues and beautiful paintings of in the churches and cathedrals they had been forced to visit by the Ministorum Priests which was mostly evident in his sadistic grin that was not the smile of the benevolent Primarch.

He stood there with his chainsword running as it spat out blood, clad in a non-spectacular blackened-out commissar-uniform with a furry greyish cape draped over his shoulders that seemed to devour the shadows as he moved making him hard to spot at even infractor-ligts. Yet he was in serious trouble because right behind him towered an Ork Warboss of epic proportions. “Another scumsucker bites the dust.” The commissar voiced it with gratification like he weren't aware of the threat right behind him, yet he spun around avoiding the hail of bullets the Ork fired after him as he jumped into a low ditch.

“How but me ooomie!?” The Ork gargled as it jumped after the commissar, who miraculously managed to dodge the Power Klaw-blow which he managed to make whistle past him, just barely grazing the black armour as he side-stepped bringing the Ork spiraling out of balance as it slid in the slippery brown mud. They started their deadly dance both beast and human.

Then the commissar attacked the plasma-weapon the Ork carried in his free hand. He let the chainsword tear into it as it flickered. The Ork tried to to fire it at the commissar but it promptly exploded pulping three of the five green fingers. The Ork rapidly regained it's footing striking after the commissar who just ducked and tore through the mighty mega-armoured knee-pad with his chainsword going through tearing a large chunk of the knee making a loud screaming noise getting the mighty Ork to unleash a mighty roar in shock and pain.

The commissar didn't even stop despite the bone-chilling cry of the Warboss as he then plunged his chainsword into the chest of his opponent before quickly ducking out of the way with his chainsword just having left an open wound there as it pumped blood out. The Warboss bellowed in pain, trying desperately to land a blow only to find the commissar gliding away from it while the chainsword tore into the arm of the beast while he narrowly escaping the gout of flame from the flamer of the Warboss.

Draznob tried yet again to land a blow with it's Power Klaw against his fleet-footed opponent despite the grounded fencing-stance he practiced as he slid under the Power Klaw coming up with his chainsword pouncing at the Power Klaw's more vulnerable back unleashing a small explosion as he disabling it with the spinning and hissing chainsword. Yet the free Ork-hand slammed the commissar into the nearest Freudakian hardwood making the low-peaked commissar-cap tumble far into the jungle as Draznob struck the commissar.

“That you shouldn't have done!” The commissar roared just as the Ork tried to raise the kombi-flamer attached to the Power Klaw towards him, though the Ork's wounds were slowing it down. The commissar was faster dropping while deactivating his chainsword to the ground and getting up his clanky dark-grey meltagun from his side in a chain.

The hissing meltagun immediately disabled the weapon as it vaporized the arm of the Ork. Yet the commissar made his first mistake in the duel buoyed up by seeing an easy kill, he ran closer to the Warboss roaring. “Now you die you beast!” He pulled the trigger again with the weapon aimed straight at the torso of the beast with only about a meter between them, but a forcefield erupted around the Warboss neutralizing the blast.

The one-armed bandit didn't let an opportunity go from him and pounced at the commissar who for once reacted too slow and got bodyslammed, only the protective power of his Rosarius saved him in a glitter of gold from having his intestines pulped and his bones broken due the force involved as half a ton of Ork Warboss encased in mega-armour hit him like a runaway freight-train with a loud crash as metal met metal. As they collided the Warboss snatched the meltagun away from the commissar tearing it off it's thick dark adamentum-chains while the commissar flew away in the opposite direction.

The man smashed into a large pine making it sway leaving a gaping wound on it as once more the Rosarius in a shower of gold activated cushioning the impact. A dangerous hairy spider immediately landed at the commissar's right black shoulder-epaulet, which immediately was thrown straight at Draznob, who caught and squashed it mid-air with his remaining hand while he snarled at the commissar that have proven to be be much more of a challenge than the Ork anticipated or liked. Next he felt a burning pain in his remaining shoulder and saw two poisoned knives the commissar doubtlessly had hidden in his black epaulets jutting out of his remaining shoulder. Just as he sped towards the huge Ork in the mud which splattered everywhere, he brandishing two new monofilament knives from his cerapace-encased torso as he had several more knives strapped to it menacingly with the knife-handles jutting out, though the cerapace by now was getting seriously cracked as the commissar moved rapidly in the mud despite the internal injuries he was beginning to feel. The commissar then jumped on Draznob with cat-like grace, all intent on finishing the job despite substantial injuries inside of him.

The knives slashed at the throat of the Ork while they went though the armour of it like cottage-cheese though it prevented the knives from going deep enough for a killing-blow as the commissar tried to avoid the huge fist of Draznob. It got him. It clenched hard around the struggling human. It was not enough for Draznob he was intent to finish this man once and for all thrashing the commissar around with a tight grip of his huge Orkish hand, and a surprising head-butt from the human brought the eye of Draznob into finger-distance of him. He slammed home an armoured finger tearing right into the eye it hard, hard metal tore into the soft tissue of the eye. The pain made Draznob ease his hold of the commissar who then got up his Uplifting Primer from inside his greatcoat.

That he brutally showed into the other eye, then came the las-chisel up, it was ignited. Draznob stopped. He stood there as a statue just leaning, with a burning small book inside his skull.

The commissar was anything but graceful now as he with a big goofy grin stumbled towards the Catachans, knowing full and well they likely would just butcher him for his trouble of saving the command-squad. He giggled like a small boy watching an Ogryn firing a Heavy Bolter in the distance, he knew his wounds were mortal.

He finally fell stumbling at an exposed root he dead-drunk wouldn't hit. He now tried to think about the Emperor. Instead visions of his life flashed before him. He saw his proud tutors at the Schola, how he himself advanced to become one, he saw his friends, he saw the good times and most of all he saw his fiancé and the children they had together.

Infact he saw only her as he landed face down in a puddle of mud, no more than an inch or two deep. He laid there dreaming letting go of life just seeing her sweet face. He knew he should focus on the Emperor yet her lure were stronger. He passed out trying to whisper her name with his last breath.

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This isn't a bad effort. A few points where there is a bit of comma overuse but that is an easy habit to break. I did enjoy the read, thanks for posting to Heresy.

However I'm going to move this over to Original Works, as this section is more for Background development than outright fiction.


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Thank you for the read and glad you liked it, I will look into the comma abuse.
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What the commissar lying dying in the mud didn't realize, was that he was dead-wrong about the Catachans. His teachings that the Catachans were some sort of Ogryns had been all misinterpretation and lies as he had taken their physique and guttural dialect to be related to Ogryns. Yet they strove forward meeting the overwhelming number of Orks at the quagmire they called a battlefield. Even huge Freudakian hardwoods toppled after badly aimed Ork bolter-shots and other heavy ordinance tore into them as they tried to hit the surging and swift-footed Catachans.

