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Default Renegades 10 Long Forgotten Sons

Renegades 10
Long Forgotten Sons

It is the 31st Millennium, man has reached the stars and the glory of the Imperium of Man is at its height. The Emperor and his sons bring the worlds of man into the Imperium but, its gone wrong. The Emperor met with the beings in the warp and emerged a different man. Gone is the Imperial Truth, the Emperor believes he is now a god, vindicating all that Lorgar had preached for centuries. He has gathered those sons around him who would not betray him, The Universe is full of evil and doubt and only Horus and his armies can hope to save the humans from the laughter of thirsting gods.

But can that laughter be silenced and the Emperors power as the supreme god be recgnised, when the Emperor sends his Son of the Night to complete a mission so secret that not even Lorgar or Dorn know anything about it.

coming soon
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Dramatis Personae:

I will add to this in due course

The God -Emperor of Mankind.

VIII Legion Astartes, The Night Lords

Nightfall - flagship of the Night Haunter and the Night Lords

Konrad Curze "Night Haunter" Primarch of the Night Lords
Jago Sevatar Sevatarion First Captain of the Night Lords "The Condemned"
Zso Sahaal - Captain of the Raptors Claws "Talonmaster"
Sheng - Captain of the Night Lords 8th Company, equerry to Curze
Krieg Acerbus - Captain of the Second Company Night Lords "Axemaster"
Vacanas Bolderious - Captain of the 12th Company Night Lords "Justice Bringer"
Malithos Kuln - Captain of the 9th Company Night Lords member of the Kryoptera
Nakara the Bloodless - Captain of the 13th Company Night Lords member of the Kryoptera
Cel Herec -Captain of the 43rd Company Night Lords member of the Kryoptera

XII Legion Astartes The World Eaters

Angron Primarch of the World Eaters
Khan - Captain of the 8th Company World Eaters and Angrons Equerry

XVII Legion Astartes The Word Bearers

Lorgar - Primarch of the Word Bearers also the Black Pope
Ishmal Terock Captain of the 120th Company Word Bearers - Lorgars Equerry

VII Legion Astartes Imperial Fists

Rogal Dorn - Primarch of the Imperial Fists and Black Templars also the Regent of Terra

XIX Legion Astartes Raven Guard

Corvius Corax – The Raven….Primarch of the XIX Legion Astartes Raven Guard.
Branne Nev – Captain of the Raptors
Agapito Nev – Captain of the Talons
Tordan Cereck – Sergeant of the Raptors
Hasan Iev – Sergeant of the Talons
Anteau Shierek - Captain of the 61st Company Raven Guard and Captain of the Raven Guard Battle Barge, Hand of Deliverance.

Imperial Army. 809th Expeditionary Fleet

Cadence Justmier - Captain of the 54th Nostraman Infanty
Elisbet Incara - Leuitenant of the 54th Nostraman Infantry
Callian Freyan - Sgt of the 54th Nostraman Infantry "Shadow warriors"
Henrie Tekara - trooper of the 54th Nostraman Infantry "Shadow Warriors"
Calissandra Unterry - trooper of the 54th Nostraman Infantry "Shadow Warriors"

Non Military

Garvan Polarick, Artist and keeper of the secret
Pestrosa Gadfran - Rememberancer

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no i been playing Forza 3 a lot and its one of the songs on there by a band caled lyrics without reason
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Darkness is his friend; it has always been his friend, the one true friend he could always count on. His home world is a world of darkness, a world that he had tamed, with his own bare hands, but not without its consequences, unlike some of his brothers he did not make friendships easy sometimes he loathed himself more than he loathed their weakness’s, that was why he was so perfect for the job his father had given him. The ability to sow terror in the hearts of others, even unease in his brothers was, at the best of times a delicious feeling.

Yet, yet there was a part of him he feared, the visions, it was his weakness, always visions of a dramatic violent future and in some he saw his own death, never the same but when those visions plagued him, it left him weak as a child. He would remain in seclusion until the visions past, sometimes minuets’, sometimes hours and sometimes days would pass, but always left with the afterimage and a foul taste in his mouth.

