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Icon Orc & Goblins 2000 "All Or Nothing Box

25 Orc Boyz:Shield,Spear,Standard,Music 190
25 Orc Boyz:Shield,Spear,Standard,Music 190
25 Orc Boyz:Shield,Spear,Standard,Music 190
25 Orc Boyz:Shield,Spear,Standard,Music 190
24 Orc Boyz:Shield,Spear,Standard,Music 190
1 Orc Big Boss:L Armour, Great Wep. 81
1 Giant 205
1 Giant 205
20 Night Goblins:Bows,2 Fanatics 110
20 Night Goblins:Bows,2 Fanatics 110
20 Night Goblins:Bows,2 Fanatics 110
1 Chariot Orc 80
1 Chariot Orc 80

my mates normaly let me run 4 over so i add in a third chariot but if they say no i run a small unit of spider riders, its all damage and has a high chance to fall in on itself, the design is for high elf fighty armies and bretonias of all flavours

P.S. why do orcs has a str 3 and if that is legit why are they even 5 points insted of 4, animosity and the waggah are detractions not advantages in my experience, and goblins are over priced 10 NG should be 15 points,

In the orc codex there are 3 goblin only magic banners and no goblin units can carry a magic banner, meaning that in the insane chance you field a goblin bsb you have access to these but other wise take up what is in my opinion the worst magic item list in the history and hopefully future of warhammer

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the waagh is certainly not a detraction-orcs are str4 on the charge(great) and hard to kill with toughness 4. the waagh lets you charge.i dont understnad why you think night gobbos arent cheap-3 points and you still get a 5+ save in combat and a hell of a lot of combat res(aswell as fanatics and netters) also get some bosses-you get +1 att and can accept challenges(good when the alternative is that your general gets his face caved in.Also your boss wont last 2 minutes with a 6+ save same as gobbos-get an encanted shield and a magic weapon slapped on him
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I'd drop every last spear in the army. Spears on boyz are thoroughly useless, imo-- choppas are a lot better and they come stock. Orc Bosses (the Unit Champions) are worth their weight in gold, as well-- I'd make sure every unit has one. If you really want to use spears, put them in a mob of Big 'Uns (since they're S4 base, and spears are actually useful in that instance.)

I'd also trim the Orc units down to 20 and make another unit of 19. A unit of 20 models on the 25mm bases is about as big as it can get and still be reasonably maneuverable-- at 25, you start to get into trouble with positioning and pretty much have to go for whatever's straight ahead-- it's surprising how much the extra inch the back rank adds to the unit's footprint matters.

You're in bad shape character-wise. I'd at least bring a Black Orc Big Boss in heavy armor, if you're going to bring a fairly naked character. You definitely need a caster as well, if only to carry a dispel scroll. I'd can a Giant for the points-- you don't need two of 'em.

As for why Orcs are S3-- consider this. S4 is -1 to your armor, which is a big deal in Fantasy since most armor is pretty much crap. If you're going to have a five point model be S4, it won't have much else on its profile worthy of mention. Orcs are T4, which is their big thing-- that's going to save more boyz than better armor. Fantasy isn't about raw killing, either-- Orky staying power is a major thing. They can fight, sure, but having tough models in numbers is what'll win you the game.


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im going to agree with son of horus there especially about the spears. The magic banners list is a little perplxing but i think the rest of the items combine quite well especially imbads iron gnashas and biggeds kickin boots with any magic weapon you can fix up some nice combos.
Im going to disagree on the points for orcs and goblins i have always thought them well balanced points wise.
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