The first over to the commissar was a tall dark-skinned muscular man in his late teens with the name Julius Cavenaugh. He swiftly turned the commissar over saying. "Damn, man you did a-" He didn't come farther before a bolt tore off half his right hand. He fell back screaming, knowing he was dying as he screamed in shock and pain.

Suddenly he saw her a lithe, very pretty commissar in her early twenties come out of the shadows just infront of him. She was dressed in a blackened-out commissar-outfit with a greyish fur-cape being draped around her shoulders that seemed to swallow the light around her making her very hard to spot, also of note was the longlas she gently left at the messy jungle-floor gently which was almost as long as her. "Bite this!" She put his Catachan combat-knife in his mouth while she spoke in her broken, hoarse yet pleasant voice with a slight cling of aristocracy. Then she drew her laspistol and cauterized the wound.

"Impressive. Not a whimper, and that's pain most screams like hell over." She said as she stared into the dazed brown eyes of Cavenaugh. Then she realized he was going into shock due to the loss of limp. She smacked him in the face, while she hissed. "Stay awake!" Quickly she got the adrenalin-syringe up from her jacket-pocket. She rapidly ripped the t-shirt of the guy open. Then sat the syringe. He came convulsing back to life, as she sternly said. "Stay awake boy!!! That's a frakking order soldier!" His eyes shone with defiance as he gargled. "You don't order me around commissar." He gargled weakly then said. "What's your name commissar?"

She had already turned her attention to the other commissar, starting to administer first-aid to him. Cavenaugh could hardly see her even as she was only mere steps away from him, but she still responded with. "Michelle Ionza, Deathworld sniper, commissar and Drill-Abbess of the Schola Freudakia, and this is my fiancé and fellow Drill Abbott Zachary Carrus. Your turn soldier." She smiled almost motherly towards him as she continued to work at her fallen mate. Then she hissed into the vox. "Commissar Ionza here, call-sign 52 Alpha-Lima-Delta, where are those reinforcements? Over."

Cavenaugh just saw her press her ear. Now he realized those were not normal humans as he saw under the gash of the male's forehead was shiny metal underneath the blood and flesh. While setting shots of stabilizers in her beloved, she worked rapidly not noticing a huge Ork approaching her, then savagely kicked her as she turned to face it.

She hit a Freudakian hardwood with a snarl several meters away, she immediately dragged out power rapier, blackish, not very pretty, yet quite sleek and up came her bolt pistol as well. It was of an elegant black design, sleek yet finely crafted with an oddly bulky magazine. She fired a few rounds at the Ork that harmlessly bounced off it's thick armour. Next she took cover behind a Freudakian hardwood as the Ork returned fire. Then Cavenaugh attacked the Ork with his blade. No sooner has he lunged after the Ork, he laid on the ground clipped in two by the Power Klaw of the Ork. Yet the distraction allowed Ionza to get closer. The Ork missed at her both with the bolter and also with the klaw as she with cat-like grace managed to get up-close and personal.

Knowing her bolter likely would do zero damage against the hulking creature she left it unceremoniously in the mud getting a monofilament knife from her right jacket-sleeve. while she dodged the savage attack of the increasingly enraged Ork as she ducked down and cut the Ork's foot off with her powered sword. The creature hit the ground with a snarl, then it laid a savage hit on Ionza sending her reeling into a bush.

It was too late for the Ork, Stremm rushed in and smashed the face of the Ork with his powered fist before picking up the wounded commissar and running away with him while the Catachans gave the old really muscular man covering fire forcing the Orks into cover. Then the line of the Orks lit up as fire from over a dozen Leman Russ Demolishers rained down over the hapless Orks blasting many to smithereens.

Stremm even had to dodge a falling Freudakian pine as he saw the dark contures of a Chimera with twin-linked bolters just driving one down. The grey-green jungle-pattern camouflaged vehicle stopped right in front of Stremm and from the back out first came a giant of a man in all black powered armor. The massive fists were sparkling with energy, clearly powered fists, a Rosarius was crested around the neck of the man and a little behind the fists were two stormbolters. Right behind two Inquisitorial Storm Troopers moved quickly with a stretcher towards the two.

Carrus was rapidly laid down on the stretcher. The Inquisitor removed his helmet, showing it a face of a rather young man, in his thirties, but with already almost completely grey hair, and a nasty chainsword-scar running parallel with his left eyes which was a bionic one of exquisite design.

"Who are you?" Stremm was tall enough to look the man straight into his eyes as he had just asked the man. He just smirked as he answered. "Your salvation obviously." The voice was soft and enthralling in sharp contrast with Stremm's voice which was about as pleasant to listen to as getting a fist to your ears, then he said with the same fluid slippery voice. "Inquisitor Kelkaris here *Stremm made a stiff salute at the spot* might I inquire who you are soldier?" Stremm swallowed heavily before he gasped out. "Colonel James Stremm of the 184th Devil Dogs here." The Inquisitor waved dismissively making Stremm break the salute.

"What are you doing here?" Kelkaris said as bored his eyes into the eyes of Stremm, before he continued with the mood-changing. "You frakked up the plan by being here." He looked far more aggressive now. "We are here because we were assigned to by Munitorum Inquisitor." Stremm said as he sweated under the gaze of the Inquisitor as Ionza came up to them, exchanging a nod with the Inquisitor making Stremm realize she was indeed in the retinue of the one now addressing him. "What about the retreating Orks Inquisitor, shall we pursue?"

She looked worried up at him as the Inquisitor answered. "Negative, Commissar Carrus told me he has booby-trapped the area over the vox Commissar Ionza. So we will just fall back to the Schola Freudakia and interview the Catachans while the Manticores and Basilisks will flatten the area." Noticing Stremm tensing up where he stood he then said. "Commissar place colonel Stremm and the Catachan regiment under Inquisitorial arrest." He turned to go as Ionza aimed her bolt pistol at Stremm who immediately surrendered, halfway on the way he stopped, turned back to Ionza. "I do it myself, go see to you fiance commissar." She saluted and ran off to get into the Chimera that razed off through the jungle at breakneck speed being the last person into it.

He glanced right at the despairing eyes of Stremm, who saw the Storm Troopers having surrounded the Catachans disarming them, treating them as prisoners not allies. Stremm was quickly disarmed, then he was handcuffed and forced to lie face-down by the Storm-Troopers not taking any chances. That was not pleasant as the ground shock from the shock of artillery-bombardment while he heard the Inquisitor vox in instructions for Valkyries to evacuate them in the background.