Sometimes it would be his own blood, but that told him he was still alive, alive to bring justice to those who deserved a peaceful honest law abiding life, and justice to those who thought they could escape the Emperors laws.
Such was the fear he sowed, it had been known for entire systems to surrender when they even heard a whisper that he and his sons were coming. Such was their reputation, sometimes he would just let them think he was coming and never show, but the fear was enough to keep them on the right path. Other times he would not appear when they expected him, but when they heard the words, we have come for you then that was it. They knew they were finished.

But now as his mind cleared, the vision gone, something was different. The Stygian darkness of his quarters seemed, less imposing, more welcoming, as he bathed in his true love, feeling it caress him like a lover and a son Konrad Curze relived his mission briefing.

The Throne room was magnificent, there was no other word for it or any word that could describe it, and no matter how many times he had been here, it never ceased to amaze him at its grandeur. He did not know how the Custodes saw the master of mankind, but as he approached the seated figure, he saw a judge, not just a judge from the old judiciary from Terra’s ancient past but a warrior judge, dressed head to toe in the colours of darkness, his features unforgiving and unreadable, resolute and stern. He bent his knee and as soon as the Custode left, the mirage was gone and once more the Emperor appeared in all his glory but not in his golden armour, he wore the finest robes and a cloak of wolf fur sat around his shoulders.
The Emperor motioned for him to stand and, standing with him stepped down and removed the skull shaped helm from his sons head.

Konrad Curze, whilst a well-built was pale and drawn. His eyes still glazed from his waking vision and blood trickled down his pale thin lips where he had bitten them in his frenzy. Without a word, the Emperor guided his son to the seat beside him and poured him some wine, handing him it the Emperor waited until his son was back to his senses completely.

“I wish you would let me help you be at peace Konrad” he finally spoke.

Curze said nothing and in essence the Emperor did not expect him to, despite all that had happened recently, the Night Haunter was still a silent and guarded individual. He had, however seemed to come alive at his new post, recognition for what he and his sons did best and being allowed to do it in the name of the Emperors Justice.

“I was looking over your recommendation for a universal police force, you believe this would work?”

“Yes father. Judicial forces that are loyal to you and you alone, their rule would be absolute in the eyes of the law, lawbreakers would be punished to the fullest extent of Imperial Law and they would also be trained in military tactics”


“Should the need arise to impose Martial Law then they would be equipped to do so”

“And where do you propose the school for these Arbites be built?”

“Terra and Nostramo father”

The Emperor turned his head as if to refill his goblet but in reality he was hiding a slight smile that had started to appear. He had already worked out that the home of justice would be a school for future keepers of justice.

“So be it son, I will allow you to shape this as you see fit, but delegate, I have a different plan for you at the moment, something that I want you and you alone to carry out, in case your rather unique skills are needed”

That piqued the Dark Kings interest; The Emperor rose to his feet and beckoned his son to follow him. Curze remained silent but, when he passed the new statue afforded to Lorgar he could not stop the sneer twisting his features, his father did not fail to notice it.

“You still do not care for Lorgar, do you” It was not a question.

“I find him insufferable” Curze replied, never one to mince his words “Father, if mankind wishes to see you as a God then that is their right and one I will agree with, however, I am not about to pledge my allegiance to faceless entities in the Warp that have nothing but games on their mind. I have instructed my Legion as such, we shall use Chaos to meet our ends if need be, but these things are not gods and therefore should not be venerated as such.

You are the only one they should follow to that end, for you are a being we can see, talk to and touch. I would rather see my Gods then have demons voice for them. I am a being of terror and justice, I am a scion of battle and the master of the dark, I am not like Urillean, and I do not seek faith when there are other answers. However that being said, he showed his Primarch mettle when he got rid of that blasted Kor Phaeron”

The Emperor nodded “Each of you have to find your own path to mix the warrior with the diplomat, Lorgar has done that and I feel that you have yet to,”

“I am not a diplomat” Curze corrected. “There are only two maybe three brothers that I can think of that make that mix, and none of them are on our side”

He saw his father’s expression and yet did not regret what he had said, it was after all the truth. He followed the Emperor in Silence, and through to the Emperors own hall of remembrance. He did not fail to notice the black shroud covering the statue of the Khan.

