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Originally Posted by Red Orc View Post
Blimey, Loyalist, are you a fan of Attila the Stockbroker?

:quizzical cyclops:
Erm...not particularly...

Nothin' against the man, just not quite my cup of tea. Honestly, I've no freakin' clue where I picked up the 'Neighbor of the Beast' thing; just always thought is was fairly hysterical.

Originally Posted by Navar89
if I hang out with you any more I just might pick up 40K...You, sir, are dangerous.

Holy shit, I've a plog again!
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Nothing yet
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How about humongous dump, or Huskey Baby Sandwhich or Governor Corzine's excape pod, or Thousand McCains, or Rebel Sneak attack.....or Mama drove off with the car........all cool names

This is Sierra-259, you got Spartans on the ground sir. We're not going anywhere."
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I gots two, one warhammer related one not: Noise marine or Cheap Mexican bogeywoman ( I was telling my friend about La LLorona, when he commented on it being the Mexican "bogeywoman, and I said I thought it sounded like a great band name, when he suggested adding cheap, so it would be a double entendre)

check out the entropic reaper or remain a vagrant on the sidewalk of life.
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Take my bands old name, Angels of a Broken Spine or Wolves of a Broken Heart (or mix the two up) I have a insignia somewhere, but no way to show you it unfortunately.
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Here's an idea, any name you come up with, translate it to latin to make it really tr00.
Also another article, this is on black metal, approved by satan himself:

How To sound necro:

* 1) Make everything look like Norwegian. For example don't say Black Metal when you can say Blækk Mettal
* 2) Add senseless adjectives: Why say Blak Metal when you can say Norsk Arisk Blækk Mettal?
* 3) Use the words tru, grim, necro and fuck as gratutiously as possible. Why say Norsk Arisk Blak Metal when you can say Fucking Tru and Kvlt Grim Necro Norsk Arisk Blækk Mettal?
* 4) Actually, the best thing still is to simply add as many senseless adjectives as possible: Why say Fucking Tr00 and Kvlt Grim Necro Norsk Arisk Blækk Mettal when you can say Fvkking Tr00 and Kvlt Grymm Anti-Cosmic Frostbitten Hatefvl Kold Pvre Elitist Br00tal Satanic Wrathful Depressive Icecold Norwegian Raw Holocaustic Pagan National-Socialist Suicidal Blasphemic Panzerkrieg Orthodox Hellfyred Goat'n'rolling Mysanthropik Hyperspeed Dunkel Diabolikal Genocidal Apocalyptic Goat-Worshipping Fistfvkking Christraping Germansk Hedensk Necro Hellnorsk Arysk Svarte Blækk Mætalle DEATHWORSHIP????
And how to write Blækk Mettal :

The main keyword to write blak grim kvlt necro lyrics is : Christ killing,child raping, goat shagging non pagan whore: This would actually be said as :ARGHHHHHHH RGGRRHRHRRHRHRHR:. This is just the basic text. True talents add more words to the text like : 'satan' or 'blood' or 'raaah'. Some true geniuses add random German words (example : 'Black Metal ist krieg'). It's important to know where to stop. You shouldn't add too many words to the basic text, because that's too mainstream and not kvlt at all. After you have the basic structure of your song, place the text into an online translator and translate it to Norwegian. Then translate the translated text back into English. Give the song a name in German. Throw in some random Latin phrases and quotes by famous Satanists. The finished product should be in the LANGUAGE OF THE BEAST! And that makes it ultra-hardcore.
:have fun squirrel cyclops:
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Originally Posted by loyalist42 View Post
... I've no freakin' clue where I picked up the 'Neighbor of the Beast' thing...
I know it from Attila the Stockbroker's work - I think it was the name of a tour he did about 1987 or thereabouts (a long time ago anyway). I didn't go, I read about it in the NME, but I too thought it was a pretty funny title.

@ Norm... feel free mate, you're welcome to it. I never had the bottle to call any of my bands "Godfucker", partly because my parents are religious and I used to rehearse in their garage... "Yeah! Rock'n'Roll! Let's offend everyone... except my mam and dad..."

@ everyone... is it just me who thinks Jopax's postings are ****ing hilarious?

:the Brian Epstein of Heresy cyclops:

"Well it's Forty-one Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty-nine OK -
Gotta war across the Milky Way - "
Iggius Popiscus and the Stoogii, "41,969"

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Originally Posted by Son of mortarion View Post
I gots two, one warhammer related one not: Noise marine or Cheap Mexican bogeywoman
There is already a band called noise marine, they came along about the same time as the band Bolt thrower. Both are GW maniacs.

Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
Don't, after rolling that final 1 too many, flip out, climb up on the table and jump up and down on your opponent's models screaming 'APOCALYPTIC BARRAGE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!'.
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Orange Prophet!

My Miniatures Painting Services

Click it!

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heres a few :

Corrosive Diffusion.
Demonic Exam.
Crucial Greed.
Enslaved Dimension.
Static Of The Ecstasy.
Panic Agenda.
The Groom Reapers.
Lunch Among the Cannibals.
Shotgun Orchestra.
Twist Of Fate.
Ziggy Manlove and the Riot Girl Conflagration :D :D

Ziggy Manlove and the Riot Girl Conflagration FTW !!!!!

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