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no, like i have no prob getting myself more rounds but i cant just get a .50 cal. even thou there are a lot around.
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5 seconds
handgun, check
knives i stole from my neighbor, check
weedwacker, check
case full of my 40k minis, check
ipod...... shit weres my ipod! im so dead why god why!
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Originally Posted by primarchXI View Post
knives i stole from my neighbor, check
wow... just... wow...

I can't remember if I posted in this thread or not already, and I'm way too lazy to back through all of it to find out if I did.

I don't know who I'd bring with me, specifically. But somebody who knows how to use a bladed weapon and knows, at least in passing, first aid and gun safety.

I'd armor up in my Roman gear-- I'd like to see a zombie chew through heavy, thick carbon steel. That includes my gladius, pugio, and scutum. The shield might sound vaguely useless against zombies, except that it's a punch shield and has a heavy brass boss. It's also big enough that it can cover spots my armor doesn't, such as my lower legs, so it'd make it easier to keep zombies at arms' length, figuratively speaking.

Call me crazy, but ammo is going to run out eventually, so it's probably better not to rely on it much to begin with. I'd go investigate the drug store first, I think, and clean them out of hairspray and other chemicals in aerosol cans. Oh, and as much in the way of first aid kits and antiseptics as I could carry. The hardware store is nearby as well, so I'd go pick up a heavy-duty hose and fertilizer sprayer. I'd make an attempt to get a firearm from a sporting goods store or a gun store, but there isn't one within easy walking distance from my apartment complex.

From there, it's pretty agreed amongst those I know that my apartment complex is probably one of the most zombie-proof buildings in town. There's no risk of zombies coming through the windows, because all the apartments and windows are at least twelve feet off the ground, and unless we're talking about fakey new-type zombies that can run and jump and whatnot, zombies can't climb and pull themselves up to get through. Even then, they're double-pane and have security bars that only a cat or something could easily get through. There are three layers of security doors, as well, all of which have magnetic locks with electronic key fobs. Even the stairwells require a key fob to get into, so even if zombies came in through the parking garage, they wouldn't be able to get up into the apartment floors.

I'd still make a flamer out of random household chemicals, butane, and that garden hose/fertilizer sprayer from the hardware store. If nothing else, I'd be sure to burn anything that started to pile up around the windows, just so there wasn't a way to climb over bodies or whatever to get to them. Any zombies that end up meeting the business end of the gladius or firearm get decapitated and then burned. None of that "get back up" stuff.

Now, you're probably wondering why I forgot to pick up food supplies before sealing myself and anyone I'm with inside my apartment complex. The building is also home to a couple restaurants. They're obviously accessable without security door keys, so going to raid the kitchens there would be a vaguely risky operation given that zombies would have absolutely no trouble getting in there, but again, that's what proficiency with a heavy blade is for. I realize that eventually, the stock of those places will run out, but that just means I'd have to go across the street to the Waffle House, and eventually a little further, to get food. There are a ton of restaurants right around here.


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Restaraunts and so on are great until the power goes out...
And buildings are only zombie-proof until someone with the key gets in who's been infected.

Vae victus.

"Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your damned BOOK!"

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Which is why I'd be armed. I wouldn't need the flamer or the sword if I thought I'd be untouchable. It's just pretty secure, as buildings that aren't banks or FBI offices or whatever go.


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well first i would use griff as a distraction. Then i jump in my worthog and drive north.
ahhh Red vs Blue never fails

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I'd grab my bug-out bag (tailor made for tornadoes, earthquakes, alien/zombie invasions, what have you).

That would insure that I have at least a basic survival kit.

Now, as these are zombies, I WOULD try and take my car as far as I could- I can haul more food and ammo that way.

Weaponswise, I have an old Mosin-Nagant for long range engagement, a Springfield XD-45 for mid to short range, and a Ghurka Kukri for when the going gets REALLY tough.

Where would I go?
Well, as Indiana is flat, accursed, and hard to make defensible, I would make tracks west, try to get out into the Mojave desert if I could safely refuel often enough.

Who would I take?

Ideally, my crew of like-minded sociopaths, who also have Nagant rifles and .45ACP handguns- it makes sharing ammo viable. In addition, they also have bug-out bags (we're a paranoid lot). Best case scenario, we caravan up with my two-seater car riding point, while the jeep with more hauling capacity follows.

Anyone else who wants to come had better prove useful.

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-The Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear, Dune

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i live in the middle of the suburbs so there isnt an airbase or anything nearby

i would use the huge garden trimmers and sledgehammer and defend my impenetrable house with its 2 metre high fence. too bad i have wooden fences in the backyard...

or i could go shawn of the dead style and cricket bat them all
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i'd grab my sledge hammer leave the freinds and family (yes leave them all)
grab a few knives and the fire axe forget about the ps3 and 360 they'll be useless and walk till i find a defendable spot with some other survivors e.g a tower block or mall and barricade it so no one else can get in.

if someone else comes along throw a makeshift ladder down if they're infected or have been bit throw em back out
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Alright, so what would I do? Hmm. Well, first off I'd probably freak out and run around screaming for a bit that there were honest-to-god zombies coming to eat us, and that we were all going to die.

Once I'd got that out of my system, I'd change my trousers, and then go find the nearest available car, to find out if hotwiring is really as easy as it looks. If it turns out that it is, I'd then bring it back home for supplies. If it's not so simple, I'd piss about for a couple of hours trying to figure out how it works, and then once I'd got it, proceed to the next step.

That being: supplies. I'd load up on all the tinned beans, tomato soup and ravioli I could find (other things too, but realistically I wouldn't find much), as well as ramen noodles, about eight kilos of rice, and my entire spice cabinet (because really, without spices, what's the point?). 40k-related items get next priority, on account of my intended destination. Then utility items, such as my multitool, a hammer, nails, screws, screwdrivers, wire cutters, et cetera. Large tools, such as the chainsaw (and fuel), the sledgehammer, pry bar, and pickaxe would also be a must.

Then on to proper weapons. I've got swords in both one- and two-handed varieties (though honestly, I'm not really in good enough shape to use the latter to full effect), and a pair of kama that would look quite nice with the business end jammed into some poor bastard zombie's skull. There's also an elephant gun in a closet somewhere, but it's rather old and without ammunition, so that's out. I would of course also have to grab the bullwhip and, for similar reasons, the trenchcoat, because I'll be damned if I'm going to balls up what is perhaps my one chance to look like a true badass.

From that jumping-off point, I'd be tempted to head to the mall, but in all honesty it's probably zombie central, so I might head to the Dragon, my local hobby shop, instead. It's as out of the way as anything, seems defensible enough with its small frontage and lack of a back entrance (as far as I know, but it shouldn't be too difficult to remedy if I'm wrong), and has the obvious advantage of leaving me and any other like-minded survivors with something amusing to do between waves of attackers. Also, it's near several good curry houses, which could be raided for ingredients, and a train station, which seems a likely place for rescuers to show up.

Failing rescue, I'm much too cowardly to go out in true kamikaze style unless there seems to be some productive point to it (i.e., saving a loved one - and for me to die via zombie for them, I mean really, really loved), but I'm not beyond increasing my level of recklessness somewhat and going out on more active counterstrikes, preferably involving a great deal of fire. I love the smell of roasting undead in the morning. Smells like... victory.

And there you have it - Johnny Grey's patented Zombie Attack Plan, or ZAP (™, , , all rights reserved, legal gobbledygook, et cetera). Not bad, eh ?

[EDIT: Minor restructuring.]

Four Colditz salads and a Hermann Goering.

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