“How is Vulkan?” he finally asked.

“He is recovering, for the moment I am keeping him here; he will re-join his sons when I deem him fit enough”

“And what are you going to do about Angron?”

The Emperor stopped and shot his son a quizzical look “Do what about Angron?”

“Father, he crippled Magnus and destroyed Prospero, those actions alone sent Magnus into the renegades’ hands”

The Emperor said nothing and Curze decided that it was best left alone. Eventually they came to a stop between two Statues that had been covered for decades. The Emperor looked up at them and Curze had an eerie feeling creep over him.

“They are…..”

“I know who they are, just as you do and all your brothers”

The Night Haunter stared at the long vanished faces as his father pulled the covers off. He did not know why the Rout had been sent against them, he did not even know what they had actually done to deserve such extreme censure, but the events had sent a stark warning to the other Primarchs, one that they did not speak about, ever.

“They are dead father, you sent the Wolf King after them, why show me this now?”

“Did I say that?” The Emperor asked.

“We all know that, their statues were removed and their sons were given to the Ultramarines”

“Not all their sons” The Emperor corrected.

“Enough to make Gulliman master of the largest Legion”

“Touché” The Emperor smiled “Now, come with me I have a job for one that is better suited to one of your skills and talents.”

“What is it you want me to do? And what has it got to do with…..them?”

The Emperor turned and his eyes darkened, once more he looked like the shadow warrior that Konrad sometimes saw him as. His heart soared as he felt the Emperors Justice Persona enter his own.

“You are to find them” He pointed “Their bodies were never recovered and not all their sons went to the Ultramarines, if they are still alive, then it is time to bring them home Konrad.”

For one that never showed any emotion the Night Haunters jaw suddenly dropped and if his face could go paler it would have done. His father walked ahead leaving his son for a moment and Curze stared up at the effigies for a long moment or two.

The Night Haunter made his way to the room where the artist had been quartered; the two Terminators of the Talonmasters company saluted him as he appeared. He ignored them and walked into the room.

“Now Garvan let us talk.”

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Wow- no rest, eh? Well, it's an impressive beginning. If you really are bringing the two Lost Legions into this... well, they'd better be creative!

Also, when is this in the timeline? Block 6?

Renegades Saga contributions
The Emperor has turned to Chaos. The dream of the Imperium has become a nightmare. But Horus and his Coalition stand against the dark, here at the end of time.

Lorgar's Betrayal
What was broken has been mended. And what was burned away can never be reforged.
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The idea came to me whilst listening to the song, wether or not they find the lost Primarchs I have not decided yet, but seeing as the books have leant teasers about what might have happened and allured to why the UM are the largest Legion i thought i might play around with that. As for when it is set, it is just in block 5, thought it was time to do something with the Raven Guard and Night Lords.

glad you like it.

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He paced his stratagem restless and out of balance with his humours. He could not believe, did not want to believe that his father, the master of mankind himself, the mightiest being to have ever lived had suddenly turned everything upside down, thrown all he had taught his sons to believe away to not only validate the bloody Prophets absurd claims, but to give himself the power of long forgotten gods.

He had been a loyal son, followed the course of history that his father had set out for him, and been good on his word, for when he took over as Primarch of the Raven Guard, his father had helped bring peace to his moon and his world, and he thought they were equal in their honour. But it seemed that honour could be traded when needs be.

To think that he now had to accept that what Horus and Magnus had said was true gnawed at him, he wanted to prove them wrong, go to his father and see for himself what had happened, but all that had changed. The death of an entire company of Raven Guard at the hands of the Night Lords, all of them brought back to the Ravenspire by the Alpha Legion. Prospero gone, wiped from the star charts like she had never existed, Magnus crippled and now the Great Khan dead at the hands of his brother Vulkan. Vulkan of all people…it beggared belief; the bloody universe had gone mad.

