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Mine is Latin (roughly) for eternal lament, it's also the name of a Murder-class cruiser from Deus Encarmine, by James Swallow.


You'll forgive me, but you must be mistaken. I've met your makers, and they don't even know your name...

(Updated Mar. 19)

Hat in the Ring
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aether - Liked the way it sounded when I played Magic the Gathering

guy - Yeah, the name doesn't lie. I'm a guy. I don't think I should post proof here...

881 - First two numbers, birth year. Second two, lucky number. (started as 81, but that changed)

If you see the username ANYWHERE on the interblag, it's most likely me. Unless it's some little hoodlum taking it away from me. A few site examples as to where I'm at; Theopia.com, Physicsforums.com, spudfiles.com, and tech-forums.net (just to name a few)

Take a guess as to what my aim/yim/XMPP/msnm sn is

ICQ, that'll be tougher :fuck: Unless I filled out all the profile fields... meh.

--Ideas are bulletproof--
--If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0--
--Destroyers are sick. Oh so sick! Whether they’re
shooting at Land Raiders, Carnifex, or small children,
they will kill it.--
Proud 40K Radio Listener and Freeboota
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I was very pleased when I thought of Solitaire as a username as I usually have trouble thinking of them. I used to be a bit obsessive over Harlequins and first saw it written in the Eldar dex I then proceeded to look on wikipedia and learnt every little detail about them. I plan to use the same name if I ever sign onto any other sites, though unfortunately it was already taken on Nationstates and Urban Dead.

"Playing Warhammer is just like making love. It's usually done on a table and afterwards you always feel great shame. Plus like most fun things the older you get the less fun it becomes. So remember, always wear a condom while playing Warhammer - I've got mine on now."
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Well when i first got into this hobby I loved the idea of the Ordo Xeno and wanted to play them as an army. Joined up to this forum and made Ordo Xeno Commander my name. However, you will find me more often under Lieutenant_Wraith on online games and gaming forums (non WH40k ones, on those im Ordo Xeno Commander)
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I wonder what I'm named after.
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Is it a goldfish, Druchii?

Anyways, my first name is Chris (who'd of thought it?) and I like James Bond (hence the 007) and the man bit because it sounds good (and I'm a guy). So yeah, that sums it up.

Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Buy a beartrap. How will it help in retrospect? Use your imagination. I'm sure you can think of something.
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Well you see that Thomas is my name, and on the first site where I used this name Thomas was taken, so I decided to be Thomas2. Wow, my story is so incredibly boring and unimaginative.
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Mine is just a short version of my high school nickname (long and embarassing story) that i'm still called even in "real" life. And the "The" is because i'm The Pi, and i'm that damn good!


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Darth Druchii
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Picked this one because I tend to have something Druchii releated, and for some strange reason had Pigs in Space going around in my head when I joined that day... so went for the combo.

I don't tend to have the same name on different forums, And have gone by several other names across the net. My main other two are Morathi's Darkest Sin on Warseer/Dakka and Master Zhang Liao on Neoseeker though.

If I can get organised I'm going to design a Avatar and Sig based on the name at some point.

Come and join us by the fire, to chat about the games that matter to you at the Roleplay Games Forum
"I feel I was denied. Critical, need to Know information!"
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As posted in another thread (does this thread really repeat that often?).

My name (Hespithe) comes from my very first Dwarf character in 2nd Ed. DnD. Really, I only ever played Dwarfs, lol.

Hespithe was not his true name, but he did have a nasty habit of getting drunk in whatever alehouse he could find (no matter how many days of drinking it took) and when drunk, his speech would slurr terribly. He was often heard talking about how human brew tasted like 'horse piss', but all the humans could understand was something that sounded like 'Hespithe' and they took that to be the unruly Dwarf's name.

His most unusual habit, when drunk, was to grace the local populace with the 'weak' ale that he had just consumed, by finding the nearest public water supply (usually town wells) and urinating in it. Oh what fun the group had then, as the town and authorities caught wind of what had transpired shortly after the stunty had left the alehouse, lol.

Did I mention he was a Cleric?

Cheers, mate.
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