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Default Screw 40K

I was going to make a 40K army, but I am in love with dwarves! What do you guys like/love/hate about 40K???

Dwarves: They are strong, short warriors that drink, mine, build, mine, drink, shoot, drink and make the best weapons around.... and drink....
But, hey! I bet you don't get a Steel Blimp!
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Honestly, how much it costs is always a point of rage for me. I'd love to be able to continue building my Eldar army, as well as buy a Sisters of Battle army and possibly a Guard army but because the stuffs so expensive and I'm but a poor student.......

Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post
Mate, bacon can do anything.
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love fluff, game boring, minniature expensive

Originally Posted by
Bruva Alfabusa
"My first model had so many layers of paint, that an excavation team could probably find fossils in it".
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Critique for da CriticGod
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40k has cannibalized and adapted the best sci-fi material from the past 200 years. If its good, GW found a way to borrow it and fit it into their background - and it makes for a compelling game setting. And of course chaos. 40k has some of the best bad guys in war-gaming.

Otherwise, the regular price increases. Those are pretty crappy. I remember when I started playing I could get 2 metal models in blister for 3.99-5.99, and a dreadnought in a blister for maybe 9.99 or 10.99. Now, despite being a grown-up with a decent job I can almost never justify buying at retail price. In fact I don't think I've bought a new GW model from a store in years. There's just no way to justify the difference between buying parts/used stuff and stripping the paint off and converting the hell out of it and buying new for almost twice as much. Besides, I almost never get games in, but I can sit down and sculpt and paint and convert on my own.

So that's the other part, sculpting, painting, and converting models is where most of my fun comes from. And I can get a lot of creative mileage from that.


Chaos Army Showcase with photos (Updated 2013/12/02)
"To endure one's self is perhaps the hardest task in the universe." Frank Herbert, 'Dune Messiah'
Originally Posted by Dethklokk
"CHEESE!" is the battlecry of the ill-prepared.

Originally Posted by Deathscythe4722
Could someone please call the police on this guy? I can hear the English Language screaming in pain. This has to be illegal somewhere.
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If you love dwarves you should start squa-

Oh wait.

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Originally Posted by Iron Angel View Post
If you love dwarves you should start squa-

Oh wait.

We do not speck of the devoured, Angel, Less we be silenced by the Inqusition.

I just don't like the prices, everything else is great.
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What I love about 40K is the minis and the lore, it stands out from the crowd and I love grimdark nature of the setting.

What I hate, like most people, is the price but then I also hate the price of beer and cigarettes....

Also, Ewoks eat people.
Never forget that.
Ewoks. Eat. People.

Black Serpent Sun

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Not a huge fan if allot of the fluff and lore, allot if it is just too extreme, makes no sense, or is half assed

I'm also not a huge fan if some of the models done lately, sanguinor, Crowe, draigo, dreadknight, stormraven, cyberwolf, jakero, flayed ones, and more, I just feel gw are wrecking there reputation with poorly done models, and poorly chosen materials.

The price obviously I don't like, it just pushes me to alternative games, but that applies to mire than just 40k

Also OT, but I am getting sick of my phone translating of to if
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Like others I adore the lore and most of the models, but I do feel that sometimes they let themselves down with shoddy bits of lore and minis.

And then of course there's the price. Down here a Land Raider is 110 dollars. And that's at my FLGS where they have a discount.
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I love the Fluff and the fack i can pick something up and just sit for hours with a glass of wisky an paint then sit back an pat my self on the back, Or i can have frends around kick the wife and kids out and drink and play with the boys.

The cost does suck but thats life, there are always cheeper game systems out there so i think you pay for what you get.

Originally Posted by Jdwoogie
It just dawned on me that we turned a thread on a warhammer 40k site into a thread about vesectomies.... AWESOME!!! To bring it bit back on topic... Did the doctor use a frost blade to perform the precedure? i really hope he didn't use a thundar hammer.

Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT
Don't wanna read about some big breasted maid milking her dairy cows then milking the horse.

Who the feth milks a horse?

Yer i know my spelling and grammer suck but just so you know its not me being lazy just thick
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