He heaved a heavy sigh, not just that but Malcador was dead as was the greatest of the Custodes. He had just been informed that Amon Tetromach Leng had been given safe haven aboard the Indomitable Will. At least with Mortarion watching over him the Last Lion as he was being tagged had found safe harbour.

He stopped by his window and gazed out at the star screen beyond. For countless generations mankind had believed there were other forces in the universe, be they alien or deity, well they were right about the aliens but now it seemed after a war that almost destroyed Terra to rid it of religion and superstition, now it was back again with a vengeance. Not only that, but vengeance burnt at his heart, vengeance for his lost sons and
vengeance for the disgrace of believing a lie. Corvus Corax felt the dishonour of having a father and brothers gone mad keenly. The Raven Guard would side with his brothers, but they would do things their way.

“My lord, there is a message from Lord Gulliman for you, private”

Corax acknowledged the Vox operators message and read what had been put through to his office. He ran a hand down his face as he read the contents. Once again trouble rested on the Raven Lords shoulders and he did not know, for the first time in his long years, what to do. He needed a battle, something to take his mind off this bizarre point in history.

He got his wish. Twelve days later the Raven Guard came down on Planet 1427.


The inhabitants of 1427 were not expecting anything like the Raven Guard; in fact they were not expecting anything like the Astartes. They were brutal and violent and, no matter how many battles the inhabitants fought, they were onto a losing battle from the moment the wrathful Primarch and his sons touched down.

As he looked over the bloody field of battle Corax began to wonder on who he was taking his frustrations out on. Was it the Emperor and his brothers who had turned their back on all that had been gene written into them? Was it Gulliman for asking him to aid him in building a second Imperium? Or was it the old rivalry with Horus? Things had never been easy between him and the Lunar…no not the Lunar Wolves, the Sons of Horus that was what they were calling themselves now. He had always believed that Horus had used him and his sons to further his own glories, so much so that the two Primarchs had almost come to blows.

Corax did not want to be under Horus’s leadership again, however he had closed the rift between them and he was not about to open that wound again over ego. Then again Horus had been the natural choice for Warmaster, he was the Emperors chosen heir and Magnus had asked everyone’s opinion on the matter in hand. He had agreed that Horus was the natural choice for dare he say it Emperor.

But what of their own home worlds, if the Emperor was going to send Angron to do the job that the Space Wolves had done in times before, how long before Cthonia, Baal or even Deliverance fell to the same fate as Prospero?
He accepted the surrender with a nod of the head and let the Imperial Guard take over and was about to return to his vessel when one of his sons, a young Astartes by the name of Halan Gre knelt before him.

“My apologies my Lord but both Captain Nevs require your presence in the hall of wonders”

Corax caught himself before he could laugh at the way young Gre had relayed his message, his mood lifted and clapping his hand on his sons shoulder walked with him towards the Hall of Wonders.

He found the brothers in the darkened hall, the hall had been spared most of the damage of the Titans and Astartes firepower, but there were areas that would need to be rebuilt. Walking through it Corax had been amazed at the amount of history that was here. The Rememberancers that had accompanied him would find this place a fountain of knowledge, one for the future generations of the Imperium of man to appreciate.

If there is a future Imperium of man
that melancholic voice spoke to him, he dismissed it angrily such thoughts belonged to the likes of Little Horus Aximand and others of a melancholic outlook, not him. He joined them and looked around wondering what had caught their attention with such a mix of sorrow, horror and a little intrigue.

“Well?” He asked them.

It was Branne Nev who pointed; Agapito was too stunned to even make any gesture. Corax followed his son’s gazes and the colour drained from his already pale features. Primarchs were not meant to feel such emotions as sorrow or shock, not in the way that Humans did but he did a good approximation of it now.

Encased in a stasis chamber was a suit of power armour. It was a dull red but had once been a brilliant sheen, silver edging and black trim. On the left pauldron Corax could make out a faded animal, a three headed dog by the looks of it but that was not all, on the battered Helm he saw the numerals II and he almost fell over in Shock at the sight.

