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Originally Posted by Master Kashnizel View Post
No they aren't toy soldiers they are tools-used-to-represent-soldiers-combating-one-another-in-a-combat-situation-such-as-in-a-war
you mean like green and grey TOY soldiers?

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No I mean plastic pieces used to represent combat units in a war which in turn were used by military commanders to plan attacks, so these things have had some pretty important uses.

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punch these heretics in the face and the burn 'em....well no but just play 40k...thats like halo only with miniatures(well not entirely but close enough )and then they'll find gw games awesome as well(because they r awesome)
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I find it quite easy (might be that Im cheating with 6 feet, and a 235 pound weight to punch with).

But one of the most efficient ones Ive had (also humiliating to the idiot whos confronting me with it) is "Well I atleast know how to wear my pants correctly", since at the school all the "cool" guys try to show of as much of their boxershorts as possible, which I find 100% idiotic.

If hes one of them "hah u dont have a girlfriend" peeps, just tell them that you dont need a girl to use as a backup reason for being "so much better" than the other dude, that you find yourself much better than using your girlfriend as a reason to be better.

The absolutely best thing is to get them to be unable to answer, which also (depending on how stupid you know the other dude is) can simply be done with a "so what?", cuz they cant find a reason unless theyre smart enough to dig deep.

"Oh dem oomies... dey be pink?"
"No, dey be red, cuz dey be ded."
"oh... nd dat big red tonk?"
"dat be dem beakies, dey be wussies"
"dey be wearin armour?"
"ure wearin armour too!"
"no reason ter fight if dey be ad a disadvatugh.."
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I usually tell people they are not toys, but part of a game, like Risk on speed.

For some reason Risk is more socially acceptable, while Warhammer seems to gain some stigma.

or I tell them that they are modelled and painted and take skill, time and work like a model car/plane does. Which also seems to work. (I think it's more of the fact that they don't represent reality that bothers people)

Both of which are true and give W40K some respect!

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personaly i found that it was not worth the hasle, to try and get a game in during the pitiful lunch break i had at secondary school, save it for your friends house or the local store if you cant be arsed with the cunts at the door (p.s. loved the IQ below room temp tactic) (p.s.(again) i also found that if you tried to explain a small portion of the rules to one of them, they just formed a confused look on their face as they tried to handle the "big numbers" @[email protected])

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crush their bones and eat their tasty souls!!

Let the Galaxy Burn.
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its easy as, witty comments include
"bitch please, these toys cost more then your house"
"its a brain thing, you wouldn't understand"
"why dont you go and chase more balls with your friends?"
"dont you have to be hiding in the bushes smoking?"
"this game requires the ability to count past 10"
making gangland signs, and acting like you are black, then having a good laugh also works

the "yea, and?" method works best. just say yes, if they call you a name, just go, yep and keep doing what you are doing

exclude hecklers, dont tell them anything this will make them intriged by the hobby
i know, its what happened to me >_< (though i happily never pretended to be black )
it used to be a bad thing to have your pants pulled down, what the hell are they thinking?

I liked Blood Angels before they were cool

"infantry, whose only function in Epic is to provide valuable traction to Titans walking across snowy paths."

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You can't seriously counteract the 'toys' argument, because as several people have pointed out, they are in fact toys. But so are Ferraris and hookers, and most teenage boys (and I assume it is teenage boys we're talking about?) aspire to them.

As for the person who's playing with 'army men' in the corner, I think the idea that you try to involve him in games is a good plan. Is this a "Warhammer club" or a "games club" you have? That might make a difference, I suppose, in terms of teacher reaction, but if it's a "Warhammer club" then, certainly, you have a point in the "what can we do with him?" stakes. Get him involved is the answer. You never know, he could be really into it if given the right encouragement. Not having him in the corner playing with cheap toys that require little skill and effort to use will possibly be good for establishing the 'serious' credentials of your toys...

Oh, and on the trousers-round-knees thing, while those of us of the older generation find it f***in' bizarre that guys want to show the world their pants (OK, for those who don't know, generally in Britain "pants" is what you wear under your trousers, not your trousers themselves, just in case I'm being confusing), perhaps it's like being proud of being a geek, or making fun of your own nerdiness? The nerd disarms the nerd-botherer by laughing at his own nerdiness, giving the nerd-botherer no ammunition. The boy-afraid-of-showing-his-pants pulls his own trousers down to avoid attack by a trouser-lowering attacker, quite possibly. OK, it's just a theory...

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Gotta war across the Milky Way - "
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There toys? if you can't handle the fact that people are going to forever rip the piss out of you. don't play it were prying eyes can watch and laugh? play it at home or at a local games store. i play the hobby and have for many years. im 18 and keep my hobby to myself and my friends that play it. i play at home and keep it to myself.
the end of hte arguement is they are toys? does it matter. if you enjoy playing warhammer then that should be it?
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