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Default Grimgor and Gitilla 3K

Ok so im fairly new to warhammer 8th. When i played years ago i played 6th and i'll admit grimgor was much more menacing then than he is now. But, that being said i (unlike most OnG players) love his character (SoC aside, the Grimgor i know would have never 1. Let archaon live after the defeat by croms army. And 2. Walk away from a full fledged war just because he kocked some pompous humie to the ground. Just poor overall job by GW) anyway, my apologies for ranting. This is my first go at a 3k point grimgor list, and i found gitilla the hunter to be not only viable but really quite affordable, and just had to throw him in there as well. My main oppenent has 2 armies. VC, who i perform very well against but i attribute that to him playing poorly with them, he is definitly suffering from a learning curve. And a WoC army he is now assembling. My question is two-fold.

Is this a viable and balanced list?

Can it, and how should it be used to defeat these armies i mentioned above?

Lords: 735 pts.

Grimgor Ironhide- 355

Orc Great Shaman(lvl 4)- 200

Goblin Great Shaman(lvl 4)- 180

Heros: 275 pts

Black Orc Big Boss(BSB)- 165
Talisman of Perservation
Enchanted Shield

Gitilla Da Hunter- 110

Core: 757 pts

Da Howlaz x9- 119
Musician, Standard Bearer, Short Bows
(Carries Gitilla)

Goblin Wolf Riders x10- 130
Musician, Standard Bearer, Short Bows

Orc Big 'Uns x47- 508
Champ, Musician, Standard Bearer, Additional Hand Weapons, Wailing Banner
(Carries Black Orc Big Boss and Orc Great Shaman)

Special: 882 pts

Da Immortulz x41- 562
Champ, Musician, Standard Bearer, War Banner
(Carries Grimgor)

Orc Boar Boyz x15- 320
Musician, Standard Bearer, Spears, Shields

Rare: 355 pts

Doom Diver- 80

Doom Diver- 80

Mangler Squigs- 65

Mangler Squigs- 65

Mangler Squigs- 65

Total army value: 3004 points

We typicaly dont mind if each other is a few points over, so thats not so rough but if i had to drop something itd be the enchanted shield on the bsb most likely in favor of a standard shield.

The orc boys and black orcs would be in a 7 wide formation. Plan here would be squigs draw early attention (or not which id be thrilled about) allowing my boyz to get into combat. The boars are a flanking unit, the wolf rider units are pesky move and shoot fast cav and perhaps wizard hunters, and the doom divers well they are doom divers lol. I will keep my goblin great shaman on foot behind my boyz to buff the units when possible and occaisonaly steal the odd dispell dice or two. I figure with units that large the big uns and grimgors blacck orcs should be able to win combat res against just about anything. But if not thats where the boar boyz come in. So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? What would you do differently?
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Its nice and solid, though I'm not a great fan of units of 10 wolves (I tend to either go up to 20 with characters or 5 as chaff).

I would advise you make the goblin shaman a night goblin for the extra dice from mushrooms. Sure you occasionally get a bad one but its normally a great way of easily casting many cheap spells to draw out dispels or to steal them. A dispel scroll is always a good idea.

With the orc great shaman I like taking a power stone just to help force through those spells that you really need, when you need them: I like using a night goblin to try to draw/steal dispel dice and giving the opponent a false sense of security by dropping to ~3 power dice... then 5 dicing the spell I really want (often hand of gork).

The immortalz don't need a warbanner.... they'll massacre almost everything and will rarely need that +1. I would swap it to the banner of swiftness to get your unit moving faster and making it easier to get into combat as quickly as possible.

I think it would be worthwhile dropping 5 wolves from the unit of 10 to be able to fit a basic unit of 20 night goblins (I would give them archers). They're a great bunker unit for a character, are a nice cheap way of getting some decent shooting (on the throw enough shit tactic) and often have the bonus of making opponents think they have nice expensive fanatics hiding in them: I love when someone tries something clever to rid me of my fanatics and I reveal there aren't any... then shoot them to death with 20 bows

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Thanks for the advice ok so ive revised it to reflect the following changes.
Blorks dropped war banner for banner of swiftness (great point n i cant believe i didnt immediately see the value in that.) goblin shaman is now a night goblin, to be bunkered in a horde unit of 30 night goblin archers. Lowered wolf unit to 5 wolves no command (just to throw in the way of anything trying to pick off manglers like wolves n junk) added power stone to orc great shaman. Fiddled with a couple other things like champions and such and now sit at 3001 points. Oh n i swapped out one doom diver for a rock lobba, as my oppenent will have a chimera id like to dispose of
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