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No, the economy hit them hard too; they are to busy trying to find jobs to wipe out hunanity.

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is going to DISNEY LAND
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i dont think anything's going to happen. Both Koreas value the peace too much to start a war over a few marines and 10ish civilians. Its just like when KJI kidnapped that Japanese actress
My prediction-people get pissed, Kim Jong Not-Il apologizes, all is well for a while

You can bet your sweet ass that if any US personel had been killed there (a very real possibility), Pyongyang could very well be a smoking crater. Im not even talking nukes. (conventional bombs) could absolutely level any city.
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Originally Posted by ROT View Post
I'm pretty sure Germany and Australia are doing alright - considering Germany is like the most efficient country in Europe, and probably in the World.
Australia's doing alright, but much of our future economy is going to be based on mineral trade with China. So it mightn't be the best idea to go fighting with one of their buddies.

Originally Posted by ROT View Post
If an extreme case happened, and we went to war; What the conscription age? - I think I'm just about old enough to get hauled off on the front lines of war.

Is conscription still considered constitutional in the UK? Because over here it's a pretty big no-no.

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Why do people think there's going to be a war? Land war in Asia? Those usually go really well.

China will not get involved in this, no one will launch any Nukes, even if NK didn't manage to set off one of their 2 Nukes they can't get it anywhere useful because their missiles don't work. If the do our retaliation will not be nuking them.

Even if they had been US soldiers killed the other day we'd still be at the fist shaking 'why I outta!!' stage. Land war in Asia is not traditionally the US's strong point, nor anyone's really. I think people need to draw a little perspective and stop the slightly hysterical fear of war.


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Originally Posted by gen.ahab View Post
The problem is that we cannot get into it. We would have to abandon them. The US cannot be drawn into something like this right now. The threat of Chinese involvement is to high.
The US has already pledged full support for S.Korea. If S.Korea is invaded by a significant force the US (and other Nato forces) will automatically get involved, they wouldn't really have a choice.

Originally Posted by ROT View Post
China is NK's only Ally - Although their 'leader' has said (I can't prove this by the way; just what I've read/heard) that he doesn't condone acts of war like this; they are still Allies, and I don't think China would EVER side with the USA - Capitalist and Communists don't ally, it doesn't work.
'Ally' is a term that is not entirely accurate when referring to China and N.Korea. They are not allies in the conventional sense, like say the UK and US are, N.Korea just gain their most support from China, and recently even China has been condemning N.Korea's leadership to an extent.

Oh and China? Communist? Lol.

Originally Posted by ROT View Post
If the UK went to war; It'd plummet the Armed Forces into an even bigger mess; we can barely even afford to shift troops around - I think it'd be stuck in a bottomless debt-hole - and if we had a conflict with China, it'd cut 90% (random high figure) of the profits coming to the UK - we'd be permanently bankrupt.
The UK wouldn't be as heavily involved as we were in Iraq and Afghanistan. We simply couldn't be. Deploying aircraft and naval craft yeah, but we wouldn't be contributing as much to a direct ground invasion/defence as we have done in Afghanistan/Iraq.

David Cameron and William Hague would be doing a lot of talking and fist shaking though, that's our contribution sorted.

Originally Posted by ROT View Post
I think ultimately USA and UK involvement comes down to how much the USA cares about the alliance between them and SK - If the USA ditches on them, they'll be butt-hurt about it for years - which'll just get annoying for Americans I can imagine.
That's absolute rubbish. The US couldn't give a shit about the South Koreans. The reason why they are defending them is to protect themselves (as is everyone) from a crazy tyrant who is in possession of nukes. The whole 'protecting a free country' is just a bonus.

Originally Posted by ROT View Post
If an extreme case happened, and we went to war; What the conscription age? - I think I'm just about old enough to get hauled off on the front lines of war.

Presumably 18, but don't worry it would take WW3 and a direct threat to British soil before they introduce conscription again. And a direct threat to British soil is something N.Korea doesn't pose, and never could.

And ultimately, a war with N.Korea would be won by air superiority and technology not by sheer number of troops. It all depends if their leadership has the balls to push the red button if a war does kick off, if they don't they're fucked, if they do they're fucked. They're fucked either way.

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
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Iraq - We BELIVE they have weapons of mass destruction so we are going in there to kick ass and bring peace to the reagoin

North Koria - We KNOW they have weapons of mass destruction so we are going in there to waggle a finger at them and bring not steal there oil this time

Anythign diffrent?
All i have to wonder is if Kim-Jong-ill was feling ver lonely so thats why he did these attacks.

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i hate living in london sometimes, can anyone say '1st strike nuclear target'

its all fucking insane, imho they/we need to control the press, not just in North Korea but also the Africas, MOST of the Middle East, basically all the nutty places that wanna blow everyone that doesnt agree with them up
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I disagree


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Anyone know the latest on this?
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