After less than half an hour the Valkyries came landing in a hastily prepared LZ by the flamers of the Freudakians. Stremm and his other guys noticed that the privates at least were young, early twenties and younger. Yet they had competence as they without a hitch had disarmed a Catachan squad, and managed to keep it civil with the Catachans as no-one had butt-ended anyone and no savage kicks to the head of prisoners were dished out. They were merely goaded onto the waiting Valkyries and tied up there with the guards beside them.

"Seems you frakked up again James." The voice was well-known to Stremm despite it being nearly eighty years since he last heard it. Immediately he turned his head gazing into the brown eyes of Latiffa McLandi. A rather tall and bulky woman with an olive perplexion. He looked in shock at her with a very confused look prompting her to say. "Hey stop looking at me like that James." She then giggled. "Don't you remember the good times we had?" The scarred face of the Catachan woman opened up in a wide grin.

"You are supposed to be dead, not teaching your skills as a sniper to kids." Stremm merely growled back at his jailor. Sitting across from him was Kelkaris who leaned forward with a sadistic grin on his face, the cut seemed to make it into a half-moon, his voice was needlessly sweet. "Interesting a connection, tell me now captain McLandi, what was it?"

"Married for 24 years Inquisitor." She tersely reported back to him. Eyes tried to avoid the prying eyes of Kelkaris that sat feeling their thoughts bubbling up. Memories, mostly happy to his surprise, but also some sad as he said. "Hm you had a son." He saw both Catachans get tense. "Inquisitor, if you don't mind, I rather not want to discuss our son." Stremm said that feeling far less courageous than he sounded.

The Valkyrie was meanwhile streaking through the skies towards the Schola Freudakia in the rain-forest. The Catachans saw it, it looked more like a black prison than a place of learning with trenches and artillery-positions, tall walls, anti-aircraft-systems adjourned it. It was a sprawling military metropolis of pure blackness, ugly as hell, their hearts sunk as they watched it come closer. First beginning like a black dot in the horizon.

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The bewildered Catachans walked out from the Landing Zone of the Schola Progenium. Monstrous Skitarii patrolled the streets, which was strict and regimented. They stood there guarding at the corners tirelessly on their threads, with advanced weaponry all visible in the gory detail. Their humanity were at best just a faint memory. Most likely the hulking hybrids of man and machine didn't remember anything, and they were a horrific reminder of the prize of failure at this Schola Progenium, nevermind that of being in business with the Adeptus Mechanicus. An organization inhumane extraordinaire, yet so important for the survival of the Imperium of Mankind. The shocked Catachans realized one by one the fact that the Skitarii was infact disgraced students of the Schola Progenium there they rolled around as heavy weapon-platforms and whatnot. Still that was far from the most grotesque figures this Schola had, but that the Catachans didn't know.

That they soon saw that on the inside. There Skitarii geared up for close-combat were standing guard. Monofilament knives and power swords had replaced the arms of all most had many more of that placed at them, they all packed at least one boltgun, though many had jutting out of their chests meltaguns. The Catachans looked upon them in horror as they were locked into their cells with the Skitarii silently standing vigil outside their cells.

The cells were clean, though extremely solid, as they had been Ogryn-tested (they had thrown in an Ogryn there and made it gone berserk in each cell with the interior tackling it, i.e. no sinks or toilets being used at weapons). The white beds were uncomfortable and hard as they where just small mattresses on brinks. One prisoner per cell was the law of this black complex with this huge prison attached to it.

Still Stremm was taken straight to interrogation. He was escorted by two Storm Troopers in jungle camouflage garb and heavy cerpace armour. Behind them trailed the Inquisitor and his ex-wife. One of the Skitarii a thing with a meltagun jutting out of the chest and two large powered fists had a key coming out where the stomach used to opened the door and to the dull surprise of Stremm managed to pull open the two ton adementum door without a strain. Still just looking at it make the hair stand on his back due to the unnatural look of the former woman standing there clad in metal, red eyes scanning everything.

The interrogation-room was sparsely decorated with just some chairs and a metal-table that showed it had been used for torture more than once. Stremm got seated with his back to the wall, the Inquisitor and McLandi sat down on the two other uncomfortable chairs. Kelkaris licked his small lips as he flicked a small flick at his side of the table while he said. "Inquisitor Kelkaris of Ordo Xenos starting a First Action with...." Kelkaris trailed off, McLandi spoke up. "With Captain Latiffa McLandi Drill-Abbess of the Schola Fruedakia." He then turned his gaze of Stremm while saying. "Now you shall speak you rank and service-number as well as all other relevant facts colonel." Stremm noted there were oddly no disdain in the voice of Kelkaris, not even in the voice of McLandi had he detected anything but neutrality.

"Colonel James Stremm, service number 107-997-117-811 of the Catachan 184th Devil Dogs." He said as he looked at McLandi. Then he glanced over at the Inquisitor stating. "Shall I state my military-history as well?" A mere nod came from the Inquisitor and Stremm spoke up. "Have been colonel for this regiment for 23 years, was a major for five before that, lieutenant colonel for two years, captain for four, lieutenant for eight before that, sergeant of differencing seniority for 18 years before that, and before that private for four years." He now noted the techno-scribe in the room, it was once a woman, now it was rooted in it's place just taking notes the face was metallic and hideous. Another serrvitor-thing this place already had too many of.

"Who sent you and your regiment to Freudakia colonel Stremm?" The Inquisitor's eyes peered into the depth of the soul of Stremm, voice all calm. Stremm answered "The order was signed by Adept Maximilian of the Departmento Munitorum Inquisitor." He sighed then said. "Is that thing logged on to the warweb Inquisitor?" He saw the eye of the Inquisitor get narrow. With a contained rage he said. "That thing is a scribe-servitor and of great service to the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus colonel." Stremm said apologetic. "Apologies Inquisitor." Humbly Stremm looked into the eyes of Kelkaris as he saw a slight smile at the face of McLandi.

She got up saying. "Permission to get the files on colonel Stremm Inquisitor?" Only a small nod was his answer. She plotted in the requests on the grotesque wall-servitor who clicked and clacked as it worked through the files of Depertemento Munitorum, eventually it printed out the files detailing the Catachan regiment. She handed them to the Inquisitor who removed his powered fist. He glanced on the powered fist of Stremm it was attached to the elbow, it was a crude metallic construct with a hose with electric nerves which the Tech-Priests had disabled.

"What I mean by you frakking up colonel is that you hindered the capture of living orks with your interference." McLandi explained as she got seated. Kelkaris just nodded as he read through the files she had given him. The interrogation wore on, it lead nowhere as Stremm divulged his limited knowledge and shared the information freely.

