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Default U.S Election Who Should Win/Predictions?

Hey everyone.

So the U.S election is just around the corner and it seems like its going to be pretty close this year. Who do you want to in or who do you think is going to win?

I haven't a clue about who is going to win, but I want Romney to win.

Here are my reasons:

1. Obama is a dud and always has been a dud. The guy isn't a great speech maker; have you ever heard him try to answer questions off the cuff? At least Bush Jnr had the whole 'one of the folks' thing going.

Anyway, the guy got overpromoted and wasn't Presidential material 4 years ago, it really should have been Hilary's time but everyone went nuts for the black candidate. Yep I said it.

2. Reverse-racism. If White people were voting for Romney as much as people of colour were voting for Obama it would be a shining example of racism for the mass media. As it stands when 90% of African-Americans and 70% of Latino-Americans vbote for Obama that's just fine and dandy.

Double standard? You betya.

Also a whole bunch of White liberals love to paint you as a racist if you don't vote for Obama, because by default you have to be a gun-totting crazed KKK member to think he isn't superman.

3. I think that Romney is the better candidate and is actually quite moderate for a Republican. So hopefully the fact he is a Mormon will mean that there will be no Right-Wing Jesus freaks in higher office ... hopefully.

4. Obama and the demoncrats have dropped the ball on the economy. Sure it was George Bush Jnr's mess but that doesn't excuse the Obama administration for the lack of progress being made. I do not see any light at the end of Obama's policy tunnel.

Plus what has the guy actually achieved in four years?

5. I prefer Republican platforms on about 66% of issues. Right to bear arms, anti-abortion, pro-death penalty, emphasis on state over federal and a few others too.

6. I'm a Marxist ... what? And I support the Republicans? What? Yep, on issues such as Abortion, Death penalty etc I'm comfortable with their platforms.

In terms of how Capitalism functions I think the system should be abolished and overthrown, but in the meantime, the Republicans tend to run a purer form of Capitalism, that has the twin benefit of being more logical, and increasing the class conflict within America.

Long story short, for the short term I think their economic policies make more sense logically, in the long term, this has the side effect of making people realise how nasty a system Capitalism is so hopefully one day they will over throw it.

The democrats try to curb the worst excesses of Capitalism and while this seems noble, it actually has the effect of propping up a terrible system of exploitation. Therefore they are the worse choice.

Long story short ... come on Romney!

Who do you guys want to win/think will win and why?
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I'm of similar mind as a South Park episode about elections: each one is a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. In this case, the turd sandwich has had a go, so hopefully the giant douche wins.

That means Romney.

My biggest issue with Obama is that he's had his chance. I agree that he was over-hyped, and he realistically could never have lived up to the ridiculous expectations that were laid on his shoulders when he won the last election. He got a shit Congress who would hardly cooperate with him, making his already difficult job that much harder.

That being said, he's done jack shit. The biggest thing I've got against him though is his view on military budgeting. Do we spend ridiculous amounts of money on crap we don't need? You bet your ass we do. However, he's cutting the benefits of existing members of the military and future members as well, using the justification that "we all need to share in the sacrifice." What? Really? Fuck you, and fuck sharing the "sacrifice." As soon as the rest of the population gets their ass to Afghanistan and serves for something other than themselves then sure, I'll say I deserve the same burden they do. As it is, I'm on deployment 1 out of every 2 1/2 years and even in the year and a half I'm home I'm still away for 6+ months of it doing training for the next deployment. So, in short, FUCK THAT.

Rant complete, but Obama's had a chance, let's see if Romney can handle it. He can't do any worse than Bush or Obama, so really there's only up to go for him.

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Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel View Post
3. Nothing Boc said should ever be taken seriously. Unless he's talking about being behind you. Then you run like fuck.

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As a non American I hope Obama wins, Romney scares the shit out of me. Seeing things from the outside Romney comes across as an even more frightening version of Bush Jr, at least J.W was a retard, you had to cut him some slack.

