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Default 2500 Points Dirty Bloody Revenge; Need Help

Hey all!

First post on the forums here. Seems to be a great crowd. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

So down to business...

To make a short story long... I've pretty much been out of the loop since the lustria campaign like 7 years ago. Just came back into the game about 6 months ago and decided to get all my buddies that used to play back together for a short pre season and tournament playoff.

The attempt was a success, everyone was totally into it and I managed to scrounge up a group of 9 players in total.

And now to the point XD

The tournament went horribly for me. I brought a friendly, fun, and soft list and everyone else brought massive cheese and rule exploits. Suffice to say I got absolutely tabled every single game.

Im pissed off....

I'm holding another one thats starting in a couple of weeks and I wanna mop the floor with everyone's face. Show them the darker side of the horde... I need you guys to help me make the most cheese monster exploit list possible, my revenge WILL be had. I've been collecting this army for quite some time so I have plenty of everything. Don't be afraid to suggest expensive units... What I've devised so far is as follows...


Corthar "Lord of The Clans": Savage Orc Warboss *General* - 236
- Great Weapon
- Crown of Command
- Armor of Silvered Steel

Samdi "Grand Prophet of The Clans": Savage Orc Great Shaman - 305
- Level 4
- Lucky Shrunken Head
- Fencer’s Blades
- Obsidian Amulet


Bogrog "The Unbreakable": Savage Orc Big Boss - 129
- Glittering Scales
- Great Weapon

Bobo Twins: 2 Night Goblin Big Bosses - 68
- Great Weapons

Dende "Lil' Green": Night Goblin Shaman - 100
- Dispel Scroll
- Ruby Ring of Ruin

Nail: Goblin Big Boss - 86
- Wolf Mount
- Sword of Striking
- Light Armor
- Shield
- Potion of Strength


37 Savage Orc Big Uns - 439
- 2X Choppas
- Full Command

38 Night Goblins - 179
- Flag
- Musician
- Netters
- Spears & Shields

9 Wolf Riders - 128
- Spears
- Bows
- Musician
- Flag


Wolf Chariot - **

8 Trolls - ***

6 Spear Chukkas - ***


2 Mangler Squigs - ***

2 Doom Divers - ***

Ok so we have a Savage Orc Death Star that includes the warboss, great shammy and bsb, stubborn on leadership 9, 4+ ward vs magic.

We have a night gobbo unit with 2 hard hitting bosses and netters. Not sure how I should run this unit. Bus I guess?

2 Divers to take out heavy cav/infantry.

2 Squigs to take out monsters, daemon lords, stank, etc.

Nail the gobbo big boss will unload that potion of strength for lord level assasination missions. His primary target is teclis types which he is almost sure to kill with his group. He and his wolf boys will also hunt enemy fast cav and just be a nuissance.

Chukkas will SHRED THINGS!!!!! Attacks of opportunity and the like. I'll fire at hordes and monsters.

Lil' Green will hurl fireballs at weak opponents and chaff.

Samdi, aside from being a force in close combat, will cast heavy damage spells and foot of gork people.

Trolls and chariot will provide support for the main block. Trolls dont have any choice but to stay beside general anyway.

What do you guys think? I think I can smash with this list knowing my opponents. Are there any blatant weaknesses I should know about?

Opponents are:

2X Delves (Low threat)
High Elves/may play daemons (teclis player, medium threat)
Skaven/may play beastmen (high threat)
Empire/may play ogres (high threat)
Vamps (low threat)
Lizardmen (medium threat)
Tomb Kings (Low threat)

Thanks a bunch in advance! :D
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Firstly Welcome to Heresy

All in all it is a good list, I can only see one weakness and that is a potential bad Animosity roll on your Savage Orc Unit as it'll put your level 4 out of contention and with that the Big Waaagh spells.

I'd say the list needs a few tweaks here and there, below is what I'd take (if I owned/liked Savages)

SO Great Shaman - 305 pts
Level 4, Fencer's Blades, Lucky Shrunken Head, Obsidian Trinket

SO Warboss - 250 pts
Basha's Axe of Stunty Smashin', Armour of Silvered Steel, Luckstone

BO Big Boss - 165 pts
Battle Standard Bearer, Sword of Striking, Armour of Fortune

Orc Big Boss - 105 pts
War Boar, Great Weapon, Dragonhelm, Potion of Toughness

NG Shaman - 75 pts
Dispel Scroll

Goblin Big Boss - 64 pts
Light Armour, Giant Wolf, Warrior Bane, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem

37 Savage Orc Big'Uns - 427 pts
Additional Hand Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer

39 Night Goblins - 182 pts
Musician, Standard Bearer, Nets

5 Wolf Riders - 55 pts

5 Wolf Riders - 55 pts

8 Trolls - 280 pts

Goblin Wolf Chariot - 50 pts

2 Goblin Wolf Chariots - 100 pts

Goblin Rock Lobber - 85 pts

Goblin Rock Lobber - 85 pts

Goblin Doom Diver Catapult - 80 pts

Mangler Squig - 65 pts

Mangler Squig - 65 pts

Warboss strikes with 6 S7 Attacks in first round of combat and then 6 S6 attacks thereafter at initiative value which I do find is important.

Black Orc BSB to help with Animosity checks (and your units still has the ward saves to make on any headcracking) his armour allows you to keep the 5++ save on the unit (as it gets confusing for me at least with different ward saves)

I'd dump the Night Goblin Big Bosses with Great Weapons, typically for me at least they just never perform

I'd split the Wolf Riders into 2x 5 with shields and just use as redirectors and not worry too much about feigned flight and IMO the Banner is just free VP to your opponent on such a weak unit.

I'm not a fan of Chukka's but can see how they'd be useful, i'd rather have more Chariots for the impact hits, especially against those Elves.

The only other change that I would make is to have a couple of rock lobba's to target low toughness hordes as you have the high strength you need in your characters and charior impact hits, but keep a single doom diver incase you run into a Cavalry army!

Good luck, hope it goes well!

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