Eventually Kelkaris decided the interview was done stating. "Inquisitor Kelkaris of Ordo Xenos is now concluding the the First Action of colonel James Stremm of the Catachan 184th the Devil Dogs, captain Latiffa McLandi you are to escort the prisoner to his cell." He got up knowing full and well the drama between the former lovers. He anyway knew he likely would call the Catachans into his Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, but first he was to get off his suit of powered armour. He was feeling tired of it, and worse he hated being spoon-fed in the field since he had poor control of the powered fists. He sprouted out a hymn to the Ommnissiah in High Gothic as he hurried towards the armory looking forward for the Tech-Priest to remove this suit of armour from him.

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Very good, it read pretty fluidly, but I do have a suggestion or two for future writing.

1) I don't know if you simply didn't notice(because heresy does tend to clump all text together when posting), but your dialogue for everyone is jammed into the paragraphs together. Dialogue is usually separated into individual lines for whoever is speaking, it is confusing when you cram dialogue for multiple people into the same paragraph.

Let's say Kelkaris decides to address someone, you write out what he says, if want to capture a moment with him doing something while he speaks, incorporate it in the same paragraph(or series of paragraphs if his dialogue is long enough).

If you want someone to reply, begin a new paragraph before doing so, then continue onward.

Hope I explained that well enough and helps you(or if you were just unaware of the dialogue clumping)

2) This is a background/lore issue with the Skitarii. Now it's been a while since I've read the background for 40k, but if I remember right, the 1st Night Lords novel Soul Hunter Aaron DB portrayed the Skitarii as the elite infantry of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They were embattled against Warmaster Abaddon's armada of renegades and were in fact effectively stalling his conquest of a Forge World he wanted.

The point that I'm getting at is that you have Skitarii portrayed as automaton machines built for menial tasks and security. That is a job for a lowly servitor, not fit for the elite infantry of the Mechanicus. The way I saw them and the way they've been portrayed in multiple novels(I believe Know No Fear had them also), is they're still very human, of course still a great deal machine, but retaining arms and legs like a humanoid would and not moving around on treads or having entire limbs replaced with deadly weapons( especially the melta guns sticking out from the chests).

The simple fix is simply changing the name Skitarii to servitors, since they are much more suited to the roles you are using them for than anything else.

Of course, it has been a while sense I've read these books, so I might be wrong, but I don't think I am. I'm not trying to criticize you, just letting you know my honest opinion.

Other than that, I like it, not too big a fan of Catachans, but I'll still read about them. Keep up the good work.

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Yeah, I guess you have a point, but then again few people actually write like that for your first point. And my main inspiration are the books of Cain and Gaunt, and with regards to Gaunt I often find myself confused in who is doing what, so I makes that abundantly clear.

For your second, well the Skitarii varies from world to world, and I actually abit deliberately strayed from fluff with the recruits being the Skitarii, as that's from the Catachan POV and are left to the Tech-Priests to decide how the Skitarii is to be recruited. Some have the Skitarii as barely modified humans, others have them as monstrosities which only link to humanity is that they once were human. This Schola have induction in the Skitarii as the latter. And everything is not yet revealed when it comes to the true nature of the Skitarii at this place.

I'm thankful for the comment, as it's sound advice.
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The Chimera speeding through the jungle suddenly got a surprise coming it's way. "Ma'am." The gunner of it voxed through the internal vox. Ionza hit the repeat-button. "Speak your mind gunner." "I see a Catachan Ma'am." The gunner replied. Ionza quickly almost screeched in the vox. "Stop the Chimera immediately!" The Chimera slid to as it tried to break going from over 100 kilometers per hours to a perfect standstill, but Ionza had opened the hatch and jumped out of the Chimera, making a roll as she exited the vehicle before landing on her feet, with her longlas trained on the wounded Catachan. Her eyes were scanning for any hidden traps as she slowly arched forward towards the Catachan.

"Are you okay soldier?" She cried out while getting close enough to touch the man as the Chimera screeched to a halt hitting a Freudakian pine who showered it with heavy Freudakian pine-cones denting the top of of it. The man answered in a faint whisper. "Water please." Ionza instead removed her right black leathery glove, opening a pocket at her greatcoat getting out a syringe. She injected the man with some sedatives as in the nook of her eyes she saw a brace of medics exiting the Chimera at full tilt with a stretcher they unfolded as they ran.

"Are you boobytrapped in any way soldier?" She asked as she gestured to the medics to stay back as the man shook his head as she asked. "You don't lie on a grenade so I would be hurt?" She looked tersely at the wounded man, finally noticing the missing leg, blasted off right under the knee. He also had a few stab-wounds as well as he groaned. "No commissar, I-I ain't a boobytrap, just a wounded man." Ionza not buying it carefully got up her knives and started to cut open the uniform of the man, treating him more like he was a dangerous explosive than a human being.

Eventually she was sated, waving the medics forwards. They swiftly lifted him onto the stretcher. One of them looked worried over at the commissar. "Excuse me Ma'am." He coffed out. "Speak up medic." She replied scanning the environment for danger as they spoke with her longlas.

"We don't have room for both of you inside the Chimera commissar, so maybe we should-" He stopped abruptly as he felt the harsh stare of the small woman in his eyes. "Should what soldier? Leave the brave wounded behind? No sir, I will walk and he will get medical treatment." Her voice was serene and calm, like she talked about walking from one end of the Schola to the next, not like she was gonna be alone in a jungle teeming with dangerous animals like the Shadow Tiger which claws and teeth could break through cerapace like it was cottage cheese, extremely poisonous snakes and spiders, packs of Dire Wolves, Orks, feral Ogryns with a serious taste for human flesh, and that just just some of the many threats in this jungle that gave the famous Death Worlds of Phyrr and Catacha a run for their money. Being alone in it was akin to suicide.

She rapidly restocked inside the Chimera. Even planted a kiss on the mouth of her comatose lover as she left the Chimera while the wounded Catachan was tugged in there as the medic frantically worked on the limp body. Ionza left it with a glum smile at her face as she saw the Chimera roar off. Not before she had seen it speed off she felt a presence behind her in the bush. She immediately spun around going onto one knee, she took immediate aim. Just to see a Catachan standing there weapon trained at her. Soon more Catachan emerged, lasguns trained on her. Leading them was a huge scarred fair-skinned fellow, a powered sword was drawn. It was placed the throat of Ionza.