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Originally Posted by normtheunsavoury View Post
As a non-American I hope Obama wins, Romney scares the shit out of me. Seeing things from the outside Romney comes across as an even more frightening version of Bush Jr...
This. Whatever Obama's faults (and they are as always exaggerated mightily by the extreme right wing that seems to have such a loud voice in the Republican party), quite frankly they pale into insignificance beside the prospect of what Romney and his mental Tea Party cronies would do to America.

The thought of ultra-right-wing 'Christian' lunatics who believe getting pregnant because of rape is all part of God's plan (or anti-choice fascists like Sharron Angle who want women's bodies Federally monitored during pregnancy - so, Big Government is bad if they to monitor rapacious corporate greed, but good if religious maniacs want to force their views on everyone else. Got to love that hypocrisy) getting their clawed little hands on the Constitution...it's horrifying.

God help us all - but especially American women - if these lunatic cultists get into power.

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As a classic Liberal, both of these men scare me.

As I put it "Obama is like a turtle on a fence post: we did know that he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't know what he is doing up there and we wondering who was the dam fool who put him up there."

Honestly, Romney wouldn't be as bad if the hardcore republitards weren't in the senate and house, but still he concerns me with his bad foreign policy and flip flopping.

I feel like people are over reacting to this whole situation as if it was the apocalypse and the end of mankind. While both presidents have respective powers once they are in office, the Senate really makes or breaks their plans.

However, I prefer Romney in a slight edge over Obama. I prefer a president who actually has a spine than one who needs a teleprompter to do the talking for him.

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All I can say, is that for someone who thinks putting roll down windows on a plane is a good idea. Noone let him near the nuke button, please.
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Honestly, Obama and the democrats have forced things in the house that most american's don't want. They did it on purpose hoping it would pass, the people would be so happy and not vote Republican again. They don't want to be bi-partisan. They were willing to keep on fighting and not pass anything.

Romney can be bi-partisan and get both sides to cooperate with one another. Obama cannot and will not do this. I don't understand why people would vote for Obama. The guy is so whinny. He had the majority of the house, the senate, pretty much ALL the media beside him. The rest of the world kissing his ass, a noble peace price for doing nothing. But he complains... A LOT! I have never seen someone cry like he does and no one has had as much support as he has. Clinton was a cool guy and he did not get as much support as this dude.

He has no excuse to why he hasn't been able to more in office.

That Guantanamo Bay thing basically describes his term in presidency. We're gonna pass it! WE'RE GONNA PASS IT! WE GOT EVERYBODY ON BOARD.... fuck it. The democrats seriously wasted all that time for nothing. Loads of bullshit.

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The guy with most votes should win!!! not always the case I know but it is my understanding of how voting works. As for predictions I reckon obama will pip Romney to the post and I reckon that is not a bad thing

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Imo I think Obama should win, Romney to me seems a little sexist/racist and a little trigger happy, but Obama hasn't really done too much to help the American economy. Honestly I'd say it'd be pretty close. If I was 18 and American, my vote would go to Obama.

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If Romney wins, it'll put America back 30 years.

The guys spinless.... He's a Mormon, but tries to play this down and won't admit it as he's said 'its bad for his image'. If the guy can't even stand up for his own beliefs, how the hells he gonna stand up for a country?

He's a sexist, racist, gun-nut who's said he'd go to war with Iran.. a country with nukes.... Basically he's a moron who wants to start world war 3.

He's flip-flopped on just about every policy and choice he's ever made, insulted every country he's ever visited.... the guys bad news.

Obama... he may not have been perfect, but at least he's tried and done a damn lot despite pretty much very policy he's ever tried to introduce, the Republicans have voted against on principle... even when they've agreed with it!

Seriously... what sort of asshat votes against something he agrees with needs doing? Romney.

Also.. Romney supports the Tea-party.... one of the biggest bunch of nuts and cooks to grace the world ever. If they get into power, might as well give up and hand yourselves over to China and its allies right now.

Its no wonder Romney's nickname is Mittens... he's like one of those special kids with them pinned to his sleves so he doesn't loose them.
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