“Corax” Agapito finally found his voice “The human here said this was found three years ago, right here”

“The Sons of Hades” Branne finally whispered then made a sign of warding.
The Second Legion were all believed wiped out, or assimilated into another Legion. Corax did not say anything for a long time and when he did he ordered the armour taken down and brought with them to the Shadow of the Raven…Corax had renamed it, unable to bear it being called the Shadow of the Emperor for much longer.

“I want to see the man or woman that runs this place and I want to see them now!” he ordered and the brothers knew that he was not to be kept waiting.


Curze shifted uncomfortably as he waited to board the War Hound, the vessel that belonged to Angron, he had been summoned by Lorgar and Dorn to attend a council of the chosen. His Stormbird touched down in the giant hanger bay and as he descended with Captain Sheng, his Equerry and his First Captain Sevatar on either side of him, the crews in the hanger abased themselves before the master of the night.

He was met by Kharn; the Equerry of the Red Angel himself and Curze could not help but notice the checked violent emotions that surrounded the vaunted 8th Captain. Kharn bowed his head and led them to where the others had already arrived and were seated.

At the head of the table sat Angron, and something was happening to him, not just the scars across his face given to him by the Emperor for failure to bring Magnus and his inner circle to Terra but he appeared more, animalistic, his breathing was harsh, harsher than the Night Haunter had ever heard it before, he was like a barely restrained killer, held on a leash that could break at any time and allow the full unrestrained violence that was Angron of D’eshara loose on an unsuspecting world.

Beside him sat the Regent of Terra, his gold armour and red cloak fitting him like a glove. Upon his forehead sat a gold Diadem that signified his new position but as ever, Dorn remained the Praetorian, the Emperors Champion and his stone features betrayed nothing of what he thought or indeed felt at what was going on around him.

Opposite him sat Lorgar, resplendent in his armour with a cloak of the finest ermine dyed black around his shoulders, his golden skin with eyes lined with kohl and tattooed with the scriptures from his own written works made Curze sneer inside. Upon his bare head sat the Papal crown but, for the sake of equality he removed it and set it before him. Curze looked around him.

“Where are Manus, Jonson and Fulgrim?” He asked, he did not mention Vulkan knowing that at the moment the Salamander Primarch was unable to travel too far, and aware that his father wanted to ensure that Vulkans recovery progressed at a suitable rate.

“Ferrus is dealing with things on Mars” Dorn quietly said “Fulgrim is currently waging war against the Ultramar worlds and Jonson….well I am not sure what the Lion is doing,”

“Consolidating his system I expect” Angron snarled, his voice always held a hint of threat but now it was almost a permanent snarl “Or waiting to see how else he can piss off Perturabo”

“Someone needs to remind him that playing games with the Lord of Iron are not how to unman Perturabo” Lorgar sighed.

“He is acting like a petulant child” Angron snorted “Ferrus is starting to ensure our sons have their armour and weapons, denying Horus and his warriors theirs. The Pansy and his cross-dressing sons are at least doing something worthwhile, and the Lion is smarting over his personal honour because Perturabo kicked him off his LZ” Angron shook his head “The more things change, the more they stay the same”

He raised his head and arched an eyebrow at the shocked expressions on his three brothers faces, he allowed himself a smug smile, always thought he was the animal, the one that was worse than Russ and his Rout, they forget he had an educated mind too, although it was getting harder and harder to resist the voice that was baying for blood every day. It took all his will to suppress it and keep it in check and the pain eternal from the butchers nails did not make it any easier.

“And we are convened here because?” Curze asked, anxious to get on with what his father wanted of him, and aware that he was to keep it to himself.
“We need to act against the renegades” Lorgar sat forward, “They are making great gains as well as losses and half the surviving Mechanicum from Ferrus’s cull have ended up alongside Horus and our misguided brothers.”

“Then they will not be without their armour and arms for long” Dorn mused.