"Give me a reason I shouldn't just slit your throat now commissar!" The Catachan captain hissed with particular malice at commissar. "I saved the life of your soldier, Catachan." She said back relaxed, actually sounding happy. A grizzled veteran stepped forward. "That longlas, I think i have seen it before." The voice of the old man was gnarly, almost reminiscent of nails scratching at a chalkboard as he grabbed Ionza's longlas from her hands. "Shut up old man." The captain growled back.

"It's a McLandi, special-" Longer he didn't come as the huge Catachan snarled. "I said shut up-" The momentary distraction gave Ionza the tiny opening she needed as she kicked the legs out of the much larger captain, then she drew her hidden monofilament knives from her jacket-sleeves, before she jumped atop of the sprawling large Catahan, one knife at the balls of the Catachan the other at his throat. "Here at Freudakia we respect our elders, especially when said elders are Deathworld Snipers!" Ionza snarled out the words, her eyes displayed an odd fiery rage rarely seen in her.

"That sounds like McLandi even." The old sniper said as he smiled at the young commissar laying over the hulking brute. She smiled back at the frail-looking old man standing with her elegant sleek longlas in his hands. "Insulting Deathworld Snipers also mean you get hurt where it hurts the most when you take a leak...*She glanced at his dog-tag* captain Thomas Smith." The oldtimer said with a smile. "Yeah you know her." The old black man extended his hand from under the gill-suit, Ionza grabbed it, letting him help her onto her feet.

"Michelle Ionza. Deathworld sniper and commissar." She made a stiff salute at him as she said that. He smiled back with his brown teeth, age certainly hadn't played nice with that old man saying. "Tarik Brumby, Deathworld sniper." Another Catachan picked up her commissar cap a low-peaked black very plain cap at that with the traditional skull at. "P-p-p-p-p-" The young man tried to read the inscription of it. Ionza merely walked over to him, then she asked with a sweet voice. "I assume you name begins with a P private." As she gently took the cap from him, shaking it a few times as it was full of mud.

"Yes commissar, Patrick Eaves, might I inquire how you knew?" The bearded heavily muscled fair-skinned man replied, hair in a short black mohawk. "Educated guess, the inscription is the commissar creed of Schola Freudakia Plumbum ex Umbra, High Gothic for Lead from the Shadows." She said with a slight chuckle. The Catachans murmured amongst themselves about it. The bravest finally stepped forward, he had lieutenant-chevrons as he said. "Ehm you fur-coat, ma'am, is it of the fur of a Shadow-Tiger?" He touched it gently feeling the softness of it. "It is indeed, only four people have ever bested them as far as I know." The thumb on her right hand got up. "Me." The index-finger got up. "My fiance." The middle finger got up. "Lord Commissar Nathan Harken."

Then she turned to go. The lieutenant looked surprised at her, the young rather unscarred man then asked. "And number four?" Ionza just cast her head back laughing. "Try a guess lieutenant, we just spoke of her." She walked a little distance before turning, raising her voice addressing them all. "I understand you are hesitant to come with me, you have the choice of not coming with me, you might even reach Panarix far on the northern side of this continent, but then you must pass through the kingdoms of blood Ogryns which crave human flesh and various cults that sacrifices and nevermind Orks, millions of Orks."

She knew the speech was good enough to convince them to come with her as she began to walk. The first person that followed her was Brumby, the lieutenant then followed. Smith on the other hand was flabbergasted as he said. "Why the hell are you following this bitch, we should just slit her throat, and be-" She had came upon him and slapped him hard. Next she drew her bolter aiming it squarely at Thomas Smith while she calmly stated. "Want to see what damage a political officer can do? Here it comes. You captain Thomas Smith is no longer in charge of this outfit." With her monofilament knife she cut off the the captain-chevrons from the shoulders of Smith as she said. "Now you are private Smith." She looked over at the bulky lieutenant asking. "Lieutenant what's your name?" He replied. "Mark Evans ma'am." Ionza smiled as she said "Good you are in command of this outfit, and if private Thomas Smith does anything mildly annoying, shot him and make up a particularly stupid reasons later."

She handed Evans her bolt pistol, and began to walk as she heard he say. "Ma'am." She turned looking at the Catachan standing there with his large sausage-fingers and hands far to large for such an elegant weapon-handle as she expressed. "Right, a pistol custom-made for a lady fits badly in the hands of a bulky warrior." He quickly gave her back the pistol while saying. "That's a damn fine bolter Ma'am." He looked at the mastercrafted item with wonder. She smiled gracefully. "Thank you it was made for an ancestor of mine Marielle Ariendi a famous commissar from the 35th millennia, but lets get moving as I want to put as much distance between the Orks and us as possible with as little said as possible."

The Catachans followed her lead as they were secretly relieved the petite woman had outbullied the hulking Thomas Smith who not only had had the drop on her but managed to lose badly against her. They traveled for a few hours, with Ionza and Brumby first doing a tactical rapid leapfrogging as she lead them south towards the military base there at quite the pace.

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At one of the few points of rests while she was drinking up all the water in her bottle before refilling it while scouting with Brumby, Ionza noticed him lookin at the sun. "What are you looking at sniper?" She asked a bit pensive. "The sun Ma'am, you are leading us southeast following these tank-tracks, mind you if I ask you why? As we have no anti-tank weaponry with us." He looked worried over at the young commissar refilling her bottle at the stream as he said that.

"Drink up, I will tell you." She answered calmly. As the old man emptied his own canteen she talked. "We are following the tank-threads to observe whatever is driving that tank, at least that's what I plan to do. I will wait for lieutenant Evans and discuss the matter with him." The sniper wiped his mouth with the brown-green sleeve of his gill-suit as he said. "Makes perfect sense for me ma'am. So we shall just wait here for them, like at the other streams?" He turned around knowing she nodded and refilled his own canteen.

They waited for a short while until the Catachans arrived. Evans looked skeptical at Ionza. He strode towards her as his troops finished their canteens, and got the water from the stream. "Commissar." He said loudly. "Yes lieutenant." She turned towards him as she answered, making a quick salute which was equally sloppily returned. "You have us go southeast following tank-threads, why?" He looked accusingly at her, pointing to them while he spoke.

"That I intended to discuss with you lieutenant, I want to know about what has an Imperial Leman Russ battle-tank going that way, as if it's friendlies we can join with them. Enemies and we will collect data." She looked uncertain as she spoke while she ate the rest of the grasshopper.

"We will follow the threads, I agree to your suggestion commissar. Refill and move out." As he said that Ionza and Brumby both started with the trot they had done the past few hours, leapfrogging with one taking aim covering the track for the other that were sprinting between cover.

