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Eh, 8th edition ruined Fantasy for me (the core game; most of the army books are actually quite good; Vampires, for example). 6th edition in my eyes was the sweet spot. There were a few annoying rules here and there, but mostly, they made a solid improvement on 5th edition.

In 7th, it became a game of building lists to win. If you had the right list, it was near enough impossible to lose. If you brought the wrong army, it was near enough impossible to win. In 8th, however, it all became far more random. Rather than ability at the game being how you fixed it (like in 6th), everything was just on the roll of dice. Entire units would vanish because someone rolled two dice in a particular manner.

Other armies became utterly broken due to their ability to remove the randomness from the dice rolls.

It gets to the stage where my Elven Cavalry would fail to charge against a unit of Dwarven infantry, thanks to Snake eyes, only to see the Dwarfs charge 10".

I don't want to look back with rose tinted glasses, as there were always problems with it. However, the increase of gaming forums has increased the gamers to the availability of "power" using a collective intellect to locate good combinations. The increase in cost of units (that same Warp Spider Exarch would likely cost around £12 now, compared the £4 back in the day that you used to get); so people who spend their money obviously want the bang for the buck.

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I love the aesthetic of Fantasy, but the gameplay is boring as shit. You can watch one game of Fantasy and you've essentially seen every game of Fantasy played this edition. You bring an infantry Horde, put a level 4 and a Battle Standard in it, then grind into your opponent's infantry horde with level 4 and BSB. I tried to escape from the absolute stagnation by playing a more unusual army, Ogre Kingdoms, but they're exactly the same as everyone else. Giant blocks of cheap infantry, Level 4 spellcaster, BSB, war machines. All those awesome-looking Fantasy models, the monsters and stuff? Yeah, you're never going to use it, because it will get hit by a cannon and die horribly, and can't fight half as well as a block of infantry. Cavalry, skirmishers, monsters - they all make Fantasy look varied to an outsider, but they're just a ruse of models to hide the very simple game of 'let's sit here with 50 guys on each side and roll dice for four hours'.

Lore of Death is hands down the best lore (not counting Shadow, which broke the meter when I tried to gauge how stupidly strong it is). Not because it's all that great, but because you can snipe the Battle Standard. Break the Battle Standard, and the game becomes about a thousand million times more fun and interesting because there's a whole new section of rules that deal with people leaving the twenty-four-hour-slugfest of combat. Oh, and it has one of the scary wipe spells, which saves you wearing away the bones in your wrist because you're still rolling for the combat that started when 8th edition came out.

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though there is no science to fantasy it is like oh how does a frog go on a flying chair? it is magic
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I prefer fantasy. Mind you, 8th edition ruined everything, but that's why I still play 6th. It is not like you are forced to play 8th because a new rulesset came out. I'm also homebrewing a hybridized 6th/7th ruleset to smooth out some of the kinks in 6th that were fixed in 7th.
While in 8th all of the tactics are gone, I believe fantasy was somewhat more tactical than 40k in 6th/7th. Everything came down to movement. Setting up the right charges, carefully moving into flanking positions, marchblocking with scouts/flyers... I think (at least back then) it had more to it then 40k. There's something about manouvring a block of infantry that there isn't with a squad of space marines.
What I also really like about fantasy is kitting out your heroes with magic items to fit specific roles and having some surprises in store other then "I give him this gun".
I am however, building a small army of Space Orks and have enjoyed a nifty game of Kill Team. I don't think 40k is bad at all, especially comparing the current editions. Then 40k wins hands down.

Models wise, at the moment I'm kinda bored of space marines. 6 of the 40k armies are space marines, not counting Sisters of battle who are kinda space mariney as well. While they're all different, they're also kinda the same. I've also never really had an interest in giant robots and tanks, so that's probably why I started with fantasy in the first place. I must admit though, some of the 40k models are quite stunning. The new fantasy models; while some are quite beautiful, many are truly stupid. The really expensive kits came with 8th edition. I prefer 7th ed models and 6th ed prices.

(And probably older edition prices even more)
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Originally Posted by Tha Tall One View Post
I prefer 6th ed prices.

(And probably older edition prices even more)
that is probably the greatest thing people from both systems have in common these days and I quite agree,

personaly I prefer 40.000 I'm just more of a science fiction person then a fantasy person. tho I always thought about making a dwarf army for Fantasy, I have been shelving that idea for a while because of a lack of a local fantasy community
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Fantasy is the game I'm better at, it's a little more tactical and hols my attention better.

but 40k is the one everyone else played.

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