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Default The First British and Irish were Black?

interesting topic

discuss your thoughts on this

The first people in Britain were black people.

The original british and irish were black, they were called the GRIMALDIES...the first people in Britain. It was only three thousand years ago that whiteman became the dominant type in an African-owned Europe. Before that it was Black-skinned African. For more than 48,000 years Black-skinned Africans would have been the only Europeans. Europe was discovered and mapped by Black skin Africans. Europe of yesterday, today and tomorrow will ever remain Africaís heritage.
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The first people of Europe were prehistoric Africans. They lived mostly in the southern parts of Europe, and created many paintings and cave art throughout the region.

Pretentious scholars struggling with their self-inflicted racist diseases attach ill-fitting names to the first peoples of Europe. They call them funny names like Neanderthals, Paleolithic men, Mesolithic or Neolithic, Cro-Magnons, Grimaldi, Aurignicians, in a desperate bid to hide the cultural and historical identity of those people.

It is generally conceded by those scholars however, that the African people were the bearers of the first substantive elements of culture into the European continent.

Many thousands of years before the rise of the current pale tribes of Europe, an Afrocoid people known as the Grimaldi people, established the Aurignacian cultures. These people were anatomically modern human beings of the West African typology. They brought the first indications of cultural thoughts and rites into Europe.

The Grimaldi were Black Africans with very little body hair, black and smooth skin; they had the facial features typical of West African forest dwellers. They had kinky hair too. They arrived in Europe 40,000 to 50,000 years ago.

They ranged in height from tall to medium. Their culture had developed in Africa tens of thousands of years before they moved to Europe. It was called the Arugnician Culture. In 1994, scientists found corroborating evidence of stone and bone tools on the banks of the Semlike River in Zaire. They were finely crafted tools made between 75,000 to 100,000 years old long before modern humans migrated to Europe.

The Neanderthals non-modern human specie of man had left Africa early in time (80,000 years ago) and settled in central and southern Europe. It is speculated by bio-anthropologists that the genes of those Neanderthals are extensively sown in the modern European tribes of today.

The “Cro-Magnon,” people, late contemporaries and perhaps descendants of the Grimaldi people also existed in Central and Southern Europe many thousands of years after the Grimaldi Negroid had expanded to Europe but before the appearance of the pale version of Europe now known as Caucasians.

Actually, Caucasians as a race did not appear in Europe until about twenty to thirty thousand years after the arrival of the first Africans who by this very fact are the aboriginals of Europe.

There are many theories which seek to explain the reason for the switch in skin color of the Europeans. The theories proposed range from the Ice-Age effect theory, to those of miscegenation and others that suggest malnutrition. In all these theories lies the admission that the pale skin is a relatively recent genetic modification that occurred in originally Black Europe.

One of the more interesting propositions suggest that the change from black to pale Europe occurred as a result of miscegenation between the modern Africans arrivals in Europe and the primordial Neanderthal which had originally come from Africa. It should be noted that the primordial human Neanderthal (physiologically and intellectually) said to be among the ancestors of Europeans and Caucasians, also¬ came from Africa to Europe about 80,000 years ago. Thus, the Neanderthal, which had¬ apparently¬ been forced to Eurpe from out¬ of Africa, was also¬ of the African genotype.
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Some theories suggest that Neanderthals (who were originally black as all original Africans) later became pale-skinned and retained excessive body hair due to genetic selection responding to the need to adapt to the cold and darkness of Ice-Age Europe.

The modern day Europeans are the products of interbreeding between these mutated pale skin Neanderthals (i.e. mutated non modern-human Africa) and the later arriving modern black Africans of 40,000 -10,000 years ago i.e. the Grimaldis.

Warm blooded animals undergo de-pigmentation in the absence of light and warmth. If there were no Ice Age in Europe, the people would have remained Negroid/Black. Some of the darkest Africoid peoples still exist as the Australian Aborigines and Tasmanians. Their ancestors left Africa in the same waves as the Africans that went to Europe. It appears that of the anatomically modern human Africans who had migrated around the globe, those in the warmer southern climates retained their African pigmentation and those in the Northern climates lost theirs¬ as a result of miscegenation with the pale skinned Neanderthals, who it should not be forgotten were originally of the African continent.
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This is about as interesting as flicking bogeys.
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Conventional forum theory states that one person will give an opinion and then allow others to respond.

Not give an opinion then reinforce it twice with repetition.

And the fact that human biology and evolution has a common source and origin is already well known. I don't know what I could add to the discussion that you haven't already stated.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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A good reason for the de-pigmentation of skin is resources; IE, it costs the body resources, from the food it eats, to produce the Melanin that gives skin its colour (beyond that of the blood vessels beneath). It's a tiny benefit, but evolution works on such tiny benefits. A person who has less of an uneeded pigment being produced by their body, has more energy to spend on fighting disease/getting bigger/allowing some other bodily system to work very slightly better. Over time, this allows those who have a mutation that decreases Melanin production to outcompete those who still have full-body colouration. This of course is precisely reversed in climes where there is lots of sun, and high intensity UV, as the Melanin will give some protection from skin damage and skin cancers.
A second reason for decrease on skin pigmentation is connected to the one I mention above. Vitamin D production in the body, if not taken in sufficient dietary amounts (and let's be honest, Hunter-Gatherers would be good at getting what they need from food, but it probably wouldn't be a 'balanced' diet and include everything they need to flourish), is only gained from the action of sunlight on the skin. In environments where there is a lot of sun, for a lot of time in each year, lots of Melanin which blocks the sun from penetrating the skin's surface layers, will not be an issue- there's just too much sun to be totally blocked-out and Vit D production os not affected. In Northern European areas, though, the lack of sun will mean that lesser amounts of Melanin will provide that lighter-skinned person with a better chance of producing the Vit D they need. Again, a small change from generation to generation, but a man/woman not suffering from Ricketts is going to be better equipped to survive and reproduce. Freckles might be seen as a sort of evolutionary half-way-house.
So, certainly, as Humanity originated in Africa (from around the Great Rift Valley area, although I could be wrong), the initial waves of colonists, of varying Humaniod predecessor Species, will have been black. I'm not at all sure that there is any evidence that Humans and Neanderthals actually interbred- they were after all a seperate species (but I'll not say I'm 100% certain of this), so I don't think you could place any responsibility on them for diminishing levels of Melanin expression in cold-climate Human populations. However, by the time Humans got to the edges of Europe and into the proto British Isles, the evolutionary benefits of lots of Melanin vs much less would be well into the process of becoming widespread.
It's an interesting hypothesis, and knowing how fast Humans spread, whether by need of resources or just want of exploring, I wouldn't be surprised if Northern europeans were originally dark-skinned. But the reasons for the change from one to the other are well described and well known.

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Emperorguard, humanity started off in Africa which means we are of African decent apart from that your point is what exactly?
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The first Trolls were also black?
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finding it hard to care?
the first settlers in the land we now call 'the UK' could have been giant green slug monsters for all i care.

Ive started to update this project loge again, you should all check it out. it has some stupid things on it, and some fun things on it haha

Order of the Crimson Dawn (Rogue trader pirates, using Coteaz henchmen spam rules)
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