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Veterans Affairs is a pain in the arse. You get a card to present at various providers for services (like orthotics) yet if you go on the site you'll see that half of the services require prior approval. Despite the claims of my rep who says I can just show up with a prescription. Which is it, dumbass?

Edit: And as someone mentioned, support the troops stickers. If I see one without a unit written on it than I figure it's just someone on the bandwagon. Want to help? Send the troops stuff, porn, books, DVD's, baby wipes, letters, etc. Stuff they can use.

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People boasting. Some people always go "oh my *insert random army/unit/television* than you're *insert random army/unit/television.*" And then they go into details of it's stats, output, strength, etc,etc. Then you give a good counter argument meant to balance it out, make peace and change the subject onto something less focused on how good everything they own is, but mid sentence they interupt you, and REPEAT EVERYTHING THEY JUST SAID ONLY IN A MORE ANNOYING WAY. But then when you finally balance it out, and end the argument they go "Well, mines better because it's mine." GRRR IT'S SO BLOODY IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Buy a beartrap. How will it help in retrospect? Use your imagination. I'm sure you can think of something.
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Politicians drive me crazy. Oh, too late... Well, they drive me CRAZIER when they come out with Orwellian doublethink - like when G.W. Bush said (real quote) "When we talk about war, we're really talking about peace."

"Yeah, and if wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak."
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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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The bloody department that gives students money and organises their loans. Its so slow and wrong half the time. You have to fill out 50 forms and when you finally do they send out a paper trail longer than last 5 years worth of US Deployment orders in Iraq. And then to top it off they start your payments on a thursday. Who the hell does their shopping on a thursday?, because of those bastards I have to wait untill the weekend to buy food which means this week I have to live of what I have in the cupboard, which is pretty much just rice. All because they couldn't be bothered paying me on the monday when I started Uni, they had to wait untill the thursday.

Bastards, if your not going to give me money (sorry loan me money, since I have to pay it back) then fine, but if you are then how about you give it to me at useful time so I don't have to starve for a week.
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0r wh3n th3y wr1t3 l1k3 thi5 writing neds a dictionary not a calculator as for "THiiS if "ii" was suposed to be used all the time it would have its own place in the alphabet... right next to a-hole

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I'm with you on that! I've had that "my stuff is better cause it's mine" arguement a few times myself! Also, about the interuptions in mid sentence bit, my girlfriend does it all the time! Until the day comes when I've had it up to my nose, and I pimp slap that crap outta her!! Well we can all dream can't we!

Fluff this, fluff that, fluff everything, F___ fluff! I want to see it built, and when it's done post pics!:fuck:
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LMAO I love the Ribbon goldfish.... my wifes does not have my unit on it but lord you know she is a military wife, if the decal does not give it away he 500 things that say pround army wife will .

I hate people who post and it has no filler, I understand everynow and then but every damn time.

I have people who snipe on Ebay and I am on a connect as fast as a halfdead gerbal in Iraq. Lost a damn good deal today.

That Forge World costs so damn much, yes I am planning on buying 2 or 3 models soon, and no not add ons either, the full model... UG.
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Firstly i dislike the odd phenomenon of people driking solely from bottled water when it is piped into your house at an extremely cheap rate. In countries where water quality cannot be guaranteed its understandable but when the water is not only clean and cheap as it is here in England why is it that some individuals see fit to only buy water in bottles? If your allergic or something fine but if not wtf?

Secondly people who gripe continually about the state of the national health service in England. It really hacks me off. Since i travel a lot i get to see how other countries do things i can't even begin to tell you how easy we have it here. Our health service is free! And far more god damn considerate than others i've seen eg I once saw a freind of mine get her broken arm reset in a french hospital without any anastetic. And this thing was sticking almost out of her skin. You think they'd do that here? No.
You want the right to complain about the NHS then you can cough up the money to get private health care, if not shut your god damn mouth.

Lastly the sudden explosion of lawsuits and injury claims companies that have sprung up within the last 5 years. This continual sue culture we're making is forcing eveyone to be scared of their own shadow. The legitimate cases aside, horrible and deplorable abuses of the law are happening because of this shit. Where robbers who hurt themselves breaking into someones home can sue the homeowner for neglegence. People when robbed afraid to fight back in case they'll be sued for GBH. Where is the fucking sense in it?!? It doesnt make any sense!

A great tactician knows that victory is one part planning and nine parts faith

Remember Alex arrogance killed the person nobody liked.

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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Girls who think that when they see a hot guy that should be able to talk about it all day. And yet when a guy does the same with a chick gets really shitty with them. We have one in our class at uni. Take today for example:

I just went and saw Black Watch, highlighting play at the New Zealand Arts Festival, critically acclaimed play around the world. Fucking amazing peice of theatre, one of the best shows I have ever seen and for once it was a show that actually lived up to the hype. This girl walks out and the first thing she can talk about is how hot the guys were. She's just seen one of the best peices of theatre in the world today and thats the best thing about it? Fucks sake. All she talks about at course is how hot one of teh casual staff is or how good looking one of the third years is. Oh yea and how she hasn't got a boyfriend, is it any wonder! Shes got a voice that would drive a saint to murder. And yet as soon as one of the guys looks at one of the dancers arses shes all "christ your a pervert"

Please give me strength because otherwise I'm going to strangle her. Actually no that may turn her on even more.

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Chill Jac, don't hurt yourself over it ;)

Me? Well, i've learned 2 things:

1) Women live by a different set of rules than the ones they hold you to, no, it isn't fair.

2) Its ok to stare, if they didn't want you to stare they'd be wearing a burkha or some equivalent.

Another point, just tell her she's a filthy pervert and a disgrace, then if she argues, pull her up for her hypocracy and double standards.

Death magnetic: 5 slabs of vinyl: Pure spinning ecstasy.
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