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Default Creepy or Ghostly Experiences

I was chatting to a mate the other day and we ended up talking about ghosts and spirits etc.

Anyone here had a ghostly experience? Seen one? Heard one? Or anything else downright unexplainable?
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lol It is indeed a fun and interesting topic to get into, and yes, I've had a few, had quite a few last year actually XD.

I tear up when I talk about it, so I'm just going to say, don't do a ouija board in a haunted town XD; scariest night of my life...
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Quite some unexplainable things yes, passed my Economics exam with a 7,8, etc.

Seriously though, I have had moments where I felt like I was being watched or that I had been sitting behind my desk for two hours and suddenly something on the other side of the room tips over.

I don't believe in ghosts however. I'm sure there's a good explanation for it...


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Right, at school we had a tutorial system, it was basically a class that you went to and got registered to make sure you were in school at the start of the day. The teacher that normally did tutorial was off sick one day so we were covered by a supply teacher. All fine and well, bell goes and we head off to our first class. Our first class was english, and it just so happened that our english teacher was also off sick and was covered by the same teacher as our tutorial. The teacher left our tutorial classroom after all of us in order to lock the door and somehow beat us to the english classroom without any of us seeing her.

No one could explain how as the room was on a second floor and there was only one root from our tutorial room to the english room. Teachers whine about low budgets, maybe they shouldn't use the money to buy teleporters ._.

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I was in the Wicklow mountains just south of Dublin on exercise when I was in the army and while sitting in woods on a clear night heard a scream/screech that was indescribable and completely fucked up, I have never been able to explain it and have never heard anything like it either in real life or in movies.

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Haven't had any in recent years. The one that sticks out the most is when I was in Elementary. The time when I slept with my door open a crack, a night light, and when I slept on the top bunk of my bed. I remember seeing the door move slightly, so I moved to the foot of the top bunk and looked down to see if it was our cat coming into my room. Saw no movement. So I looked up, and saw a figure that was completely black standing just a few feet from the door way. Looked like some sort of businessman wearing one of those old timey priest hats. Think Abe Lincoln hat cut way down to size.

Anyway, me being less than 11 at the time, I got freaked out. So I immediately shot back to the front of the bed, threw the covers over my head, and stayed like that for the rest of the night.

There was also one night, during middle school (changed from junior high for some odd reason before my class actually got there) when I stayed over at my friends house. Was a new house that they had built there recently. Was pretty much brand new. Anyway, we were, that is me and a few others, staying the night over there for one of our friends birthday's (who, oddly enough, couldn't stay over that night). We were up stairs using two of those foldout couch things, exactly like this, as the bed. Well, our friend had told us that if it was quiet, we could hear the entrance to the attic open up. Sure enough, he was right, and we also heard footsteps to boot. That kid is a magnet for spirit activity. Things pretty much stopped at my house after he stayed over enough. I believe he took the spirits with him.

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Originally Posted by CamTheApostle View Post
Remember kids: Violence isn't the answer, its the question. The answer is yes.

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I don't know if this was just my over-tired mind, but one time I went downstairs because I couldn't sleep and I tried sleeping on the couch. I lay there for a few minutes when I heard something roar from the top of the stairs. I ran back to my room.

Also, the Ouija board, if that counts.

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Just remembered another thing, though I never saw anything. This was last week. The only people home were me and my brother. Both in our rooms. All of a sudden I hear one of our dogs growling at nothing. I go out to check it out. He's pointed towards our parents bedroom. I asked my brother if anyone was home and he said no. So I check the bedroom, and Drago, our black German Shepherd runs in still growling, then he stops and started acting natural again. Didn't actually see anything at all, or hear anything. Was strange

EDIT: And yet another thing. Several years ago me, and my friend that I mentioned in my previous post, the one whos house we stayed at, stayed the night at my best friends little trailer house when he still lived in that park. We were watching some horror movie, while Jake, my best friend, was in his room playing a game. All of a sudden, me and my friend, while watching the movie, heard some sort of growl or something heavy getting dragged in Jake's moms' room. His mom wasn't home, and the only pets he had were cats that were either outside, or hiding somewhere in the house. I swear I saw something moving in the doorway of the room. Well, we all got the hell out of the house in a hurry and just walked around the park for a bit before we deemed it safe to go back. Fuck, that sound scared the crap out of us.

My youtube channel. Feel free to stop by and have a look if you're interested. I do Airsoft, some warhammer related videos, and gaming videos.

R.I.P. Uncle Lee. You will be greatly missed by us all. We will see each other again some day.

Originally Posted by CamTheApostle View Post
Remember kids: Violence isn't the answer, its the question. The answer is yes.

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I used to work in a cinema many moons ago, and one of the screens was "haunted". Let me start off by saying I don't truly believe in ghosts etc although I'm fairly opened minded as theres a hell of a lot of stuff that we don't understand still.

Screen 9 no matter the weather outside, or what level the heating was set to was always freezing cold. I mean, foggy breath cold. Anyways one particular night I sent one of the newer guys in to clean out No.9. Bearing in mind he knew nothing of the resident ghost, he came tearing out of there after about five minutes babbling on that somebody had grabbed his arm and pushed him over with real force.

On another occaision, the screen was about 2/3 sold out for a film that I was seating. Anyway, one particular area of seating - which had a good central view of the screen - was empty. Numerous people had gone and sat there, then moved away to other seats. Twenty minutes into the film, that section of ceiling collapsed. Make of that as you will

Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar View Post
I think Tawa is a temporal entity that exists outside of the hobby/modeling timeline. Essentially, he's the Heresy Online equivalent of a Time Lord... which is kinda hilarious and frightening all at the same time.
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Multiple times, while sitting at my desk, I've had empty glasses slide about 2 inches sideways, freaked me out at 1st, but then I realised that my desk as a small bow in it and the condensation reduced the friction. Aside from the feeling creeped out or having animals stare into nothing, I've never really had any proper paranormal experiences, which i'm thankful for, but at the same time would like to have one.

Another time, when I was trying to get to sleep late at night, I heard a loud thump come from the opposite side of my room, I assumed it was just my brother knocking it in his sleep since his room is on the other side, this still creeped the hell out of me, so I put some headphones in and listened to some music, but I swear I heard the thump again a bit later, but from the wall closest to my bed, but it's only outside on the other side of that wall......I still hope it was just a possum.

Also I have two stories from my friend.

My friend was visiting family in the Philippines, but during the night he woke up and saw an orb of light floating through the house.

He was on a school camp and their camping spot happened to be about 150m away from a deserted caravan where some guy killed his wife and himself, or something like that. During the night, he desperately needed to relieve himself, but being creeped out, he didn't want to, he tried just going back to sleep, but kept waking up every hour needing to pee even worse. So he got out of the tent, did his buisiness, but in the bushes ahead of him he could hear something human sized moving, so he dashed back into the tent. In the morning he asked his friends about it, none of them had been outside their tents but most of them did hear something moving around.

Also, I'd just like to mention, that due to it being summer here, I've been sleeping with my window and curtains open, but after reading these and typing that out, I'm keeping them closed tonight.......

EDIT: screw you guys, I'm gonna end up reading paranormal stuff all night and have a terrible time sleeping.....

More stories:

My girlfriends families new house seems to have some kind of spirit. Her little brother claims to have had something touch his head during the night and both him and their mother have seen a figure standing at the end of their (long and creepy) hallway. Also one night my girlfriend heard a bang on her wall that has her parents bedroom on the other side, she assumed it was just one of them, but then her mum came in and asked whether she just knocked on the wall. Although I think that might have just been her bedframe.

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