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To be fair, its not about the fact that they're plastic space-men, its that they're plastic space-men that you took five hours to lovingly hand paint.

When you put hours of work into something, its perfectly reasonable to sock someone in the face if they destroy it.
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had a customer come to my store and actually threaten me for the judgement call i did for his magic game. well, lets just say i haven't seen him back.
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lol, what a fail.
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One of the GW workers said he was going to kick me out of the store once.

I kept saying stuff like; If i roll a 5, Can I have a free Land Raider?
If i get ... 2 3s from these 3 Dice, would you give me this weeks White Dwarf?

But I think he was kidding. I hope so.

The guy who wishes he never sold all his warhammer. Haha. Such is life.
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I got banned from an indy gaming club for being too awesome..... we were playing a thrid ed map campaign and i was dominating with my chaos. i actually had two opponents surrounded and managed to convince them that they should surrender and continue to gain pins for my army (i checked this with the organisers before it happened.) Consequently i owned half the board in a very short amount of time and my chaos lord had 2 luitenants in the form of another chaos force and a guardsman army (i guess the imperial dogs saw the errors of their ways). This might seem unsportsmanlike but bare in mind that the pins were gained by working out the difference in points that survived in each army, every 100 points you had more than an opponent earned you an extra pin. We could still only play 3 battles a week and each loss would result in loosing pins.

After a couple of weeks i came to the club and discovered that 15 of my pins had been removed, i asked the organiser and he said that it was because we had not played using both cityfight and jungle fight rules as i had been attacking a city in the jungle. In fact we had played using the horrible mash of rules and my opponent verified it. Also we had only been playing a 1000 point game so loosing 15 pins made no sense whatsoever. The organisor refused to be swayed and instead myself and my allies played a massive 6000 points aside game against 3 other opponents. In the end we gained a further 20 odd pins and i was happy.

The folloowing week mid way through a game with my opponent the organiser dropped a chaos dragon model on the field with custom rules. Apparently it had stats of 10 across the board, was fearless and could fly 24inches in a turn and deepstrike, assaulting 12inches on the turn it arrived. Needless to say it wiped out my chaos terminators in the first turn it arrived with its 12, strength 10, weapon skill 10, monstrerous creature attacks and then moved on to my obliterators.

Apparently the dragon would attack the player with the most ammount of wins each week and would carry wounds sustained over each time. I lost the battle that week but would need to be attacked by the beasty another 6 times before somone else might have enough wins to attract its attention. I wasn't willing to go through that mess so next week i fielded a landraider with a thousand son lord and full sorcerer retinue all with the gift of chaos psychic power. The dragon predictabley appeared and ripped the tank up as it arrived only for it to be forced to take 17 leadership tests and to be turned into a spawn.

The organiser claimed that as the dragon was a chaos dragon it wasn't effected by magic and when i pointed out that greater deamons and deamon princes are effcted by magic the rest of the group backed my argument, the dragon was spawned and then chopped into little pieces in short order.

The next week i came in and found all of my pins had been removed and after i'd paid the entry fee was told that i was banned from the group for "cheating" though they couldn't tell me how i had cheated. I never got a refund for entry and of the 20 origional members, nine of them quit the group within a fortnight and we formed a new gaming club in the local indi store.

The end

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Originally Posted by GrimzagGorwazza View Post
I never got a refund for entry and of the 20 origional members, nine of them quit the group within a fortnight and we formed a new gaming club in the local indi store.

The end
That's what you get for being a cheating prick who abuses power.
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This is not 40K related in and of itself, moved to Off Topic.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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Shit grimzag that guy sounds like a peice of work. At least you still have a place to play away from people like that.

"If there is any primarch who should have never been found, its Lorgar. Why? Two words. Hours Hersey"
"It was a 1......why was it a 1!"
Yes, I do play orks, yes, I do have quite a few boys on the table, and yes, it does take me a while to move a problem with that...

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As to topic, I actually used to have a moment where if someone went inside a GW store just to fuck with GW players and touched our crap that I would think violent thoughts... BLOOD FOR THE GOD THOUGHTS... anyhow, didn't want to give them a permanent ban with my thoughts so I relaxed. They actually wouldn't touch my crap when I started doing wrestling and football in highschool. Perhaps because I was a bit bulkier. The only problem was that they still screwed with other people's stuff. These guys are the people who seriously need to get banned, but usually they don't because they only fuck up your shit and your game they don't usually "permanently" break it. So they are allowed to proceed most of the time.

In my life I've seen quite a few permanent bans. Some where actually redicolous but the ones that were kind of awkward were when you were one of the only few there and stealing was going on. Its kind of hard to deal with that shit. I kind of feel bad for the store clerk. "Excuse me sir, can I check your bags." And you can see in their eyes that they really want to go confronting those stupid people over that shit but they have to. Especially when the store clerks are new, that would kind of blow. Now stores are required to crack down hard and all the way. Cops, parents, jail, everything. Well at least in Illinois.

Some of the stupidest bans I have seen

1. I understand sometimes kids can be very young and stupid but this was pretty redicolous. This kid, probably not even knowing the cost of anything in GW goes into the store alone and creates a pile of shit he wants to buy. I'm actually trying to help the new store clerk by putting them back and putting back all the models he started dispersing from the show case all over the store. I was about to do this but then the store manager came in so I didn't. Someone else told the kid to "Shut... the... fuck... up..." Kid got banned and the little kid didn't buy anything. The guy who told the kid to stfu was a regular there so I actually thought that was too bad. But I think the manager had problems with the guy before. Anyhow, I dislike when store regulars get banned over reasons that don't help the store.

2. I actually think this is funnier more than anything, but one of the employers of one of the GWs runs out of the store and kind of whistles to an attractive lass walking by the store. The guy was a pretty good store employee and regular, its too bad the lady took a great offense to that though. Anyhow, the store was forced to ban him.
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I have only ever seen one perma-ban and that was on a theif. The worst part was the guy had been stealing stuff for weeks and when he though he was going to get caught he shoved all of the stuff he nicked into his mates bag, then he let his "mate" take all the crap and get banned!!! Fortunatly, about 2 hours later after the wrong kid had been taken in by the police crying, the actual theif owned up. Never saw the thief again, but the manager felt really, really bad for banning the wrong kid and was kicking himself for it for weeks. Even now when that kid comes in it's pretty akward

The worst/most stupid (temporary) ban I've ever seen was when the old manager of my GW (who was a general bastard) banned my mate for beating him in a game. Seriously they had been organizing it for a while and the manager was boasting for AGES about how his space wolves would beat my friend easy. Anyway my friend ended up kicking the shit out of the manager with his chaos, and guess what, he gets banned.
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