Smith finally arrived, he was furious of his demotion. Eyes burned with hatred against him. Every soldier looked at him like he was the lowest scum on the planet. Evans stepped forward his lasgun trained straight at Smith as he announced. "Private Smith we need to talk!" If Smith was angry before now he got even worse. He screamed. "Private I'm a frakking captain, that bitch won't survive-" He was interrupted by all his former officers and sergeants training their lasguns and pistols which was either bolter or las at him. "We have had a little chat." Evans began with.

"And your survival depends on the commissar's, if she dies you dies." Evans said it flat without any emotion, Smith calmed down slightly as he said. "So even if I'm a mile away? You will kill me?" Smith said in total disbelief. "Yeah chup!" Came it from a sergeant behind him. "Especially then." Another voiced in. "See you have no support anymore." Evans said. "I will put in the transfer-request of you tomorrow my former CO to another part of this regiment. Understood private?" Smith straightened up, giving Evans a good salute. "Yes sir."

Eventually they stopped behind some fallen logs. They saw that their enemy the orks were in possession of the tank, and luckily the tank was the rear-echelon. "See that Acidspitter over there?" Ionza pointed at a huge black hairy with yellow glowing eyes, about the size of a human head. "Unfortunately I see it yes." Brumby answered as he shrugged a little watching the hideous spider. "We are in luck we can re-capture the Leman Russ." Ionza said seemingly pleased. Brumby just scratched his head stating. "With that spider? With all due respect but that's insanity ma'am."

The other Catachans arrived, Ionza explained her plan to them, and soon she was speeding towards the spider, she grabbed one of it's legs chucking it forward toward the tank as the Catachans followed a short distance behind her. Then she avoided the acid-spit of it slinging it high into the air, and she dodged the acid rain it unleashed against her. Eventually she reached the Leman Russ and she kicked the Acid Spitter inside relishing the screams of pain and terror as the spider went berserk inside spitting acid around.

Trooper Smith ran up and looked oddly on Ionza who just stood there glaring at the tank. "Why ain't you taking cover behind the tank?" He growled. He got his answer the Acid Spitter had found a way out by the top-hatch after dispatching the crew, and now came jumping out of the tank. Ionza shot it in mid-air with her bolter. It exploded and shards of acid rained over Smith, who soon was rolling on the ground in pain as acid burned his left shoulder badly. Ionza holstered the bolt pistol and brought up her laspistol instead, then shot a shot that grazed the wounded shoulder of Smith. "That's why, it was coming back for seconds."

"You bitch you shot me!!" Smith screamed, but before he could say anything more, Ionza kneeled down before him, power sword at his throat. "Sh you moron, I shot a grazing shot to your shoulder to cauterize the wound, and if you ever call me bitch again I will impale you on the spot!!" She hissed out the comments, then rapidly turned around, yelling. "Heyh guys secure the tank!" Then Smith got on his feet. The look on his face said that he wanted to throttle the little woman, yet he said. "Yes commissar and thank you for saving my life."

Still the Orks laid down a devastating fire and worse there seemed to be some sort of a huge ork with a teleportation gun there sending a Snotling splattered against the armour of the Leman Russ. Ionza quickly hit the vox at her ear saying. "Sniper Brumby there? Commissar Ionza Over." He calmly replied as he laid in cover a far distance as he replied after adjusting his own vox-beads. "Yes ma'am, I read you over." She gently said into the vox. "Take out the large Ork bullying the small Orkoids. Commissar Ionza over and out." Not long after the sentence was uttered the Runtherd fell with a lasbolt from a long distance to the the spot between his eyes.

Still the Orks charged on and several of the Catachans rushing for the Leman Russ was cut down in the hail of badly aimed bolts. Ionza at times popped out from behind the tank a few times with her laspistol popping an Ork or two, but they were too many and she knew she would be overwhelmed soon so she just wrapped the cloak tightly around herself disappearing, yet now the Catachans had reached the Leman Russ battletank, they were throwing out the Orks, and one by one the guns blazed back to life of the injured giant.

The heavy bolters cut a bloody swathe through the orks caught in the open. The lascannon infront of the tank vaporized anything that looked menacing, and the battle-cannon simply roared to life as the orks were forced to take cover, which in turn meant Michelle came leaping in with blade and laspistol. The Orks tried as best they could to take her out but their rounds tended to hit eachother instead of Ionza as she dodged and ducked away from their shots, more akin to the skills of the Death Cult Assassins than her job-description.

Yet the primary target was still up and running, he fetched everything he could find, including other Orks the Mekboy fired at Ionza again and again missing by scant centimeters while she closed in at high speed. One Ork even tossed a grenade at her, then came charging in at her confidently screaming. "Waaaaagh!!" That expression was quite changed when Ionza kicked the grenade back into his mouth and he swallowed it as he dropped his weapons with hands going for the head. Ionza was in the midst of the Orks disemboweling, beheading and dismembering as she moved forward, but closely behind her a very protective squad of Catachan veterans moved in for the kill massacring the Orks with their back turned with ease but not without danger as at least one member was hit by Orkish bolt-shells and promptly exploded.

Thomas Smith the disgraced was instrumental in rallying the platoon of Evans after Evans caught a bolt-shell to his forehead, head pulverized. The platoon was wavering, two guys tried to run. Smith gunned them both down for their cowardice. Then he roared. "You have seen that little bitch fight, are you men or shits?!" As he swept forward with his laspistol and powered sword he broke through the weapon of an Ork boss that were winning against one of the sergeants that had toppled his rule of this platoon. The sergeant a man in his mid-forties, casual Catachan build, fair skin, blonde small mohawk, plenty of scars running across his heavily muscled body closed his eyes expecting Smith to kill him next. Smith instead growled. "Stop acting like I would kill you, I don like you sergeant, but you won't die by my hand. Now go frakking take the Ork the commissar is after, this is our glory, not her's!" He led his roaring men forward as the attack on the Mekboy became a two-pronged one.

Ionza would later think the two-pronged attack was a bad idea, but it saved her life as she and the other Catachans were about to be overrun by the Orks and the Leman Russ battletank had to hold fire to avoid hitting friendlies and instead concentrated on driving back the orks on the other side, while the three other Catachans covering behind it took out stragglers with the help of the Deathworld sniper.

Ionza finally got to grip with the Ork Mekboy after he fired yet another Snotling at her that missed her, but it didn't miss completely, as the ruthless Smith sensing it coming dragged the helpless Eaves infront of him, making the Snotling hit him instead and didn't even care that he was devoured from the inside by the frantic Snotling. Though he was a tiny bit impressed when Ionza narrowly dodged the Shokk Attakk Gun then the Mekboy threw it at her. Then the Mekboy grabbed the last Ork who tried to flee near him, and lunged at Ionza smashing it against a Freudakian hardwood. That gave Ionza the opportunity to make a strike herself at the exposed right leg of the creature. It his, she severed the leg.