“No, I have recently heard of strange events going on around Cadia, although I cannot be specific as I do not have the information to depart, Typhon did inform us that Horus and Magnus asked for six sons from the Renegades, one each, of a Psyker nature but other than that I have no idea what he wants with them”

“I expect we will find out when Horus and Magnus are ready to tell us” Angron snarled.

No one disagreed with that, at the end of the day Horus was still the Warmaster, still the one that was deemed to be the perfect Primarch. The first amongst them all and that made him more dangerous than any thought possible.

“Way I hear it, Gulliman wants to make an Imperium Secondus” Angron yawned, a sign he was getting bored “and already the renegades are split, there are those that will follow Gulliman, like Russ and Corax, and those that will follow Horus like Sanguinius, although the Angel would find it hard to reconcile any issue against Gulliman”

“So let them have their civil war they’ll destroy each other” Curze sat back “Either they will see sense and join father in the spreading of his word or they won’t but, should the unimaginable happen and Horus win I cannot see them accepting him as Emperor, so a second Imperium with Gulliman as its warrior lord will be formed.” Curze narrowed his eyes “I am more concerned with the Alpha Legion, we do not know what they are doing and that worries me greatly”

“No need brother” Dorn motioned towards the door and as it opened a figure in white power armour with green trim walked in through the door.

They all stood as the Figure removed his helm to show a bald copper coloured warrior with a horrific scar down the left side of his face, one that even his healing could heal completely.

“I am Alpharius” He spoke “and I have come to pledge my allegiance to the Emperor”

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Sevatar walked with his father along the corridors of Nightfall, he had not said much since returning from the War Hound and to be honest seeing Alpharius come in declaring his allegiance to the Emperor was indeed a surprise too far, still he had turned up with his vessel and of Omeagon and the Effete squad and the Omega there had been no sign.

Finally Sevatar broke the silence “What did you make of that father?”

Curze shrugged but said nothing, either he was mulling it over in his mind, or he just didn’t care, Sevatar thought it might have been a bit of both.

“I suppose the Emperor will deal with it, could there have been a schism in the ranks of the Alpha Legion?”

Again Curze shrugged, but the slight furrow of his brow confirmed to the First Captain that was what his father had thought. He stopped by his quarters and as the First Captain took a closer look he could make out the tell-tale signs that his father was about to experience his curse once more. Quickly Sevatar guided his father into his quarters and locked the door behind him.
He guided him to the centre of the room and sat him down, then took a place beside the doorway. Guarding his father and watching over him as the waking vision took hold of him once more…..

It was always the same, the time he did not know, the place he did not know but the scene was the same, he was on Nostramo, his world, a world fit as a vision of justice. One of his rare trips home had seen him over see the next recruits for the Astartes and the intake of Judges, his dream of an ordered universe coming to fruition.

Suddenly the silence of the cheering crowds is as deafening as their roars of adulation and looking up the skies turn black. Astartes with jump packs, drop pods and Stormbirds start to fall towards his world, before he could react one giant amongst them lands before him, his talons as silver as the moon of Terra.

He moves out of the shadows like he belongs there, his breathing measured, he has come to deal death, he has come to restore the balance and he has come for the Night Haunter. As they fight he cannot see the face of the Primarch he is battling, but he knows who it is, he unsheathes his own claws, two Primarchs guided by the dictates of the night, both the best at what they do, both alike and yet so different.

The Ravens talon strikes and cuts the Night Haunter deep, deeper than even his healing can deal with as blow after blow is rained upon him; he slashes at his enemy, cutting flesh and bone snarling his hatred, blood and spittle flying in equal measure.

His sons are dying around him, Sevatar; his brave favoured son is cut in two as he comes to his father’s defence, sliced from sternum to abdomen, such a wound his body cannot recover from, Sheng, Zaal, Krieg they all fall under a Primarchs wrath and madness.

For there is only one Primarch who would know how to turn the Night Lords greatest strength upon themselves and as the Talons dig into his chest and rip his beating hearts from his body the face of the Raven looks down upon him with hate…..

