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Default Got a job interview with GW...

I know, still kinda on-topic, but didn't really know where else to post this. xP

Anyone here work, or have worked for GW? How is it? I'm going in for the "assessment" tomorrow, and am understandably curious.
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I wish I could help you, but I've never applied for the job, still got 2 years until I'm old enough to work there, but I hope you do well, maybe you can be an employee of the GW store I go to (GW Glendale)
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I've recently had the first interview and have been called back. The interview lasted around 20 minutes for me, with them mainly quizing me on hobby, i.e: what army i like, why, what system i play, why... Then they asked me about how I'd handle customers and they gave me example scenarios and asked how I'd act.

One thing they asked me was take bits of the hobby that show what I do. Basically I took my favourite models, best painted and the Gaunts Ghost book that keeps me interested. Hope this all helps. Good luck.

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If it's for a sales position at one of the GW stores I'm certain that if you can demonstrate the innate ability to wrap yourself around a potential customers' leg until they buy something then you'll nail the interview...

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Its mainly where they ask you lots of quesitons about what armies you play and why. What systems you play and why as well as questions about the hobby. Just make sure your exicted and you want to sell their stuff. It's not that difficult of an interview and they are pretty laid back people.
One thing I always do is when they ask you if you have any questions. Go ahead and ask any questions you have but then the last one you should ask is "So when do I start work?" I have always gotten the job everytime I do this because it makes you memoralble and it shows you want the job.

Anyway let us know how it goes and where you will be working so me and gwmanic can go bug the hell out of you.

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Heheh. It all sounds good. Thanks guys. Quick Q... But "system" you mean out of WH:40k, WH:F, and LoTR, right?
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I went for a job interview down at the bunker in LA. What everyone said is correct, they ask you all about the hobby, your favorite aspects, favorite system(40k, whfb,...), why you want to work there, why they should hire you, ect... When I went I was enthused, but not over, I didn't want to seem desperate. I ended up getting the job, but I refused it(due to me getting a better one).

Either way good luck man. Hope you get it! That way gwmaniac, morfangdakka, AND I can go and bug you. Haha hey, and maybe you can hook us up, eh, eh? haha j/k

Oh and p.s. don't ever mention the *squats*

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Hahah! I may mention the "Space Dwarves" just for kicks, and giggles. See how they take it. xP
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With working for GW, you'll hear a lot story, some people did not like there time or really hated it. Other like myself enjoy there time in GW.

A few things that come to mind is, it the gamer/staff/manger that came make the job good or bad.

As long as you can follow the 10 commandment, sell stuff, keep a leval head when talking to young kids as you'll get five of them talking to you all that once. Then it should be all good

Here a post I done over on Bolter & Chainswords when a memeber was asking what it is like working for GW

[quote name='Insane Psychopath' date='May 14 2009, 11:18 PM' post='1988296']
I'm thinking about getting a job at GW as a red shirt this summer. I could probably get hired if I tried because I can paint and play better then several employees I know.
Sorry if this may sound harsh but. You could be the best that painting (Games Day standard for exsample) & building, but you need to be able to talk to customer & follow the 10 Commandment** that GW staff follow is a high thing & being able to talk to customer, etc... run intro games play a big part, can't do that no matter how good someone is that painting for exsample might not take you on.

The main thing to hit target & sell, but also have fun as it is your hobby as much as it is the customer.

As long as staff are able to hit the target, etc.. as well as paint to a decent standard, know the three core games (don't worry you can learn the once you don't play while your on your three month trail that what I done)

But again just simple point out that though it is our hobby, bit more IMO than just painting/building. Need to talk to customer & try to come to a leave that some can understand if they never seen the hobby before (great time exsplain the hobby to touriest & going through intro games ).

what is the employee discount like? It seems like it would be fun to work there, or is it rather boring?
Discount is 50% on everthing on the shop floor, was great buying a 1500pts Guards for 50 ;) I belive I filld in three pagies of the GW Staff discount booklet in my first week there.

Working there, your going to get mix reply. Some people did not like there time. But for me when I was part time I really enjoy my time working for the company. Willing to work over time, travl 40min by train to get to work, etc... go in on the odd day off when I started just to paint, watch how my fellow staff dealt with some area that I may have struggle with in my work or just to talk to people as the GW I work that was not my local one (well after working there I do go now & then to get a few games vs the new friends made there).

For me I enjoy each & ever single day I work, on the Sun I did have some younger memeber who where a bit of a problem, but they where not so bad & settle down after a while.

I would really like to work for the company again. But I would advice that working for GW can be good or bad, just depend what the local gamers are like & mainly what your manger is like, can be a chilled out one as long as you do the work it all good, or they can be a very push send all staff to one person five second after the other when the customer only wanting to look around then the manger gose in bad tauntrams (sp?) with a few thing even though you done it the way they said.

But as said for me the GW I work for was great in term of the core & veteran gamer's who where all welcoming & help me when needed. My fellow staffer where great teaching me a lot of stuff. Most all I enjoy my discount :D

Also it was ironic, I rarely play LotR & during my time I never once ran a LotR game :D I have nothing against the game, just don't play it.

But yes overall learnt a lot of stuff during my time, as said made many new friends who led to new oppents. Had a good laught when running intro games.

If you want to go for a job with Games Workshop then I would defo say go for it, end of the day it dose give you that experince & let you experince for yourself what it like working for the company. As said some people like me enjoy there time, other don't. It also come down to staff/manger as well as the core/vet gamer's that make the job great or terrible.

But it all about going for it & gain the experince for yourself.

Hope this helps


** First rule of the 10 Commandment, never ask about the 10 commandments ;)

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So Dalamarth any word yet?

Anyway maybe gwmanic, nurglingstomper, me and you can meet at a GW store for a game next weekend to celebrate your interview. Hope you get the job so then we can bug you for "our" employee discount.

Red Orc
"Ahh, isn't Morfang sweet, like a great big 350-pound (that's 25 stone, UK users!) ball of cuddly death...?"

God, gives children to people so that death won't seem so disappointing.
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