Now the rest was simple for Ionza who quickly dispatched of the arms and legs of the flailing creature. She finally stood over him wiping off the sweat from her forehead with the sleeve of her jacket. Then Smith came at him. "You shall die!!" He screamed at the Ork, she roared back. "Noooo! Don't kill him!" She parried the blow, the powered rapier came dangerously close to her due to she forcing herself between the much stronger man and the Ork as Smith looked confused at her before relenting as he said. "Why not commissar?" She grunted as she managed to push him away a little as she said. "Because the Inquisition wants to interrogate an Ork leader."

Smith then growled. "Hope you are happy with your victory commissar, I certainly ain't." She looked around at the bodies of Orks but also at the bodies of the fallen Catachans, of the squad that had followed her only two battle-shocked and wounded men were alive. She had to shoot one twice in his legs to stop the bleeding, he died an hour later of the shock since she was out of tranqulizers. She then were on the way to the Leman Russ, she stopped as she saw Patrick Eaves the promising youngblood. He was devoured from the inside. She reloaded her bolter as she stated. "I'm sorry I won't get to learn you to read private Patrick Eaves." With a loud bang she pulled the trigger despite he trying and failing to speak and warn her about Thomas Smith.

Going into the tank she saw why the tank had been so inactive of the several members that had entered it only one remained alive he had his left arm blown away. Ionza gave him the Emperor's peace the next day when he caught gangrene as a mercy-killing.

They didn't even have the power to sabotage the Leman Russ or bury the bodies. Instead the few remaining Catachans and Ionza shambled through the jungle being chased by Orks, losing even more people as they had run-ins with a pair of Shadow-Tigers which they left to their fate and just retreated from as the shadowy beasts ripped them apart.

Eventually they reached the military base. They met one of the deep jungle-patrols, headed by none other than Carrus. He ran towards Ionza as he saw her, as he reached her, then she passed out in his arms. Carrus immediately went for master-voxer, and made a vox-cast. "Commissar Zachary Carrus here, callsign: Forager. Found missing personnel in section Beta-Delta-Bravo, requests immediate medivac now. Over and out." Still Smith came lurking as he was basically dragging the smelly but still living body of Brumby.

"Commissar Zachary Carrus, sir, captain Thomas Smith reporting in." He said that as he made a stiff military salute but made sure he didn't drop Brumby as he saluted before he continued with. "Might I suggest a change change to the orders commissar?" Carrus gave a nod where he stood carrying Ionza over his shoulders using one hand to stabilize her while the other holding the master-vox as Smith then said. "Northeast of here there is a Leman Russ battletank that fell into the Ork-hands." Carrus made a new vox-call still requesting the medivac, but as he did McLandi and her snipers having heard the message came out of the forest. She ran straight for Brumby.

"Tarik, are you okay?" She cradled him in her arms as she spoke. He woke up a little and whispered to her. "I had always loved you Latiffa." With that his words trailed off, his will to live was spent, he died in the arms of the woman he always loved yet never could have. Tears trailed down the cheeks of McLandi, most of the Storm Troopers were shocked over that the stern and strict Drill-Abbess showed emotion. Carrus however had more initiative as he roared out. "Anyone breathing a word of this will be re-commissioned as an officer of the Skitarii so sayeth me Commissar Techriarch Carrus the reigning authority of the Adeptus Mechanicus on this planet!" Smith noticed the scared impressions of the Storm-Troopers around him, making a mental note of not mentioning this ever again.

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The Valkyrie arrived within minutes to save the soldiers that had spent over a week injured in the bush fleeing from the orks and other dangers in the Freudakian jungle. They were given shots of syringes to calm them down from the nightmares they had just by the Freudakian soldiers each carrying his or her own batch of syringes and being perfectly able to give medical care. Carrus did so with Ionza, Smith got a pair of girls treating him. Then the Valkyrie landed, Smith was seated next to Carrus who let the care of Ionza be carried out by the professional medics accompanying each Valkyrie at Freudakia.

"Why did commissar Ionza demote you captain?" Carrus said with a dangerously low tone. Before he whipped out a monofilament knife from the sleeve of his jacket, he immediately put it to the throat of Smith as he spoke before Smith even could react to the knife to throat. "You are a brave man captain Smith, you didn't even blink when I put the knife to your throat." Smith merely looked tired into the eyes of the commissar over twenty years his junior as he said. "I had an inkling you would do that to test my resolve, and commissar Ionza demoted me for wrong decisions at the field of battle commissar."

His glare then met Carrus' eyes as he removed the red bandana from his head while saying. "Tell you fiancé she has passed the test of Catachan womanhood.” Then he handed his bandana to the very surprised commissar. "This is for Spider-Charger, I meant commi-" Carrus immediate interrupted. "I know what the honor means when a Catachans officer hand you his or her bandana, as I have been personally trained in jungle-warfare by one of your best, Drill-Abbess Latiffa McLandi." He then continued the long talk. "Why do you name her Spider-Charger, did she grab an Acid-Spider and charge a tank or ork dreadnaught?"

Smith then answered. "Yes she did, she picked up an Acid-Spitter, tossed it into the air a few times, then she kicked it into the Leman Russ battletank through a hole just behind a sponsor of the left side of the tank." Carrus relented his hold of Smith. "Go on what happened next?" "We followed, but we were badly led as she had me demoted and had a yes-man in my stead, but my demotion is my fault, I was rude to her and a Deathworld sniper so I'm just glad she spared my life." He saw how Carrus' eyes darkened as he told the tale. "I hope you won't execute me for this tale commissar." Smith finally coffed out. "That's not my decision to make as she have spared you thus far." Carrus responded, yet Smith didn't feel any relief by that statement as he looked at the chilly mark of the Adeptus Mechanicus on the low commissar-cap perched ontop of Carrus' head and he remembered the order Carrus had barked out when McLandi broke down.

"You are a servant of the Ommnisiah?" Smith said as he glanced at the commissar-cap of Carrus. "Yes. I'm the Techriarch at this planet with commissar Ionza as my deputy when I'm not available, but I lack the ear for the finest music of them all the sound of the Machine Spirit, which is why I will never be and never can become a Tech Priest." He closed his eyes thinking of how sweet the music of the Machine Spirit ought to be. "But that's just as well, lest I would risk having a sudden urge to replace my holy human body with that of the machine."

He carried on. "The Techriarch is a hereditary position I have gotten from my home-world Ciralix, an ugly industrial world were people pray, dance for the Emperor and doesn't even have gladiatorial combat to appease me." Smith looked as if Carrus were joking as he pried. "Dancing for the Emperor, doesn't sound like much fun commissar."