He woke trembling violently, he was helped by a pair of strong hands and water was given to him to ease his dry throat. Once the trembling had subsided he allowed his helper to guide him to a seat and in the dim light of his own quarters he saw the concerned features of his First Captain. Nodding slightly to signify he was well, Sevatar stepped back, he bowed his head and left the Primarch to his privacy.

He got up and lay on his bed, closed his eyes, the headache beginning at the base of his temples soon became a horrendous throb. It would not last, but for the duration he practised the techniques his father had taught him and his memory drifted back.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on here father?”

They were now in the Leng Hall, the images of his two lost brothers burnt on his memory like a poker. He knew the story, the Emperor, for reasons of his own had sent the Wolves of Fenris after the two Legions, their Primarchs, as far as memory recalled were gone, their sons either dead, scattered or amalgamated into the other Legions….more so the Ultramarines.

Something that had caused concern amongst the other Legions, including Horus and Sanguinius, Curze did not doubt Gullimans staunch reputation for his loyalty, it was predictable but occasionally sickening to one who lived on his wits.

The Emperor had allowed no further details to be parted not even to his heir Horus, which had puzzled the first among them greatly. Of course the rumours had flown around as so often they did, they were tainted, they had committed some atrocity in the name of other beings, they had defied the Emperors edicts, but whatever the reason, it would remain just that, rumours.

Curze had wondered why his father was giving him this top secret mission with one hand, and yet unwilling to speak more of it on the other, as good as he was, he was no mind reader and in order for him to complete his task, he needed to have all the information to hand.

“Do you remember their home worlds Konrad?” His father never called him Night Haunter, and whilst it had been a source of irritation for him, he had grown to accept the fact that his father was being….well fatherly to him, for the first time in centuries Konrad Curze finally felt like he had a father.

“One was a world that some might have put to the ancient descriptions of Hell as far as I recall” he had said “The other a world of raging storms and eternal rain”

They stood on the Balcony and the Emperor could see his changing world, mighty Cathedrals were being raised in his name, pilgrims from across Terra were making the journey to see him or even to touch the walls of the holy palace. On Nostramo the populace avoided Curze’s residence, as if even coming near the hallowed walls of the Night Haunter would bring his curse upon them all. Stories were told to the children by their parents, behave and do as the law says, otherwise the Night Haunter will come for you.

He had to admit it worked, crime was almost non-existent on his world now, of course he knew what he would do should that ever change, every one of his brother’s knew what he would do, and his people knew too, of course he had taken their sons, but not to maim or kill for his own ideals of justice, but to serve as his sons.

It all added to the mystery of the Night Haunter and the Night Lords. The Emperor caught the eye of a child, and raised his hand in greeting, almost immediately the child was swamped by the faithful, Curze saw a Word Bearer amongst them, and taking an oath of moment attached to his armour, he gave it to the mother of the child, the child was nine maybe ten and almost immediately the child was taken.

The Emperor smiled a little “Another son for Lorgar” he indulged “Go to the world of Storms” He suddenly said “let no one stop you, let no one know what you are doing but find me any Astartes still there and bring them here.”

“And if their fathers still live?”

“Them too but with Leman having done the work I told him, I doubt it very much”

“You do know that if anyone else finds out about this on the Renegades side then we will have a battle on our hands?”

“Then do not let them find out Konrad, and if they do, well you know what to do”

Konrad Curze bowed his head and walked away. He stopped to look in on Vulkan and exchange pleasantries with the silent Primarch, he had never had a problem with Vulkan, in fact he had admired some of his brothers own world’s cult practises. Once he had spent time with his brother he re-joined his vessel and left Terra.

He fell into a sleep but not before telling the master of his vessel where to go, there was to be no questions and no debate, these were his orders as given him by the Emperor.
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This is epic gothik. I really hope that the Alpha Legion are doing a reverse of the HH where they are told to work for Chaos, but still I hoped they would be on the renegades side. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

I also like how Curze had been portrayed thus far. Corax too
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