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Grr! That is all.
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Default North Korea Implies Nuclear Threat

Thought some might find this interesting.

(CNN) -- With the U.N. Security Council set to vote on a resolution to strengthen sanctions on North Korea, Pyongyang unleashed its latest bout of fiery rhetoric, this time threatening its enemies with the possibility of a "preemptive nuclear attack."

Despite the strong language, analysts have said North Korea is still years away from having the technology to mount a nuclear warhead on a missile and aim it accurately at a target.

The bellicose statement, carried by the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency, comes during a week of high tension on the Korean Peninsula as military drills are taking place on either side of the heavily armed border that divides the two Koreas.

The combination of looming sanctions and joint military exercises by the United States and South Korea has worked the isolated regime in Pyongyang into a frenzy of bombastic threats.

On Tuesday, the North said it planned to scrap the armistice that stopped the Korean War in 1953 and warned it could carry out strikes against the United States and South Korea.

Thursday, a spokesman for the North Korean foreign ministry suggested the United States "is set to light a fuse for a nuclear war."

As a result, North Korea "will exercise the right to a preemptive nuclear attack to destroy the strongholds of the aggressors and to defend the supreme interests of the country," the statement said.

Analysts say North Korea is unlikely to seek a direct military conflict with the United States, preferring instead to try to gain traction through threats and the build up of its military deterrent.

South Korea had responded to Pyongyang's earlier saber-rattling with an unusually tough statement Wednesday, warning it would retaliate "strongly and sternly" against North's military command and forces if the "lives and safety of South Koreans" came under threat.

The menacing language from North Korea fits in with the array of bellicose statements it has made previously -- it has declared the cease-fire to be irrelevant before.

But it comes amid increased concern over Pyongyang's dogged efforts to advance its nuclear and missile technology after a recent long-range rocket launch and underground atomic blast.

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The thing about North Korea is that Kim Jeong Un, like his father, is basically a two-year old. A nuclear-armed two-year-old. But he just wants attention. The North Koreans aren't total retards-- well, the ones in power, at any rate. It's not rocket science to figure out that heads roll with the end of that kind of regime, and there's no surer way to get yourself booted out of power than by playing the international dick measuring game with the US, UK, EU,and the couple other nuclear powers that exist in the world that don't have any reason to put up with Kim Jeong Un's shit.

Sometimes, I feel like it's better to just give them attention the way Trey Parker and Matt Stone did... the Kims are big on Horrywood, after arr.


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It sounds to me like South Korea is finally done putting up with NK's bull shit. I hate to sound like a war monger, but NK should be put down before their semi-threat becomes a real threat. The last thing the world needs is a crazy man in charge of a crazy country with nuclear weapons.

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Two things:
1. There's no way our fearless leader is going to be the first Prez to start a nuclear war.
2. There's also no way he's going to be the second Prez to invade another country as a preemptive strike, considering how well it worked out last time (politically).

So we get to sit back and watch it go to shit. Much like everything else he's presided over.

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North Korea is one of the few 'nations' I think we just get colonial on.

They can't even feed there own people, and there leader pulls beep like this threatening a war that every one knows that they would never do, and if they did so then that war would last about a minute.

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Let them launch it. Then we can laugh our arses off when it backfires and they nuke themselves.

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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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Part of the reason inaction has happened against North Korea is partly because, who wants to take the time, money, and other resources to help a bunch of starving illiterate brainwashed peasants? That sounds cruel, but someone would have to take the initiative, donate much of their countries resources, all just to raise the standard of living in North Korea to post-dark age Europe. That being said, they know that the fight would be laughably one sided, they aren't stupid. What I don't know is whether or not North Korea has the self preservation 'instinct' that other countries or cultures have. During Desert Storm, America hit the Iraqi's so hard and fast that the standard troops gave up when given the opportunity. That's partly why I'm not as worried about Iran, who seem to adhere to that policy.
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If they ever did strike another nation then they would be annihilated as a sovereign nation soon afterwards, as not even china would support a country that used nuclear weapons outside of wartime. Its kind of sad as the average peasant has no say in what the leaders do, but realistically a massive and horrific counter attack would be the most likely result of such an attack by north Korea. We are talking total war, there probably wouldn't even be a distinction between military and civilian targets as the major players would most likely turn a blind eye to what ever happened to the aggressor to make a example for every other none super power ever using a super weapon in peace time again.

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nice boy, daft though !
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Dont under estimate Iran, iraq took two atempts to take and iran held off sadam for eight years ,they wont be a cake walk.

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Originally Posted by dragonkingofthestars View Post
North Korea is one of the few 'nations' I think we just get colonial on.

They can't even feed there own people, and there leader pulls beep like this threatening a war that every one knows that they would never do, and if they did so then that war would last about a minute.
The danger here is the difference between what you (or our governments) think they would do, and what they would actually do. Consider how deluded they might be and what the collateral damage of an attempt might be.

I'd refer you to the film Fog of war. Robert s. Mcnamara makes a very compelling case for the dangers of nuclear weapons in the hands of even rational individuals, and for which the North Korean state hardly qualifies.

While I hope they know it would be foolhardy to attack the united states, I'm not willing to sacrifice a city to find out how foolhardy they are.

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Originally Posted by Dethklokk
"CHEESE!" is the battlecry of the ill-prepared.

Originally Posted by Deathscythe4722
Could someone please call the police on this guy? I can hear the English Language screaming in pain. This has to be illegal somewhere.
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