Smith scratched his jaw in an amused fashion as Carrus responded with. "No and me drinking wine to pass the time during one such eight hour session and then falling asleep and snoring loudly was apparently a major scandal." Smith only smirked as he said. "I bet drinking ain't allowed there." Carrus just yawned and stretched while saying. "Nope it's an offense punishable by death. Which is why I can't ever rule that place even as I'm the only surviving child of the previous Planetary Governor the blessed Arturus Carrus as the public would basically rise up in rebellion if the prohibition is lifted. So I let my regent Zachary Carrus the 89th rule in my place as I only sat on the throne for eighty-eight days. He is my uncle."

The aircraft were approaching the Maritova military-base Smith saw large numbers of tank rolling out into the jungle. Leading them were Leman Russ Demolishers, behind them came Hellhounds and Rhinos with men riding atop of them with sandbags as cover. What surprised Smith the most was seeing Tech-Priests and commissars amongst the members sitting there with the men and women there being amongst the people keeping watch. "They should wear body-armour." Carrus called out tersely as they saw the many men and women sitting atop of the Rhinos making an effort to sunbathe even as the tanks slithered into the jungle. The returning tanks looked different. Men and women were still sitting atop of the Rhinos, but many of the tanks were towed and each showed having been hit with all sorts of weaponry in the arsenals of Ogryns and Orks.

"I don't know commissar, armour has always slowed me down and is damn in the way at long-term missions." Smith answered back. "Yeah you have a point captain, and I have always let people choose if they want to wear armour or not though I recommend it of course." Carrus mentioned in a consenting way. "Oh ain't they beautiful?" Carrus pointed at the skies as Maurader bombers and Lightning fighters flew in formations as he spoke with more enthusiasm. "Ciralixian produce the finest aircraft and tanks in the whole galaxy." Carrus said with pride. Smith just replied with a smirk. "So you are done bashing Ciralix now commissar?" Carrus merely laughed as the Valkyrie landed.

They went off with Ionza rapidly being carried off. Carrus glanced over at McLandi and the bodybag containing Brumby coming off another Valkyrie. He knew she was sad, though nobody else could really tell. "Commissar Carrus." He heard the voice of Smith which snapped him out of his chain of thoughts. "Yes-" He didn't come further as he saw the Catachans being all mustered at the airport standing there in formation. Carrus then whispered to Smith's ear in the communication they were so used to do in the jungle when they had to speak. Mouth to ear, hand between mouth and ear in a cylindrical shape. "I didn't know Catachans could be mustered in formation." Smith hissed back. "Me neither commissar." McLandi joined them, whispering to both. "I'm as surprised as you two are, captain and commissar." They both saluted her who saluted back.

The trio went along the lines of the Catachans, they were clad to enter the jungle and fight. They looked at Carrus, to his surprise they weren't looking at him with the cold hatred he expected, instead more along the lines that a great Imperial hero was gazing at them. Eventually they reached the center of the gathered Catachans.

Kelkaris the Iqnuisitor stood on the right of Stremm now just in a simple black robe not at all displaying him being an Inquisitor, especially with a gigantic golden Inquisitor-inscription on it. At the left of Stremm were a mountain of a man, with shoulder-long black hair, brown merciless piercing green eyes, looked at the three approaching officers of the Imperial Guard. He was almost reminiscent of the Emperor himself standing there with the dull black commissar-uniform on, blackened epaulets like Carrus and Ionza, the furry coat on his made him partially invisible, He was the dreaded Lord-Commissar Nathan Harken. Head of the Commissariat of Freudakia. He glanced into the Eyes of Carrus who strode right up to him giving him a stiff salute.

He saluted back, and also saluted the two captains following Carrus. "Why are the Catachans gathered sir?" Carrus spoke first. "Simple you have been assigned to them commissar." Harken said expecting Carrus to protest, but instead was taken totally by surprise as the young man said. "That would be an honor sir, I assume commissar Ionza will be with me on this assignment Lord-Commissar." Both Harken and Kelkaris looked at Carrus with stunned surprise, as Carrus got up to Stremm he said. "Thank you colonel for saving my life." He made a deft salute at him, which much to his surprise handed him his red bandana, to the cheer of his troops with the words. "No commissar me and my men is the one thanking you, as you saved the life of everyone under my command by going up against those Orks."

Even the Inquisitor were surprised by the roar of the Catachans as Carrus removed his cap, giving it to Smith and let McLandi tie it to his head. They heard the words "Sharp Knife!" being shouted. Carrus merely pried McLandi. "I assume they are referring to me for my knifework captain?" She answered rapidly. "That's no small honor for an off-worlder to get his own name from the Catachans means you have passed their passage of manhood and receiving the bandana of the CO is virtually unheard of commissar you should indeed be proud." He watched the cheering Catachans, before he shouted. "Silence!!" The Catachans fell silent. "Thank you for that nickname. It frakking rocks!" He waited and then it came roaring back to him as they yelled. "Sharp Knife!" He then roared. "That's a fine nickname, and I will replace Forager with that as my call-sign!" The Catachans cheered at him.

As the cheers fell silent Carrus addressed Harken. "Lord-Commissar permission to take the Catachans to the armory and show them what they have been missing?" Harken immediately answered. "Permission granted, but you are dismissed, go see commissar Ionza, captain Smith will handle arming the scouts as he is your new CO, McLandi you will handle arming the snipers and selecting them." Carrus just ran towards the hospital hell-bent on seeing his beloved again, while the troopers filed over to the armoury where a grotesque-looking Skitarii with twin-heavy bolters unlocked it for them, opening the gate of the huge building.

Harken headed over and hit the flick. The lighting-rods in the ceiling of the huge building came on one row at a time, showing an impressive stockpile of hot-shot lasguns, heavy flamers, longlases, boltguns, bolt pistols and meltagun. He turned to the men brawling out with his deep thundering voice. "See that Catachans, that's why you have commissars, it's because they can contact the Munitorum and get you all the good stuff you need to win wars." Stremm then asked. "Where are the heavy weapons, I have a few heavy weapon teams."

Harken immediately answered. "The heavy weapons we here attach to the Skitarii, and did you really think being in the forces of Inquisitor Kelkaris mean you are anything but the swift-footed jungle-infantry that will strike in deep with Valkyries and be air-lifted to every operation?" Stremm swallowed and shut up. Then came Freudakian grenadiers filing by, and soon the Catachans went from an undersupplied unit to a unit bristling with close-range fire-support with meltaguns and heavy flamers being the weapons of choice for the special weapon-teams. Even Smith got himself a meltagun, mostly as he wanted to appear as loyal as possible to his new commissar.

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