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Default If you could move anywhere...

I was talking to a buddy of mine and the question came up of where he'd move if all outside factors such as finances and residency didn't matter. He currently lives in the US, and has the option to move anywhere he pleases, with any matter of house, living conditions, etc.

He chose Lake Tahoe...boring fuckin bloke as some of you may say

So I thought it may be interesting to see what you guys think. This may have been posted sometime in the past, but we have new active members and people's decisions may have changed, so the question stands:

If you could move anywhere in the world (our world, not other imaginary planets...) where would it be? What kind of house would you have and what would you do for a living?

For me, I would love to move somewhere in Europe, live in a small castle, decorate the inside with artifacts from the medieval ages with suits of armour and tapestries and shit, and one room would have to be a dedicated library with the huge vaulted ceilings, 9 foot mahogany book cases, the huge over stuffed chair, writing desk, and one of those 6 foot tall by 4 foot wide fire places with the two waste-high stone gargoyles on either side. Oh, and lots of secret passages and a large bar in the basement

Edit: Forgot about what I'd do for a living - I would probobly just do freelance research and writing, assuming I had the money to survive without a steady income

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if i could move into a pre-existing place, a small apartment above my local GW so i could go down and game every day.

if i could move into a place of my own design, a mansion with a nice driveway, a bunch of wolf statues lining the driveway. the house having a gaming room with multiple 6 by 4 tables ready to be played on. and another room with all my digital entertainment, IE computer, TV, gaming consoles, Stereo. etc

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existing place. some where in northern denmark. one cause its an amazing country. and two the way the speak is amazing and soooooooooooo hot.

go gary and zalas
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Quite an interesting thread. Well, if I had my absolute choice it would be some off-world colony, but that's not exactly the most realistic thing at the moment.

A less farfetched aspiration would be to move to Sweden. Why my ancesters moved to the New Jersey is beyond me. Sure, it could have seemed like a great idea a while ago, but the place I live at is lamesauce right now. Though I might wind up moving up to Maine or something. I just want to live in a stretch of beautiful forested country away from the smellyness of densely populated areas like New Jersey.
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In an ideal world: Capri. If I had a billion dollars to drop on the real estate.

In the real world, I'll settle for somewhere warm.

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is no Common Sense.
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I guess if I were to pick a specific location, it would be Norway where most of my family is from, though I'm not familiar with the language so that would be a bit tough. Definitely somewhere forested, be it the mountains or country side. Near some body of water would be cool too, though I hate the beaches out here, dirty nasty water. The Norwegian Fjords are gorgeous though

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Japan, specifically- Somewhere at the foot of Mt.Fuji.
I like my space and given the lack of space in japan i would be hard pressed to find it anywhere else.
I'd have a house like my current one: Three floors, 5 bedrooms and a Study. Plus a room to be a library with floor to celing bookshelves and a dedicated Gaming/Display room for all things 40k.

My occupation would be the same too. IT is big business in japan, probably the best country for it too.
I would get to indulge in all things Manga/Anime and Gothic Lolita without the import charges and learn Drift racing


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Do colder the place would be the better, I can't stand heat, dunno maybe due to my Russian origins

After I figure out the coldest place I can move to I will figure out a job too, dunno fishing frozen fish or something like that ^^

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In my secret lair, carved into the side of a volcano! with a secret underground bunker! Muhahaha! MUHAHAHA!
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Somewhere in the south of Italy would do me nicely.
A nice sized house on the coast and a fishing boat, good food, great wine and fishing.

Pure heaven!

Also, Ewoks eat people.
Never forget that.
Ewoks. Eat. People.

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